Election Thoughts 1# My Socialist Heart Beats

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On my travels this last week I’ve heard many comments about the UK election.

Sometimes an opinion makes my face freeze in disbelief. People not voting for Labour because Jeremy Corbyn didn’t wear a tie on some such event.

It makes me weary for a second or two. It reflects changing times. And times I hope will bring new optimism and cast off these ideas about identity. That you must wear a uniform of some sort to be acceptable. To have integrity.

I’m aiming to do regular posts throughout the election. This is so much more than being a socialist. I’ve travelled a journey since the times of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government — when the current ideology of selfish individualism began. It’s now a bloated monster of privilege and self-interest, rotting much of society.

Yet I believe in an inherent ability within human beings to help each other, to collaborate…

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Election Thoughts 1# My Socialist Heart Beats


Say what you want about shmuk Johnson, but no one can deny he has brought on the revolution, more even than Toby ‘Big Tits’ Young or Louise ‘brainy’ Mensch. Dominic Cummings knew that there was no choice but to have a confrontation. For whatever reason Cummings has decided that the only way for the Tories to mantain power is to challenge the intelligence of the English and Welsh, but in doing so they have had to all but sacrifice Scotland and Northern Ireland, after all the hard graft of Ruth Davidson. Intelligent Tories know what is at stake through Corbyn, it is complete destruction of the Tory brand for a generation, the loss of a seat on the global stage, they even fear the end of monarchy in UK. To a lesser extent they fear the break up of UK, but a Corbyn government is the over riding fear of the elite, in which even Brexshit has to play second fiddle. Thanks to Gidiot and DC, the UK electorate is now more angry and divided than it has ever been. Cummings knows this, but he is powerless to stop this shift without giving the magic money tree a proper old shake, but the ‘low hanging fruit’ has so far been derisory. In this way the political crisis in UK, is the most profound for centuries, and yet is still to spiral into a national crisis.

It does not matter if Johnson is a bumbling nebbish, if he has puppet master Dominic Cummings pulling his strings. As we have seen from Machiavellian Lynton Crosby, a professional can pull victory from the jaws of defeat. In selecting Johnson over Rory Stewart, the establishment are showing a level of desperation, unknown in my lifetime. There is no purpose to a prime minister Johnson if all he talks is shite, and the MSM will cynically repeat the lie and then say it is ‘priced in’ to the Johnson brand. Looking at our media shite it is no wonder UK is in its present parlous situation. Johnson is a zombie prime minister, along with the zombie economy, we should all be fucking scared. In this matter the bigotted shlong Jeremy Clarkson is instructive. To recap – one day shmegegge Jeremy was hungry, and there was not enough hot food at his hotel, so being a bully he punched Oisin Tymon while also launching a prolonged verbal assault on the poor man. The BBC sacked Clarkson and immediately a petition was started, rapidly signed by 350000 people.  Yet when activist Pat Onions did her petition over the cumulative impact of the cuts to disabled people, she faced apathy even getting to 80000.  So what are we to make of this apparent contradiction? Is UK junked beyond recognition? Against this background of an out of control media can Corbyn win? No one can doubt the pollution of the media which gave us Chump and Johnson, nor can anyone doubt the Tory crassness with engaging young people.  Similarly we have to look at current opinion polls with the scepticism they deserve, after the way they moved in 2017. Polls are the invention of the troubled elite.


It would be extraordinary for the queen to sack Johnson, though it is in her power,  yet the fear of Corbyn is now too great. The establishment are desperate to stop Corbyn, they will sanction anything rather than let him win. But when they are in a corner, and the courts fail, they may feel they have no choice.


We have to be credulous. Is it really possible that this feral rich thug Johnson will get a hearing in Northern towns? What is the logic of Johnson visiting Liverpool? Is there purpose – ‘classic Dom’ as Crace would say. People often link Chump with Johnson, yet they have very different psychologies, linked it is true by narcissism. My guess is that Johnson actually wants to be liked, these pictures of Johnson holding his head when he makes a massive blunder, this is not what Chump does. When Chump blunders he doubles down on his mistake, as if to make a virtue out of gross ineptitude. The grim shits who penned that aberration: Britannia Unchanged, are under no such illusion.



Lignerish drek

There seems to be something biblical here. Johnson cutting his hair off – a distant echo of Samson, Johnson changing elements of his perceived persona. It was like the mask being taken off. Revealed under the mask is a lying, venal oaf. Every single day, everywhere Johnson goes, the humiliation will continue. It almost feel as if Dominic Cummings has decided to destroy Johnson by sending the bumbling bullshitter around Northern towns, in an attempt to break the man. Except that we also know the populist Johnson has the magic money tree, such is the sheer desperation of the Tory filth. Nothing is a surprising, we saw this idiot reciting Kipling in Mandalay, making his ugly ‘clearing away the dead bodies’ remark about Libya, or his excrutiating mistreatment of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

True to form Bojo the clown seems to have stumbled into the limelight without reading his brief. What has ensued are basic mistakes, almost as if Johnson does not give a shtup. How else can we understand the parlous sight of Johnson infront of the police, trying to recite a police warning. In the past Johnson has taken concern about minutiae, carefully carving out a niche as a bumbling nebbish. Johnson is a sign of the times as much as Donald Chump. Johnson is cornered, he cornered himself in true Johnson fashion. Lynton Crosby knew the faults of Johnson, he ordered Johnson not to speak about anything serious in the London mayoral contest, or he would break his legs: ‘If you let us down we will cut your fucking knees off’.  How unmysterious that the bumbling fool actually turns out to be a shmegegge as PM?

So when we get to the scene of Omar Salem, a distraught father, laying into Johnson, as the shmuk tried to get a photo opportunity,  Swawkbox was on it. Johnson showed his ineptitude by telling an obvious lie about their being no press present, he was clueless. No wonder revolting shit Peter Staines tried to stand up for Johnson. Staines will always go lower, there seems to be no depths, and yet the battle has only just begun, Staines will have to keep defending Johnson, the Rush Limbagh of Westminster, endlessly salivating. Reading Staines on the week the revolution begins will make us all laugh.

The ramifications of the prorogue case in Scotland are profound. For the Tories to miss their conference means they cannot get a conference bounce. Equally Johnson is so far successfully avoiding scrutiny about Jennifer Arcuri. Instead the MSM is fixated on whether Tom Watson has been kicked out, repeatedly banging on about Brex shit as if we all care. If Johnson resigns, then the Tory party is in chaos. Already its a constitutional crisis,  the Queen should have been involved years ago, but whatever reason she did not give a shtup when the poor and vulnerable were hit by Cameron’s austerity.

When we talk about the Lib Dems we should be reminded of the blog of The Little Leftie: “I may upset a lot of people here but, there are much, much more important things than Brexit. For starters, I raised my voice after the BBC Panorama programme on CAMHS and my negative experience with it – the Illiberal Democrat’s played an imperative role in imposing austerity that stole the mental health support away from me. Before people tell me that they were whipped to vote and that they really are this incredible, save-all party, I don’t care. They had consciouses – don’t be in a government if you feel so horrendously against what you’re voting for. The Liberal Democrat’s betrayed us students – we will live our lives in debt because of them. They knowingly broke promises just to land them in power. After all my nights of struggling with anxiety, feeling so ill and alone, I will never forgive the Liberal Democrat’s for supporting austerity. Austerity ruined so many of our childhoods and now they think they are representing us because they support a second referendum.”  It is disgusting to see Jo Swinson virtue signalling, after voting repeatedly for the bedroom tax. Why doesn’t she go off and join Justin Trudeau – then they can go and talk shite together? For those who support Nigel Fromage, has he never received press scrutiny, or are the English forever destined to see the homunculus wear his grinning mask, while lying to us forever? The only remarkable thing about Fromage, is that somehow he has peeled off Labour supporters. It is satisfying that Brexit is a crisis for the Tories, because there is a risk that TBP party could so soon cannibalise the Tory vote. Extra dynamics are now in play following the shaming of Johnson which can propel JC to power.

The irritating boom of Geoffrey Cox was partially right, when he talked about the decline of parliament, and yet despite his rantings, the actual picture is more profound. The court case has revealed a zombie government led by a zombie prime minister with no legal or moral authority. Their arrogance and contempt for the people of UK seems complete. Only a general election could put these shambolic nebochim out of their misery.



Lignerish drek


The iceberg is now very close, too close for comfort. Peter North’s blog, writing about the shite which has poured from Brendan O’Neill in the Spectator writes about the impending civil unrest:


“As to the “threat” that there could be civil unrest, I rather imagine that, if through no fault of my own, my job stopped existing and was unable to pay my mortgage or support offspring, I would be somewhat irritated.


“Moreover, if indeed airlines are grounded, causing a shockwave to the secondary and tertiary sectors who depend on Heathrow operating at full capacity, all those people on decent shift pay will suddenly find themselves on involuntary sabbatical. They won’t be pleased to say the least. Angry even. Indeed, were I a Shropshire farmer operating on already narrow profit margins I would be looking to cut off Owen Paterson’s balls.


“After a few weeks of that credit card payments are missed, mortgage payments defaulted, and direct debits bounce all over the shop. One assumes that Brendan O’Neill has never had any adult responsibilities thus cannot conceptualise what it’s like to lose a job your family depends on.


“O’Neill goes on to describe those of us concerned with supply chains as akin with “those crazy survivalists in the US whose cupboards are stuffed with tins of beans and soup for the coming war with the government”. “Britain’s anti-Brexit middle classes are wondering out loud if they should stockpile medicine and water”.


Peter North has not mentioned the combination of Universal Chaos at the same time as mass unemployment, the time for Fester McVile to get her overdue ramifications is getting closer.


Polly Toynbee is now alert to the iceberg: “Conspiracy theorists claim a ‘deep state’ really controls this country, a civil service and a dark establishment that prevent any radical change. That theory is now being tested to destruction. This has been the worst session of parliament in recent memory: the next may be worse. There is no deep state – nothing out there to save us from self-inflicted disaster. Only we can save us from ourselves.”


Over the summer the establishment are starting to panic, as the numerous crises become a major crisis of a global magnitude. When historians of the future examine this period, they will acknowledge the roll of sanctimonious schlong DC, his side kick the zhlub Gidiot, and appalling shmendrik IDS, and they will cease to wonder why the course was set by the worst uk prime minister of all time.


It is hard to resist pointing at the glaring problems of the bumbling butkis Borisconi, as on a daily basis commentators point at his lengthy list of mistakes. The wit John Crace eviscerates Borisconi: “a one-man rogue state, free to do more or less exactly what he wants, safe in the knowledge that no one dares sack him. A latter-day Toby Young on speed who roams the world losing friends and alienating people at an alarming rate. His motto: there’s no bad situation that can’t be made worse.”


Tedious shit Ian Austin used Vent language when screaming at mensch Ian Lavery calling him a “fucking bastard” and a “wanker”.  Experienced Lavery kept his cool.


A disgusting yet characteristic chutzpah has been shown by the drek, with their revolting Global Disability Summit.  They flaunt their shamelessness. Their fall needs to be savage.


Few things are more predictable then the actions of some Jews claiming JC is antisemitic. As a Jew, closely attuned to antisemitism, I have never found it in JCs Labour. This repeated false claim of antisemitism against Labour should be called out for what it is – gross hypocrisy and the perpetuation of lies. That JC with his lifetime record of peace is continuously smeared by these schlemiel make me angry. These people with their cynical motivations make a mockery of justice, they should instead go and join their beloved Tories. It would become slightly more plausible if the Tory party investigated its rampant Islamaphobia. How dare this bunch of putz, nebbochim and shmegegge besmirch brilliant JC? They are a disgrace to the Jewish people. That goes for you too Richard Ferrer, editor of the Jewish News:  Your names are interchangeable, I have contempt for your ceaseless attacks on JC, go and slurp your latte. Nothing you can say or do will change the mind of millions of working class people in England. People like you give Labour a bad name, not JC. To paraphrase Finkelstein, nothing is more disgusting than watching you using the suffering of others to justify your own political aims. If you had any heart you would be crying for the poor decent people of this country.


An opposite to this is given by the media silence when Borisconi met the bastard Bannon, Lammy has called it out.  You don’t get Hodges or Lipman bleating at the brazen nebbochim. What bloody hypocrites, how dare they criticise this man of peace, this man of the people. Borisconi’s opportunism is his key characteristic. There is still a window of opportunity for Borisconi to become the PM, or the shmoiger Fromage to return to front line politics. Would Borisconi do a worse job than TM – difficult to see that he would, but it is also difficult to see him winning any Tory election. JRM could, as the Tory party is now ripe for factionalism.


That is not to say that the Independent is wrong to be campaigning for a second referendum,  but we know that the Tory party has complete contempt for democracy, and would only ever call a referendum out of abject desperation, which it is true could yet happen.



Please help save the Bethnal Green (in London) mulberry tree from the threat of destruction to build luxury shit. Please sign this petition.




Bobkes mit kadokh

For many years since 2010 snide Gidiot used to point at the ceiling, he would say that the roof needs to be repaired or the rain would come in. Now that has been shown to be irrelevant, Tories are being forced to acknowledge that if the foundations remain ignored for too long, the whole building can fall down. Seems obvious, but then I am not as qualified as Gidiot.



To anyone who thinks Jacob Rees-Mogg is the answer, let me tell you to re-examine the question. Rees-Mogg could be a catalyst for something better, pompous, sanctimonious, out of touch J-R-M is so awful that he will herald the necessary Tory implosion. If J-R-M were ever to lead the Tory party, which is now possible, the hardest Brexit will break Britain. The prominence of J-R-M comes at a time when the hard Brexit brigade have hijacked the Tory party, J-R-M represents something which no longer exists.



The hardest Brexit should be feared, as J-R-M leads us all into the wilderness, the policy wonks are pushing it, as Dunt writes: “It is almost impressive that one idea could be so ruinously inadequate on so many levels. It is economically self-sabotaging, ideologically counter-productive, strategically naive and democratically unsound. It is so staggeringly stupid and irresponsible that it’s surely only a matter of time until it’s made government policy.”  J-R-M  is a maverick catalyst, and can lead us directly to JC.



Bumptious bobkes mit kadokh (shivering shit ball) Borisconi was genuinely surprised when unctious Marr actually did his job. Marr questioned Borisconi about a tennis match, Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of former Russian deputy finance minister Vladimir Chernukhin, paid £160,000 in 2014 for the honour of watching with Borisconi and appalling nebbish DC.  Watching Borisconi squirm is an example of how excellent he would be, facing JC. The MSM have been bowling dollies at Tory ministers for eight  years.


As Northamptonshire Council issue their Section 114 report, bringing them to the brink of bankruptcy, but no one expects the Tories to be over it like a rash, like they were with Haringay and whining, wilfully of touch Kober.  There is no plan for this scenario, the only thing we know is that there will be more cuts.



This matter of anti-semitism, allegedly from the Labour left deserves a comment. I am a Jew, and I am a socialist, and I feel a rage that the establishment are using tripe about racism to beat JC, just before the local council elections. In a sign of desperation everyone is piling in to JC, but they are a month early. April is a devastating month for the working poor of UK, which the drek have kept secret.  I am furious that these self-indulgent sanctimonious Labour MPs have chosen this moment to attack JC, when we have the rank hypocrisy of the media silence during the really awful racist campaign of Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan. What needs to be done, is that the members of Labour party should be consulted on whether to chuck out these traitors.



Amber is doing all she can to pretend it is all normal, that everything is OK, indeed on the issue of police cuts, Amber Rudd has set the tone,  as she runs from questions. The issue of police cuts will hammer the drek at the local council elections, as even journalists at the BBC scratch their heads.



Amber Rudd, the shmuk Harper and TM are all caught out by the Windrush problem they created, as once again they picked on the wrong targets.  Brilliant Francis Ryan has written extensively about the Windrush tragedy and the endless fightback of disabled people:  The drek have reaffirmed that the nasty party is back.  It could be at an important time for the drek with an open field in a Tory leadership contest favouring J-R-M.


An important element for the left is to get rid of the first past the post system:  I have been campaigning for this, for years, it is a no brainer, with the Tory party now unable to focus on anything except Brex-shit.   JC has seen to that with his ‘humble request’.



The brilliant Red Brick blog sums up the problems: “John McDonnell got it right when he said in response to the Chancellor, ‘We face – in every public service – a crisis on a scale we’ve never seen before… Our public services are at breaking point and many of our local councils are near bankruptcy’. He criticised the ‘indefensible spectacle’ of a chancellor ‘failing to lift a finger’ to help struggling local authorities. From Philip Hammond the looming catastrophe brought not a single word.”


Bobkes mit kadokh

Reverse Midas

The predictable events at Carillion reminds the Brits of the rule, that everything touched by the grotesque nebbish Grayling turns to shtik, it is only a matter of time. Failing Grayling’s (FG) lengthy career is strewn with examples of his failures, so that only the most useless regime would have used this evil mamza. The entire fiasco leads to FG,  but as usual it will be cleaned up at the expense of the tax payer. We always pay for the mistakes of FG, though I express solidarity with the hard workers and apprentices of Carillion who may lose their jobs. As Rudi Klein, the chief executive of the Specialist Engineering Construction Group writes: “The domino reverberations as it travels down the supply chain could be unprecedented.”


Faced with an open goal, we know  JC  will score, unlike red-Ed and scratching  his balls? With a density of Carillion contracts in the NHS,  Tories have exposed their Achille’s heel again – arrogance. Few would be surprised if more firms followed Carillion, such as Interserve, or Crapita. Meanwhile, completely useless Liz Truss warns the people of UK to be cautious in the backlash against Carillion, and not to throw “the baby out with the bath water”.


The deepening Winter crisis in the NHS is forcing calls for medical students to help, as if these students have time. The NHS could be an issue which really hurts TM electorally. At this stage (05-02-18) it has not, and a fact it has not has caused a lazy negligence from the government, something which is scaring some Tories. Tory Dr Wollaston, the chair of the Commons Health Committee, has already criticised the Government’s misuse of winter data after she had tried to ask about the lack of beds in hospitals.  It is important that just as TM looses a grip on her government,  NHS has overtaken Brexit as the most important thing for Brits, even with Tories.  The Tory propaganda machine has spun out of control.



As for the return of evil McVey, this is an insult to disabled people.  As soon as McVile started ‘advising’ The Samaritans, I launched a petition to get rid of this revolting specimen, and overnight it reached 24962, the next day she fucked off, celebrated by Skwawkbox.



Extraordinary shmendrek, Borisconi has been pushing for a bridge over the English Channel, only to be rapidly debunked – as someone commented, a bridge needs to be built between Borisconi’s mouth and brain:. As we go into February we note the chasm which has opened in the Tory party, as they near implosion, which could be triggered by catastrophic results at the local council elections.



The Vent applauds the cover of Der Spiegel.  DT can shtup off, he was in my dream last night. I found myself in a small room with just him, and I said ‘Donald Trump, you are a very selfish and rude man’, he went to punch me but I woke up right then. Get out of my brain DT. It was sickening to watch Piers Moron fawning to giant muppet DT – here is DT on global warming: “There is a cooling and there is a heating. I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming, right? That wasn’t working too well because it was getting too cold all over the place. The ice caps were going to melt, they were going to be gone by now but now they’re setting records. Now they’re at a record level. There are so many things happening. I tell you what I believe in – clear air, I believe in crystal-clear, beautiful water, I believe in just having cleanliness and all”. Just like Piers Moron, Donald reveals himself as a pig who thinks he can fly, as has been pointed out by Zoe Williams, who points to the way that British Tories are  vaunting the DT while JMcD went to Davros and told the billionaires home truths.

Reverse Midas

Escaping the dungeon

My comrade Sue Jones writes about JC on face book: “It’s about time someone showed us the way out of the dark neoliberal torture dungeon. And once we’ve escaped, we should jail our jailers.” (Facebook 28/09/17) Can it be done? Will the unctious beaming face of the traitor DC be on a spike? Misery deserves karma. The Tory machine considers itself above the law. The root of the desperation is denied by Dunt:   Brilliant Ward sees the dungeon clearly: “We are perilously close to disaster. I really do wonder if the British People – now being so flagrantly ignored by the 3% – are up for the fight ahead. Disillusion, disunity and apathy all at the same time; it is not a good look.”



Ward under estimates the British people as we descend into the maelstrom, a division for the toffs as discussed by the class warrior Rees: “Over Brexit, the Tories are not only divided among themselves. Much more importantly the British capitalist class and the bourgeoisie as a whole are divided. Only a small minority of the capitalist class and the establishment want Brexit. Some smaller capitalists oriented on the domestic market, a few maverick millionaires, the little-Englander core of the Tory party membership (itself only 100,000 individuals with an average age of 71), a minority of Tory MPs, supported by the most reactionary and racist sections of the press. Facing them on the Remain side are the really important sections of the capitalist class and the bourgeoisie: the big corporations without serious exception, most employers’ organisations led by the CBI, the Bank of England, the BBC and the liberal press, most NGOs, the National Farmers Union, most Tory MPs, the whole of the Lib Dems, a majority of Labour MPs led by the most vociferous opponents of Jeremy Corbyn and stage managed by Alistair Campbell and his old boss.”



The phenomenal conference speech by TM has set the tone for this revolutionary period. For once commentators are correct, with Abi Wilkinson describing it as: “Overall, it was an appropriate end to a conference that has presented the Conservatives as desperate, flailing and intellectually bankrupt.”  Challenging for MSM to cover, without saying  at the same time possibly one of the worst conference speeches of all time.


The continued and accelerated roll out of Universal Chaos is unlikely to bring any electoral success to the Tories, rather and rightly it will bring revulsion and rage.



Now TM is stamping her foot at the EU inflexibility, which will not change:   Tory problems run very deeply as  Phil at the brilliant blog ‘A Very Public Sociologist comments: “Here’s the rub. Everyone knows the snap general election was a massive blunder, and at any other time such a poor result would have meant Theresa May was for the chopping block. Yet these are not ordinary times. We have a polarising electorate that isn’t likely to shift much this side of Brexit. Many millions of voters are clinging to the Tories, regardless of shenanigans. Partly because Brexit is a repository of their fantasies, perceived interests and insecurities, and because the rising Labour Party and all it represents stands in for their terror of the new, only something that can obviously be spun as a betrayal of Brexit is going to shift them. The problem is the tighter the Tory grip on this bedrock of support, the greater the toxicity accumulating about their party vis a vis other constituencies. Furthermore, the Tory coalition is in long-term decline both in terms of age and the occupational categories they dip into. There is little chance of an infusion of new blood to reinvigorate the decrepit party.”  Tories make the most hapless vampires. The nebbish Haflon actually believes that the death spiral can be stopped, that somehow people can be brought to their senses.




The terrifying reality of the Brexit cliff is hitting home as neoliberal Behr now agrees:  ”Only when the cliff comes into view do they start denying its existence, while reaching to grab the wheel from Theresa May to steer towards the edge. As it gets closer, they will switch to saying the leap is necessary and good – that Brussels has blocked the roads, that the icy water below has restorative properties, that Brexit must hurt to work. But for whom? There will be a tiny minority exhilarated and enriched by the ride. The rest will see what is really going on: that we are not flying but falling.”  Norman is excoriating: “In their bunkers, meanwhile, bathed in the rose-pink hue of Empire, the Stooges have their busts and ancient maps. The best of British to them if they can find inspiration in those. But the only imperial warrior the trio bring to this mind is Lord Cardigan, commander of the Light Brigade, as onward they march the 60,000,000 into the valley of geopolitical death.”   IDS would love nothing better than the hardest brexit, as an anonymous article in the Guardian writes: …“show that a much graver danger is that hardline Brexiteers are successfully pushing Mrs May towards the cliff edge. She continues to say she wants the negotiations with the EU to succeed. But Mr Duncan Smith and his allies simply do not.”





So there is now a dawning reality that England requires a car crash Brexit to get our country back from parasitic rich shmoigers: “I am no slash and burn free marketeer as this blog has made very clear. I do not share the economic radicalism of the Tory right and if they get their way then it will be an economic calamity. I will continue to oppose their reckless approach – but I will not shed a tear if Brexit drives a horse and cart through the British state and shreds the political impasse. Without breaking the status quo we would continue in the deadlock of retail politics, continuing to prop up the great British ponzi scheme, robbing the youth of opportunity and vitality while imported labour leaves them trailing in their wake. Brexit gives the country the kick up the backside it has needed for decades. Britain has had it too good for too long and a bit of creative destruction is exactly the right medicine. To this end I will take the hardship and all that comes with it for a chance at a society that is better than this. One where people look to themselves, their friends and families before they think about filling in a form. If I see any division in Britain it is between those who believe in the potential of people and those who do not. Those who think that we are hapless serfs in need of salvation and those who think we are better if we are put to the test. Those who think all human activity has to be sanctioned, approved and monitored by the state and those who think that people can get along without it. That is what makes Brexit a battle for the soul of the country – and the right side won. I don’t doubt that Britain will be poorer for Brexit, but it will be a better place to live. ”




The sacking of the sickening genocidal bitch Priti Patel has sent shock waves through the establishment, though Goodman tells us it is nothing. History is full of useful idiots – was evil Priti one? What will it take before JC can lead us out of the dungeon? With JC now on fire, repeatedly punching the bruise is what is necessary.

Escaping the dungeon