There is a dark void at the heart of Class War, it cannot be defended without spouting kuk about money. Yet the surge for a car crash Brexit by the elite is a reflection of how far the putz are devoid from reality, summed up the excoriating blog Sodium Haze The rabid MSM now pretend to believe any bupkes TM says  – its a massive part of the problem.



‘Khazerai’ or filth, describes the destination vicious TM is leading UK to at the end of shit creek, where the car crash Brexit is spooking the money men.   Optimism in the financial sector is at crisis levels.   As TM claws hopelessly for a deal, a majority of MPs still believe a deal can be made keeping UK in the single market but out of Europe.  Experts maintain an arrogant position that the 27 nations of the EU require the financial expertise of the city so much they will make a deal with it.   The much anticipated white paper published by the drek, after the Brexit debate, said nothing and was too late, with TM insisting she has the mandate for the hardest possible Brexit.





Some senior Tories detest the TM approach.   It is only a matter of time before Brits see the Brexit lies for what they are.  A huge area of fear surrounds the so called divorce settlement, which will cost the drek £60000000000, and guess who will pay ALL of that.  No prizes for guessing I am afraid, but the truth is that the house of common fuck is massively misleading ordinary folk about the real implications of Brexit. TM gives an impression of confidence in this area, but she can easily become a hostage to fortune. Those birds are coming home to roost,  and it could be that JC will turn the 2020 election into a referendum on Tory Brexit plans.  At this moment there seems to be no break in the march to the Brexit cliff edge, but the  myth of the unelectable UK left will be tested by a car crash Brexit,  as decent ordinary people are confronted by corporate monstrosity.  Fakery is an over worked establishment tool.





Resurgent JC is the antidote to TM,  but can he take Copeland and Stoke on Trent, as the vermin finally leave the ship.   Jamie Reed will not be missed, the shmoiger was useless.   The by election in Stoke on Trent is a big event for UKIP and also for a JC Labour party.  If Nuttall can get nowhere, and it seems likely  then UKIP are a spent force, usurped by TMs lurch to the right, and it could be tremendously damaging to the UKIP brand.  Others decry the candidates put forward at Stoke on Trent and Copeland, both who are anti Brexit and anti Corbyn. The blog Socialist Voice writes this a deliberate attempt to get JC.  The latest Brexit speech shows spiteful ignorance of the NHS and a hard UKIP stance.





Tories are rightly scared of the fall out from the disastrous STP arrangement  while TM remains wilfully unaware of the seriousness of the NHS crisis.   In zombie fashion she plods on regardless. Commentators such as the fantastic blog Sisco Media talk about how JC can use the parlous plans by TM to exploit divisions which exist in the Tory ranks, and certainly Brexit is a major opportunity for JC.





Tories love to crow in their newsletters about how great the NHS has become under Tory control. Sanctimonious and evil kuk Priti Patel (Tory Witham), uses her January E-letter to talk about the campaign to save the Walk In centre at Colchester which is under threat of closure as part of the STPs commenting: “It would be a shame for this facility to close when the capacity could be used much more wisely by fully integrating health and social care services, therefore improving patient pathways. I strongly encourage all those who live in the community and use these services to contact the CCG with their views.”  Beaming shlong Sajid Javid meanwhile uses his newsletter to boast of his article where he urges the people of Bromsgrove: “My top priority for Bromsgrove is to ensure our local health services accommodate the needs of residents. As local leaders are exploring options and yet to make any firm decisions, I encourage constituents to raise their views and concerns in the public consultation.” Under the STP regime shocking cuts are about to be made to the NHS in Bromsgrove.  The shlimiel Javid has the gall to comment about the deaths in his local NHS so far: “Mr Javid said he was deeply saddened by the news of the patient deaths and added: “My thoughts are with the close friends and families of those affected. It’s important now more than ever that we address these local pressures, and I was reassured by the Health Secretary that he recognises the seriousness of this issue.”  As if the empty words and rigor mortis grin of Jeremy Cunt can provide a solution to the manifest problems. Certainly the white paper contains nothing of the £350000000 earmarked for the NHS.  Meanwhile health bosses are hiring bouncers to stop angry people at ‘consultation’ meetings, with Dorset CCG wasting £4800. Tories love to pee on our heads and call it rain.




It is important to question why so many people are saying a Corbyn lead Labour party is unelectable. Politicians point to the polls and the fact that JC has yet to make a major breakthrough. A Corbynista would say that the Establishment have created a myth that JC cannot win, they would say that the polls are a nonsense There is a case though that someone strong like a Clive Lewis could take over in 2019:   Lewis would stop the tukus Nuttall when he blathers about a metropolitan elite, and he would also stop the establishment because of his army links, which they will always hang around JCs neck. Such a move would have to be orchestrated at the correct time – through channels like Momentum and Red Len. There is a doubt that a thoroughly decent moral man like JC will be able to give the Tories what they need – a damn hard thrashing. JC almost appears too decent to deal the blow. My wheelchair scooter has two settings, shown by a tortoise and a hare, and maybe JC is the tortoise to the Tory hair. Maybe the tortoise will one day pass the hare? My money is also on Rebecca Long-Bailey who gave a cracking performance on Question Time. Certainly every comment he makes is used against JC by the Establishment, for example the Guardian talking about Brexit, and saying that the three line whip imposed by JC is a sign of Labour running scared of losing its strongholds, as if Labour under JC has no principles. Pedley hypothesizes that the support of JC for Brexit may be his downfall  but JC is made of Teflon, as they used to say of the shmuk Fromage.




I cannot complete this blog without mentioning the political scene abroad. The brief honeymoon of the bloated momza Donald Trump will turn sour once the curtain is pulled back and everyone sees what a charlatan he is,  while continuous protests will enrage this most thin skinned of presidents.  The press are completely inept at dealing with the Establishment, but can they stop Chump?  Certainly TM is completely unable to stand up to DT, saying with her characteristic grim: ‘Haven’t you ever noticed, sometimes opposites attract?‘ 



But a salient fact remains – why do we Brits laugh at the Americans when we have put Tories in charge of our NHS and think that is acceptable?  The unhinged warmonger Bannon: does not seem out of place with mad dog Mattis, a man of many quotes: “I come in peace. I don’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: if you fuck with me I’ll kill you all”.




The Truthdig Blog writes: “Revolt is a political necessity. It is a moral imperative. It is a defence of the sacred. It allows us to live in truth. It alone makes hope possible.   The moment we defy power, we are victorious. The moment we stand alongside the oppressed, and accept being treated like the oppressed, we are victorious. The moment we hold up a flickering light in the darkness for others to see, we are victorious. The moment we thwart the building of a pipeline or a fracking site, we are victorious. And the moment those in power become frightened of us, we are victorious. I do not know if we can build a better society. I do not even know if we will survive as a species. But I do know these corporate forces have us by the throat. And they have my children by the throat. I do not fight fascists because I will win. I fight fascists because they are fascists.” Despite what the unctuous shmuk Philip Oliver says about DT, there is evidence that protests are now having an effect on him.




Meanwhile Benoit Hamon has emerged as the Socialist leader in France, though he faces many problems: “Hamon’s first challenge now is to try to stop the French Socialist party imploding between its warring left-wing and centre-left factions. He then needs to prove his candidacy can find its place in the presidential campaign in which the Socialist party is already predicted to be irrelevant, relegated to a low position with no chance of winning in the two-round election in April and May. The French electorate has shifted firmly to the right and the Socialist party is faced with a possible humiliating fifth place in the presidential race.”  If Benoit was to make it as the French president it would represent an amazing achievement, though at the moment of writing polls suggest Hamon will be easily beaten in the first round of the presidential election on April 23rd.


Although his radical reformist ideas, such as legalizing cannabis and introducing the possibility of a 32-hour work week, may have helped him to a victory in the primary, it seems he will have difficulty convincing enough French people that he is the man France needs right now. One of his big problems is Jean-Luc Melenchon, the far-left firebrand who is also in the running. Melenchon has a hardcore support on the left who are unlikely to jump ship to Hamon in the first round of voting. Essentially the two occupy similar if not the same terrain, with the result being neither will win enough votes to make the second round against the favourite to top the first round Marine Le Pen. Hamon’s only hope appears to be if he can somehow persuade Melenchon and French green party candidate Yannick Jabot to ditch their own campaigns and throw their support behind the Socialist. It’s a long shot. “  There is now everything to play for in the French elections.  The perspective of Varoufakis is important.  It may be a game changer that this brilliant man is advising Labour.  It is no surprise that Varoufakis endorses Hamon, and believes it is even possible for Hamon to take the presidency.  Certainly the Thatcherite presidential candidate Fillon is embroiled in a scandal over money being falsely used for fake jobs.



Finally, some inspiring words from brilliant blogger Chelly Ryan: “We are all in this together. No matter how hard it gets or how low we sometimes feel, there are hundreds of thousands of people feeling the same. The hope of a fairer, kinder society has brought us together and we must ensure nothing drives us apart. Yes, there will be disagreements, as we have seen recently in Momentum, but the overriding goal must always drive us forward in solidarity. I for one will never forget the determination and courage shown by my fellow socialists during the leadership contest. I was outside parliament on that first day of that long expected coup, and the memory of the atmosphere will live with me till the day I die. In the past the Left have let themselves be cowed by the determination of the right to set the narrative and steer the party in their chosen direction. We must never be cowed again. We are on the side of right and we must fight for it. And we will have to. No Labour Party worth its salt will get an easy ride from the establishment, and under Corbyn we are worth a lot of salt.”


Shmegegge und schlump

Watching the momzas as they trash our NHS with the greatest secrecy  fills me with rage. Tory secrecy is imperative or they understand the walls of the echo chamber will crumble, and the whole Tory shit-house will go up in flames. Sensible Tories are terrified of the collapse of their local hospitals. There is now a call that the Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) have failed to involve frontline clinicians or patients and have been mired in confusion.  A big problem is that there is now a backlog of repairs that are necessary to prevent catastrophic damage.  As the social care crisis deepens, increasingly Tories have no answer except to push the NHS to the end of the queue,  and it was true at the 2015 GE that they got away with their bad treatment of the NHS by ignoring the problem, but now there is no life support, something will give, something which will affect the Tory Heartlands. Shrewd Tories are also getting squeamish about the Social Care Crisis with unsurprisingly the NHS not mentioned once in Hammond’s shitty budget In some ways chazzer Hammond’s budget was similar to the butkes Osborne in that it is still an anathema to decency. The budget has been brilliantly destroyed by MacWhirter.



Talking of decency, it makes me so bloody proud that TM has announced she is a member of the elite body of Tory Christians, with IDS, disgraceful DC.  When the May mask slips everyone will be terrified of the evil revealed, no matter how skillfully the rabid MSM hide it.  Crafty Carney surprised everyone by mentioning fairness during his ‘lost economic decade’ speech. Must be the old Christianity resurfacing, yet Carney speaks the truth most of the time, as is discussed by fantastic OJ: “The benefits of economic progress had been unevenly felt. A stagnation in wages with no precedent for a century and a half is set to continue. Younger people have been disproportionately hit. Indeed, Carney’s speech underlines the fact that Britain, like much of the western world, is in the midst of a grave crisis. A sense of optimism – that the years ahead will be better than those gone by – is very important to human beings. When it vanishes, when “tomorrow” becomes a byword for deepening insecurity, of fears yet unrealised, there are profound consequences. That has been the story of 2016: it’s what connects Donald Trump’s triumph to Brexit to the surging French National Front and the Austrian far right’s rise and (thankful) near miss last weekend.” 


What the shtup was the zhlob Green talking about when he drivelled that the benefit cap was a ‘tremendous success’?   You might think this was some kind of sick joke, but it’s the kind of Orwellian shit pumped out by the drek since Killer Miller. The dull chazzer Hammond is facing considerable problems balancing the books entirely on the poor and disabled, he will have to find £100000000000, but you can guess who will be paying?  As the bitter cold begins, it is a total disgrace that so many young people are now homeless, with a third of young people now being turned away from councils without any help.  It makes me ashamed to be British, but thank goodness unctuous nebbish d’Ancona is around to tell us the real state of things, the instalments of this nudnik are like directional pointers for my life.  Its no wonder that the Filthy party are defending their vicious sanctions regime by regurgitating a load of kuk.


It sounds as if there may be some movement on the Tory election expenses scandal, at an important time:  Certainly the net is closing, but its all immensely hush-hush.


The shameless shmendrek  Fromage loves to spout about democracy as if he gives a shtup about the will of the people.  Democracy is just a tool to be perverted by this tukkus. It’s the same kind of bollocks from Marr when he spouted rubbish to JC  while interviewing him.  It makes socialists scratch their heads that the public can perceive UKIP as left wing, while Tories call for Fromage and Cars-fuck to re-enter the nasty party UKIP could go bankrupt with the paltry sum of Euros 172000. 


To add to the toxic brew, UKIP have drained the swamp and made trombonik Paul Nuttall as leader, which could be significant. Rascist irritant Nuttall actually has the chutzpah to believe he can dismiss remarkable Rayner.  The shlong Nuttall believes that UKIP can take millions of Labour votes in North England, and this is addressed in The Marxist: “The lessons from the rise of UKIP are that we need bold socialist policies to combat bigotry and racism. The only way to defeat the far right is by fighting for a socialist alternative. As the Oldham by-election last year demonstrated, UKIP’s appeal in working class communities can easily be cut across by a left alternative that provides a class-based analysis on the questions of jobs and housing. In turn, the lessons from UKIP’s decline are that we must have a sober understanding of the world around us. UKIP, although a demagogic right-wing party, is not fascist. The rise of such parties brings with it its own contradictions, which sooner or later will come to bear down upon these very same parties. The crisis within UKIP is a reflection of the general crisis of bourgeois democracy and the crisis of the capitalism system. Only a party that offers a fundamental transformation in society along socialist lines can provide a way out of this crisis.” 



Small wonder that the commentator Jay Murphy writes: “The establishment is laughing its tits off at kipper supporters! Billionaires created a far right politico disguised as a party for the working class in order to attract all the deadheads and thick bigots, splitting the working class vote. As long as there is ukip there will always be a tory government and the current establishment will be cemented into power forever keeping wages low and unemployment high with ordinary working people needing food banks to survive. The histories of many other countries is riddled with this political stupidity and its usually decades later when the idiots realise its actually taken them backwards!”



For once The Vent can agree with Toynbee as she rails against the push from shmoks like Nuttall for a hard dirty Brexit.  Meanwhile the tedious schmo Darling cannot stop himself attacking fantastic JC while at the same time bigging up Nuttall.   Nuttall is campaigning for an immediate dirty Brexit:  which is very unlikely to occur. There is a  possibility that Nuttall could achieve electoral success by talking unlimited shite in North England.  Sisco media blog is also alert to the dangers of the fascist Nuttall.   The rise of UKIP flaunted by an out of control MSM can pose a danger for JC, though it will lessen by 2020, though to make matters more problematic an aspect of Blue Labour is to go UKIP-lite.



A fact remains that inequality drove the Brexit vote, as Chakraborrty noted on his recent trip to Pontypool: “Finally, learn one of the hardest lessons of Brexit: the reason the political geography of Britain is so divided is because its economic geography is so unequal. Treasury levers and Bank of England billions are barely any use here. Instead, what’s needed is an attentiveness to place.”  This should have been obvious to anyone but it left the shmuk DC completely unprepared – the arrogant shlong had no plans for something he thought was inconceivable.


Another leaked memo shows the Tories are struggling with Brexit   with 30000 new civil servants having to be recruited at the cost of millions of pounds.  Senior Whitehall sources are unsurprisingly saying that there is no way that our depleted civil service can cope with Brexit. Unchecked by a virulent MSM,    TM is turning Brexit into a disaster and chaotic nebbish Borisconi is increasing the problem. The clown Borisconi puts his foot in his mouth with outstanding regularity,  and it’s a great shame the bumptious klutz never got to be the PM instead of the present freak. Few would not agree that there is now a gaping hole where Britain’s foreign policy should be:  Wolfgang Schauble is determined to make UK pay for saying ‘Fuck Off’ to the EU,   yet the Tory zombies still appear under the illusion that he will allow them to stay in the common market, Borisconi is delusional when he ignores Schauble’s “There is no a la carte menu. There is only the whole menu or none.”  



It seems that the drek are unable to comprehend this, they still believe that they can pick and choose. Its reminiscent of Syriza, and reminds us of the famous dictum of Marx: “History repeats itself first as  tragedy, second as farce”:   The cynical lies of the Brexiteers are returning to haunt them, particularly Borisconi.


Lying momza Blair is keen to team up with the klutz Gideon, in a match made in hell.  While Bliar calls JC a ‘nutter’, he correctly calls TM a ‘lightweight’,  Blair can eulogise to no avail – everyone hates him. In the words of fantastic OJ: “Tony Blair is one of the most loathed politicians in Britain. His small but determined fan-club might not like this, they might believe it is unfair and the British public are all suffering from some form of mass delusion or false consciousness that prevents them from seeing his greatness, but there it is anyway. Even before the Chilcot report was published, polls showed that more than half the population said they would never forgive him. “And the reason this country’s full of people who are so cynical about politicians is down to Tony Blair,” as Labour voters who have defected to UKIP tell focus groups.”



While the excellent blog Sodium Haze talks about the political immaturity which led to Chump,   others talk about the martial law ahead for USA. What no one mentions is the martial law coming to UK, though its most likely to be in its financial form. There is a relevance to Corbyn in that the Americans fell into the Chump echo chamber.



Chessum, writing about the link which exists between the election of Chump and the chances of JC concludes by commenting: “For days now, a cry has been reverberating around much of the British left: “If Trump can win, Corbyn can.” The comparison is dangerous and the electoral calculation so badly wrong that it can barely be serious, but the deep sentiment it expresses is right – only Corbynism, or a force like it, can beat the new far right. To win, the left cannot rely on some generalised moment of turmoil; it must build an electoral base the likes of which it has never built before, made not by triangulating but by the clarity of its vision and the strength of its ideas and activism. There is a way out of the nightmare of nostalgic nationalism – we do not yet know it to be true, but we have to believe it.”  JC will be able to rise above the nationalism of Trump and the dumb shmuk Fromage, but they can only do this by leaving the confines of the echo chamber. As Charley Allan writes, the left can only succeed with unity.



The change which society in UK is calling out for can be achieved, as Mearns writes: “We have a unique opportunity here. We have a leader who isn’t elite, doesn’t want to be, and never has been, can’t be bought and has a groundswell of support unrivalled anywhere. We too, want a move away from self-serving capitalism, from punishing those most vulnerable while allowing the wealthy to feather their increasingly lavish nests. Everything that those who vote UKIP here, and Trump in America want. We can be the answer here, but we can do it through coming together rather than division. The polls haven’t had a great time either in the last 18 months, the Labour Party also sit some way off in the polls, but the people I speak to and the constituents I meet are crying out for a move towards collectivist policies, where those most able, bear the burden, rather than those most vulnerable. We can achieve this together, but we need to start now to get the message out. Who we are, what we stand for and most importantly what we can do for people who have been downtrodden by austerity. We could have a general election next May, it could be our Trump moment, to defy the polls, defy the establishment, and bring some compassion back into Westminster politics. We can make that happen, but the work must start now!”




Brilliant Ward is able to see the problems of both the left and right. Here he writes of the Tories: “The neocon wing of the Conservative Party lives in a bubble made from, if anything, even thicker and more frosted material. It too is driven by past, discredited glories: ‘no turning back….even if we’re heading over a cliff’. Time after time we see private sector animals ripping off the State and mistreating “clients”, but the likes of Hunt, Fallon and Johnson will apologise for their behaviour. They watch as all the tenets of Friedmanite Thatcherism are disproven – that wealth doesn’t trickle down and markets often don’t make the right decision – but still they insist fine tuning is all their religion needs. They observe the bubbles in assets and derivatives being created by pointless austerity, low rates and banking malpractice….and then defend the absence of jail sentences or tangible results. Over and over, they demand an end to ‘banker bashing’ – but go quiet when the next calumny is revealed.”



While bore Owen Smith used to repeat that change only happens when political parties are in power, this is not at all true as the wonderful blog Sodium Haze writes: “… rather than taking the powerful at their (retrospective and self-justifying) word, a more accurate explanation of the process of positive change is highlighted by Tony Benn’s famous dictum: “It’s the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you’re mad, then dangerous, then there’s a pause and then you can’t find anyone who disagrees with you.” Of course, being in power is preferable to not being in power. Far more change is obviously possible when one is in control, when it can be planned, co-ordinated and sustained. Those attempting to force change from the outside do not have control of the process, the timing or the details.  However, it is important not to underestimate the power of social movements and activism — the power of “ordinary” people to create real, long-lasting change. Indeed, with Donald Trump likely to be in the White House for the next four years it is essential this hopeful understanding of political change is widely understood and acted upon. The signs are promising: with Trump reviled and distrusted by a large section of the US public, it is likely there will be a much-needed resurgence of progressive activism following the unjustified lull during the Obama administration. Trump is dangerously unpredictable, so making predictions about his foreign policy is difficult, US dissident Noam Chomsky noted in a recent interview. However, he ended on a note of optimism: “What we can say is that popular mobilisation and activism, properly organised and conducted, can make a large difference.”


Shmegegge und schlump

Looming Cliff

The looming cliff


The looming cliff is heralded by the misery of the poor folk forced into destitution, for which TM and her stupid government of zombie freaks can be blamed. The MSM keeps pedaling the myth, that Labour lacks credibility and needs to regain it, whereas the truth is that Labour needs to demonstrate that the Tories have no credibility which these endless attacks on the working poor should underline.


The lowering overall benefit cap will plunge 300000 children into homelessness and force an explosion in the people affected. Unsurprisingly food bank use is soaring.


Universal Chaos is destroying the lives of the most vulnerable people. Yet the looming tax credit cuts are causing many Tories to shed crocodile tears.  It is astounding that such poor legislation can be rammed through, with such a sociopathic effect on so many poor folk. All the momza Hammond seems capable of is to keep lowering corporation tax.  The lowered cap has nothing to do with saving money, it is just about pleasing the right wing of the Tory party.


The disgusting lies that TM spews that £10000000000 is being injected into the NHS, while it is on its knees are rubbished by Tory Dr Sarah Wollaston and Dr James Davies, who know the poison the Tories are steeped in. Watching Tories struggle as they sink in their filthy and greedy ineptitude is cathartic yet also confusing – after all, how could these two articulate people end up in this scenario? No wonder Labour are pressing for an inquiry, though no one believes they will see any money until 2018 or 2019. Campaigners will have to get organised to get rid of the scum from certain seats in order to save certain parts of the NHS. Sensible Tories are right to be scared of the NHS and also the Housing Crisis.


Keeping UK in the common market produces abject terror among the political class. No one can be shocked that Carney will jump ship when UK enters its hellish 2019 period, the Yankee is not at all stupid, he knows the zombies too well.  Liam Fox has no plan, when attention is given to the gibberish he spews.


Others point out that Brexit will never happen, and The Vent also is uncertain it will occur, despite all the noise. Dunt analyses the matter from several perspectives and comments: “The civil service is facing the greatest challenge arguably in its history: an apocalypse of administrative, legal and trade tasks on a scale they could never have imagined would hit them. And there is plenty of reason to think that, underneath the loyal surface, they may not be ready to give their all for this brave new Brexit world.”



TM is coming under criticism for her handling of Brexit  yet the real white elephant in the room are the incredible lies told by the dimwits Borisconi, Gove, Davis and Fox.  This may well become clear in a parliamentary debate with some MPs looking hard for a second referendum.  At this stage of writing this running blog, Fromage has just issued another warning that if the will of the British people is ignored and there is no Brexit, there will be riots on the streets, but Dunt is correct that the decision of the courts is a rare moment of clarity in british politics.  The reaction of the MSM to the sense of the three judges has been fascistic  and suggests a dangerous escalation of rhetoric. Skywawkbox blog describes it as: “Today’s right-wing newspapers will carry variations of a headline that shows how far we, as a country, have fallen and how close we are to falling catastrophically  further still. They’re also an object lesson in another, more common demonisation.”  Though the decision might be overturned in the Appeal Court, it does increase the possibility of an early general election. The Brexiteers should be nervous about the investigation by the Crown Prosecution Service about the falsity of their claims.


Most commentators now predict that Brexit will be terrible for the UK economy, which is now to be seen in TM’s dealings with the nudnik Modi.  Phillip David Jones uses his excellent blog to discuss Lexit: “The Conservatives will repeat Theresa May’s line that “Brexit Means Brexit”, but they reneged on the pledge to set Article 50 underway promptly, and the legal case has since taken away their control of the timetable. Over the weekend JC, and other senior Labour figures, set out an approach that will see the party press the government to get the best deal for Britain, but will not block Article 50 in Parliament. JC also commented on speculation that the Brexit controversy will lead to a General Election in 2017, saying that Labour are ready for this. We know that the Tories managed to pin the blame on Labour for a recession, caused by the financial crash, when Brown was Prime Minister – despite the problem stemming from greedy bankers. If Brexit does not happen, the people who voted for it will feel that the EU Referendum was a fraud. In this scenario, the Labour Party must be clear that the blame for this outcome lies with the Conservatives, who offered the Referendum but then failed to ensure the vote to leave the EU was honoured.  I welcome the pledge that Labour will not block Article 50. We must be combative on this, reminding people that DC failed and then abdicated. Bojo made an impossible promise that a vote to leave the EU would deliver an extra £350 million per week to the National Health Service. Putting aside former, and current, reservations, the main thrust must be that Labour will work to deliver the democratic decision to leave the EU. I believe that, if there is a General Election next year – something that will have to follow, another constitutional debate, surrounding the dubious Fixed Term Parliament Act – Labour should see this as an opportunity to defeat the Tories, and I believe we will win.”


Commentators point to the dereliction of duty of the excruciating Liz Truss who needs to go right now,  but the writer fails to understand that the Tories want fascism, that they are sociopaths.  Fromage and the 100000 far right marchers need to be confronted by the Lexit campaigners. In the words of RS21: “No to a Brexit for the rich! No to a Europe for the bosses! For a Brexit and a Europe for the people!”   The load of kuk which The Scum recently spewed at the UK judiciary is rightly excoriated by fantastic Mason.


Anyone in doubt of the poisonous tensions at the seething heart of the Tory party, needs to look at the extraordinary scenes at the award ceremony of The Spectator on November 03. To quote from the Financial Times:  “Theresa May has been named The Spectator’s politician of the year at a remarkable awards ceremony dripping with acid-laden jokes that laid bare the tensions, betrayals and bitterness of Brexit. Mrs May was presented with her award by George Osborne, the man she sacked as chancellor, and took to the stage wearing a hard hat and high-vis jacket — poking fun at Mr Osborne’s tendency to dress as a construction worker. But the prime minister, not normally noted for her sense of humour, then launched into a series of risqué remarks, including a suggestion that Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary and a former leadership rival, was being lined up for political euthanasia. Mr Johnson had previously joked about Tory peer Michael Heseltine’s celebrated encounter with his mother’s aggressive Alsatian and Mrs May noted archly: “Boris, the dog was put down when its master decided it wasn’t needed any more.” While the audience in London’s Rosewood Hotel was catching its breath over that joke, the prime minister turned her attention to Sir Craig Oliver, David Cameron’s former spin-doctor, who was in the audience and had been highly critical of Mrs May in his memoirs. In the book he revealed how he had been sick in the street on the night of the Brexit vote and Mrs May adopted a sympathetic tone: “Craig Oliver spoke of retching. Most of us know that feeling, like when we saw his name on the resignation honours list.” Mr Osborne turned out to be an inspired choice to present the awards, as the former chancellor — noted for his austere public demeanour — delivered a tour de force of self-deprecation and savagely humorous attacks on former colleagues. Referring to Michael Gove, who betrayed Mr Johnson to run his own failed leadership bid, Mr Osborne said: “What he lacked in the quality of his leadership campaigns, he made up for in their quantity.” Apologising to guests that the event was running late, he caustically referred to his sacking by the prime minister: “Afterwards there won’t be much time for chit-chat — a bit like when Theresa and I last spoke.” And in a jibe at The Spectator magazine, which had campaigned for Brexit, Mr Osborne said of the event’s hosts: “You can get the Spectator for just £4.25 — or $4 thanks to the policies of the Spectator.”  As the awards night continued, the stage started to resemble the set of a Webster revenge tragedy. Iain Duncan Smith, who quit the cabinet in protest at Mr Osborne’s Budget, posed awkwardly for pictures with his nemesis.Mr Duncan Smith, honoured for his “resignation of the year”, quipped at Mr Osborne: “At least I had the prescience to resign, rather than wait around to be sacked by Theresa.” Mr Johnson, who recovered from his failed leadership bid to become foreign secretary, was honoured for his “comeback of the year”. He compared himself to Lord Heseltine’s mother’s dog Kim, who recovered from being strangled by the Tory peer only to be put down a day later. But the foreign secretary’s acceptance speech came to a shambolic conclusion after he declared that “Brexit will be a titanic success” — a comment whose unfortunate maritime connotations brought the house down. He explained he meant a “colossal success””.   Peston admirably describes this event  which accurately describes how nasty the top Tories now are. Astute Tories are squeamish at the descent into fascism  but it is a part of being UKIP-lite, which the commentariat and ex MP Stephen Phillips now agree that the Tories have morphed into.  Margrain points out that ignorance of the rule of law is no excuse for ignoring it.  Surprisingly Gary Lineker has become an important voice in the fight against fascism in UK.


With UK teetering on the edge, can JC pull the UK back from the brink? An important voice in this debate is the blog Flassbeck Economics, who argue that JC’s chances of success may hinge on this point, JC will have to argue to stay in Europe.   Yet at the same time commentators are saying that JC’s approach to this situation is lacklustre.


In the words of anguished traumatized Lizzie Cornish: “Rise UP, O Ye People Of Britain, against these Tyrants who have usurped True Leaders, these Traitorous Wretches who have Betrayed The People a thousand fold….A Pox Upon Them ALL and here’s to a FAR better, kinder future, under a Leader who cares with his heart and soul about his People, that leader being Jeremy Corbyn. Huge thanks to Ken Loach for getting the TRUE story of Cruel Britannia out there and please, please, go and see ‘I, Daniel Blake’, then fight to make Britain’s Heart beat again, with Kindness and Love.”


John McDonnell is a most important figure in the fight of the left, and his recent analysis is illuminating.  Talking about the need to bring in more taxation if we are to have better public services, John writes that change is coming.  That change may not be in our control.


Writing the Watershed 2015 blog, the anonymous writer, talks about the disconnect which exists between party and policy: “Another investigation, from the London School of Economics, revealed that since his first day as Leader of the Opposition, Corbyn has been attacked unfairly by the British media. In one month alone, 75% of press articles ‘failed to accurately report his views’. This is because in the media today we see an undeniable right wing bias. Negative stories about Corbyn and his apparent unelectability are constant. A belief in Corbyn is undermined and as a result, the depiction of Corbyn as anything but a threat to the established government permeates society. But the fact is, Corbyn is a huge threat. He will take the power from the elites and give it righteously back to the people.”


Fantastic blogger Chelley Ryan always inspires me with hope. She writes: “Theresa May is looking weaker and weaker as each day goes by. Her PMQs performances are below par, while Corbyn is growing in confidence and stature. Brexit may yet throw up some nasty surprises for the nasty party which sends their current polling into sharp reverse.”


Brilliant Mason talks about how we must unite to stop the populism of the yutzi Fromage: “If Nigel Farage leads 100,000 people to intimidate the supreme court, I intend to be on the other side of a police crash barrier opposing him. I don’t want to be flanked by only my anti-fascist mates from 30 years ago: I want to see an alliance of the left and the radical centre on the streets. That means bond traders from Canary Wharf, arm in arm with placard-carrying Trots. Masked-up Kurdish radicals alongside Mumsnet posters. Eighty years on from Cable Street, we don’t have many dockers and miners around, to help face down rightwing intimidation. Puny as we are, it’s up to us.”


Inspiration in the long dark fight ahead comes from many sources, but we must look to Crispin: “It was a special day for me yesterday as it was St Crispin’s Day. I was named after the speech in Shakespeare’s Henry the Fifth, in which the eponymous hero rallies the troops before the Battle of Agincourt and asks them to forget the odds that are against them and look at the strength of their solidarity. This idea that if the spirit is within us then nothing can get in our way is something that resonates for political movements. And this spirit of solidarity is something that has come to the fore in the past year with the politics of hope that Jeremy Corbyn has encouraged. The spirit of Jeremy Corbyn’s support is strong enough to overcome the odds.”  As Liz Heron writes: “… there is surely cause for hope that solidarity can break through the battle lines within the party and flower again. Then we can take on the real enemy”.

Mendoza writes of the real alternative that UK needs (and the rest of the world): “The real alternative lies in an understanding of the reality expressed by Corbyn. People in neglected communities are struggling; and political elites have ignored their voices for decades. The solution is to listen to their voices and support their communities. Fund healthcare properly. Fund education properly. Build enough houses. And build a meaningful democracy. Together, we can build a fairer, more democratic, and more compassionate society. A society that deals with injustices and inequalities by looking at their true causes rather than scapegoating people from abroad, who are also victims. It’s easy to say ‘immigration bad, government good’, because foreigners are an easy target. But that changes nothing. It’s much harder to stand up to someone who lives in a country mansion and sends the fruits of their workers’ labour to an offshore tax haven. But it is possible to take back control from political and economic elites. Control over our economy, our natural resources, and the future of our communities. Democracy isn’t voting every few years for which out-of-touch elite we want to rule over us. It’s active involvement in our political destiny. It’s something we learn by participating. And there are wonderful examples of this both in the UK and abroad. The crisis of the Western political establishment will continue whether Donald Trump wins the US elections or not. Either way, it’s a disaster for ‘democracy’, and a disaster for humanity. And the only way Western citizens can avert further disaster is to stop waiting for the establishment to give them an alternative to the messed up status quo, and to start building it for themselves.”


Some will say that the victory of the nebbish Chump, is an important signal to the left such as Bienkov: “That this has all happened says less about the bigotry, or even idiocy, of the UK and US electorates, than it does about the utter inadequacy of the left. In both cases the left failed to find a response to, or even realise the existence of, the overwhelming defeat that was heading their way. In both cases, years of complacency and insularity blinded us to the forces marching towards us, even as the heels of their boots crashed down on our heads.  If such complacency could be forgiven then, it can certainly be forgiven no more. Trump’s victory must be a wake-up call for everyone on the left. Unless it gets its act together then it will soon be out of the act altogether.”

Looming Cliff

Impending farkakta

The momza Red Balls is right that TM might call a snap general election at the Tory party conference. Such a move would not stop JC, who will continue to lead Labour whatever, JC is made of stronger stuff. Rightly, allies of JC on the NEC are fighting to prevent JC from being ‘imprisoned‘ by being given a shadow cabinet of non supporters. 

Can the Labour party come together to defeat the Tories? This is discussed in numerous articles, and one by Philip David Jones is suggestive of the problems ahead.  Peter Kenyon offers sober reflection

As time passes the tiresome tireless conniving of the plotting shits is taking form and effectGreenstein writing in his blog says that what Labour actually needs is the sword of deselection and not an olive branch, and The Vent agrees. Certainly the signs are that the Bitterites will not be giving up, look at the useless shmok Tristram Cunt at the recent Progress rally. Get rid of the spineless presumptuous momzas, deselect these whingers.  JC will get nowhere by appeasement.


Certainly JC has the entire shvantz in a state by now.  The bottom line is that Steptoe JC is a thoroughly decent chap, and these Blairite self righteous shmoigers want to put him in his place, but they are not scared of JC, they are terrified of ordinary people. Tom Watson has emerged as the problem. Get rid of the pompous git.

A central element is how Labour will achieve unity,  and indeed this seems implausible with spouting Woodencock,   and irritant Jamie Reed.  With undisciplined members, it will take longer for the penny to drop, but with the working class together in solidarity everything is on the table.

Tories continue blithely in the grim knowledge that the looming social care crisis is coming to bite them on the arse, something analysed by Tory Baroness Altmann. Recently she wrote to the excruciating dumkopf Oliver Letwin: “I’m afraid this really is a looming crisis which has been left far too long already. This really is an issue that has the potential to cause significant social and economic distress. There has been no real planning for these demographic realities. No money has been set aside in the public or private sector to fund social care if or when the needs arise. There is no money set aside for social care spending by individuals or by local authorities – needs have to be funded as they arise, and if the money is not there the quality and availability of care is compromised, causing scandals and misery that could potentially rebound on policy makers at some point.


Smart Tories know its a problem, yet ministers were careful not to mention the looming farkakta at the Tory party conference. No wonder Old Bill now has to cover the cracks, which is upsetting Babylon no end. 

Thank goodness Abstain Andy has slithered off. 

Importantly vicious TM has finally pulled the plug on the NHS life support machine.  She did this because she wants to murder the NHS. In this matter she will come against the stiffest resistance. Its making Dr Sarah Wollaston queasy. Consequently we have the unedifying sight of TM joking about sex while hammering the last nail in the NHS coffin.   


What a surprise. Undisciplined bupkis Borisconi didn’t really care about Brexit, all the toff wanted was to further his career. There seems a possibility that TM made an error putting the three ponces in charge of Brexit negotiations. 

Differing opinions are bringing the drek to the point of civil war, with spiteful schlemiel Clark particularly vociferous. An irony is that ideological austerity had a massive influence on the European referendum and it was actually pleasurable to get rid of the momza DC.

The European banking bastards are now looking to make this a very hard Brexit, the hard Brexit is now the most likely scenario, if there is a Brexit.  

Unsurprisingly studies have shown that Brexit was caused by austerity, with fears of immigration also taking a lesser role, something which the MSM will not say. 

The zombie’s warnings of financial doom from a hard Brexit are increasing,  but it does not stop the dumkopf Dominic Raab from urging UK to do a hard Brexit. For TM, poised to exploit the poor folk of UK, it offers conundrums, but the proposition is freaking out the drek. It comes as no surprise that the areas with the highest vote for Brexit were those areas left most deprived and forgotten by the arrogant drek.  Arrogant shlemiel Liam Fox is demonstrating the flayling of the drek over Brexit.  The prospects for Darlington are rightly worriedCommentators are noting the maladroitness of TM in this process, as the shvantz lead us into shambles.


Just at the time that the drek are grappling with the lies of Borisconi and the impending awfulness of a hard Brexit, its going to leave TM floundering. As McElvoy puts it: “If Camp Cameron was surprised to find the great Tory manchild still head-scratching and evoking Eeyore’s depression about the chances of a leave victory while campaigning for it, they were not paying attention to Boris’s mood swings.” 



Commentators to the left and right are now fearing a hard Brexit, with Dunt saying it will be a catastrophe.   Senior economists are joining the voices with George Magnus saying: “I think the government is clueless. I don’t think there is really a strategy …If there was a coherent strategy, we would know something about it at this juncture. That, I think, is not good for business certainty”.



With blinding hypocrisy vicious shmendrek Prit Patel is pushing for hard Brexit, saying that those trying to force a debate and vote on article 50 were trying to “subvert the economic will of the British public”, as if this spiteful, deeply unpleasant freak actually cares about how the British public feel.




The drek should listen to Sir Keir Starmer,  but the shlongs will never listen to an expert, despite the fact that they have no plan. The Financial Times, that dry vehicle of the elite is nervous, with the reality that UK has become much poorer since Brexit. To add to the fear and confusion the chazzer Tusk has stated the ‘brutal’ truth that there will be a hard Brexit or no Brexit. 

Commentators have written how prices will rise after a hard Brexit, with the pound toxic.  Yet among the shleepy people reality that has not dawned as TM continues her double shpeek, pretending to be a ‘red Tory’, a ludicrous idea, perpetrated by the MSM, though some commentators are ridiculing it. Chakrabortty is correct to point at this delusional gap.


The meschugener Peter Staines is salivating at the idea of a hard Brexit.  Bienkov writes more progressively about the important PMQ session of 12-10-16, when JC was masterful again, demonstrating how improved he can be when everything he is to ask is not already reported by a Bitterite moser. Bienkov comments: “Yes the British people did vote to leave the EU, but they certainly did not vote to plunge the UK into a period of recession and international decline. And as the continuing collapse of sterling has shown this week, the sharks are already circling the UK economy. And pretty soon the prime minister is going to have to find a serviceable life raft…… A couple of times today he referred to the government pursuing a “shambolic Tory Brexit”.  I understand this is a deliberate attempt by Corbyn’s team to move away from the use of the terms “hard” and “soft” Brexit – the fear being that most voters will see the former word as inherently more appealing than the latter. This may seem like a small point, but it matters. At the very least it suggests that Corbyn’s operation have learned from some of their mistakes in the past.”

Impending farkakta


Meshugas, like farkakta describes in one word the situation we find ourselves. UK is on the precipice of entering the maelstrom. As the JC revolution grows, how long will maniac TM hang on? How much filth will we have to see before the British people stand up? How much crap will the British Working Class have to tolerate? How much molten lava do you need for a pyroclastic flow? What poor person gives a shtup if JC sat on the floor of a Virgin train – fuck off Richard Branson with your Virgin Health-care. We have endured too much of your shit, the bearded billionaire can’t hack the hardly radical idea of renationalising the railways. The shlong Branson detests JC, he hates him. Ask yourself who you are going to believe – the decent politician who wants renationalisation or the dick who loves to make a fast buck out of exploiting ordinary folk. Its clearly not a view shared by the dolt d’Ancona, who has filled his comment section in London Evening Standard on Wednesday 24/08 with a load of kuk. I hate d’Ancona, I think he writes a load of shit. The bastard Branson’s attack on JC is backfiring. 

Talking about the meshugas witty Ward writes sensibly, when he urges us to study the: “madness, its goals, its weaknesses, its mendacity, and its despicable tactics. Viscous freak TM continues the narrative when she changes the rules of fracking bribery to allow the small people to benefit from the environmental damage of fracking, writing: The government I lead will be driven by the interests of the many – ordinary families for whom life is harder than many people in politics realise. As I said on my first night as prime minister: when we take the big calls, we’ll think not of the powerful but of you.” 

It comes as no surprise that unctious nebbish Jim Fitzpatrick shows meshugas as he moans about JC at every bloody opportunity.  On several occasions I would ask Fitzpatrick to sign EDMs to save the Independent Living Fund. On several occasions the momza Fitzpatrick would just email “no”. Fitzpatrick did not give a shtup, the klutz showed his true colours with the EDMs. JC needs to get rid of this dumkopf. Fortunately it is also unlikely that Red David will return to inspire UK with his extraordinary talents, even though the shmuk earns $700k a year working for a charity: 

The duplicitous nature of the chicken coup is something which the dissenting Labour MPs require pulling up on. It is absolutely parlous that these arrogant shmendreks lost Labour so many polling points, if you trust the polls that is.



It is a shame JC cannot get rid of Fitzpatrick in the boundary review. The boundary review provokes mixed reactions among Corbynites, The Vent, is not against these changes, nor does JC seem to be.  Commentators incorrectly will say that the boundary changes will lock the Tories in power forever, but how can anyone trust popular opinion when it pumps out non stop rubbish? This English Democratic deficit has been discussed by the blogger Another Angry Voice. Some rebel MPs are already planning how to stand up to JC when he wins with a higher mandateAt the end of the day it maybe that only mandatory reselection and the right to recall MPs will stop the return of the Blairites.


An important event for a JC lead Labour is the disbanding of Respect, it is likely that a greater mandate for JC and a much greater JC presence on the NEC will readmit the firebrands. JC’s task is to reunite the left, and there could be an SNP pact. 

Thankfully DC has finally fucked off, leaving his disgusting toxic legacy. In retrospect DC and Osborne behaved according to the Bullingdon Club. In the Bullingdon Club posh prostaks go into a swanky restaurant. They glut themselves with the loveliest food. Then they trash the restaurant and run off without paying the bill. This time JC will hold the zhlobs to account.

Tories love women, they love them so much they want to shtup them right over. Its a disgrace that the drek are closing women’s refuges. It is an outrage how the cuts are falling disproportionately on women, in an age of so-called equality. Women need to be bloody angry at the repeated attacks.


Yet a massive credibility gap exists between TM and JC, which is interesting because it bears a relation to the housing bubble, with the housing crisis, with all the other crises waiting to impact. Central to this will be the reclaiming of socialism by the people.


The meshugas within the NHS is about to take two leaps into the abyss as Jeremy Cunt goes against reason and pushes relentlessly for a seven day NHS, no matter what the experts say. Its making Tory Dr Wollaston shpil: Cannot keep piling ever greater responsibilities on to an overstretched service without realistic resource and workforce to cope. Expect problems when thin evidence is used to bolster an under-resourced political objective instead of policy following the evidence.”  Coupled with the ghastly railroaded contract, and Mr Cunt, with his smarmy rigor mortis grin has a very toxic brew. A report which came out on 24/08/16 has vindicated the medics, the very dangerous plans of Jeremy Cunt contain 13 major risks, 5 of them in the gravest category.  Will the smarmy shit back-pedal furiously or will he plough on regardless Tory style, as in the botched privatisation of Probation by the tedious sociopath Grayling. Certainly medical professionals are talking about ‘breaking point‘ again. The drek are caught out trying to impose their shabby seven day doctor’s contractMaps have been drawn up to show how effective Jeremy Cunt has been in bankrupting the NHS. 

A battleground is the effect of Brexit on the NHS, and we have already seen how kuk the drek are at making trade deals.


Jeremy Cunt may refuse to listen to sense, but in the words of Dr Shibley Rahman: “The nurses are taking out loans to be educated, the doctors are stuck with a contract they don’t want, certain failed NHS CEOs appear unsackable, social care is on its knees, and Hunt appears to have a job for life.”

The continued presence of these shmegegi at the top level of parliament, contradicts the extraordinary weakness of this government with its cracked glass ceiling.  Meanwhile as if on cue TM is allowing her centrist mask to slip continuously as Maguire talks of the ‘Fairy Tale of TM’.


No one has a clue what is going on with Brexit – whether to leave the common market, while JC is urging the drek to get out:  which incensed the bitterites no end. The zombies are looking confused – no one is keen for a great step into the unknown and it is clear that Tories don’t know how to do a Brexit. TM has burst the Brexit bubble but its going to take more then that to upset the pricks.  Now TM’s honeymoon is over she is looking less competent by the day, especially as the grim kvetsch gives a green light to the appalling waste of money of Hinckley Point.

On Monday 05/09/16 I was at the House of Commons in Committee Room 21, which was called ‘one year on: evaluating the impact of the closure of the independent living fund’:  It was an emotional meeting with many ILF users having to talk about the deep and grinding injustice, inflicted on us by the ruling class. Excellent JmcD was fucking angry, and we have had to wait years for our voices to be heard as the frightful shlongs DC and his parlous side kick Osborne destroyed our lovely country. So while TM steers the doughty ship Britannia far up the dank festering recesses of shit creek, our voices will be increasingly audible. On Wednesday I took part in another DPAC action, this time blocking Westminster Bridge. Within seconds hundreds of police were surrounding us asking us politely to move. I managed twenty minutes of being continuously asked to explain myself, which bordered on harassment.  Officers did explain that they are now more on our side than ever before as they are disgusted with the way TM has mistreated the police. On Saturday 10/09/16 JMcD gave us a fantastic speech at the DPAC conference, in which he talked about the possibilities of victory for disabled folk ahead.


Cynical people will say JMcD is disillusioned, but he is right about one thing, which is that we disabled people will fight this merciless disgraceful government to the bitter end. We will give the greedy grasping ruling class a bloody lesson, we will bring the whole shit house down. 




A dybbuk is a Yiddish word for the malevolent spirit of a dead person that enters and controls a living body until exorcised, and interestingly the zombie Teresa May is a dybbuk. We know this because in the spirit of re-education (a Frankie Boyle word), TM is removing art works from Downing Street and replacing them with exerts from her speech on becoming prime minister. Here are some trite quotes: “I know you’re doing your best, and I know that sometimes life can be a struggle. The Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the priveleged few, but by yours” and the excoriating bollocks “that means fighting against the burning injustice that, if you’re born poor, you will die an average 9 years earlier than others”. (i 23/07/16, 10).

TM is hard-core and yet some commentators will tell you that Borisconi will be challenging TM again within a year, after she falls on her Brexit-lite sword. The dybbuk wasted no time in getting rid of the role of Minister for Syrian refugees, a post started by nebbish DC.


The extraordinary popularity of JC among Labour grass roots is completely unknown to the establishment. Its freaking out the Labour establishment, and the knee jerk reaction of the NEC is likened to a banana republic by OslandThe Labour Party will do anything to stop JC, showing how close he has got, the Labour Party are so terrified they have had to cancel all Labour meetings. The shvantz are changing the rules rather than allow JC to win, but it seems the case that a split in Labour is inevitable, and for JC to win it may also be necessary.  It is now only a matter of time until there is deselection in Labour. Labour North have gone one step further, telling constituency party members that “dismissive body language such as eye rolling, head shaking or tutting whilst people are speaking in meetings would not be tolerated.” 



To take matters to a new level, various cxampaigners from Progress are ringing around Constituency Offices trying to get details of people who left Labour in protest at JC to join again for the leadership contest.  Contempt for Labour democracy has hit a new low. It is a fact that commentators throughout the Westminster bubble detest JC, extending to the hypocritical bilge from The Guardian.


Owen Smith, the so-called Unity candidate has shown that his supposed left wing credentials are rubbish.  Yet it appears to many that a split in Labour is inevitable and actually necessary.


Chunky Mark discusses an important blog by Owen Jones:  It is a seminal article by brilliant OJ, when he talks about the reasons why the left are on the brink of disaster.


An important aspect for JC will be the 2018 boundary review, when Labour can have reselection.  JC is poised to revolutionise Labour. Burton-Cartledge is doubtful that Labour will split. Embryonic rumours nonetheless exist that a split in Labour is brewing though JC remains hopeful that the majority of MPs will get behind him.


The numerous critics within the PLP will have to be forced out as otherwise they will return repeatedly.  What the Blairites fail to accept is that JC is made of stronger stuff and will not allow the permanent media attack deter him.



TM’s continuation of Osborne’s austerity means that there is now a ticking time bomb about to hit the working poor. In work poverty is the real crisis now affecting TM.


This blog is proud to support the Rev Paul Nicolson, as he campaigns against poverty. The Rev Nicolson is a beacon of decency in this disgusting times, and The Vent joins the Rev in solidarity as he goes to court yet again (Thur 4 August, 10am onwards at Tottenham Magistrates’ Court Lordship Lane, London N17 6RT). I support this principled man:  

Voices are now audible for the removal of the so called triple lock from old people.  No one is clear exactly when the triple lock will disappear.  Despite what TM intends, it is now easy to point the finger at the bloated rich. 



Meanwhile the NHS is in crisis, and The Vent agrees with the anonymous blogger of The Junior Doctor Blog.  A key problem will be the abolition of the nursing bursary in 2017, and the resulting recruitment crisis means that only rich people will be able to afford to be nurses, a situation exacerbated by Brexit and a fact that people will not be recruited from abroad.


Brilliant Mason suggests that Brexit will be a failure.  Without a doubt the negotiations will be tortuous. Many commentators now say that Brexit will not happen.


Yet there is a distant chink of light at the end of the tunnel as Frankie Boyle writes: For what it’s worth, all the indicators are that May is a vehemently pro-corporate Tory who is probably well to the right of her own traditional right-wing, and this is possibly the most right wing cabinet in modern history. And yet, paradoxically, I think we are about to enter a time when we will put our petty divisions aside, when we will learn to co-operate fully, when we will raise our consciousness from the mundane. We will have to do this in order to survive, and we will, in the Re-education camps. I’ll see you there.” 


RS21 have hopeful words: “One thing is certain: the British capitalist state has entered a deep crisis, one that’s territorial, political and economic all at once. Revolution may not be a utopian solution – but it’s not hard to imagine a group or groups of dissenters deciding it’s the only way out.”

Fantastic MP Clive Lewis, understands the need for Labour to go into a progressive alliance with other parties with left wing policies as the only way to stop the Tories.


Meanwhile John Rees emphasises the importance of creating a social movement: “So, paradoxically, the effectiveness of any left party and of the Corbyn movement will depend as much on the revolutionary strategy of generating mass struggle by sustaining independent revolutionary organisation as it will be internal Labour Party manoeuvres. The strength of revolutionary organisation, its clarity of ideas, its analysis of the capitalist state, its ability to generate strategic alliances in mass movements, is a crucial hinge on which this whole social crisis will turn.”  


Farkakta 3

For all his faux ‘popularity’, Borisconi would have provided a perfect hot air balloon that JC would have lanced, so it is a crying shame that pompous Borisconi has stood down from the leadership, ousted by the unpopular shmendrik Gove.  The roll of the appalling chazer Dominic Cummings could be central to this move, though no-one is yet clear of the dynamics involved, and in the future some nebbish commentator, a d’Ancona, may emerge.

Meanwhile Angela Eagle, one of the shrewdest Labour politicians is terrified of being deselected by her own local party. JC has re-emphasised that he will not be resigning

The fantastic blog Red Flag warns of the dangers and possibilities ahead, JC has to ride the establishment wave. A factor is that the dissent in the Labour has the potential to ripple out into society: “But as the referendum shows, sometimes the powerful are defied. In times of crisis, the high-and-mighty may be brought low and the strong made weak. And the need for victory is urgent. The coup against Corbyn is part of a broader trend. The ruling class is happy to dispense with any pretence of democracy when their going gets tough. Democracy was discarded in Greece after the 2015 anti-austerity referendum. Now the rulers are attempting to dispense with democracy in Britain and overturn the 2015 election of the anti-austerity Labour leader. Even the mildest promise of hope is inimical to their survival as a class. A fightback in Britain will have to exceed the boundaries of politeness and party unity that Corbyn has thus far respected.”  With politicians outside Labour like George Galloway, Alex Salmond and Caroline Lucas backing JC, any coup has no chance

Like vultures, the khazers of UKIP sense opportunities from the leadership battles of Labour and the Conservatives.  The legacy of Fromage lingers on with the dirty question of whether to deport all the EU citizens with Teresa May getting in a pickle Every message Fromage spouted was divisive, and yet it seems unlikely that UK can leave the common market, something which leaves the zombies shit-scared. Certainly the threat of deporting all the EU Nationals by vicious May will terrify and if enacted, the deportation of the 2100000 will destroy UK and with it the NHS. There is now a good chance that there will be a second EU referendum with an opportunity of a ‘Lexit‘.


The commentator Ben Chu wrote ominously in the i newspaper on Wed 06 July : ‘we’ve run over the cliff – but we’re still waiting to fall…..the post-Brexit vote cliff is real. The only uncertainty concerns the size of the drop’. The Vent calls this the credibility gap, it will be used as a pretext for the dreaded austerity max. In such a situation the useless shlong George Osborne has the gall to slash corporate tax to 15%. 

Amongst the mediocrities lining up to be Tory leader, each of them have been criticized. Leadsom is emerging as the most useless, with treasury officials saying that Leadsom was “the worst minister we ever had”, an extraordinary criticism from the department which used to employ the disgusting yellow nebbish Danny Alexander.

The NHS will become an issue again as the junior doctor’s contract has been rejected JC is now well placed to attack the drek on this since staring down the rebels in their pathetic coup, aided by scathing indictment of Chilcot.  Please sign this petition to support the 40 MPs who support fabulous JC and JC policies. 

Katy Sian writing in the Left Future Blog nails it: “What Labour needs to do is get behind Corbyn and not stab him in the back. Members must recognise that this unthought coup will only divide the party. If the Labour Party is to mean something of real significance, it has to depart from an out-dated and out of touch neoliberalism, masquerading as common sense. The reason why so many people have been energized by Corbyn’s campaign is because he symbolises the failures of neoliberalism, and points to an alternative in which all members of the Labour movement should have no difficulty in embracing.”  Progressives want the Labour Party to come together. There is a good chance that Teresa May will call a snap general election, though she has said she will not call a snap general election or a second EU referendum A question is when will the May mask slip? The possible creation of a new centre left party by the rebels is discussed by brilliant Mason.

Without doubt the intensity of the leadership challenge and the non stop threats to JC is a sign how close JC has come. It is affecting the whole movement, with protesters deeply stressed, its affecting the writer, its a pivotal point. Clearly in order for a Corbyn win the entire left will have to be focused but it can be done.

Corbyn passed this test, in which he was personally involved with already the trombenik McTernan spouting that the vote from the NEC was “the end of the Labour party, nothing more or less than that”.  No wonder the Editorial in the Morning Star is victorious.

As Seymour describes it: Corbyn emerged in 2015 as the only leadership candidate who still understood how Labour politics was done, while also having a sense of how to fuse these methods with social media communications. And so it has proved again. The coup plotters knew all about how to manipulate old media, but they were at a loss when Corbyn stood firm, ignited his base, and thousands hit the streets in his defense, from London to Hull.

What a strange time in British politics. The outcome of the attempted overthrow of Jeremy Corbyn is thus a hugely improbable and unexpected strengthening of the Left. Since the EU referendum result, 200,000 people have joined the Labour Party, the great majority of them supporting Jeremy Corbyn. Total membership is now approximately 600,000. The shadow Cabinet has become more left wing, more multiracial, and more female. Corbyn’s own standing, having withstood the extraordinary barrage of attacks and even some friendly fire, has emerged greatly strengthened. The coup plotters, weak and disorganized by their own miscalculations, disgraced by their links to and affinity with a discredited past, are an undignified mess”. 

Thankfully DC did his final PMQs today (12/07/16) and The Vent will not eulogise hypocritically about the worst PM of ALL time in UK. DC was a spiv in a Saville Row suit who only got away with it for so long because of the disgusting fawning of the media, the momza was never held to account. Shameless TM will face wrath she has never known as she tries to impose Austerity Max while JC holds the toffs to account, but first it will take Momentum to motivate the millions of voters who did not vote at the last GE. JC is terrifying the shit out of the elite, who are doing everything they can to subvert democracy.


With its austerity max, this Tory regime will become the most hated government in UK of all time. Something fundamental is occurring, moving the tectonic plates of UK politics.  The appointment of Borisconi as foreign secretary has split opinion, with some saying it is the British sense of humour and Nikolaus Blome, the deputy editor of Germany’s biggest tabloid Bild, tweeting: “There’s justice after all. As foreign minister, Boris Johnson now has to lie in the bed he made himself”  It is predictable that Borisconi is hated, and it was also typical that crafty TM has set Borisconi up to fail

Farkakta 3