A familiar picture has emerged from Aberconwy where an autistic man, a Mr Barlow, asked the Tory MP Guto Bebb a question about Condem foreign policy. The Tory answer speaks volumes about the Tory attitude to disability, he goes “If you have mental health issues then you should possibly refrain from commenting in the public domain since it might create problems for you.”  Tories hate disabled people, Tories are vermin, Tories treat people from my class as if we should get back in our gutter.

While rabid Tory nebbish Kenneth Clarke says ludicrously that the chaos of a second general election would prove nothing, everyone knows that the Tory right is seething. Its been seething for years now, for example the Beserkers or the festering Britannia Unchained lobby.  Its a bit like the hunting lobby with the toffs lined up, baying for blood, cheeks puffed and blowing their horns. Its the Tories at full cry, just like seething Lord Young saying “You’ve never had it so good“.  Tories are ready for a second election, with their considerable money they can afford to outspend Labour by three to one. Labour will not admit it, but party finances are probably close to bankruptcy, its why they had to take the blood money of mass murderer Tony Blair. Back in 2010 Prescott was warning about the problems.  A second election could bankrupt Labour who already send me a begging email every single day, and I am not even a Labour member. As with all the bills shoved through by the filth, The Fixed Term Parliament Act of 2011 (FTPA2011) is a sloppy piece of legislation. Under the FTPA2011, an early election is called if two-thirds of MPs vote for one or if a government loses a no-confidence vote and a new government loses a confidence vote 14 days later The analysis by grandee Clarke is incorrect. If there is a scenario where UKIP get very few MPs and Farage resigns, UKIP could implode and allow radical Leanne Wood a true voice.

Labour are making an assumption that the SNP, PC or The Greens will vote through the Labour plans for further austerity.  In the words of Leanne Wood from Plaid Cymru: “What I find quite staggering is the attitude from Lab politicians, assuming Plaid Cymru, the SNP and Greens are in their pocket. We would be prepard to vote down a Labour budget that was putting more on the backs of the poor … They need to take on board some of the things we are saying. People are saying neither of the two main parties have done enough to win trust and a mandate to govern. That’s democracy.” These are words echoed by Sturgeon of the SNP:  We can’t have been clearer in our opposition to the Tories … neither would we prop up a Labour govt intent on pursuing Tory policies. We’ve offered our hand to Ed Miliband to set up that alternative government and he’s arrogantly pushed that hand away. My suspicion is [on Friday morning] he’ll have to speak to someone else because there won’t be the numbers there to form a government.”   It looks like both Labour and the Tories could be biting more off than they can chew. In this situation the path would be clear for the dreaded Grand Coalition.  In the words of Brehony: “At a time of intensifying cutbacks, whether in government or opposition, the Labour Party will continue to force savage ‘savings’ onto the poorest sections of the working class. It is committed to ConDem spending plans for this year and has not the slightest intention of rolling back any of the cuts of the last five years. If it wins the election it will lead a vicious, anti-working class, racist and imperialist government. The likes of Owen Jones or his fellow Guardian columnist Seumas Milne would have us believe otherwise: they will always support Labour whatever crimes it may commit. The job of socialists is to organise amongst fighting sections of the working class as they take action in defence of their conditions. This means opposing the Labour Party and its privileged apologists as it defends ruling class interests.” 
The wider picture is that in 2015 there are seven general elections in Europe, with elections in Britain, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Portugal and Estonia Bernie Sanders is now standing for US elections, Saunders is far to the left of Clinton Sanders is motivated to run by to run by “obscene levels” of income disparity, as well as what he viewed as flaws in the campaign finance system, calling it a “real disgrace.”  Sanders is a revolutionary who will only become important in USA in a revolutionary situation.  With global debt now exceeding £100000000000000, the whole house of cards is now more unstable than ever.  Financial experts know something massive is on the way now, some people say it will be in 2016,  but all top economists now know something massive is just around the corner. Its so clear that even massive fuckwit DC can see it. Really this election is part of the countdown to this global event, its all a part of the battle of humanity. 

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