Descent to a living hell

As we enter the final week before the General Election, the campaigns are entering critical phases, but the media are now very closely in step with the Tories, there is nothing between them, they are like a well oiled machine, pumping out lies for the government, talking about SNP illegitimacy, forcing Red Ed to trip.  As the filth get ready to coup weak Labour seem powerless to stop them. Professor Krugman talks about the governments austerity agenda with far more wisdom and humour than the Filth can muster, concerning the temporary stop of austerity by Gideon and its effect: “Krugman says the government has falsely sought to claim that the economy’s recovery was due to austerity when in fact recovery only began once the coalition adopted a less aggressive approach to deficit reduction in 2012. A one-off tightening of fiscal policy (raising taxes or cutting spending) would produce a one-off hit to the economy, not a permanent reduction in the growth rate, he says. “A return to growth after austerity has been put on hold is not at all surprising. As I pointed out recently, if this counts as a policy success, why not try repeatedly hitting yourself in the face for a few minutes? After all, it will feel great when you stop.””  So what does Red Ed do? He goes to the house of iconic Russell Brand, which makes filthy DC sneer.  The useless toff would rather hang out with malignant Katie Hopkins, or fatuous nebbish Jeremy  ‘shoot the strikers in front of their children’ Clarkson. Its making the elitist commentators lampoon repulsively.  Can Russell Brand make a difference? I think he can, but then I am always hopeful. Opinions are divided.  


Ordinary people are forced to fight capitalism head on, as greedy filthy rich shmendriks gentrify their areas, and show no regard for decent people trying to survive and make ends meet.  But if the Tories get back in then everyone knows it will get a whole lot worse, everyone knows it will become a living hell. Meanwhile UKIP are losing support in their target seats.   The question is can UKIP survive until the election before imploding? The implications for the Welsh vote are enormous – polling for Wales shows how voters for UKIP are distorting the votes of the Labour, Greens and Plaid.  Without UKIP Plaid would be on the brink, not so much of nationalism but of having a bigger voice in Westminster:  But everyone should worry because we are not even half way through on our journey to the human hell hole, in the words of Watt and Wintour: “The Tories have a “secret plan” to cut tax credits and child benefit that would lead to 7.5 million families losing £760 a year, the Labour leader claimed. He also said the armed forces, social care and neighbourhood policing would be cut, saying the chancellor, George Osborne, had a £58bn hole in his finances to fill through cuts.”  
Looks like its going to be the brick for USA.   But will the English ever reach for the brick? The welfare ‘reforms’ are hurting the most vulnerable, so to be blunt, this is about social conscience. While Plaid Cymru, The Greens, Respect and the SNP still have one, its a shame that timid Red Ed has forgotten his, while the Lib Dems have become a void with platitudes. Don’t bother looking for any conscience from Tories. Tories hate people who care about anyone else, Tories have no shame, Tories are vermin. Tories are a cancer that is eating at society. Can Labour really claim to have a social conscience while adhering to austerity? When Red Ed scratches his bonce and wonders why he isn’t getting more votes from ordinary people,  the reason why should be obvious. In the words of Gillian Guy, the Chief Executive of the Citizens Advice Bureau: “For people at the sharp end of reforms, the combined impact of welfare upheaval and the unprecedented economic downturn has felt like a whirlwind. Localising Council Tax support led to 87 per cent more people asking for our help with bills. The extra squeeze on household budgets has led to increasing numbers of people seeking emergency help with everyday essentials. The chaos and confusion caused by reforms to emergency financial assistance mean many people at their wit’s end are being sent from pillar to post to put food on the table.”  50000 poor people have now been shipped out of London with London taking the biggest hit from the welfare cuts imposed by the Filth. Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “It’s shocking to see in black and white the sheer volume of homeless families being uprooted and sent miles away from their local area. Imagine losing your home and then being forced to pack your bags and wave goodbye to schools, jobs, and everyone you know – this is the reality for thousands of families in London.  It’s the housing shortage that has created this crisis, and the only way to escape it for good is for the next government to build the affordable homes we so desperately need.”  Despite this, despite the disgusting rhetoric, Tories are hiding behind their shield of decency. Take the Tory bastard Andy Bingham (High Peak). His newsletter (30-04-15) reads “In the last week, as well as talking to people on the doorsteps I spent part of Saturday night and Sunday morning out in Glossop with the newly formed Glossop Street Pastors. They are a group of people from the local churches who speak and help to people near night time venues who may be in distress or experiencing problems. I accompanied the Pastors from 10pm until 2am on Saturday night to offer them my support and see the work they are doing. They are clear that their role is to ‘care, listen and offer practical help’ to people who may need it. I was hugely impressed that they are prepared to give up their Saturday nights to perform such a worthwhile task as volunteers.” Yes – its what the poor people of High Peak really needed as they lay freezing in a cardboard box – a visit from the local putz. Under the Tories disability equates to poverty.   
Both hated Farage and loathed Clegg are on course to lose.  Working class people can feel no sympathy for the fact that UKIP is shafted by the electoral system and by its own poor ground game.  While vile Mr Farage insulted the intelligence of the working class by grinning non stop while holding a pint and smoking a fag, he quickly loses his bloody bonhomie when he doesn’t like the media representation, and has asked Old Bill to investigate the BBC over Have I Got News for You.  The sourness is a sign Mr Farage is wilting without the continuous media spotlight, but its hard to feel sympathy for the bastard when he sticks up for wretched meshugenner Katie ‘cockroach’ Hopkins.  The electoral map of UK is now compounded by the SNP in Scotland with the nebbish Murphy throwing in the towel.  Murphy’s campaign has been a complete failure.   As a result of the Scottish landslide it is also possible that there is the revolutionary Grand Coalition, where Tories and Labour unite to prevent Scotland from having a voice. The likelihood of this possibility is rarely discussed by commentators. The Vent will not be discussing this until it happens, if it does happen, its a last resort of the Westmonster. The very thought of the Scottish people having a voice in Westmonster has provoked a reaction from bumptious bupkis Borisconi: “Every single policy of Ed Miliband and his lot is precisely calibrated to divide society, to foster a sense of injury and injustice. We want to heal any sense of injury and injustice, to bring society together.” This must be why the bastard has devastated London.
So its a question which all people in England and Wales and Northern Ireland need to ask – what happened to our social conscience when ordinary citizens are so easily incited by propaganda filth? When we won the second world war, it was not for this. The reality is that disgusting DC is not some evil genius. To achieve what he has achieved took eight years of meticulous slog. The grim bastard had to hug hoodies, he had to trudge in the Arctic with huskies, he had to murder the so-called compassionate conservatism. He had to repeat lies again and again meticulously without his mask falling off – its no easy feat for a fuckwit – ask Borisconi. But dirty DC is an educated man, he can be disciplined, it took years to gather fuckwits like Jeremy Cunt, IDS, Grayling, Gideon and Gove. To quote Dr Duffy: “Despite its obvious moral failings there is something fascinating about this Government. Somehow they have worked out how to exploit the worst in our natures – our prejudices, our false assumptions and our fears. We have submitted to all the cuts, all the unfairness and all the craziness – because it somehow seems inevitable, even necessary.  There is nothing necessary about austerity. It is unjust, bad economics and deeply confused. As an Englishman I find it hard to believe that the country I love will choose to repeat this. Increasingly I find myself agreeing with Russell Brand and the thesis of his great film The Emperor’s New Clothes. Whatever happens at this election we owe it to ourselves and to each other to find new forms of collective action and to make sure -things must change.”

Descent to a living hell

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