mit emoi meli miti melissa (recites bumptious bum Borisconi)

No one will be sad that the chief mamzer Rupert Murdoch is losing his grip on Breadline Britain.  While it is ironic given that the digger vaunted Scottish Nationalism in his role of chief puppet master – eg,  the idea of the SNP in a coalition with Labour, the PC, The Greens and the SDLP is terrifying the tories.  Its even getting octogenarian fascist Norman Tebbit calling for the unthinkable – for Tory voters in Scotland to vote Labour, anything to prop up the establishment.  A similar theme has been taken up by boring ganuf Sir Malcom Rifkind.  At this rate we could see the extraordinary sight of the dark revolutionary grand coalition. Its got ghastly Sarah Vine aka Mrs Gove in a lather, a recent tweet was: “They will unite with Sturgeon – and take power. The north and then Scotland will then leech of [sic] us until we die. Might as well just open a vein and let them have it all now. This country will be a communist dictatorship.”  A consensus is starting to emerge that a so-called rainbow coalition could work
With spectacular irony its even got the feral bankers at Morgan Stanley shouting about how if there was such a coalition there would be an early rise in bank interest rates.  The giant vampire squid on the face of huanity, Goldman Sachs is also joining the sordid display, this time though its fear of Labour as well as the SNP.  The advice of detested bastards Goldman has been laughed at by  economist James Meadway , who says: “Listening to Goldman’s for advice on how to run the economy is like listening to Dracula on how to run a blood bank.” 
Senior Tories are now so scared they are now prepared to wheel out bumptious buffoon Borisconi as a kind of weapon of last resource. Its amazing how many people see the shit drek and instantly turn to drivelling morons. The thought of the kucker running amok is visible in the beeds of perspiration on the foreheads of Labour strategists, not. Disgusting DC is trying to portray the illusion that everything is OK, and even has the chutzpah to lecture Labour about the poor, here is some Daily Heil: “He accused Ed Miliband and Ed Balls of having ‘some brass neck’ by attacking the Tories for failing the poor, adding: ‘Don’t you dare lecture us on poverty…. True compassion isn’t giving people a benefits cheque – it’s giving them a chance.’” Disgusting DC made these comments after it emerged that a million people now use food banks.  The Tories are now a moral void, yet filthy DC is happy to call the wee eyk a thief.  Time and again Tories have shown they are unfit to govern.  Yellow nebbish Danny Alexander is now making no mystery of the ‘spine chilling’ cuts to welfare that the Tory filth want to make.
Borisconi can waffle Sapphic poetry in Greek (hence the title of this blog),  but the feral toff has no handle on the poor children with disabilities being shoved to the very margins of society by the gross betrayal of super pierick DC.  In the electoral battle of South Thanet the toffs will use Borisconi to fight Farage.  But the bumptious bum-hole Borisconi can clown as much as he likes, the people are starting to realise that Tories are bastards, even nebbish Paddy Ashdown is spitting fire
In every conceivable area, the filth are seriously devastating UK, whether it is the privatisation of Dartmoor National Park, or the ghastly incinerator planned for Corby, Northants. Here we have some lines from stalwart Andy Sawford in his campaign diary (21-04-15): “On Saturday I attended a protest against the proposed waste gasification plant at Brookfield. I share the very serious concerns that local people have about Corby becoming a destination for waste processing from a huge area of the country. There is also a large waste plant that has been approved at Shelton Road. These proposals have been approved at Northants County Council with seemingly little scrutiny or thought for the impact on Corby and East Northants.” No surprise there then Andy? Fuck all the people, its about money, money trumps every other consideration. The people are fighting this abomination.
Amonst the incompetence from the Filth, a special place has been given to the poorest at the sharpest end, charted by Kate Belgrave in all its shocking cruelty: eg and now by a number of campaigners. Reading a blog by these decent, courageous people, gives me the rage. Its a rage which noone can feel at the same time as admiring the comedy of Borisconi. This video from Dorset clearly shows what is happening.  Contrastingly Jamie Reed from Labour is not inspiring confidence.
I support the police, but it is difficult though for people fighting the government to support the police, and yet it is the case that the Tory Filth have given our forces the greatest crisis. The feral rich have systematically attacked the police, the changes made by the Coalition will have a huge impact on the police after the General Election. In the words of former Met Det Chief Insp Peter Kirkham, signed by 1000 policing professionals: “We are astonished that issues of policing, crime and disorder have been almost entirely ignored by all parties of the GE campaign. The public should be aware of the fact that the police service is perilously close to collapse when they make their choice.”  Its going to be complete chaos, in fact its a domino which could easily fall, when the probation mess hits. It looks like the crisis could be second domino to crash at the impact of the first, the first is caused by the impact of the probation service, prison and legal aid cuts. Nervous Tories are having to keep secret about upcoming cuts.    All the cuts of the Establishment have now become political. The IFS, the Institute of Fiscal Studies has further confused the picture with an analysis showing the SNP are as Austerity Light as Labour, despite the rhetoric.  Disabled people are right to fear where the Tory axe will fall, but at least the SNP will plough money back into the poor of UK and help to reopen the ILF.
But this does not have to happen. There is an opportunity now that the shmuck with the beer is going down that there could be a very British revolution UKIP are now slipping so much,  a UKIP implosion could be on the cards. In the words of Professors Jennings and Stoker: “Ukip must live and die by the rules of populism. Those rules predict a surge followed by a slump as scandals, exposure of political self-interest and failures of delivery take their toll.” 
mit emoi meli miti melissa (recites bumptious bum Borisconi)

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