Impending farkakta

The momza Red Balls is right that TM might call a snap general election at the Tory party conference. Such a move would not stop JC, who will continue to lead Labour whatever, JC is made of stronger stuff. Rightly, allies of JC on the NEC are fighting to prevent JC from being ‘imprisoned‘ by being given a shadow cabinet of non supporters. 

Can the Labour party come together to defeat the Tories? This is discussed in numerous articles, and one by Philip David Jones is suggestive of the problems ahead.  Peter Kenyon offers sober reflection

As time passes the tiresome tireless conniving of the plotting shits is taking form and effectGreenstein writing in his blog says that what Labour actually needs is the sword of deselection and not an olive branch, and The Vent agrees. Certainly the signs are that the Bitterites will not be giving up, look at the useless shmok Tristram Cunt at the recent Progress rally. Get rid of the spineless presumptuous momzas, deselect these whingers.  JC will get nowhere by appeasement.


Certainly JC has the entire shvantz in a state by now.  The bottom line is that Steptoe JC is a thoroughly decent chap, and these Blairite self righteous shmoigers want to put him in his place, but they are not scared of JC, they are terrified of ordinary people. Tom Watson has emerged as the problem. Get rid of the pompous git.

A central element is how Labour will achieve unity,  and indeed this seems implausible with spouting Woodencock,   and irritant Jamie Reed.  With undisciplined members, it will take longer for the penny to drop, but with the working class together in solidarity everything is on the table.

Tories continue blithely in the grim knowledge that the looming social care crisis is coming to bite them on the arse, something analysed by Tory Baroness Altmann. Recently she wrote to the excruciating dumkopf Oliver Letwin: “I’m afraid this really is a looming crisis which has been left far too long already. This really is an issue that has the potential to cause significant social and economic distress. There has been no real planning for these demographic realities. No money has been set aside in the public or private sector to fund social care if or when the needs arise. There is no money set aside for social care spending by individuals or by local authorities – needs have to be funded as they arise, and if the money is not there the quality and availability of care is compromised, causing scandals and misery that could potentially rebound on policy makers at some point.


Smart Tories know its a problem, yet ministers were careful not to mention the looming farkakta at the Tory party conference. No wonder Old Bill now has to cover the cracks, which is upsetting Babylon no end. 

Thank goodness Abstain Andy has slithered off. 

Importantly vicious TM has finally pulled the plug on the NHS life support machine.  She did this because she wants to murder the NHS. In this matter she will come against the stiffest resistance. Its making Dr Sarah Wollaston queasy. Consequently we have the unedifying sight of TM joking about sex while hammering the last nail in the NHS coffin.   


What a surprise. Undisciplined bupkis Borisconi didn’t really care about Brexit, all the toff wanted was to further his career. There seems a possibility that TM made an error putting the three ponces in charge of Brexit negotiations. 

Differing opinions are bringing the drek to the point of civil war, with spiteful schlemiel Clark particularly vociferous. An irony is that ideological austerity had a massive influence on the European referendum and it was actually pleasurable to get rid of the momza DC.

The European banking bastards are now looking to make this a very hard Brexit, the hard Brexit is now the most likely scenario, if there is a Brexit.  

Unsurprisingly studies have shown that Brexit was caused by austerity, with fears of immigration also taking a lesser role, something which the MSM will not say. 

The zombie’s warnings of financial doom from a hard Brexit are increasing,  but it does not stop the dumkopf Dominic Raab from urging UK to do a hard Brexit. For TM, poised to exploit the poor folk of UK, it offers conundrums, but the proposition is freaking out the drek. It comes as no surprise that the areas with the highest vote for Brexit were those areas left most deprived and forgotten by the arrogant drek.  Arrogant shlemiel Liam Fox is demonstrating the flayling of the drek over Brexit.  The prospects for Darlington are rightly worriedCommentators are noting the maladroitness of TM in this process, as the shvantz lead us into shambles.


Just at the time that the drek are grappling with the lies of Borisconi and the impending awfulness of a hard Brexit, its going to leave TM floundering. As McElvoy puts it: “If Camp Cameron was surprised to find the great Tory manchild still head-scratching and evoking Eeyore’s depression about the chances of a leave victory while campaigning for it, they were not paying attention to Boris’s mood swings.” 



Commentators to the left and right are now fearing a hard Brexit, with Dunt saying it will be a catastrophe.   Senior economists are joining the voices with George Magnus saying: “I think the government is clueless. I don’t think there is really a strategy …If there was a coherent strategy, we would know something about it at this juncture. That, I think, is not good for business certainty”.



With blinding hypocrisy vicious shmendrek Prit Patel is pushing for hard Brexit, saying that those trying to force a debate and vote on article 50 were trying to “subvert the economic will of the British public”, as if this spiteful, deeply unpleasant freak actually cares about how the British public feel.




The drek should listen to Sir Keir Starmer,  but the shlongs will never listen to an expert, despite the fact that they have no plan. The Financial Times, that dry vehicle of the elite is nervous, with the reality that UK has become much poorer since Brexit. To add to the fear and confusion the chazzer Tusk has stated the ‘brutal’ truth that there will be a hard Brexit or no Brexit. 

Commentators have written how prices will rise after a hard Brexit, with the pound toxic.  Yet among the shleepy people reality that has not dawned as TM continues her double shpeek, pretending to be a ‘red Tory’, a ludicrous idea, perpetrated by the MSM, though some commentators are ridiculing it. Chakrabortty is correct to point at this delusional gap.


The meschugener Peter Staines is salivating at the idea of a hard Brexit.  Bienkov writes more progressively about the important PMQ session of 12-10-16, when JC was masterful again, demonstrating how improved he can be when everything he is to ask is not already reported by a Bitterite moser. Bienkov comments: “Yes the British people did vote to leave the EU, but they certainly did not vote to plunge the UK into a period of recession and international decline. And as the continuing collapse of sterling has shown this week, the sharks are already circling the UK economy. And pretty soon the prime minister is going to have to find a serviceable life raft…… A couple of times today he referred to the government pursuing a “shambolic Tory Brexit”.  I understand this is a deliberate attempt by Corbyn’s team to move away from the use of the terms “hard” and “soft” Brexit – the fear being that most voters will see the former word as inherently more appealing than the latter. This may seem like a small point, but it matters. At the very least it suggests that Corbyn’s operation have learned from some of their mistakes in the past.”

Impending farkakta


Meshugas, like farkakta describes in one word the situation we find ourselves. UK is on the precipice of entering the maelstrom. As the JC revolution grows, how long will maniac TM hang on? How much filth will we have to see before the British people stand up? How much crap will the British Working Class have to tolerate? How much molten lava do you need for a pyroclastic flow? What poor person gives a shtup if JC sat on the floor of a Virgin train – fuck off Richard Branson with your Virgin Health-care. We have endured too much of your shit, the bearded billionaire can’t hack the hardly radical idea of renationalising the railways. The shlong Branson detests JC, he hates him. Ask yourself who you are going to believe – the decent politician who wants renationalisation or the dick who loves to make a fast buck out of exploiting ordinary folk. Its clearly not a view shared by the dolt d’Ancona, who has filled his comment section in London Evening Standard on Wednesday 24/08 with a load of kuk. I hate d’Ancona, I think he writes a load of shit. The bastard Branson’s attack on JC is backfiring. 

Talking about the meshugas witty Ward writes sensibly, when he urges us to study the: “madness, its goals, its weaknesses, its mendacity, and its despicable tactics. Viscous freak TM continues the narrative when she changes the rules of fracking bribery to allow the small people to benefit from the environmental damage of fracking, writing: The government I lead will be driven by the interests of the many – ordinary families for whom life is harder than many people in politics realise. As I said on my first night as prime minister: when we take the big calls, we’ll think not of the powerful but of you.” 

It comes as no surprise that unctious nebbish Jim Fitzpatrick shows meshugas as he moans about JC at every bloody opportunity.  On several occasions I would ask Fitzpatrick to sign EDMs to save the Independent Living Fund. On several occasions the momza Fitzpatrick would just email “no”. Fitzpatrick did not give a shtup, the klutz showed his true colours with the EDMs. JC needs to get rid of this dumkopf. Fortunately it is also unlikely that Red David will return to inspire UK with his extraordinary talents, even though the shmuk earns $700k a year working for a charity: 

The duplicitous nature of the chicken coup is something which the dissenting Labour MPs require pulling up on. It is absolutely parlous that these arrogant shmendreks lost Labour so many polling points, if you trust the polls that is.



It is a shame JC cannot get rid of Fitzpatrick in the boundary review. The boundary review provokes mixed reactions among Corbynites, The Vent, is not against these changes, nor does JC seem to be.  Commentators incorrectly will say that the boundary changes will lock the Tories in power forever, but how can anyone trust popular opinion when it pumps out non stop rubbish? This English Democratic deficit has been discussed by the blogger Another Angry Voice. Some rebel MPs are already planning how to stand up to JC when he wins with a higher mandateAt the end of the day it maybe that only mandatory reselection and the right to recall MPs will stop the return of the Blairites.


An important event for a JC lead Labour is the disbanding of Respect, it is likely that a greater mandate for JC and a much greater JC presence on the NEC will readmit the firebrands. JC’s task is to reunite the left, and there could be an SNP pact. 

Thankfully DC has finally fucked off, leaving his disgusting toxic legacy. In retrospect DC and Osborne behaved according to the Bullingdon Club. In the Bullingdon Club posh prostaks go into a swanky restaurant. They glut themselves with the loveliest food. Then they trash the restaurant and run off without paying the bill. This time JC will hold the zhlobs to account.

Tories love women, they love them so much they want to shtup them right over. Its a disgrace that the drek are closing women’s refuges. It is an outrage how the cuts are falling disproportionately on women, in an age of so-called equality. Women need to be bloody angry at the repeated attacks.


Yet a massive credibility gap exists between TM and JC, which is interesting because it bears a relation to the housing bubble, with the housing crisis, with all the other crises waiting to impact. Central to this will be the reclaiming of socialism by the people.


The meshugas within the NHS is about to take two leaps into the abyss as Jeremy Cunt goes against reason and pushes relentlessly for a seven day NHS, no matter what the experts say. Its making Tory Dr Wollaston shpil: Cannot keep piling ever greater responsibilities on to an overstretched service without realistic resource and workforce to cope. Expect problems when thin evidence is used to bolster an under-resourced political objective instead of policy following the evidence.”  Coupled with the ghastly railroaded contract, and Mr Cunt, with his smarmy rigor mortis grin has a very toxic brew. A report which came out on 24/08/16 has vindicated the medics, the very dangerous plans of Jeremy Cunt contain 13 major risks, 5 of them in the gravest category.  Will the smarmy shit back-pedal furiously or will he plough on regardless Tory style, as in the botched privatisation of Probation by the tedious sociopath Grayling. Certainly medical professionals are talking about ‘breaking point‘ again. The drek are caught out trying to impose their shabby seven day doctor’s contractMaps have been drawn up to show how effective Jeremy Cunt has been in bankrupting the NHS. 

A battleground is the effect of Brexit on the NHS, and we have already seen how kuk the drek are at making trade deals.


Jeremy Cunt may refuse to listen to sense, but in the words of Dr Shibley Rahman: “The nurses are taking out loans to be educated, the doctors are stuck with a contract they don’t want, certain failed NHS CEOs appear unsackable, social care is on its knees, and Hunt appears to have a job for life.”

The continued presence of these shmegegi at the top level of parliament, contradicts the extraordinary weakness of this government with its cracked glass ceiling.  Meanwhile as if on cue TM is allowing her centrist mask to slip continuously as Maguire talks of the ‘Fairy Tale of TM’.


No one has a clue what is going on with Brexit – whether to leave the common market, while JC is urging the drek to get out:  which incensed the bitterites no end. The zombies are looking confused – no one is keen for a great step into the unknown and it is clear that Tories don’t know how to do a Brexit. TM has burst the Brexit bubble but its going to take more then that to upset the pricks.  Now TM’s honeymoon is over she is looking less competent by the day, especially as the grim kvetsch gives a green light to the appalling waste of money of Hinckley Point.

On Monday 05/09/16 I was at the House of Commons in Committee Room 21, which was called ‘one year on: evaluating the impact of the closure of the independent living fund’:  It was an emotional meeting with many ILF users having to talk about the deep and grinding injustice, inflicted on us by the ruling class. Excellent JmcD was fucking angry, and we have had to wait years for our voices to be heard as the frightful shlongs DC and his parlous side kick Osborne destroyed our lovely country. So while TM steers the doughty ship Britannia far up the dank festering recesses of shit creek, our voices will be increasingly audible. On Wednesday I took part in another DPAC action, this time blocking Westminster Bridge. Within seconds hundreds of police were surrounding us asking us politely to move. I managed twenty minutes of being continuously asked to explain myself, which bordered on harassment.  Officers did explain that they are now more on our side than ever before as they are disgusted with the way TM has mistreated the police. On Saturday 10/09/16 JMcD gave us a fantastic speech at the DPAC conference, in which he talked about the possibilities of victory for disabled folk ahead.


Cynical people will say JMcD is disillusioned, but he is right about one thing, which is that we disabled people will fight this merciless disgraceful government to the bitter end. We will give the greedy grasping ruling class a bloody lesson, we will bring the whole shit house down. 




A dybbuk is a Yiddish word for the malevolent spirit of a dead person that enters and controls a living body until exorcised, and interestingly the zombie Teresa May is a dybbuk. We know this because in the spirit of re-education (a Frankie Boyle word), TM is removing art works from Downing Street and replacing them with exerts from her speech on becoming prime minister. Here are some trite quotes: “I know you’re doing your best, and I know that sometimes life can be a struggle. The Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the priveleged few, but by yours” and the excoriating bollocks “that means fighting against the burning injustice that, if you’re born poor, you will die an average 9 years earlier than others”. (i 23/07/16, 10).

TM is hard-core and yet some commentators will tell you that Borisconi will be challenging TM again within a year, after she falls on her Brexit-lite sword. The dybbuk wasted no time in getting rid of the role of Minister for Syrian refugees, a post started by nebbish DC.


The extraordinary popularity of JC among Labour grass roots is completely unknown to the establishment. Its freaking out the Labour establishment, and the knee jerk reaction of the NEC is likened to a banana republic by OslandThe Labour Party will do anything to stop JC, showing how close he has got, the Labour Party are so terrified they have had to cancel all Labour meetings. The shvantz are changing the rules rather than allow JC to win, but it seems the case that a split in Labour is inevitable, and for JC to win it may also be necessary.  It is now only a matter of time until there is deselection in Labour. Labour North have gone one step further, telling constituency party members that “dismissive body language such as eye rolling, head shaking or tutting whilst people are speaking in meetings would not be tolerated.” 



To take matters to a new level, various cxampaigners from Progress are ringing around Constituency Offices trying to get details of people who left Labour in protest at JC to join again for the leadership contest.  Contempt for Labour democracy has hit a new low. It is a fact that commentators throughout the Westminster bubble detest JC, extending to the hypocritical bilge from The Guardian.


Owen Smith, the so-called Unity candidate has shown that his supposed left wing credentials are rubbish.  Yet it appears to many that a split in Labour is inevitable and actually necessary.


Chunky Mark discusses an important blog by Owen Jones:  It is a seminal article by brilliant OJ, when he talks about the reasons why the left are on the brink of disaster.


An important aspect for JC will be the 2018 boundary review, when Labour can have reselection.  JC is poised to revolutionise Labour. Burton-Cartledge is doubtful that Labour will split. Embryonic rumours nonetheless exist that a split in Labour is brewing though JC remains hopeful that the majority of MPs will get behind him.


The numerous critics within the PLP will have to be forced out as otherwise they will return repeatedly.  What the Blairites fail to accept is that JC is made of stronger stuff and will not allow the permanent media attack deter him.



TM’s continuation of Osborne’s austerity means that there is now a ticking time bomb about to hit the working poor. In work poverty is the real crisis now affecting TM.


This blog is proud to support the Rev Paul Nicolson, as he campaigns against poverty. The Rev Nicolson is a beacon of decency in this disgusting times, and The Vent joins the Rev in solidarity as he goes to court yet again (Thur 4 August, 10am onwards at Tottenham Magistrates’ Court Lordship Lane, London N17 6RT). I support this principled man:  

Voices are now audible for the removal of the so called triple lock from old people.  No one is clear exactly when the triple lock will disappear.  Despite what TM intends, it is now easy to point the finger at the bloated rich. 



Meanwhile the NHS is in crisis, and The Vent agrees with the anonymous blogger of The Junior Doctor Blog.  A key problem will be the abolition of the nursing bursary in 2017, and the resulting recruitment crisis means that only rich people will be able to afford to be nurses, a situation exacerbated by Brexit and a fact that people will not be recruited from abroad.


Brilliant Mason suggests that Brexit will be a failure.  Without a doubt the negotiations will be tortuous. Many commentators now say that Brexit will not happen.


Yet there is a distant chink of light at the end of the tunnel as Frankie Boyle writes: For what it’s worth, all the indicators are that May is a vehemently pro-corporate Tory who is probably well to the right of her own traditional right-wing, and this is possibly the most right wing cabinet in modern history. And yet, paradoxically, I think we are about to enter a time when we will put our petty divisions aside, when we will learn to co-operate fully, when we will raise our consciousness from the mundane. We will have to do this in order to survive, and we will, in the Re-education camps. I’ll see you there.” 


RS21 have hopeful words: “One thing is certain: the British capitalist state has entered a deep crisis, one that’s territorial, political and economic all at once. Revolution may not be a utopian solution – but it’s not hard to imagine a group or groups of dissenters deciding it’s the only way out.”

Fantastic MP Clive Lewis, understands the need for Labour to go into a progressive alliance with other parties with left wing policies as the only way to stop the Tories.


Meanwhile John Rees emphasises the importance of creating a social movement: “So, paradoxically, the effectiveness of any left party and of the Corbyn movement will depend as much on the revolutionary strategy of generating mass struggle by sustaining independent revolutionary organisation as it will be internal Labour Party manoeuvres. The strength of revolutionary organisation, its clarity of ideas, its analysis of the capitalist state, its ability to generate strategic alliances in mass movements, is a crucial hinge on which this whole social crisis will turn.”  


Farkakta 3

For all his faux ‘popularity’, Borisconi would have provided a perfect hot air balloon that JC would have lanced, so it is a crying shame that pompous Borisconi has stood down from the leadership, ousted by the unpopular shmendrik Gove.  The roll of the appalling chazer Dominic Cummings could be central to this move, though no-one is yet clear of the dynamics involved, and in the future some nebbish commentator, a d’Ancona, may emerge.

Meanwhile Angela Eagle, one of the shrewdest Labour politicians is terrified of being deselected by her own local party. JC has re-emphasised that he will not be resigning

The fantastic blog Red Flag warns of the dangers and possibilities ahead, JC has to ride the establishment wave. A factor is that the dissent in the Labour has the potential to ripple out into society: “But as the referendum shows, sometimes the powerful are defied. In times of crisis, the high-and-mighty may be brought low and the strong made weak. And the need for victory is urgent. The coup against Corbyn is part of a broader trend. The ruling class is happy to dispense with any pretence of democracy when their going gets tough. Democracy was discarded in Greece after the 2015 anti-austerity referendum. Now the rulers are attempting to dispense with democracy in Britain and overturn the 2015 election of the anti-austerity Labour leader. Even the mildest promise of hope is inimical to their survival as a class. A fightback in Britain will have to exceed the boundaries of politeness and party unity that Corbyn has thus far respected.”  With politicians outside Labour like George Galloway, Alex Salmond and Caroline Lucas backing JC, any coup has no chance

Like vultures, the khazers of UKIP sense opportunities from the leadership battles of Labour and the Conservatives.  The legacy of Fromage lingers on with the dirty question of whether to deport all the EU citizens with Teresa May getting in a pickle Every message Fromage spouted was divisive, and yet it seems unlikely that UK can leave the common market, something which leaves the zombies shit-scared. Certainly the threat of deporting all the EU Nationals by vicious May will terrify and if enacted, the deportation of the 2100000 will destroy UK and with it the NHS. There is now a good chance that there will be a second EU referendum with an opportunity of a ‘Lexit‘.


The commentator Ben Chu wrote ominously in the i newspaper on Wed 06 July : ‘we’ve run over the cliff – but we’re still waiting to fall…..the post-Brexit vote cliff is real. The only uncertainty concerns the size of the drop’. The Vent calls this the credibility gap, it will be used as a pretext for the dreaded austerity max. In such a situation the useless shlong George Osborne has the gall to slash corporate tax to 15%. 

Amongst the mediocrities lining up to be Tory leader, each of them have been criticized. Leadsom is emerging as the most useless, with treasury officials saying that Leadsom was “the worst minister we ever had”, an extraordinary criticism from the department which used to employ the disgusting yellow nebbish Danny Alexander.

The NHS will become an issue again as the junior doctor’s contract has been rejected JC is now well placed to attack the drek on this since staring down the rebels in their pathetic coup, aided by scathing indictment of Chilcot.  Please sign this petition to support the 40 MPs who support fabulous JC and JC policies. 

Katy Sian writing in the Left Future Blog nails it: “What Labour needs to do is get behind Corbyn and not stab him in the back. Members must recognise that this unthought coup will only divide the party. If the Labour Party is to mean something of real significance, it has to depart from an out-dated and out of touch neoliberalism, masquerading as common sense. The reason why so many people have been energized by Corbyn’s campaign is because he symbolises the failures of neoliberalism, and points to an alternative in which all members of the Labour movement should have no difficulty in embracing.”  Progressives want the Labour Party to come together. There is a good chance that Teresa May will call a snap general election, though she has said she will not call a snap general election or a second EU referendum A question is when will the May mask slip? The possible creation of a new centre left party by the rebels is discussed by brilliant Mason.

Without doubt the intensity of the leadership challenge and the non stop threats to JC is a sign how close JC has come. It is affecting the whole movement, with protesters deeply stressed, its affecting the writer, its a pivotal point. Clearly in order for a Corbyn win the entire left will have to be focused but it can be done.

Corbyn passed this test, in which he was personally involved with already the trombenik McTernan spouting that the vote from the NEC was “the end of the Labour party, nothing more or less than that”.  No wonder the Editorial in the Morning Star is victorious.

As Seymour describes it: Corbyn emerged in 2015 as the only leadership candidate who still understood how Labour politics was done, while also having a sense of how to fuse these methods with social media communications. And so it has proved again. The coup plotters knew all about how to manipulate old media, but they were at a loss when Corbyn stood firm, ignited his base, and thousands hit the streets in his defense, from London to Hull.

What a strange time in British politics. The outcome of the attempted overthrow of Jeremy Corbyn is thus a hugely improbable and unexpected strengthening of the Left. Since the EU referendum result, 200,000 people have joined the Labour Party, the great majority of them supporting Jeremy Corbyn. Total membership is now approximately 600,000. The shadow Cabinet has become more left wing, more multiracial, and more female. Corbyn’s own standing, having withstood the extraordinary barrage of attacks and even some friendly fire, has emerged greatly strengthened. The coup plotters, weak and disorganized by their own miscalculations, disgraced by their links to and affinity with a discredited past, are an undignified mess”. 

Thankfully DC did his final PMQs today (12/07/16) and The Vent will not eulogise hypocritically about the worst PM of ALL time in UK. DC was a spiv in a Saville Row suit who only got away with it for so long because of the disgusting fawning of the media, the momza was never held to account. Shameless TM will face wrath she has never known as she tries to impose Austerity Max while JC holds the toffs to account, but first it will take Momentum to motivate the millions of voters who did not vote at the last GE. JC is terrifying the shit out of the elite, who are doing everything they can to subvert democracy.


With its austerity max, this Tory regime will become the most hated government in UK of all time. Something fundamental is occurring, moving the tectonic plates of UK politics.  The appointment of Borisconi as foreign secretary has split opinion, with some saying it is the British sense of humour and Nikolaus Blome, the deputy editor of Germany’s biggest tabloid Bild, tweeting: “There’s justice after all. As foreign minister, Boris Johnson now has to lie in the bed he made himself”  It is predictable that Borisconi is hated, and it was also typical that crafty TM has set Borisconi up to fail

Farkakta 3

Sinking In

Before the referendum

With days to go before the referendum the polls are swinging again, and this time its the joint effect of the murder of Jo Cox and the wretched ‘breaking point’ poster of the mediocrity Fromage.  The murder of Jo Cox has shown the people of England the toxicity of the debate more than any zombie waffling economic necessity could manage.

In one foul swoop Fromage knocked away his advantage and instead made the referendum, a referendum on him. We have to question what the shmoiger Fromage was thinking of with this poster, described by Leckie in the National Scot: “Farage is a skilled communicator who daily exploits genuine working class alienation to wind people up into a frenzy. The only thing missing from that image of him smirking as he points behind to a thronging queue of immigrants is a swastika on his left sleeve and a little black moustache under his nose.

I found it intriguing that of the 50 or so visible faces on the poster, almost all were young men, even though over half the immigrants who have come to the UK in the past 20 years have been female and many have been children. But an honest representation of the demography of the immigrant population would not have suited Farage’s purposes.”  The momza took his eye off the ball – he thought it was in the bag, when he made even the shmok Michael Gove ‘shudder’. 

The poster has even been criticized by the shmeril Paul Nuttall,  in a clear sign of the misunderstood national mood.

Some say that if Fromage wins the referendum, the bumbling tukkus Borisconi will give him a job in his government,  indeed if this is true, it would spell a rough landing for UKIP as Fromage would be an unable to posture as the man of the people from the interior of the Poshes club.

Even if Remain wins the referendum there will still be an impact on UK politics, as The Socialist Party explains: “Even if Remain wins narrowly, Cameron could be forced out. The current Tory government is very weak – carrying out 20 u-turns or partial u-turns in the last year – but the new government would be even weaker. Voters who have been told by Johnson and Gove that Brexit would mean more money for the NHS and better workers’ rights will not passively accept a Johnson-led Tory government trying to impose further austerity on the working class. Whatever happens, in the aftermath of the referendum politics in Britain will be in serious turmoil. The 1%, the capitalist class, will be fumbling around to try and find parties that can act reliably in their interests. At a certain stage the divisions in both Labour and the Tories, who are in reality only held together by the electoral system, can lead to a realignment of British politics.” 

It was grimly amusing to watch Fromage being roasted by smarmy nebbish Krishnan Guru-Murthy. As fantastic JC has said, people should be aiming their anger at the Tories and not immigrants.

A reality, not mentioned by any leading Brexiter is that the referendum is not legally binding and will take two years to invoke. To get a clear run on Farage, JC may have to support English Nationalism, but the mud will not stick in Scotland or Wales.

After the referendum

A question of whether the UK left laughs or cries makes me scratch my head. Certainly it has left DC searching for the rabbitWhile Fromage whoops with joy, watching the markets crash and the resignation of the gonaf DC feels like a relief though for disabled people it is mitigated by our vulnerability. The momzas in the PLP will use any excuse to start a leadership challenge on JC. Try as they continuously do, JC isn’t going anywhere.

The rapid u-turns by leave on the NHS and the three million plus people who have signed a petition asking for a second referendum have changed the plan, leaving Borisconi scuppered.

A lot will depend on the demise of UKIP. Matthew Black blogging in Siscomedia writes: “Sadly, for UKIP, the grub in their belly has grown has grown to be bigger than its fragile host. Once the grub is purged, a hollowed out lifeless shell, fit for nothing, will remain.”  Dunt is no fan of Fromage: “He cloaks himself in the flag, but he does not own it. I love my country precisely because he is wrong. This is a great country because it is diverse and open, not because it is monocultural and closed.”  Fromage’s victory speech to the EU was nasty, depending on your point of view, he was repulsive.

Mason is initially hopeful that there can be another general election. Many writers such as Sam Kriss writing in Vice see Brexit as the beginning of the end. It does seem as if the markets will be unstable for some time. An important factor is the record low trust which people now hold politicians in. 

A factor which seems undeniable, is that Labour is in disarray, and that Borisconi if chosen would choose to hold an immediate election. The plot to remove fantastic JC is deeply offensive and an insult to democracy. A question will hang over JC until he is given a chance against constant ‘friendly’ fire – can JC unite the Brits – ordinary folk who are not members of Labour?

The Labour Party revolt has allowed JC to have a better cabinet. As the impact of the Leave campaigns dodgy claims becomes painfully clear. The revolt disappointed Corbynistas by squandering an opportunity for the left. Underlining the motivations of the Blairites is fear, as the fantastic blogger Philip David Jones explains: “…putting anger to one side, it is worth asking why they would do this now? The answer is simple it is the establishment trying to wrestle control back from the people. First we gave them Corbyn as Labour leader, then we gave them Brexit, their big fear is that if an early general election is called we will give them Corbyn as a PM, and he will end their privilege and deliver true equality for all.” 

Many commentators are now writing to say that is all over for Project Corbyn, that he can now be written off. 

Bienkov has written an excoriating article about a Tory leadership from Borisconi, using the quip from Johnson’s biographer Andrew Grimson about “entrusting a ming vase to an ape”  and it is indeed a frightening prospect of Borisconi were to become the PM.

There is now talk of an early general election, though Borisconi says at the moment that he will not have one, but when has it ever been the case that Bojo has done what he said he would? The decent blog, A Very Public Sociologist even suggesting there could be a grand coalition.

Sinking In


As we rush with UKIP to the edge of the cliff, like so many lemmings, we can agree with John Harris when he writes that there is something tragic about the decline of the putz DC. A fact remains articulated by brilliant Mason that Borisconi, Gove, Patel, IDS and Fromage stand ready to seize control of the Tory party and turn Britain into a neoliberal fantasy island”.  UK appears damned if we stay in the EU and damned if we leave,  yet decent JC has managed to perform a difficult balancing act over the EU. 

As desperate shmuk DC blathers about Brexit being a bomb under the UK economical revival, the racists have the chief shlong clutching at straws. Incredibly the chief pig fucker still thinks folk wwill believe him when he spouts: ‘Add those things together – the shock impact, the uncertainty impact, the trade impact – and you put a bomb under our economy.’  What disgusting DC cannot say is that a leave vote in the EU referendum would throw the Tories into an absolute crisis.


Commentators warn of a right wing coup from Borisconi, Gove, Priti Patel and IDS, which is an idea which splits the left. Matthew Black sees the EU referendum as a Waterloo moment for Borisconi and DC: “Of their respective leaders; one will depart the field victorious, while the other will crawl away a battered and bloody mess, with a killer blow to be struck in the following weeks.”  Project fear has Carney warnings in over time, but decent JC is unable to penetrate the façade of DC at PMQs of 08/06/16.  Indeed against disgusting lying shmuk DC JC cannot make headway, it is as if PMQs has lost any relevance.


Few people have looked at the implications of a Borisconi lead government for Corbyn. Few people think it could happen, and yet Borisconi presents a completely different can of worms to DC. While DC is a sloppy bully, keen as IDS to bash the bible, Borisconi is fucking sloppy and relatively anti social. Borisconi has carefully created a darkly humorous niche and is completely unchallenged. Few commentators have been able to contemplate the possibilities of Borisconi facing JC, but many will acknowledge that Borisconi rapidly will lose his cool under pressure, for example


As the sage Fromage writes of Borisconi: “I think Boris is a very good guy. He could be our next Prime Minister – if we vote for Brexit he probably will be. I would like to see anybody as Prime Minister other than this man who clearly can’t give the British public the truth about anything.” 



The journalist Suzanne Moore articulates the dilemma: “I share this loss of nerve because of the company I would be in: the apocalypse of Borisconi. But I sense that, for many, a strange game is being played out whereby voting leave is not seen as such an enormous gamble. Much of England is ready to roll that dice; this part of England, so often despised, demonised and disrespected by those who claim to represent it, does need to be spoken for. This England will not do as it is told. This England may not be London and may not be subsumed into the fantasy of Great Britain, whichever side is selling it. When government, opposition and businesses are speaking with one voice, many feel there is not much of an actual choice on offer here.” 

With so many things happening in this slow motion car crash we have to tear our eyes from the wretched EU debate and its referendum on immigration. As has been seen in distant polls, no one gives a shtup about Europe except for UKIP members and right wing Tories, everyone else has far more pressing things to worry about. If the grim predictions are to be believed, UK is on the brink of a major crisis.


Meeks comments on the referendum: We are standing at a fork in the road.  Neither branch of the fork will lead us in the same political direction that we have been travelling down to date.  Trotsky told us that war is the locomotive of history and it seems that referendums are the locomotive of politics.”



No amount of faux-populism from the cynical toffs, will deter disabled people from voting to stay in. It is important to note that the lowering of the benefit cap by the shvantz has been brought forward to Autumn 2016 rather than Spring 2017, as we hasten towards Austerity Max. This will be catching hundreds of thousands of poor people having their lives destroyed so these rich bloated khazers do not have to contribute a penny to mess they created.


Its not hard to see crisis in the NHS, whether its the stacking ambulances outside Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, or 450 jobs Jeremy Cunt is shedding at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS trust. Others warn that if we leave the EU it will directly affect the NHS by wiping £10000000000 from the public finances. Dr Sarah Wollaston (Tory Totnes) is so disgusted by the rampant anti EU NHS lies that she is now switching to the IN campaign. Meanwhile Polly Toynbee is warning us of released furies which cannot be controlled, but if we stay in the Euro is she seriously telling us that there will not be austerity max anyhow?


The ever hopeful Canary blog takes note of the four local elections, which the Filth recently had bad losses in, saying that these are early signs that JC could waltz into power. A reality is that JC would not be able to simply waltz into power, JC would have to form a progressive relationship with The Greens, Plaid Cymru, and the SNP, but a narrow path to victory exists. Borisconi is losing a lot of his shine, but many folk are asking me what will happen to UKIP and the UKIP vote after a ‘leave’ referendum. Some people will tell that UKIP will survive, that it will veer to the right – that it will become unpalatable as the crazies come to the fore. Others will tell you that the long term future for UKIP could be bleak.


This is discussed by the Fabian Society: “UKIP and its backers will obviously be happier in the short term if the country votes to leave the EU on June 23rd. But what then? UKIP will have to decide what role to play in the exit negotiations, and what to focus on next. This will most likely trigger as many internal conflicts as a remain vote and absorb the attention and resources of party elites for several years. However, a vote for Brexit is unlikely to resolve the structural problems which drove UKIP support up in the first place, and may make some worse. For example, the older, less skilled workers who find UKIP most attractive may be the hardest hit by any Brexit related economic turmoil.”  If it is true that leaving the EU will create a severe economic downtown, then the comments of fabulous OJ are resounding: “When presented with a vote on the status quo, it is no surprise that those with the least stake in it vote to abandon it. The same happened in Scotland’s independence referendum. Threats of economic Armageddon resonate little with people living in communities that feel ignored, marginalised and belittled. “Economic insecurity beckons!” people who live in perpetual economic insecurity are told. A Conservative prime minister lines up with pillars of Britain’s establishment with a message of doom – and it makes millions of people even more determined to stick their fingers up at it.”  Repercussions of leaving would hit the financial sector most hard which would directly affect the ability of the Tories.


As we head towards the Brexit, zombie Osborne is warning of a budget of £30000000000 of cuts, its a characteristic of the zombie that all they have is the discredited Project Fear.  To compound the problem the fascist Fromage has revealed he does not have a clue what will happen after the referendum. But it is still not too late, UK can pull back from the brink and acknowledge that Brexit will lead to misery.


Without a doubt a casualty of the referendum has been democracy, with the in and out campaigns spouting a stream of shite not seen since the Scottish referendum. Winsland sums this up in his concluding remarks in the blog Backbench: “When this referendum does eventually arrive – and it is already looming large before us – I will be relieved once it is over and done with. Not because I think democracy is an inconvenience or that the subject is unimportant, but because I think it is so important that that this country deserves and can do better than this farcical fracas. It is because it is such a pivotal event and such a consequential decision that I think the standard of the debate offered to us by our so-called “leaders” is insulting to our intelligence; it falls far short of what the scale of the occasion suitably demands. “So, on Thursday 23 June, make sure you vote. Take this matter back and make it clear that our country’s future belongs to our country’s people. If we let the standard of the debate dissuade us from exercising that right, then we relinquish the precious power we have to determine our future. We have let the campaigns fall into the misguided grip of their politicians. We must make sure not to cede the final result to them too.” 


The fact is that the path from the maelstrom to a socialist utopia is not at all straight forward, with a whole number of barriers along the way, and yet Brexit presents opportunities to the left, as John Rees explains in the excellent Counterfire blog: “…if Leave win the crisis will be much, much deeper. Here’s why: Cameron will be toast very quickly, and the Tory party will be internally split for at least 5 years. That much is certain. There will likely be a general election. That’s probable. And Jeremy Corbyn has a good chance of winning that (a much better chance than surviving serial coups attempts all the way to 2020) as long as the failures of the EU campaign damage Labour with its core vote. But even more important than this: the Tory party will have a policy totally at odds with the majority section of British capital. For a party whose whole reason for existence is to be the political representative of capital this would pose an existential threat.

There will not be an automatic lurch to the right even with a figure like Johnson or May as Tory leader. The Tories will just have suffered their biggest reverse since the defeat of Thatcher. Their back-benchers are split down the middle. They only have a 17 seat working majority. They are under investigation for electoral fraud in more seats than that. They have just had to make a series of policy reverses. Their only hope is that Labour pulls their chestnuts out of the fire as it did in the Scottish referendum.

Only someone entirely wedded to the linear school of historical analysis could fail to see an opportunity for the left in this situation. Minds uncomfortable with contradiction always have difficulty with social crises of course. They can’t deal with polarisation, with the fact that both the right and the left can, for a period, both accumulate forces out of such a crisis. They are always waiting for the ‘right time’ for the left to act, but that moment never comes because the right have no such inhibitions about acting ‘prematurely’. So if we don’t see such crisesas an opportunity for the left we will be doomed to permanent defeat…or just accepting the least worst capitalist option.

We need to understand the complex nature of the crisis, and to see that the Labour leadership has created a danger in this situation. But we can organise a successful resistance. To do this we need to seize the opportunity a crisis gives us (as we did when we formed the Stop the War Coalition the week after 9/11, when it would have been so easy to just say ‘the right will benefit’). We need to reunite the left in the battle against austerity and be alert to the meaning of the crisis in the Tory party. The alternative perspective is doom laden pessimismwhich abuses millions of workers as racists and leads to tail ending Cameron.” 

The blog Salvage Zone talks about the struggle ahead: “We must not underestimate the severity of the conditions facing us if we hope for a socialist renewal in Britain. Part of this must be to recognise the British state as the bulwark against change that it is. To note that Britain’s state contains overwhelming anti-democratic structures and privileges is not to argue for some teleological solution for a new, fully bourgeois revolution to democratise it, as if the road to socialism is paved with bourgeois democracy; the experiences of left-wing governments almost universally has been one of open hostility no matter how democratic the state structures. Rather, such an assessment of the particularities of the British state must be made precisely to make clear the dangers involved in the parliamentary road to socialism in Britain, and, fundamentally, the hard road to renewal that lies ahead.”



While he can, shmuk DC will ignore any political fault-line, convinced that history will make itself up as he goes along. For the NHS a £100000000 sticking plaster will do the trick, but no financial bung from the zombie in chief can stop the march of the zombies Borisconi, Fromage and ghastly Priti Patel. DC called the stupid referendum to appeal to the UKIP brigade, and now he’s left spitting dodgy stats and looking stupid.


Mr Dunt, usually a fair minded commentator of PMQs, has labelled fantastic JC “an embarrassment”, yet ordinary people, outside the squalid Westminster bubble, will benefit from the five big successes that Labour under JC has had so far.  Kvetches will note that before JC took charge official Labour policy was to enforce austerity, and we know how successful that was. Rubbish Mr Dunt, the real embarrassment is a government saying no to 3000 refugees.  DC has reduced PMQs.


A side effect of the local elections is that JC has now made it the case that the PLP can no longer try and mount a challenge against him. To seal the deal JC has even shmoozed Progress.  The local elections were important in that they extinguished any chance of a coup against JC, as the coruscating Red Flag blog writes: “The hoped-for disaster, prelude to a leadership challenge, did not materialise. Labour did not lose 200 seats. It lost 18; the Tories lost 47. As John Mann conceded on election night, a leadership challenge “ain’t gonna happen”.” But this matter, although it is dealt with for now, will return: “In the long run, Corbyn cannot serve as leader of hundreds of right wing parliamentarians. If he retains his principles, sooner or later, either he must go or his enemies must.”


An unusual display of humour has been shown by the chutspenik Peter Lilley (Tory Hitchin and Harpenden) as he talks about the dumkopf Whittingale and the programs on the BBC: Can he make sure the BBC, in encouraging diversity, encourages the inclusion of the views of that greatest oppressed minority in this country – those of conservatives.”  Tories have repeatedly shown how thoroughly out of touch they are, but as they re-brand themselves as the fantastical ‘party of hard-working people’, they are pushing the realms of imagination too far, as if ignorant of any fault-line.


As a blogger I am proud to report on a direct action I took on Thursday 19 May. As a severely disabled man it takes organisation to participate. It is great to be able to support my activist comrades as we seized Tottenham Court Road in London. Within minutes the police were diverting the traffic, they know we are stronger than them, and this was born out by the 250 police officers who came to Westminster Abbey in 2014.  The government fear of us is seen when we stormed the House of Common Fuck in 2015. So why is it that when we are together we are so strong? Could it be because the drek are just bullies, that they are terrified of the collected people?


Probation and the parlous reforms made to it by the drek have come to the spot-light, something which campaigners always thought would eventually happen.  As the fantastic blogger Jim Brown notes ‘the penny finally drops’.  Yet there is no surprise to any of this, we have known for a long time that the shlong Grayling is a sociopathic monster.  When Grayling handed the probation service to his jumped up crooked friends in 2013 everyone working in the field recognised the impending disaster.  So while the Tories scratch their heads in confusion, no one can be at all surprised at how bad it is going, but they can look further down the line and hazard a guess at how awful it is going to get. Similarly there is now a meltdown in UK prisons, while the uk justice system is tottering under the weight of government cuts. These processes are understandable in terms of the breakdown of society, but clearly not understood by the drek who do not give a shtup. Signs of rage from the police come from diverse sources. The Vent is particularly amused by the tale of Charlotte Marion Smith. Smith went into Ormskirk in West Lancashire, but she wore a T shirt which read: “Things that David Cameron has f***ed”. It then had boxes with ticks, reading: “the disabled, the NHS, immigrants, the poor, a pig’s head”. The Canary blog takes over: “But, a passing Conservative supporter got cranky. She could not comprehend the t-shirt, exclaiming that David Cameron is, in fact, a brilliant Prime Minister. The Tory woman did not take kindly to another person exercising their right to freedom of expression and political protest. She informed Smith that her t-shirt was “highly offensive” – to the point where it caused her so much “distress” that she decided to phone the police.

Now, traditionally, police officers tend to be conservative rather than liberal because their position is authoritarian in nature. Perhaps the Conservative woman thought she would find solace in natural allies


“But this could not be further from the truth. The officers chastised the woman for wasting police time, stating they would fine her if she phoned them again for no good reason. Then, they told her to ‘move along’.

“The police then proceeded to sit down for a chat with Smith about how Cameron has “divided the country”. They even asked if she could get them a t-shirt so they could sport it themselves.” 

“But this could not be further from the truth. The officers chastised the woman for wasting police time, stating they would fine her if she phoned them again for no good reason. Then, they told her to ‘move along’.

“The police then proceeded to sit down for a chat with Smith about how Cameron has “divided the country”. They even asked if she could get them a t-shirt so they could sport it themselves.

When we come to the EU referendum, and the evident desperation of foul DC, we need to think of why DC is so keen to be IN. What is the concern based on – the butcher of UK, who has done more to divide the British people than any other PM in the last hundred years, must have strong reasons, one would think. DC is not advocating an IN vote because he cares about UK. DC is a zombie, he does not give a shit, the richest people in the world gave the zhlub instructions. Even so the European referendum represents one of the fault lines of British politics, which sloppy DC has ignored at his own peril.


All Tories and UKIP have is a racist Project Fear. There is no hope, there is only terror, yet for all his protestations, gonaf DC made it much harder for UK to stay in the EU when he disenfranchised thousands of young people so they could not vote at the 2015 GE, as Kegan notes: “It is also worrying that for cynically political reasons the Conservatives, under the coalition, made it more difficult for 18-year-olds to register to vote. Given that the young are much more strongly European than many of their elders, David Cameron and the Cabinet Office are now desperately encouraging them to register, an act which the prime minister, no doubt himself a master of new technology, promises can be carried out in three minutes on the government website. The worry is that the older, generally pro-Brexit people will turn out in force.” 


As usual sloppy DC did this for short term consequences, the pig fucker made it up as he went along – no surprise there then. Witty Ward puts it well in his article “Brexit: Time to kill the parrot”.

With UKIP breaking into a civil war in Wales, it is hard to imagine how this party will perform if there is a Brexit. I cannot see UKIP being popular in the event of a Brexit – talking of the recession that disabled people have never left, crafty Carney warns the Brits that if we leave the EU there will be another recessionbut a Brexit would allow JC to have a fair hearing, with the UKIP star waning. However there are some commentators who tell us that post Brexit the UKIP will surge.


Colossal shmuk DC managed to shoot himself in the foot by saying that if we left the EU, WW3 would break out.Meanwhile the bumptious bohmer Borisconi compares the EU to Hitler, so while Red Ken is vilified for saying Hitler – the Tory machine can grind away remorselessly on this theme and get away with it. With his TTIP u-turn, it is evident that Borisconi will say any old shtik, as is discussed by Temple-Morris.  Excellent Mason points to the links between Brexit and Grexit. Extraordinarily putz DC warns us that Brexit will lead to a national decline. A side effect, which will become important is that if there is Brexit 3000000 EU citizens may be kicked out of UK. 


Witty Ward is on the side of Brexit, while being very critical of the drek: “….Britain – a corrupt offshore tax haven and world leader in bank-paper shuffling and terrible weather. It is run by the infamous Camerlot Gang, which has given it the fastest-rising deficit and lowest manufacturing quotient in the G7.

“Putting this into some kind of sane perspective, China’s contribution to manufacturing trade is over 10 times bigger, America’s is 8 times bigger, and Japan’s is 5 times bigger than that of the UK. Lowly South Korea’s share is 68% higher than Britain’s. Pretty much every nation above Zimbabwe makes and sells on a bigger scale than Cruel Britannia. If we are a headwind, then Germany is a thunderous bum-hurricane of untold proportions.” 

So in other words we Brits should be scared of Brexit, but also conscious of how shite the EU has become. Contrastingly the Morning Star warns us that Brexit will leave UK workers £38 a week worse off.

 Sloppy shameless hypocrisy was conspicuous yet again as disgusting DC shared a platform with Sadiq Khan, after pronouncing him a terrorist sympathiser only the month before, and this is a sign of utter desperation from the drek. It is sad though that Sadiq Khan did not have more self respect then to stand on a platform with evil shmuk DC, and yet it is good to contradict facetious momza Lord Sugar.

Some commentators lament the movement of the Overton window, for example Cooper, talking about the ascendancy of Chump writes: “Politicians adopting ever more extreme positions cheapens the currency of moderate, balanced points of argument. Slowly, what was once extreme becomes the mainstream. Call it the Trumpification of politics. Before this EU debate, we might have thought we were immune to it in the UK. The evidence so far suggests we are anything but.” 


Voices to the Left say that no one will be ready for Brexit, with J McD having to join the shlong  Lord Mandelssohn. But will decency from the moderate left be enough when faced with Project Fear from Borisconi and Fromage?


An aspect which naturally inspires many on the far left, is that Brexit will force DC to resign, but some argue that he will face a leadership challenge whateverOf course the tukkus lecher DC is saying he will not resign if there is a Brexit, but every week he now has to perform screeching u turns. The pig-fucker’s dreams of endless austerity are coming apart at the seams. Tories are scenting blood, they hate weakness, and they will remorselessly hunt the shlong down.


While disgusting kaker punum DC hosts a summit on global corruption, the Electoral Commission is taking the Conservative Party to the High Court over the election spending scandal.  From their culture of entitlement the drek believe they can do what the shtup they want, and that they can get away with it. Nevertheless nebbish Andrew Neil was spot on discuss this issue with the trombeniks Portillo and Alan Johnson, demonstrating once again the sheer opacity of the Westminster bubble.

The shmoiger Jeremy Cunt expressed his cynical antipathy by celebrating International Nurses Day with a tweet spouting: “Nurses care for our loved ones at some of the most difficult times of their lives. Let’s celebrate them!” The hypocrite then was sent various tweets such as Olly Howard writing “What a sadistic tweet given your stance on nursing, cutting bursaries for students, no pay rises, pushing them to work more.” Abi Whitlock wrote: “You must have been born at the weekend… apparently that’s when most accidents happen.” Dauntless Harry Smith tweeted: “On #InternationalNursesDay I salute your tireless professionalism compassion & dedication to patients You deserve better than Jeremy Hunt“. 

The Housing Crisis in London is being exacerbated by the Drek, and this is not new. What is new is that empty houses in London have reached a seven year high with 59881 empty London houses. In the London Housing Crisis much of the blame can be dolloped the bumptious buffoon Borisconi, as Johnny Void explains: “This is the legacy of Boris Johnson. A capital city remade as a grotesque monument to capital. The real people of London forced out, or condemned to a life on the margins whilst billionaires built their own corporate Disneyland.  A sterile landscape of glass and steel now dominates the city whilst once beautifully chaotic streets are overrun with chain stores and wacky trust fund businesses selling bowls of cereal for a fucking fiver. There is no place for human life in this city at all.  It is just a place that money lives now.”  So has Sadiq Khan got a realistic chance of solving the London housing crisis while the catastrophic housing and planning bill is being imposed? Certainly he wants to try, but there is only so much that Sadiq Khan can do about the breakdown of society.

The clown Borisconi may bumble and make ordinary people laugh at his grinding idiosyncrasies, but his time is still to come. While Borisconi has survived his period as mayor of London without being held to account, it is widely expected that in the event of Brexit that Borisconi will become PM and that DC will resign, and this would create a sharp end game. We know that DC has not been held to account for his butchering of Britain, but the best things come at the end and we have to wait for. Borisconi’s blundering tour of the South West is a sign of things to come.  Yet there is no surprise that DC has not been held to account while the BBC is pumping out the propaganda shtik. Please sign this petition to get rid of the lying reporter Laura Kuenssberg.

The recent passing of the Housing Bill is an act of Class War, and is one of a number of uncosted uncharted reforms which will become central to the breakdown of society. Central London suburbs like Islington are seeing the sharp end of these cuts:  as we witness the breakdown of society, necessary for JC to be given a fair hearing. The exacerbation of the homelessness crisis is one obvious result of the deplorable Housing Bill as Steve Hilditch writes in the brilliant Red Brick Blog.  One arse who does not agree is the nebbish Brandon Lewis (Tory Great Yarmouth) who wrote to me saying:

The Act will ensure that more people can own a home of their own by extending right to buy discounts to Housing Association tenants, will get homes built faster by unlocking brownfield land and supporting the doubling of the number of custom and self-built homes to 20,0000 by 2020. It’s been a privilege to take this bill through Parliament, and I am delighted that it has been enshrined into law.” Fuck of Brandon you daft chamool.

The fantastic blogger Craig Murray writes about Ken Loach’s Palme d’Or, I David Blake:
More space has been devoted by the mainstream media in the last week to the terrible effects of “austerity” on the vulnerable, than in total since the Westminster election. That is entirely in the context of Ken Loach’s Cannes Palme d’Or winning film I, Daniel Blake. The film itself will now get a much greater cinema distribution than it might otherwise have anticipated. I think it is worth highlighting some excellent points made at the winners’ press conference:

Ken Loach:

We talked about finding a style that was absolutely clear and plain and unadorned…there’s a quotation from Bertolt Brecht…”and I always thought the simplest of words must suffice. When I say what things are like, it will break the hearts of all”. And the thing that we tried to do is to say what things are like, because it not only breaks your heart, but it should make you angry.

It is an issue not just for people in our country, but all across Europe. There is a conscious cruelty in the way we are organising our lives now, where the most vulnerable people are told that their poverty is their own fault. If you have no work, it’s your fault you haven’t got a job. Never mind that… throughout Europe there’s mass unemployment and in Britain there’s two million known unemployed but in reality four million. And the most vulnerable people are caught, disabled people are caught. The increase in suicides… in fact in the places where these assessments take place, some people who work there have been given instructions on how to deal with potential suicides, so they know this is going on… It is deeply shocking that this is happening at the heart of our world… the heart of it is a shocking, shocking policy.

Paul Laverty (scriptwriter):

After travelling the country, in Scotland and all the way down to England, travelling round foodbanks, listening to people’s stories, talking to welfare rights organisations, disabled groups, what was remarkable was how many of the most vulnerable people were the ones who bore the brunt of it. Now in this particular instance Daniel is a very competent man who has had a life of work, who’s got friends, who’s smart, intelligent, he’s had a very, very full life. But what really amazed us was talking to experts… the people who work with mental health, the stories we heard about that would just break your heart.

The people who are disabled, they have suffered six times more from the cuts than anyone else, and there was a remarkable phrase by one of the civil servants we heard who talked about the cuts, who said “low-lying fruit”, in other words the easy targets. So this story could have been much harsher, it could have been somebody with mental health difficulties… we could have told a story from someone who is much more vulnerable, much more heartbreaking.

I think it’s very important to remember too the systematic nature of it….talking to whistleblowers, people who worked inside the Department of Work and Pensions… there are several people we met, and they spoke to us anonymously, and they said they were humiliated how they were forced to treat the public. So there is nothing accidental about it, and it is affecting a huge section of the population.