The commonplace peddling of deceit and defeat as success and triumph

This is an unusual blog because although it is begun during this final lap, it will be finished by the time that the General Election of 2015 will be counted. The result is looking Tory but we know that the battle of humanity is far from over, that there is plenty to come, with global financial collapse and the race against time to restore the balance of good and evil. One thing we can draw strength from is that there are now millions in our fight, whether they are our comrades on the scorched earth of Baltimore or Podemos or campaigners in New Zealand. Everywhere decent people are having to reconsider capitalism. There is no decency in the modern day Conservative party, and the whole electoral campaign has been one of the nastiest and most mendacious in living memory. The Tory machine will not rest, it has oiled the wheels for its very British coup.  The Tory machine considers the matter is almost in the bag. Anyone in their right mind knows that when Tories pledge £8000000000 for the NHS,  they are empty words, no one, least of all shmendrek Osborne, can say where that money will come from. At the same time as the NHS is asked to make unprecedented savings of £22000000000 by the nebbish Simon Stevens, everyone knows the service will not cope with the problem of homelessness, with the problem of thousands of starving ill people having nowhere else to go, with the clash of the breakdown of social care leaving hundreds of thousands of senior citizens on the brink and causing bed blocking. Everyone knows the problem of the massive out sourcing is a massive accident waiting to happen, everyone knows the massive PFI debts are not sustainable.  Realistically the problems of the NHS can only be partially be resolved by Labour. Timid Labour will repeal the sociopathic health and social car act, but that is only a small part of the problem, its all very well bolting the stable door after the horse ran off, but I cannot see Labour preventing further meltdown of the NHS, but its too early to know if the filth have a majority at the time of writing. The unavoidable conclusion is that the people of England and Wales have sold out on the NHS.

With over a million families now using food banks, shtarker Osborne’s claims of competence or chaos  sound delusional. I am in a fortunate position of being able to contribute to food banks, for now at least, and I am proud of the way the British people are trying to help the poor as the Filth rip up the rich fabric of society. If the Tories get in again then we will see further unexplored areas of shit creak, which will make what has happened so far appear to be a minor blip on the path to the complete breakdown of society. If it gets to that stage expect the khazer Borisconi to be PM, with the mask slipping daily to demonstrate the debauched disgusting putz, then the words of Albert Einstein will take on a new importance: “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Hundreds of thousands can now see Borisconi as who he is, but millions of people are still laughing at the clown. Realistically, the matter of foodbanks is likely to be hugely expanded to the point where it collapses. Labour would have increased the living wage, but Labour are so timid that they would have been unable to effect the huge change which the British people need, particularly the invisible rural poor, who are the hardest hit. Of these, the poorest areas have taken the greatest hit.  Its sad that Russell Brand has kind of sold out.  The Vent believes that Brand is an alright geezer, The Vent believes his heart is in the right place, but why would someone go to the lengths he has and then give in? The trouble is that the fickle rich are easily swayed, but I still do not totally agree with Johnny Void that Brand has put his pitchfork down. It seems as intelligible as Sue Marsh joining Maxim-arse.   Other voices have noted confusion in the politics of Brand, they could tell he was not radical enough.
Sociopath Grayling is unabated evil.  An area we do not hear much about is Probation. This does not mean that probation is unimportant, it is actually the opposite. The government for the rich give the greatest importance for matters which are inconsequential to Jo Blogs – for example when Osborne used tax payers money to challenge the EU over banker’s bonuses:  or when dirty DC personally intervened to subsidise moorlands where rich people could shoot grouse:  The feral rich love to kill anything that moves. Matters of Probation are swept under the carpet for now by the Filth, but Probation staff are absolutely seething, they know what shit looks like when it rains on them from the greatest height. From the blog of Jim Brown: “One senior probation officer, who did not wish to be named, said: “Collectively the service is having a nervous breakdown and my guess is at least 80 per cent of staff are just looking to get out by any means. The damage is done; there’s worse to come and there’s absolutely nothing that can stop it. I’m pessimistic about the future and it will take a couple of serious murders, prison riots or similar for politicians and the public to take the slightest notice.””  Timid Labour lost many votes saying they would not undo these reforms. They will unravel rapidly under the Filth.
A tiny fore-taster of the problems of policing chaos has been seen in the area of Tiptree and Mersea in Essex. There is now a vigilante group formed by farmers, traders and residents because of a spate of burglaries and fuel thefts. Tiptree has a population of 11000, yet its police station was closed by the Filth in 2010 (Independent, Wednesday 06 May). In Vigilante Britain people are taking the law into their own hands. No one can be surprised, experts have been warning about this. Its a facet that when a minister was confronted by an expert they stick their fingers in their ears and shout “la, la, I can’t hear you”.  Disturbingly, with the impact of Grayling’s fucking foolery still to be felt, this will be just the tip of the iceberg.  
When we talk about the ‘reforms’ to the fire brigade, we have to acknowledge that many lives have not been lost, yet. But we also have to accept that when fires break out they now become much harder to control and do a lot more damage. In other words, in neoliberal Tory style the short term savings  are completely outweighed by the costs which are now created. The recent major fire at Clandon Park in Surrey is a case in point.  The cuts to the London fire brigades are starting to bear their sickly fruit. If the Filth get a majority this bitter harvest will come home to roost. 
Tories might get a majority as I write, but just in case, the toffs are preparing a coup, a very British coup, its been on the cards for a long time, as everyone knows that the Tories will not leave Downing Street graciously, everyone knows they will have to be kicked out.  While senior Tories whine with fear at the thought of Nationalist input from Wales and Scotland, less scrutiny has been given to the kind of coalition the Tories would have to make. Dr May the guitarist, writes of a coalition of the Tories and UKIP: “To me the most horrific prospect is a Conservative – UKIP coalition – that I think is the end of any shred of common decency in this country.”  It looks like there might still be a hung parliament, and that filthy DC would need to cobble together Liberals, UKIP and DUP, which is also the least popular amongst Brits.  If this were to happen, under the auspices of Borisconi, this would completely outdo the present government as the very worst government in UK, remarkable as it now seems.
In every single conceivable area, whether we are talking flood defences or passport production, this government have demonstrated an incompetence which renders them in a class of their own, like bulls creating havoc in a china shop, the feral rich who consider themselves above the law have ruined UK. The resultant breakdown of democracy has been unexpected by some, but one of the great writers of our times, Armando Iannucci, has described it.  Like rabbits caught in the headlights, spineless Labour are riddled with fear.  If you believe the polls they seem to be going down to the wire.  In the words of John Warren: “… not a single British Government in the whole 20th century managed to break the magical 50% threshold and actually represented the majority of the British people: indeed,in recent decades British governments have struggled consistently to breach the 40% mark. Now they fail even to garner enough votes in a biased system, to rally one-third of the electorate behind them, or even to establish a single-party majority of MPs in a Parliamentary FPTP system that is effectively designed to allow unjustifiably small minorities (well below 50% of the popular vote) to control Parliament. There could be no better example of the collapse of the electors’ trust in Parliament and Politicians than this relentless decline; this tidal-wave of electoral failure; this spiral downwards that ends in just this shoddy 2015 Westminster campaign; the commonplace peddling of deceit and defeat as success and triumph.” 
The commonplace peddling of deceit and defeat as success and triumph

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