The Establishment are still quaffing champagne, but with only a 36.9%  vote share its a crying shame that these shlemiels are returned to break Britain.  The return of evil fascist IDS to welfare, to over seeing the £12000000000 of cuts to welfare has become a grim reality rather than a nightmare. While these shmendriks break Britain, it is to be hoped that out of the melting pot something will emerge. The people of UK were given a brief voice, but they weren’t paying attention, and now we will have to pay for this gross infraction. So we will all have to see the final putrid stretches of shit creek, so the UK we used to say was Great is now to be reduced by greedy bastards into being an example to the rest of humanity. But we don’t give in, cause we are British, even while the shameless khazers are pushing Fester McVile into the House of Posh Fuck.  Yes, UK is about to become some living hell. But like the privileged will say – we are not Yazidis facing the marauding ISIS hoardes, we are not facing the imminent assault of Boko Harem, we are not forced into the extensive murderous torture tunnels of the North Korean regime, but the poor in UK now face an imminent humanitarian crisis nonetheless. Just as millionaire toff Lord Young used to say you’ve “never had it so good” despite the “so-called recession”, and it sounded like the putz was living on an alternate universe, we are now in the maelstrom. The problem is that when we get to this illusionary void we’re all gonna find its some kind of hell. A long very sharp shock has now become as necessary as the Pasokisation of Labour.  Even still, there are voices telling Labour it has to go more to the right, that Miliband was too left wing. Its getting the millionaire shmuk Lord Mandelson in a lather.


When we look at the Filth regrouping, when we see how shlemiel Michael Gove is brought back in, and how Chris Grayling is moved, it makes us feel numb with frustration and rage. They call this licking our wounds, but we should never forget the truly gargantuan mess inherited by the Filth. They can ululate now in their mansions in south east england, but the anaemic recovery will vanish rapidly once the shit house goes up in flames, once the heralded global financial collapse makes money worthless. Disgusting DC talked in November 2014 about the red flashing lights that warned of a global economic crisis appearing on his dashboard – he said that being a neoliberal thug was the only way to deal with the world.  The grim bastards have completely forgotten that a fixation on the mending the bloody roof ensures that the foundations crumble.  The question we have to ask ourselves now is how many omni-shamble budgets will have to pass before Osborne stops saying “competence rather than chaos”, and how many poor people will die before there is an epiphany and the stretched middle realises they are the crushed bottom. 
The last five years were the race to the bottom, but even at the bottom I have seen brilliant decent people, in fact one thing which enthuses me no end in these dark times is how some people shine. Its brilliant, its actually inspiring, take last Saturday. I am impressed by the rage of the demo outside Tory headquarters,  but there were more than 300 coppers in Walthamstow, where the people stopped the EDL scum from marching up Forest Road E17, there were helicopters for the 30 fascists. They did not pass. About 1000 Walthamstowites stood by the entrance to Waltham Forest College. The people of Walthamstow danced to reggae as the rascists were turned back, my PA grooved with a vicar.  The huge police presence probably cost £50000 to lay on, you would think Inspector Knacker could be better employed evicting poor people from their houses, or covering up rich paedos. But we cannot be too hard on the cops because they can be brave, they have been badly mistreated by this government, they are a part of our fight. When policemen are not corrupt, when they are not fighting for austerity, cops can be decent, fair and compassionate. The officers we have become familiar with though have been covering up sickly paedophile dungeons in south London, where rogue police officers raped and tortured children and murdered Jill Dando.  But the government don’t give a damn about people, money trumps every other consideration when you are a neoliberal thug. Its no wonder that Welsh force, Gwent Police has announced it plans to scrap a highly praised sexual offence unit as it faces a deficit of £18.9m by 2018/19. The Onyx unit was launched in April 2009 but the force said disbanding the specialist unit, which won praise from then-Attorney General Dominic Grieve and Solicitor General Edward Garnier in 2011, will help make necessary savings
At their glacial rate, the investigation of the paedophile rings at the heart of Westminster are still some distance from exposing the culprits. So far the British public have only had a few morsels like Rolf Harris and Max Clifford. The police will be complicit in these, such as the cover up of the murder of the mamzer Leon Brittan.  Nonetheless police deserve some sympathy because of the monstrous cuts inflicted on them by the Tory filth. While Old Bill lavishes the dosh on a few disgruntled racists making nazi salutes in Walthamstow, every single police force is now being made to make major budget cuts.  As there are still years of cutting to go, it leaves us to imagine the skeletal end result – its a bit like piranas with a (cash) cow, stripping the carcass, crumbs of detritus falling from their engorged faces. Balancing the deficit means repeatedly stuffing the feeding trough. The policing experts know we are going up shit creek without a paddle. Gwent’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Ian Johnston said the scale of planned cuts has not “been understood by the public or politicians”. His force is facing a deficit of £18.9m by 2018/19.  Its got the seething fascists at the Daily Express warning of problems ahead, with evil Teresa May warning that there could be a integration of emergency services – police, fire and ambulance – to save dosh. I am confused by what she means – everyone knows if they get a heart attack then they need an ambulance and not a fire engine. With so many cuts, I can’t see police managing to stop austerity demos.  The shit dreks will have to bring in the army every time, though that might be difficult as they are also facing the chop. These police cuts will have very serious implications in the maelstrom now ahead.
I am using this blog to egg on Charlotte Church, she might be giving nebbish Katie ‘cockroach’ Hopkins a punch in the gob soon.  Go for it Charlotte.
If the people had been paying attention, they could have avoided the maelstrom. Foul DC hardly thinks a day ahead at a time, he does not care whats coming. Neoliberals are vandals, who don’t give a fuck about the future of UK. Yes, they are good at talking, but words are irrelevant when we reclassify poverty.  When we tell people with degenerative conditions that they are fit to work it does not make life improve for them. But the people of UK will have a long time to ponder this. Of course the people can stop this at any time by taking to the streets en masse, but before that can happen we will have to enter the part of the maelstrom where there is no longer any control. Where everything is deteriorating rapidly. To the part which is the dark, savage, brutal finale, where the far left is finally given a voice.

2 thoughts on “Maelstrom

  1. Glen Grant-Muller says:

    Downing pens and tools would be far better than shoe leather.
    You might not have marge on your bread and tap water can be expensive but people would not be physically hurt.
    Let’s use lateral thinking across the nation.

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