Neck and neck

As we reach the final week before the people speak the polls are neck and neck, Labour and the Tories have never been so close and so low. A recent meeting of the nebbishes Borisconi and Red Ed is symbolic of this as they both talk over each other, until Andrew Marr tells them to “shut up”.  As the DUP becomes more prominent, the bigoted remarks of Jim Wells are memorable,  particularly following the words of brilliant OJ.  The DUP politicians are aggrieved by the handling of Scotland by the Tories, its causing them to get jittery at the thought of a coalition with the Filth.   While Scottish Labour face wipeout,  champagne socialist Red Ed adds to his substantial weakness by saying there can never be any deal with the SNP, not in any shape or form.  For all the rhetoric, Red Ed is so out of touch that he is deeply embarrassed that Unite helped him win against Red Dave but he still has to beg the STUC for support Red Len believes there could be a situation where the SNP and Labour work together: “It’s not about the jury being out [on the progressive credentials of the SNP], it’s about us understanding what’s being said, watching the leadership debates – Ed Miliband has been impressive, Nicola Sturgeon has been impressive, others less so – but you’ve got to wait and see what the dice say and then critically look at how you can best defend working people.”  Red Len will not admit it in public, but he could see this situation coming after the Falkirk debacle Sturgeon is saying that after the GE, Red Ed will have to change his mind, and it is mathematically correct that to get a coalition of the left they will be included.


While the current government dehumanises the poor people with nothing cannot look to the shmuck Red Ed. Red Ed has faced countless open goals in the last five years, and on every single occasion he cannot score, all he can do is scratch his bollocks. Its no surprise that the schlemiel is so against the SNP given the Labour record in Scotland. Prior to the Scottish referendum Red Ed was happy to ignore Scotland, he was smug that nothing would change. Red Ed foolishly thinks that the Lib Dems will form a coalition with Labour. But Nick Clegg’s been talking up his chances, the Lib Dem has his head so far up his arse, he refuses to accept there could be a Lib Dem wipe out. Lib Dems talk about 25 seats at the GE, but they are heading for zero. Clegg will never admit he’s a dead man walking, the schmo even has the temerity to say he will not quit as Lib Dem leader if there is a wipe out. The Scottish people will no longer accept the Labour lies.  The poles may be closer than they have ever been, but any faith in labour or the liberals has gone. A commentator of this close contest is the stalwart Michael Meacher, who analyses that Labour will have to do a deal with a smaller party if it wants a majority. No one will speak of the awful Grand Coalition. 

It may be neck and neck but there is uncertainty ahead in the formation of the next government.  It could be down to the Welsh political barometer, where UKIP is on 13% and Plaid is on 12%.   Lib Dems trail UKIP and Plaid in Wales.  It is unlikely that Borisconi will make an impact considering his current form.  The schlub may be brutally dismissive of the ‘mental health lobby’ but has been brain washed with the notion that the Tory leadership is in the bag.  

The extraordinary close polls confirm the truth of the excellent blogger Tina Louise: “The current system of government is not about you and me, is not about people, society, community or family. We have a lot to do but I am more determined now than ever, that we cannot stop until we seize back control of our democracy, from the ‘system’ of government operating it.”  Either way, after the GE there will be a great deal of soul searching.  It is a feature of the General Election campaigns of UKIP, Labour, Lib Dem and Tories that they will not discuss the issues of the social care crisis, the homelessness crisis, the crisis of legal aid, the crisis of council tax, the crisis of teaching, the crisis of the police, the crisis of the fire brigade and the crisis which will be created by fracking. There are so many crises caused by the Filth, they cannot all be listed. Tory plans do not add up but Labour plans are also vague But change is coming, in the words of Johnny Void:  “But the mood is changing.  People are fucking sick of the rich and they are starting to show it.  What happened in Brixton – and is happening on estates across London where tenants are taking direct action to protect their homes – is just the beginning.  When people have little left to lose they will fight fucking hard.  Be ready, and be out on the streets, because political change can happen in a heartbeat.”    This election should be about the huge inequality now in UK, with the 1000 richest people worth £547000000000.

The propaganda machine has succeeded in making the Tories and Labour neck and neck. Brilliant Meacher explains the Tory propaganda machine: “How does the Tory propaganda machine manage to ingratiate such whopping lies into people’s minds?    It is partly by disciplined repetition of these falsehoods on every available occasion in the mass media till the ignorant are beguiled into thinking it must be true.   It is partly by the lamentable failure of the Labour party to  contest these lies and to vigorously argue the truth in their place.   It is partly because the Tory lies fit naturally into the ideology of market fundamentalism which originated with Thatcher-Reagan and which the Left in the West has tragically not yet buried.   And it is partly because of the toxic influence of the Tory tabloids which are not newspapers in the proper sense of the word but propaganda machines in their own right.   One major objective of the coming Labour government must be to change this multiple bias by ruling on a right of reply, requiring all owners of newspapers to be British and to live in Britain, and changing the pattern of ownership away from private oligarchs to public trusts subject to a balanced code of impartiality.”  In the words of outstanding Chen:” It took the Labour Party more than a year to decide that the bedroom tax was a travesty and even longer to challenge the Tory narrative about the deficit, which has now set like concrete and for which you’d now need the equivalent of a political pneumatic drill to break through the lies accreted during the past five years. This election should have been a walk-over after the cruelty, theft and vandalism of the Tory/LibDem Coalition.”

Neck and neck

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