Escaping the dungeon

My comrade Sue Jones writes about JC on face book: “It’s about time someone showed us the way out of the dark neoliberal torture dungeon. And once we’ve escaped, we should jail our jailers.” (Facebook 28/09/17) Can it be done? Will the unctious beaming face of the traitor DC be on a spike? Misery deserves karma. The Tory machine considers itself above the law. The root of the desperation is denied by Dunt:   Brilliant Ward sees the dungeon clearly: “We are perilously close to disaster. I really do wonder if the British People – now being so flagrantly ignored by the 3% – are up for the fight ahead. Disillusion, disunity and apathy all at the same time; it is not a good look.”



Ward under estimates the British people as we descend into the maelstrom, a division for the toffs as discussed by the class warrior Rees: “Over Brexit, the Tories are not only divided among themselves. Much more importantly the British capitalist class and the bourgeoisie as a whole are divided. Only a small minority of the capitalist class and the establishment want Brexit. Some smaller capitalists oriented on the domestic market, a few maverick millionaires, the little-Englander core of the Tory party membership (itself only 100,000 individuals with an average age of 71), a minority of Tory MPs, supported by the most reactionary and racist sections of the press. Facing them on the Remain side are the really important sections of the capitalist class and the bourgeoisie: the big corporations without serious exception, most employers’ organisations led by the CBI, the Bank of England, the BBC and the liberal press, most NGOs, the National Farmers Union, most Tory MPs, the whole of the Lib Dems, a majority of Labour MPs led by the most vociferous opponents of Jeremy Corbyn and stage managed by Alistair Campbell and his old boss.”



The phenomenal conference speech by TM has set the tone for this revolutionary period. For once commentators are correct, with Abi Wilkinson describing it as: “Overall, it was an appropriate end to a conference that has presented the Conservatives as desperate, flailing and intellectually bankrupt.”  Challenging for MSM to cover, without saying  at the same time possibly one of the worst conference speeches of all time.


The continued and accelerated roll out of Universal Chaos is unlikely to bring any electoral success to the Tories, rather and rightly it will bring revulsion and rage.



Now TM is stamping her foot at the EU inflexibility, which will not change:   Tory problems run very deeply as  Phil at the brilliant blog ‘A Very Public Sociologist comments: “Here’s the rub. Everyone knows the snap general election was a massive blunder, and at any other time such a poor result would have meant Theresa May was for the chopping block. Yet these are not ordinary times. We have a polarising electorate that isn’t likely to shift much this side of Brexit. Many millions of voters are clinging to the Tories, regardless of shenanigans. Partly because Brexit is a repository of their fantasies, perceived interests and insecurities, and because the rising Labour Party and all it represents stands in for their terror of the new, only something that can obviously be spun as a betrayal of Brexit is going to shift them. The problem is the tighter the Tory grip on this bedrock of support, the greater the toxicity accumulating about their party vis a vis other constituencies. Furthermore, the Tory coalition is in long-term decline both in terms of age and the occupational categories they dip into. There is little chance of an infusion of new blood to reinvigorate the decrepit party.”  Tories make the most hapless vampires. The nebbish Haflon actually believes that the death spiral can be stopped, that somehow people can be brought to their senses.




The terrifying reality of the Brexit cliff is hitting home as neoliberal Behr now agrees:  ”Only when the cliff comes into view do they start denying its existence, while reaching to grab the wheel from Theresa May to steer towards the edge. As it gets closer, they will switch to saying the leap is necessary and good – that Brussels has blocked the roads, that the icy water below has restorative properties, that Brexit must hurt to work. But for whom? There will be a tiny minority exhilarated and enriched by the ride. The rest will see what is really going on: that we are not flying but falling.”  Norman is excoriating: “In their bunkers, meanwhile, bathed in the rose-pink hue of Empire, the Stooges have their busts and ancient maps. The best of British to them if they can find inspiration in those. But the only imperial warrior the trio bring to this mind is Lord Cardigan, commander of the Light Brigade, as onward they march the 60,000,000 into the valley of geopolitical death.”   IDS would love nothing better than the hardest brexit, as an anonymous article in the Guardian writes: …“show that a much graver danger is that hardline Brexiteers are successfully pushing Mrs May towards the cliff edge. She continues to say she wants the negotiations with the EU to succeed. But Mr Duncan Smith and his allies simply do not.”





So there is now a dawning reality that England requires a car crash Brexit to get our country back from parasitic rich shmoigers: “I am no slash and burn free marketeer as this blog has made very clear. I do not share the economic radicalism of the Tory right and if they get their way then it will be an economic calamity. I will continue to oppose their reckless approach – but I will not shed a tear if Brexit drives a horse and cart through the British state and shreds the political impasse. Without breaking the status quo we would continue in the deadlock of retail politics, continuing to prop up the great British ponzi scheme, robbing the youth of opportunity and vitality while imported labour leaves them trailing in their wake. Brexit gives the country the kick up the backside it has needed for decades. Britain has had it too good for too long and a bit of creative destruction is exactly the right medicine. To this end I will take the hardship and all that comes with it for a chance at a society that is better than this. One where people look to themselves, their friends and families before they think about filling in a form. If I see any division in Britain it is between those who believe in the potential of people and those who do not. Those who think that we are hapless serfs in need of salvation and those who think we are better if we are put to the test. Those who think all human activity has to be sanctioned, approved and monitored by the state and those who think that people can get along without it. That is what makes Brexit a battle for the soul of the country – and the right side won. I don’t doubt that Britain will be poorer for Brexit, but it will be a better place to live. ”




The sacking of the sickening genocidal bitch Priti Patel has sent shock waves through the establishment, though Goodman tells us it is nothing. History is full of useful idiots – was evil Priti one? What will it take before JC can lead us out of the dungeon? With JC now on fire, repeatedly punching the bruise is what is necessary.

Escaping the dungeon


Gavsones – the Yiddish word for arrogance, accurately describes the Achilles Heel of the drek, and in this case it is a profound state. Tories like the gruesome nebbish Pickles or the shmo Barwell have absolutely no shame. It has made them extraordinarily blinkered, they seem unable to comprehend the sea change.  Pure gavsones led the detested pig-fucker DC to lecture us about the selfishness of stopping austerity.  Lamont demonstrates how out of touch Tories still are.  Hardly a surprise that no Tory can be found to lead the Tory party.   The bile spewing from an absolute chazzer like DC is mirrored by the  self-righteous rich folk of Kensington and Chelsea who have wasted no time in showing their ugly faces and it be contrasted with socialist decency.   Just as evil TM was blind through gavsones to the mensch JC, those Tories who lined up to vote for JC with  dufus Dan Hodges:  must reap what they sow.


An element never to be overlooked is the abandonment of the demonised poor by the drek:   Ordinary people have done their bit to make this country great, but now they have done their bit they can fuck off, especially the ‘useless eaters’. Well they never thought ahead, they never figured on JC. Its about arrogance, the Achilles Heel of the drek, a bit like a boil waiting to be lanced, and you can see the puss filled zit when you look at the bumptious face of Borisconi or the offensive Jeremy Cunt.


Moggmania is symbolistic of Tory gavsones. The shmegege Rees-Mogg is a useful idiot, he needs exposure.  Nebbish Borisconi epitomised gavsones when he described TM as having:”  “unbelievable grace and steel” .


Car crash Brexit threatens to tear the drek apart, acknowledged even by the dismal Dominic Cummings.



Parker’s article is an insight into the seething nest of vipers at the heart of the Tory party: ‘The poison is already running around the system. “We can work with half the Labour party and crush the fuckers,” says one Conservative MP, referring to his Eurosceptic colleagues. A leading pro-Brexit MP says he would not tolerate threats from the “wankers” on his party’s pro-European wing. Faced with implacable opponents in Brussels, a breakdown in cabinet discipline and a party torn over Europe, one can now see why Mrs May hoped to maintain the iron control that would have come with her expected “stronger mandate” on June 8. Instead she must try to hold it all together and deliver Brexit — a policy she initially opposed — as her last gift to a party counting down the days to the moment when it can finally oust her.”‘


Khazer Damien Green made the drek disarray clear in the wretched PMQs with brilliant Emily Thornberry.  This zombie government are rushing us to the cliff edge, but can they be stopped in time? Experts say the Brexit will fall apart like a chocolate orange . In the hands of buffoon Borisconi no deal is likely , the three Brexiteers do not inspire confidence.


The blog ‘more follows’ asks the important question of what is next for the press attack on JC, as the wall of noise made him stronger? It is a fact that desperation in the polls is working against them. The constant press attack on JC is horrid, but also enjoyably counter-productive. Certainly JC is heading in the correct direction by spending the summer campaigning in Tory marginals, and with any luck we will see the removal of the massive shmendreks Borisconi and IDS.  Maybe JC can halt the gravy train for the pigs.


This political moment must be grasped writes Rees, talking of the disgusting Grenfell fire:  “In adversity, Grenfell has shown what we are capable of achieving. Now we must unleash that power in an unstoppable movement that sweeps the Tories from power.”




After the summer recess



Screaming Lord Harris could not resist pointing out the stark benefits of Brex-shit from his castle, it will be great as young people can work longer hours for less money. But the brick wall of the EU will remain while the drek are in power. This is more unlikely to change if Borisconi becomes PM, while such a tragedy for the right could be the spur that the left needs. Models still suggest the Tories would get more seats than Labour, but it is now changing every week.


The stupid remarks from Borisconi have directly lead to blackmail from the EU. Even the yutzi d’Ancona has is now writing anti Tory articles in desperation:  concluding with the indictment: “To be absolutely sure that Labour forms the next government, all the Tories have to do is carry on as they are”. Interestingly d’Ancona has had his eyes opened in September, never the sharpest, it is remarkable that d’Ancona has now written a string of masterful articles, and his comparison of the Tories to ‘detestable putrescence‘ is truly extraordinary after the kuk he has poured on us.


A feature of the Tories is that they are unable to take JC seriously though some prescient Tories like Ken Clarke recognized the danger. Even at this juncture out of touch Rees-Mogg has the traditional Tory chutzpah to say how uplifting food banks are: “I don’t think the state can do everything that it tries. It provides a basic level of welfare… but on some occasions that will not work and to have charitable support given by people voluntarily to support their fellow citizens I think is rather uplifting and shows what a good compassionate country we are.” With the slipping mask, shameless yutzi Rees-Mogg has the trait of the rich and powerful, that they don’t know when to shut the shtup up. Oily meshugennah Rees-Mogg has shown his colours again.



Like a inferior conman who repeats an obvious error Borisconi cannot stop himself:  The ramblings are masterfully described by the blogger Phil: “When it comes to the thin film of substance, Johnson lounges in the warm bath of deregulation – the go to for lazy and clueless Tory politicians. And the restating of the £350m/week. And that is it. No attempt to locate the source of a funding boost, but certainly strong on implication that the EU is preventing the government from prioritising the health service. Johnson’s essay was a proper exercise of writing 4,000 words when a paragraph would have done, a skein of delusion and lies wrapped around empty ambition. Nevertheless, some people are easily impressed; The Telegraph refers to Johnson’s screed as a post-Brexit “grand vision”…..Boris Johnson is haunted by the phantom of missed opportunity. Stabbed in the back by Gove and blocked from what he regards as his destiny by a Prime Minister too deluded to quit, he can sense his moment passing. Too cautious by far to launch a coup, it’s only a matter of time before despair and despondency come knocking.”  This can be contrasted by the seeming unity of Labour, with Sadiq Khan forced to acknowledge JC.


Tory gavsones is replaced by fear. These people, born with silver spoons up their arses have never had to fight for anything in their lives. A resurgent Labour has freaked them out. It is the crowning irony that with all their powers, the drek cannot stop the doughty ship Britannia from hitting the iceberg.



Meylstram, the Yiddish for maelstrom denotes what is now ahead. Its not as if there were no opportunities to stop the doughty ship Britannia slamming into the fucking iceberg. Its not as if fantastic JC didn’t try – shtup me – he put up with shit for all of us, for months they threw the kitchen sink at him every day – the Daily Fail splurged their first 13 pages on JC on 07-06-17 – unprecedented – and that’s why I don’t blame the people, I blame the main stream media, and yet they also did JC an unwitting service as Polly explains: ”In the end the Mail and Sun did him a service: by dredging up every accusation against him yet failing to frighten voters away, they have demolished their own power. His past has been cauterised and there will be no point in dragging it out again.”  When they started purdah JC was suddenly transformed from a nebbish to a mensch, something that out of touch TM never considered. I never have said this before, but for once Gideon is right, ‘TM is a dead woman walking’,  though we already knew she was a zombie. No wonder that a majority already want another General Election.

The popularity abyss is a very important element of this period of class war, as fantastic Murray has pointed out. An important tipping point has been reached as Murray explains: “We have passed a key tipping point where the cloud power of social media is now more important than mainstream media in shaping public opinion.”

Fantastic JC won the right to the popularity abyss with his spirited campaign which no Blairite shill gave him a chance of winning. Similarly Dunt comments:  “this result represents something bigger than Brexit too. It is a sign that vibrant, dynamic young people are not prepared to see the country being defined by its most mean-spirited instincts. They rejected May’s Brexit plan, but also her broader vision”. Everything is at stake as this anonymous article in The Economist writes.




The towering inferno at the Grenfell Tower reminds the people of the appalling cuts to the fire brigade forced by the bumptious klutz Borisconi.  Tories could not give a toss,  until they are bitten on the arse. Whatever the drek spout, what happened at Grenfell Tower was very political.   Grenfell Tower will inevitably come to serve as a powerful metaphor for an increasingly ramshackle, slovenly and chaotic UK, starved of investment and with little care for the lives of its citizens, with its fucking stupid plastic cladding.


Dawn Foster commenting in the awesome Jacobin blog writes: “In the richest borough of one of the wealthiest countries in the world, people in social housing, many on low incomes, were killed and injured in a fire that could have been prevented or contained. Rather than diverting blame from those responsible, or treating it as an act of nature, our responsibility is to ask why it occurred. Time and again, residents reported serious concerns about the safety of the building to the management organization, the local council, and the member of parliament (recently unseated in the general election). They were met with silence, and several told me on the scene they were convinced it was because they were poor, living in a rich borough that was determined to socially cleanse the area as part of a gentrifying project. Today’s fire in Grenfell Tower is not outside of politics – it is a symbol of the United Kingdom’s deep inequality. The block of 120 apartments housed between 400 and 600 people, some in very crowded conditions. Tenants reported problems with elevators, emergency lighting, wiring, and boilers. Even the most minor improvement required constant badgering. People were given the message that they were lucky to have any home at all, let alone in a borough that harbored such wealth.”


The 72 Tory landlords who pushed for the housing for poor people to be not be fit for human habitation need to be shamed and named.  With any luck they will charge the arrogant putz Gavin Barwell with corporate manslaughter: Importantly Grenfell Tower was TM’s Katrina, a disaster for the poor overseen by a government for the rich,  in a country where people still give a shtup. The Vent agrees with James O’Brien in the politicization of Grenfell.  The brilliant blog Quacking Plums comments: “Then there are ghouls such as the appalling inhuman cunt, Philip Davies, inexplicably voted in by the capitalist class of Shipley (who no doubt profit from his position, which says it all really). A serial proponent of the filibuster, he has form shutting down discussion. This tells you all you need to know about the modern Tory: he’s so arrogant that he’s unwilling to even discuss an issue that he has to shut it down completely. No doubt during the election you will have been told how important it is to vote. That’s great. But the reality is that the Tories don’t believe that, when you have venal scum like Davies abusing the mechanics of legislature to shut down the discourse without allowing for even others to talk never mind a vote. And he did this on the very topic of law making that would compel landlords (such as the class he represents) to make housing fit for habitation. An example of which would be to ensure that the properties used in building a high rise aren’t likely to turn a home for families into a hell-scape. He, like the rest of his part, like the rest of those corporate interests, like the entire capitalist landlord class, are culpable. They ALL have blood on their hands. Homes are for a community, not for profit. David Lammy, Labour MP, talks about a charge of corporate manslaughter. That doesn’t go far enough and, while I agree there should be accountability (of the swinging from the rope kind). But that cannot be allowed to stop at the door of whatever contractor is hung out to dry by the furtive masters of the capitalist class. It must encompass the entirety of the British capitalist system”   The cold manipulation of figures by the drek is discussed by the anonymous blog Evolve Politics: “Presumably the fear is that any activity outside the rigid confines of the Maybot’s pre-planned responses will overload her humanity simulation chip and send her into a meltdown more terrifying than a Michael Gove acid trip.” This response by the drek to this disaster is symptomatic of their approach of putting sticking plasters on gaping wounds, saying “nothing to see – move along now”, with IDS typically posting nonsense death figures.


Three excellent things have come out of the election. The first is that the great lobos Donald Trump wont come to Blighty until everyone likes him, seriously, leaving Jim Campbell to tweet: “Awww, widdle Donald Trumpy won’t come to mean ol’ Britain until we all promise to be nice to him. Fuck off, you giant orange shitgibbon.” The mood is also now more anti establishment, as the Tories start to realise they have bitten more than they can chew.


The Prole Star comments: “If May is prepared to make this unbelievably toxic alliance she will face a backlash from every other party in the Commons, including from within her own. The very fact that, knowing this, she has plunged blindly ahead and done it anyway, proves without a shadow of a doubt that she is unfit to govern and incapable of bringing her much-vaunted stablity and certainty to the UK in the coming months and years.  A minority Corbyn-led government is waiting in the wings, ready, willing and actually able to give the UK what it needs. Time for Theresa to leave the stage.”  Goodman writing in Conservative Home speculates that another election will happen in the Autumn:  Labour have destroyed the Blairites.




TM is determined to achieve a car crash Brexit, despite conciliatory noises from Macron. The negotiations with the DUP are a sign of how well the drek will do with the Brexit negotiations.


Jayanetti sums up the problems ahead: “How long can this shambles drag on for? May must be on borrowed time, but the government’s survival is anyone’s guess. The Tories know the odds are stacked against them in another general election. The DUP would be loath to see Corbyn take office – as would every Tory MP from Ken Clarke to John Redwood. People learn discipline on the edge of an abyss. Britain is as divided as it was two months ago, only now less stable and even less credible. We are a political basket case and international laughing stock, heading towards an economic cliff with no good way forward and no way back. People are celebrating. There is little to celebrate.”


In the words of the tremr blog: “May has used these events to her own political advantage – lending some urgency to her “strong and stable” mantra. All of this has, however, blown up in her face, making her look more and more incompetent and unstable with every passing day. This is what happens when governance is exchanged for platitudes and slogans. There are no teeth to this lion, and, as more people realise no one is in control, the whole structure of government and people’s confidence in it is coming apart”.

The storm is still brewing: “The prime minister is handcuffed by her own inadequacies. This was a speech marking the start of two years that will veer from stasis to decline and possibly outright chaos – a quiet breeze on a stifling day that heralds the coming of a raucous storm.”  This is the edge of the maelstrom, no one can chart what is at the dank festering end of shit creek.  All we can do is look into the pompous gaze of the freak Borisconi and think: ‘what the fuck’. Borisconi’s car crash interview has reminded pundits of how useless he would be as PM. It is possible Borisconi could still run for PM, it would surprise no one.


Yet there is danger ahead.


Brilliant Owen Jones writes: “Nothing scares Britain’s vested interests more than a politicised, mobilised population. Our social order is tottering, but it can continue to disintegrate, with painful consequences, for a long time. A new society intolerant of injustice and inequality can be created. But only the biggest mass movement in Britain’s history can make it so.”


Alan Gibbons warns: “Labour’s votes tend to pile up in their heartlands so we need a much bigger lead to win a majority. That means drawing up target Tory marginals now. There remain obdurate PLP voices, replicated in some CLPs, still resisting project Corbyn which saved so many MPs’ seats. Some Labour organisations are still living in the past, preferring cosy cabals to open, democratic, inclusive mass campaigning, drawing in the new members. The other issue is that the trade union movement and workplace organisation still remains weak. Political advance coinciding with subdued working class organisation is a potential danger.”


Meanwhile it was no surprise when TM was able to shake her magic money tree to find £1000000000 to bribe the DUP.



Tory arrogance


Osborne’s snide smirk is a nauseating element of class war, but the putz has overstepped the mark with his extra jobs,  at the same time as the social care system starts to collapse. A stupefying Tory arrogance led Gideon has taken such a position.   Gideon is fuelled by cocaine, which is an open secret, but in his extreme arrogance or chutzpah, Gideon is brazen as shtup. Putrid Osborne can be directly contrasted by this article by Ryan.  The Tories have allowed the foundations to crumble while relentlessly pointing at the ceiling. When people ask what fuelled the Brexit vote, they never look at the direct link between Tory engineered austerity and a bitter hatred for the Establishment. Osborne’s snide smirk is a grim reminder of all that ordinary people hate about an out of touch elite who hate ordinary decent people. To quote Mark Lucky Russell on Facebook: “The cardboard cut out “politician” uses the word “incentivise”, much in the same way beating a dying horse to make it work is “incentivising” – and the REAL crime here, is that the smirking creature of privilege knows it full well. And LOOK at the effect it’s having already – good “god” almighty… We call this shower of millionaires “incompetent”. No – they are experts in conscious cruelty – and oh, my – is it starting to show in earnest now….” Just think of Osborne’s snide smirk, think of the evil shit with his head thrown in laughter at the welfare reform bill being shoved through, yet it is a repulsive glimpse of the Tory Achilles’ heel of arrogance.




Nursing is particularly hit by Brexit as the blog Class  On Line writes: “The UK is facing a severe nursing shortage. In 2010 the government cut training places, and as a result the NHS now has more than 24,000 vacancies in England alone. Overseas recruitment became more than useful – it became absolutely vital for safe patient care – and there are now more than 33,000 EU nurses working for our health service. Yet despite their immense value to the NHS, these nursing staff have been offered no job security since the referendum – causing both current and prospective nurses to look to other options. More than 2,700 nurses left the nursing register last year, and the number of EU nurses seeking to join the register in England has dropped by 92% since the Brexit referendum. The government risks shutting off a key supply of nurses, just when the country needs them like never before. The longer it waits to give EU nursing staff the security they need, the more we will lose – and the deeper the NHS crisis will become.”   If this is allowed to persist, it will take on a dynamic of its own in the car crash Brexit.


The intertwined link between the NHS and social care are deliberately ignored by the drek, as Hopson comments, regarding the dropped target: “We need to boost capacity in primary care, where the number of GPs is falling, not rising. We need to increase capacity in out-of-hospital care, not reduce the number of out-of-hospital beds by 8% as happened between winter 2016 and winter 2017. We need to grow capacity in social care, not cut the number of care packages available, to reduce delayed transfers and enable hospitals to properly manage their patient flow. And we need to increase temporary capacity in both acute hospitals and ambulance services too, if that’s what’s needed. It’s important to note that we added eight extra hospitals’ worth of temporary acute bed capacity last winter and still struggled”.  A part of the fault for Brexit must land at the feet of Borisconi. As Geraldine Mitchell comments in a cringeworthy article by Rent-a-tool: “Why can’t he stop the stupid grinning? it’s clear he sees it all as a game and when ever there is a camera about he is so self conscious grinning and gurning. How much longer do we have to put up with this idiot representing this once decent nation?”



The Great Repeal Bill which accompanies the signing of article 50, is a dreadful piece of legislation in that it finally gives the Tory vermin freedom to do what the shtup they want as Dunt comments: “This is the system which Davis says shows “parliament’s in control”. In reality it is a government stranglehold. Nearly half a century of law is now there for the taking. Brexit was supposed to hand control back to the people and return sovereignty to parliament. In reality, it is one of the greatest increases in the power of the government which this country has ever seen.”



Whatever anyone says, Europe will be one of the big issue for JC, as the blog Sisco Media writes: “However, if by 2020 Corbyn’s ambivalence to Brexit backfires on him and he loses the election, it will be the poorest and weakest in society who will pay the biggest price in terms of further cuts to welfare and the undermining of workers rights and protections.”  It has now become clear that the drek had no plans how they were going to leave Europe,  and this is not really surprising, as we are dealing with zhlubs groping around in the dark. Certainly there is no sign that Borisconi or TM will be any good at diplomatic negotiations.  The lacklustre duo are an indication of how the Brexit negotations are bound to go wrong. Borisconi, like all the top Tories, is a deeply arrogant man, but as the shmoiger Fox found out after travelling 243170 miles:  the idea of trade deals flooding in from the Commonwealth is poppycock.



At least people who are just about managing and who are bearing the brunt of the current round of austerity can draw strength from the words of TMs Easter message: “I think of those who go out of their way to visit the sick or bereaved, providing comfort and guidance to many in our country at some of the most difficult moments in their lives. I think of the sacrifices and service of aid workers who put themselves in harm’s way to bring much-needed relief in war-torn parts of the world.”



A snap election is called


The freak TM has capped it all by calling a snap general election but saying she will do no TV debates:  which does not sound legal or democratic.  Obviously TM is running scared, and who can blame her, she knows she’s a freak with a freak-show. Please sign this petition to tell TM to join the other party leaders in debates:  No wonder weak and evil TM cannot debate JM, in the words of Hepburn: “Throughout his leadership, Corbyn has been targeted by all corners of the press, with focus poured on his character over providing a real and important platform to explore his policies. When he refused mass media engagement he was dubbed cranky and weak, yet we’ve largely let May off the hook for dodging much-needed live debate. Written off by Westminster, mocked and condemned by the media. A principled voice fighting for equality, inclusion and fairness. Not much has changed in 30 years.”



While the establishment try to destroy JC their hatred and disgust for the poor and for the disabled knows no bounds.  UK badly needs a Labour government  as the blog Socialist Voice comments: “Britain deserves better. Children did not cause the global economic crash in 2008. Neither did the NHS. Neither did the police. Neither did teachers. Neither did the disabled and their carers. And neither did ethnic minorities or immigration. But we have all been held accountable on the part of Tory austerity.”   There is no election scenario outside the fabrications of The Scum, which will see the total destruction of Labour.  Though commentators widely expect an increase in the Tory majority,  there is no way that JC will be throwing in the towel until he has achieved his legacy,  someone for poor folk to have on our side as we leap over the Brexit cliff.



No one, except socialists, realized that when smug May called the snap election she had shot herself in the foot. It was a demonstration of how out of touch she is, but on the streets of UK the distortion of the Westminster bubble is completely reversed. JC has become a titan in Croydon, mobbed like a hero, while TM can only muster wooden faces in Bolton, the Tory catch phrases of a stronger economy, are boring as kuk. Messages of election hope come from all directions. As the fabulous blog Heavy Metal Politics comments: “If the millions of unheard voices across the country can drown-out the cynics, the nay-sayers, the mainstream apologists; if the millions of silent-sufferers can walk to the ballot box and cast their votes for change; and if the thousands of activists in Labour can organise collectively, collaborate effectively and pull together; then the unthinkable can happen. Change can win. And the dawn of a new hope can break over the horizon.”  To achieve success JC needs to change the subject NOW. As TM tries to make the GE of an election on a Tory lead Brexit, he needs to go full tilt at the NHS crisis, the benefits crisis, the mental health crisis, the policing crisis, the education crisis etc. There is no shortage of subjects, which Thornberry has also stated.



Brilliant JC was correct at the final PMQs against TM, to label the Tories as: “strong against the weak and weak against the strong”.   The blog Declaration of Opinion sums it up when it writes: “The problem with Jeremy Corbyn, and don’t they just have a problem with him, is that he talks plain speak, plain English, and the career politicians have no answer other than to mock, denigrate and slag him off and those who support him.”




TM’s bid to take advantage out of disunity is backfiring as Labour MPs try to find unity.  TM had admitted that JC can win, and the opinion polls are an establishment tool to control us:  In the words of the nebbish Hitchens: “”The thing you must realise about polls is that they are not devices for measuring public opinion – they are devices for influencing it”.  I believe this Hitchens doctrine, but I still cannot help watching the poll gap close sharply.




Dr Shibley Rahman summed it up in his blog: “Don’t be surprised if the general election is much closer than you’ve been led to believe. As Prof John Curtice said, it’s not likely that Jeremy Corbyn will win, but rather it will be one massive achievement if he does win. The mother of all shocks? Nigel Farage is not credible. Theresa May and Boris Johnson are not credible.  The British on the whole tend to loath arrogant people – May might finally end in June, after all.”






At a critical juncture the useful idiot Paul Nuttall has unwittingly buried  himself.  With Nuttall a laughing stock, it is difficult to imagine he will now stop the Blairite Snell at Stoke, .while the pundits at the Financial Times would love nothing more than to see the Corbyn project fail No wonder the brilliant blog Zelo Street writes: “Paul Nuttall has been exposed as a liar, a fraud, a mountebank, a charlatan, a shameless opportunist, an empty political vessel, a slippery expense-troughing rabble-rousing and victimhood-playing coward, an unprincipled bigot.”   In short, Nuttall with his tweeds and cap has been shown to be a little shit. With Nuttall busted, obituaries to the UKIP brand will flow. A well written article by McDuff sums this up. The demise of UKIP has been relished by the MSM who love trying to destroy politicians with Fartage and Carswell fighting to the UKIP death.  






 One of the endless articles on JC was penned by Blairite-zhlub John Rentoul and entitled: “Losing both by elections is the best thing that can happen to Labour”,   is characteristic of the shite poured out by the MSM. For years now Rentoul has made his entire theme a hatred of JC, indeed it is no surprise that JC is running a secret opinion poll on himself.  Rentoul needs to read the wonderful blog Watershed 2015: “Corbyn successfully reclaimed Labour’s voice and begun reupholstering the party, from top to bottom. Turning a party around in the aftermath of an election that haemorrhaged votes nationwide takes time and support. Labour’s resounding victories in several Parliamentary by-elections and mayoralties since were bitter pills to swallow for Corbyn’s enemies, inside and outside the PLP.

Undeterred, Jeremy Corbyn continued to inspire thousands into becoming Labour members. It is now the largest party in Europe. Of course this is no arbiter of governing ability, but it is a mass resource that tapped into, can help the party reach into corners that others simply cannot. Now, here is the important bit. Derailing this progress now – which is what removing Corbyn would do – would see the air in the chests of thousands of new members sucked out and their potential contributions curtailed. All that will be left would be a vacuum. Those who would fill it are those still wanting to walk down the middle of a road that has long since been diverted. The dynamic of politics as we know it is changing. Labour under Corbyn can make progress, but he needs time, and the support from the PLP that he deserves.”




A gap exists between the reality of Brexit and the lies people believed, and this will become exposed as UK topples over the Brexit cliff.  Certainly the picture is mixed because there could be opportunities for Labour in Brexit.  It is the case that the Brexit cliff is a monumental event for mankind.  At the end of the day the House of Posh Fuck will not stop the hardest Brexit.  No one is completely sure when Brexit once triggered will occur.  Among the many unknowns of Brexit, one of the most serious will be the effect on the NHS.





Oh well, none of this really matters because as grimacing shlong Sajid Javid went on to say in a speech to the Anne Frank Trust: “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. That idea, so simply and so beautifully expressed by a young girl more than 70 years ago, has been sorely tested of late. In recent months and years, hatred, bigotry and sometimes violent intolerance of others has crept back into popular consciousness. It springs from and targets all communities, and it manifests itself in a variety of ways. We’ve seen vicious abuse doled out online, going way beyond the boundaries of legitimate debate. We’ve seen a spike in hate crime on the streets of Britain, including a significant surge in reports of anti-Semitic abuse. And of course we’ve seen the shocking, disgusting murder of a bright young Member of Parliament at the hands of a hate-fuelled extremist. Brendan, I think I speak for everyone here when I say that your strength, courage and positivity in the face of such a tragedy has been an inspiration to us all.”    Shtup-off Sajid.






The complacency of Tory-UKIP pushing us over the Brexit cliff is only starting to dawn on the shleepy people, particularly nervous Tories who want a soft Brexit.  For some reason the Tory momzas never expected an imminent threat to Gibraltar getting their knickers in a twistThe notion that no deal is better than a bad deal is ridiculed by the Culture and Politics blog, with David Jackson adding: “Brexit is the equivalent of doing a parachute jump without checking the pack on your back actually has something in it. Still it’s not the falling that does the damage its the sudden stop at the bottom or in our EU exit case in 2 years time!”  This whole idea that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ has never received a financial impact assessment So while we can agree with McFadden that the government are ‘annoyed at the facts’:  there seems nothing that Brits can do to stop the Titanic crashing into the iceberg. Hardball may not be something TM is any good at, the flaw in her strategy is that the Europeans don’t care as much about money, but more about keeping their tight club, as Varoufakis states: “Whilst negotiating Greece’s debt to the EU with them, I realised in horror that they cared very little about getting their money back and a great deal more about shoring up their relative positions in the games they play with one another – even if this sacrificed large economic gains.” 




No wonder Tory Europhiles have cold feet, like the abomination Soubry, as they watch the negotiations go predictably wrong,   but its no surprise when we watch these zhlubs groping in the dark. To say they don’t know what they are doing is not totally true – they know where they want to go, they just don’t know how they can get there.  Dunt discusses the capitulation to the EU after a week and the hypocritical attack on the Nation Trust over Easter Eggs by TM when she was attending the Saudi momzas.








It is now widely acknowledged that the greatest obstacle to Donald Trump is of course DT.  Certainly it is not the drek as they ignore a petition of 1800000 folk to invite the orange fuhrer to this sceptic isle.  As everyone knows who is looking, DT’s Russian connections are threatening the very legitimacy of his presidency.





The blog 21st century manifesto says of Chump: “Trump came to office by mobilising a reactionary majority and allying to this bloc sections of the US working class that had earlier put their trust in promises of change from Obama. His victory in the electoral college was possible only because Hilary Clinton, as the representative of the most powerful section of US finance capital and of the military industrial complex, was unable to count on the support of those sections of the US working class and labour movement that previously put its trust in the Democratic Party. Like Brexit, Trump’s victory represents the breakdown of the established order. Like Brexit it was a defeat for the main centres of capitalist power. For the US it is hard to see how this can end except in the removal from office of Trump. He has already proved himself immune to the usual measures the deep state uses to compel compliance. Trump’s skeletons are not so much in the closet as on open display. He is scandal proof.

It wouldn’t risk any money on him staying in office whether removed by impeachment or by the more tried and trusted methods of assassination.”  Certainly the rise by $54000000000 of the US defence budget is another sign that Chum is just another head of the American hydra, as Cunningham discusses:  “Grotesque militarism is how the American hydra functions. It is an integral and oversized part of US capitalism. Without militarism, the US economy would wither and die. And without wars and destruction, American militarism would likewise atrophy.


That is why Trump and his new administration contradict so much of what he had said earlier about ending American overseas military forays. Under prevailing conditions of US capitalism – subsidizing corporations with taxpayer largesse – America cannot be anything other than a warmongering beast. All indicators show that the Trump presidency is more militarist than any other. And because of his maverick nature, this president could turn out to be most dangerous yet.” 




The reality will sink into the Trump supporters that what they were promised will never appear, and this interesting article written by Usborne talks about the fight ahead for the Republicans: “That is the day Republicans will really balk at returning to their districts. Anger will be shared by the left and the right and the town hall disturbances of this week will look like, well, a tea party by comparison.” 




Sorry, followers of The Vent but I became in a battle with the spiteful PIP plans. I wrote to every MP who was not a Tory or SF MP, asking them to sign the prayer EDM985, which started on 5 and is now at 187 (03-04-17), but as we already know the EDM is an extremely weak tool. No one could stop the cut to PIP. Even though Debbie Abrahams managed to secure a last minute debate over it, there was no proper count at the end, and the opportunity was missed. The new cuts give me the rage.




Commentariats say that Labour should now move to the left, while also supporting a soft Brexit rather than a hard Brexit, with Mason saying the critical period is Winter 2018-2019,  and The Vent agrees. Forget the middle ground, forget the nebbish Mandelson, ignore Woodcock, move to the bloody left – get the TUSC support. Chessum agrees that the answer lies in radicalization,   but its also central to creating a Brexit which works for ordinary people.






There is a dark void at the heart of Class War, it cannot be defended without spouting kuk about money. Yet the surge for a car crash Brexit by the elite is a reflection of how far the putz are devoid from reality, summed up the excoriating blog Sodium Haze The rabid MSM now pretend to believe any bupkes TM says  – its a massive part of the problem.



‘Khazerai’ or filth, describes the destination vicious TM is leading UK to at the end of shit creek, where the car crash Brexit is spooking the money men.   Optimism in the financial sector is at crisis levels.   As TM claws hopelessly for a deal, a majority of MPs still believe a deal can be made keeping UK in the single market but out of Europe.  Experts maintain an arrogant position that the 27 nations of the EU require the financial expertise of the city so much they will make a deal with it.   The much anticipated white paper published by the drek, after the Brexit debate, said nothing and was too late, with TM insisting she has the mandate for the hardest possible Brexit.





Some senior Tories detest the TM approach.   It is only a matter of time before Brits see the Brexit lies for what they are.  A huge area of fear surrounds the so called divorce settlement, which will cost the drek £60000000000, and guess who will pay ALL of that.  No prizes for guessing I am afraid, but the truth is that the house of common fuck is massively misleading ordinary folk about the real implications of Brexit. TM gives an impression of confidence in this area, but she can easily become a hostage to fortune. Those birds are coming home to roost,  and it could be that JC will turn the 2020 election into a referendum on Tory Brexit plans.  At this moment there seems to be no break in the march to the Brexit cliff edge, but the  myth of the unelectable UK left will be tested by a car crash Brexit,  as decent ordinary people are confronted by corporate monstrosity.  Fakery is an over worked establishment tool.





Resurgent JC is the antidote to TM,  but can he take Copeland and Stoke on Trent, as the vermin finally leave the ship.   Jamie Reed will not be missed, the shmoiger was useless.   The by election in Stoke on Trent is a big event for UKIP and also for a JC Labour party.  If Nuttall can get nowhere, and it seems likely  then UKIP are a spent force, usurped by TMs lurch to the right, and it could be tremendously damaging to the UKIP brand.  Others decry the candidates put forward at Stoke on Trent and Copeland, both who are anti Brexit and anti Corbyn. The blog Socialist Voice writes this a deliberate attempt to get JC.  The latest Brexit speech shows spiteful ignorance of the NHS and a hard UKIP stance.





Tories are rightly scared of the fall out from the disastrous STP arrangement  while TM remains wilfully unaware of the seriousness of the NHS crisis.   In zombie fashion she plods on regardless. Commentators such as the fantastic blog Sisco Media talk about how JC can use the parlous plans by TM to exploit divisions which exist in the Tory ranks, and certainly Brexit is a major opportunity for JC.





Tories love to crow in their newsletters about how great the NHS has become under Tory control. Sanctimonious and evil kuk Priti Patel (Tory Witham), uses her January E-letter to talk about the campaign to save the Walk In centre at Colchester which is under threat of closure as part of the STPs commenting: “It would be a shame for this facility to close when the capacity could be used much more wisely by fully integrating health and social care services, therefore improving patient pathways. I strongly encourage all those who live in the community and use these services to contact the CCG with their views.”  Beaming shlong Sajid Javid meanwhile uses his newsletter to boast of his article where he urges the people of Bromsgrove: “My top priority for Bromsgrove is to ensure our local health services accommodate the needs of residents. As local leaders are exploring options and yet to make any firm decisions, I encourage constituents to raise their views and concerns in the public consultation.” Under the STP regime shocking cuts are about to be made to the NHS in Bromsgrove.  The shlimiel Javid has the gall to comment about the deaths in his local NHS so far: “Mr Javid said he was deeply saddened by the news of the patient deaths and added: “My thoughts are with the close friends and families of those affected. It’s important now more than ever that we address these local pressures, and I was reassured by the Health Secretary that he recognises the seriousness of this issue.”  As if the empty words and rigor mortis grin of Jeremy Cunt can provide a solution to the manifest problems. Certainly the white paper contains nothing of the £350000000 earmarked for the NHS.  Meanwhile health bosses are hiring bouncers to stop angry people at ‘consultation’ meetings, with Dorset CCG wasting £4800. Tories love to pee on our heads and call it rain.




It is important to question why so many people are saying a Corbyn lead Labour party is unelectable. Politicians point to the polls and the fact that JC has yet to make a major breakthrough. A Corbynista would say that the Establishment have created a myth that JC cannot win, they would say that the polls are a nonsense There is a case though that someone strong like a Clive Lewis could take over in 2019:   Lewis would stop the tukus Nuttall when he blathers about a metropolitan elite, and he would also stop the establishment because of his army links, which they will always hang around JCs neck. Such a move would have to be orchestrated at the correct time – through channels like Momentum and Red Len. There is a doubt that a thoroughly decent moral man like JC will be able to give the Tories what they need – a damn hard thrashing. JC almost appears too decent to deal the blow. My wheelchair scooter has two settings, shown by a tortoise and a hare, and maybe JC is the tortoise to the Tory hair. Maybe the tortoise will one day pass the hare? My money is also on Rebecca Long-Bailey who gave a cracking performance on Question Time. Certainly every comment he makes is used against JC by the Establishment, for example the Guardian talking about Brexit, and saying that the three line whip imposed by JC is a sign of Labour running scared of losing its strongholds, as if Labour under JC has no principles. Pedley hypothesizes that the support of JC for Brexit may be his downfall  but JC is made of Teflon, as they used to say of the shmuk Fromage.




I cannot complete this blog without mentioning the political scene abroad. The brief honeymoon of the bloated momza Donald Trump will turn sour once the curtain is pulled back and everyone sees what a charlatan he is,  while continuous protests will enrage this most thin skinned of presidents.  The press are completely inept at dealing with the Establishment, but can they stop Chump?  Certainly TM is completely unable to stand up to DT, saying with her characteristic grim: ‘Haven’t you ever noticed, sometimes opposites attract?‘ 



But a salient fact remains – why do we Brits laugh at the Americans when we have put Tories in charge of our NHS and think that is acceptable?  The unhinged warmonger Bannon: does not seem out of place with mad dog Mattis, a man of many quotes: “I come in peace. I don’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: if you fuck with me I’ll kill you all”.




The Truthdig Blog writes: “Revolt is a political necessity. It is a moral imperative. It is a defence of the sacred. It allows us to live in truth. It alone makes hope possible.   The moment we defy power, we are victorious. The moment we stand alongside the oppressed, and accept being treated like the oppressed, we are victorious. The moment we hold up a flickering light in the darkness for others to see, we are victorious. The moment we thwart the building of a pipeline or a fracking site, we are victorious. And the moment those in power become frightened of us, we are victorious. I do not know if we can build a better society. I do not even know if we will survive as a species. But I do know these corporate forces have us by the throat. And they have my children by the throat. I do not fight fascists because I will win. I fight fascists because they are fascists.” Despite what the unctuous shmuk Philip Oliver says about DT, there is evidence that protests are now having an effect on him.




Meanwhile Benoit Hamon has emerged as the Socialist leader in France, though he faces many problems: “Hamon’s first challenge now is to try to stop the French Socialist party imploding between its warring left-wing and centre-left factions. He then needs to prove his candidacy can find its place in the presidential campaign in which the Socialist party is already predicted to be irrelevant, relegated to a low position with no chance of winning in the two-round election in April and May. The French electorate has shifted firmly to the right and the Socialist party is faced with a possible humiliating fifth place in the presidential race.”  If Benoit was to make it as the French president it would represent an amazing achievement, though at the moment of writing polls suggest Hamon will be easily beaten in the first round of the presidential election on April 23rd.


Although his radical reformist ideas, such as legalizing cannabis and introducing the possibility of a 32-hour work week, may have helped him to a victory in the primary, it seems he will have difficulty convincing enough French people that he is the man France needs right now. One of his big problems is Jean-Luc Melenchon, the far-left firebrand who is also in the running. Melenchon has a hardcore support on the left who are unlikely to jump ship to Hamon in the first round of voting. Essentially the two occupy similar if not the same terrain, with the result being neither will win enough votes to make the second round against the favourite to top the first round Marine Le Pen. Hamon’s only hope appears to be if he can somehow persuade Melenchon and French green party candidate Yannick Jabot to ditch their own campaigns and throw their support behind the Socialist. It’s a long shot. “  There is now everything to play for in the French elections.  The perspective of Varoufakis is important.  It may be a game changer that this brilliant man is advising Labour.  It is no surprise that Varoufakis endorses Hamon, and believes it is even possible for Hamon to take the presidency.  Certainly the Thatcherite presidential candidate Fillon is embroiled in a scandal over money being falsely used for fake jobs.



Finally, some inspiring words from brilliant blogger Chelly Ryan: “We are all in this together. No matter how hard it gets or how low we sometimes feel, there are hundreds of thousands of people feeling the same. The hope of a fairer, kinder society has brought us together and we must ensure nothing drives us apart. Yes, there will be disagreements, as we have seen recently in Momentum, but the overriding goal must always drive us forward in solidarity. I for one will never forget the determination and courage shown by my fellow socialists during the leadership contest. I was outside parliament on that first day of that long expected coup, and the memory of the atmosphere will live with me till the day I die. In the past the Left have let themselves be cowed by the determination of the right to set the narrative and steer the party in their chosen direction. We must never be cowed again. We are on the side of right and we must fight for it. And we will have to. No Labour Party worth its salt will get an easy ride from the establishment, and under Corbyn we are worth a lot of salt.”


Shmegegge und schlump

Watching the momzas as they trash our NHS with the greatest secrecy  fills me with rage. Tory secrecy is imperative or they understand the walls of the echo chamber will crumble, and the whole Tory shit-house will go up in flames. Sensible Tories are terrified of the collapse of their local hospitals. There is now a call that the Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) have failed to involve frontline clinicians or patients and have been mired in confusion.  A big problem is that there is now a backlog of repairs that are necessary to prevent catastrophic damage.  As the social care crisis deepens, increasingly Tories have no answer except to push the NHS to the end of the queue,  and it was true at the 2015 GE that they got away with their bad treatment of the NHS by ignoring the problem, but now there is no life support, something will give, something which will affect the Tory Heartlands. Shrewd Tories are also getting squeamish about the Social Care Crisis with unsurprisingly the NHS not mentioned once in Hammond’s shitty budget In some ways chazzer Hammond’s budget was similar to the butkes Osborne in that it is still an anathema to decency. The budget has been brilliantly destroyed by MacWhirter.



Talking of decency, it makes me so bloody proud that TM has announced she is a member of the elite body of Tory Christians, with IDS, disgraceful DC.  When the May mask slips everyone will be terrified of the evil revealed, no matter how skillfully the rabid MSM hide it.  Crafty Carney surprised everyone by mentioning fairness during his ‘lost economic decade’ speech. Must be the old Christianity resurfacing, yet Carney speaks the truth most of the time, as is discussed by fantastic OJ: “The benefits of economic progress had been unevenly felt. A stagnation in wages with no precedent for a century and a half is set to continue. Younger people have been disproportionately hit. Indeed, Carney’s speech underlines the fact that Britain, like much of the western world, is in the midst of a grave crisis. A sense of optimism – that the years ahead will be better than those gone by – is very important to human beings. When it vanishes, when “tomorrow” becomes a byword for deepening insecurity, of fears yet unrealised, there are profound consequences. That has been the story of 2016: it’s what connects Donald Trump’s triumph to Brexit to the surging French National Front and the Austrian far right’s rise and (thankful) near miss last weekend.” 


What the shtup was the zhlob Green talking about when he drivelled that the benefit cap was a ‘tremendous success’?   You might think this was some kind of sick joke, but it’s the kind of Orwellian shit pumped out by the drek since Killer Miller. The dull chazzer Hammond is facing considerable problems balancing the books entirely on the poor and disabled, he will have to find £100000000000, but you can guess who will be paying?  As the bitter cold begins, it is a total disgrace that so many young people are now homeless, with a third of young people now being turned away from councils without any help.  It makes me ashamed to be British, but thank goodness unctuous nebbish d’Ancona is around to tell us the real state of things, the instalments of this nudnik are like directional pointers for my life.  Its no wonder that the Filthy party are defending their vicious sanctions regime by regurgitating a load of kuk.


It sounds as if there may be some movement on the Tory election expenses scandal, at an important time:  Certainly the net is closing, but its all immensely hush-hush.


The shameless shmendrek  Fromage loves to spout about democracy as if he gives a shtup about the will of the people.  Democracy is just a tool to be perverted by this tukkus. It’s the same kind of bollocks from Marr when he spouted rubbish to JC  while interviewing him.  It makes socialists scratch their heads that the public can perceive UKIP as left wing, while Tories call for Fromage and Cars-fuck to re-enter the nasty party UKIP could go bankrupt with the paltry sum of Euros 172000. 


To add to the toxic brew, UKIP have drained the swamp and made trombonik Paul Nuttall as leader, which could be significant. Rascist irritant Nuttall actually has the chutzpah to believe he can dismiss remarkable Rayner.  The shlong Nuttall believes that UKIP can take millions of Labour votes in North England, and this is addressed in The Marxist: “The lessons from the rise of UKIP are that we need bold socialist policies to combat bigotry and racism. The only way to defeat the far right is by fighting for a socialist alternative. As the Oldham by-election last year demonstrated, UKIP’s appeal in working class communities can easily be cut across by a left alternative that provides a class-based analysis on the questions of jobs and housing. In turn, the lessons from UKIP’s decline are that we must have a sober understanding of the world around us. UKIP, although a demagogic right-wing party, is not fascist. The rise of such parties brings with it its own contradictions, which sooner or later will come to bear down upon these very same parties. The crisis within UKIP is a reflection of the general crisis of bourgeois democracy and the crisis of the capitalism system. Only a party that offers a fundamental transformation in society along socialist lines can provide a way out of this crisis.” 



Small wonder that the commentator Jay Murphy writes: “The establishment is laughing its tits off at kipper supporters! Billionaires created a far right politico disguised as a party for the working class in order to attract all the deadheads and thick bigots, splitting the working class vote. As long as there is ukip there will always be a tory government and the current establishment will be cemented into power forever keeping wages low and unemployment high with ordinary working people needing food banks to survive. The histories of many other countries is riddled with this political stupidity and its usually decades later when the idiots realise its actually taken them backwards!”



For once The Vent can agree with Toynbee as she rails against the push from shmoks like Nuttall for a hard dirty Brexit.  Meanwhile the tedious schmo Darling cannot stop himself attacking fantastic JC while at the same time bigging up Nuttall.   Nuttall is campaigning for an immediate dirty Brexit:  which is very unlikely to occur. There is a  possibility that Nuttall could achieve electoral success by talking unlimited shite in North England.  Sisco media blog is also alert to the dangers of the fascist Nuttall.   The rise of UKIP flaunted by an out of control MSM can pose a danger for JC, though it will lessen by 2020, though to make matters more problematic an aspect of Blue Labour is to go UKIP-lite.



A fact remains that inequality drove the Brexit vote, as Chakraborrty noted on his recent trip to Pontypool: “Finally, learn one of the hardest lessons of Brexit: the reason the political geography of Britain is so divided is because its economic geography is so unequal. Treasury levers and Bank of England billions are barely any use here. Instead, what’s needed is an attentiveness to place.”  This should have been obvious to anyone but it left the shmuk DC completely unprepared – the arrogant shlong had no plans for something he thought was inconceivable.


Another leaked memo shows the Tories are struggling with Brexit   with 30000 new civil servants having to be recruited at the cost of millions of pounds.  Senior Whitehall sources are unsurprisingly saying that there is no way that our depleted civil service can cope with Brexit. Unchecked by a virulent MSM,    TM is turning Brexit into a disaster and chaotic nebbish Borisconi is increasing the problem. The clown Borisconi puts his foot in his mouth with outstanding regularity,  and it’s a great shame the bumptious klutz never got to be the PM instead of the present freak. Few would not agree that there is now a gaping hole where Britain’s foreign policy should be:  Wolfgang Schauble is determined to make UK pay for saying ‘Fuck Off’ to the EU,   yet the Tory zombies still appear under the illusion that he will allow them to stay in the common market, Borisconi is delusional when he ignores Schauble’s “There is no a la carte menu. There is only the whole menu or none.”  



It seems that the drek are unable to comprehend this, they still believe that they can pick and choose. Its reminiscent of Syriza, and reminds us of the famous dictum of Marx: “History repeats itself first as  tragedy, second as farce”:   The cynical lies of the Brexiteers are returning to haunt them, particularly Borisconi.


Lying momza Blair is keen to team up with the klutz Gideon, in a match made in hell.  While Bliar calls JC a ‘nutter’, he correctly calls TM a ‘lightweight’,  Blair can eulogise to no avail – everyone hates him. In the words of fantastic OJ: “Tony Blair is one of the most loathed politicians in Britain. His small but determined fan-club might not like this, they might believe it is unfair and the British public are all suffering from some form of mass delusion or false consciousness that prevents them from seeing his greatness, but there it is anyway. Even before the Chilcot report was published, polls showed that more than half the population said they would never forgive him. “And the reason this country’s full of people who are so cynical about politicians is down to Tony Blair,” as Labour voters who have defected to UKIP tell focus groups.”



While the excellent blog Sodium Haze talks about the political immaturity which led to Chump,   others talk about the martial law ahead for USA. What no one mentions is the martial law coming to UK, though its most likely to be in its financial form. There is a relevance to Corbyn in that the Americans fell into the Chump echo chamber.



Chessum, writing about the link which exists between the election of Chump and the chances of JC concludes by commenting: “For days now, a cry has been reverberating around much of the British left: “If Trump can win, Corbyn can.” The comparison is dangerous and the electoral calculation so badly wrong that it can barely be serious, but the deep sentiment it expresses is right – only Corbynism, or a force like it, can beat the new far right. To win, the left cannot rely on some generalised moment of turmoil; it must build an electoral base the likes of which it has never built before, made not by triangulating but by the clarity of its vision and the strength of its ideas and activism. There is a way out of the nightmare of nostalgic nationalism – we do not yet know it to be true, but we have to believe it.”  JC will be able to rise above the nationalism of Trump and the dumb shmuk Fromage, but they can only do this by leaving the confines of the echo chamber. As Charley Allan writes, the left can only succeed with unity.



The change which society in UK is calling out for can be achieved, as Mearns writes: “We have a unique opportunity here. We have a leader who isn’t elite, doesn’t want to be, and never has been, can’t be bought and has a groundswell of support unrivalled anywhere. We too, want a move away from self-serving capitalism, from punishing those most vulnerable while allowing the wealthy to feather their increasingly lavish nests. Everything that those who vote UKIP here, and Trump in America want. We can be the answer here, but we can do it through coming together rather than division. The polls haven’t had a great time either in the last 18 months, the Labour Party also sit some way off in the polls, but the people I speak to and the constituents I meet are crying out for a move towards collectivist policies, where those most able, bear the burden, rather than those most vulnerable. We can achieve this together, but we need to start now to get the message out. Who we are, what we stand for and most importantly what we can do for people who have been downtrodden by austerity. We could have a general election next May, it could be our Trump moment, to defy the polls, defy the establishment, and bring some compassion back into Westminster politics. We can make that happen, but the work must start now!”




Brilliant Ward is able to see the problems of both the left and right. Here he writes of the Tories: “The neocon wing of the Conservative Party lives in a bubble made from, if anything, even thicker and more frosted material. It too is driven by past, discredited glories: ‘no turning back….even if we’re heading over a cliff’. Time after time we see private sector animals ripping off the State and mistreating “clients”, but the likes of Hunt, Fallon and Johnson will apologise for their behaviour. They watch as all the tenets of Friedmanite Thatcherism are disproven – that wealth doesn’t trickle down and markets often don’t make the right decision – but still they insist fine tuning is all their religion needs. They observe the bubbles in assets and derivatives being created by pointless austerity, low rates and banking malpractice….and then defend the absence of jail sentences or tangible results. Over and over, they demand an end to ‘banker bashing’ – but go quiet when the next calumny is revealed.”



While bore Owen Smith used to repeat that change only happens when political parties are in power, this is not at all true as the wonderful blog Sodium Haze writes: “… rather than taking the powerful at their (retrospective and self-justifying) word, a more accurate explanation of the process of positive change is highlighted by Tony Benn’s famous dictum: “It’s the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you’re mad, then dangerous, then there’s a pause and then you can’t find anyone who disagrees with you.” Of course, being in power is preferable to not being in power. Far more change is obviously possible when one is in control, when it can be planned, co-ordinated and sustained. Those attempting to force change from the outside do not have control of the process, the timing or the details.  However, it is important not to underestimate the power of social movements and activism — the power of “ordinary” people to create real, long-lasting change. Indeed, with Donald Trump likely to be in the White House for the next four years it is essential this hopeful understanding of political change is widely understood and acted upon. The signs are promising: with Trump reviled and distrusted by a large section of the US public, it is likely there will be a much-needed resurgence of progressive activism following the unjustified lull during the Obama administration. Trump is dangerously unpredictable, so making predictions about his foreign policy is difficult, US dissident Noam Chomsky noted in a recent interview. However, he ended on a note of optimism: “What we can say is that popular mobilisation and activism, properly organised and conducted, can make a large difference.”


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