Flushing and knitting

As we wait grimly for the implosion, and the filth take a lead in the opinion polls, we have to acknowledge that it may not occur until after the general election. Lord Ashcroft’s latest mega-poll is looking like the SNP have broken through in Scotland.
The paedophilia scandal has now snowballed, its become something more, something which is primed to blow the lid off the whole disgusting Establishment. No one can say if Lord Brittan was murdered, certainly the allegations against him are severe. Campaigning MPs Mann, Danczuk and Watson are on the case, I have confidence they will see that justice is served, even while the Establishment does there best to ignore what they don’t want to see. Lord Brittan’s catalogue of depravity is sordid.  Meanwhile playboy Prince Andrew is still protesting his innocence:   Every time the toff protests he inadvertently shines a limelight on how useless he is.
Applications for welfare assistance went up in Scotland by 33% last year. Yet another stricken grandad is told to sign on and look for the work. The poor chap had a stroke, brain damage, depression and diabetes, he cannot sign anything, angry MPs are slamming the latest cruel trick from nebbish IDS, when he talked a load of shit about numbers of single bedroom properties that did not exist. While the government are unlikely to quake in their shoes over calls by PCS for an inquiry into the effects of setting sanctioning targets, we learn that at least 100 mentally ill people are being sanctioned daily and whistle blowers have shown the disgraceful poisonous environment where people are set up from day one: “Managers at both district level and in the local office created a culture which encouraged staff to view the customer (benefit claimant) as an obstacle to performance. The Jobcentre operations became wholly performance led. Sanctions of customers were encouraged by managers daily, with staff being told to look at every engagement with the customer as an opportunity to take sanction action. I was personally told by a manager to “agitate” and “inconvenience” customers in order to get them to leave the register. The staff performance management system was used inappropriately in order to increase submissions to the Decision Maker and therefore to increase sanctions on customers. Senior HR managers condoned this behaviour by refusing to issue guidelines on appropriate time limits on performance, which encouraged managers to look at short-term targets above staff development, fairness to customers and appropriate behaviour as set out in the departments own values.” The job centre staff should stop being so bloody smug as they do their disgusting work, driving the poor into destitution. As a family is made homeless every eleven minutes,   job centre staff will note that one day all their jobs will be pawned off by their toff paymasters:  There are no two ways about it, sanctions of benefits are a very shit way to control poor people, they are an obscene disgrace inflicted by a government of bastards, they directly lead to mentally ill people committing suicide.  Whatever way the nasty party dresses it up, cuts kill. The cuts will hit the mainstream when they destroy the NHS.
The rotten core of the apple exposed by the expenses scandal is credited with with permanently tarnishing the reputation of the House of Common Fuck, among many, it even revealed the the greedy face of evil sanctimonious bastard Grayling.   Grayling has shown himself up repeatedly recently, his nadir was with his misleading judicial review.   Its no wonder that the sociopath Grayling has been condemned by an ex tory mp and a barrister as “off his trolley” and as a “shit which will have to be flushed” from office after the election.   The learned gentleman is incorrect, it will take more than a flush to get rid of the shit – like IDS Grayling is a floater. If Borisconi becomes PM Grayling is bound to be a minister, in the deepening crisis the seething Tory will run out of excuses for his Probation fiasco. This is detailed in the brilliant blog Probation Matters by Jim Brown. On Wednesday 28-01-15 we have: “Meanwhile the Justice Secretary continues to desperately try and shift any responsibility for creating dangerous chaos within the prison estate. He recently gave a speech blaming the increase in violence and suicides on drugs of all kinds”. Jim Brown is totally disgusted by the sanctions regime and how bad it has become, “Benefit sanctions are an amateurish, secret penal system which is more severe than the mainstream judicial system, but lacks its safeguards. It is time for everyone concerned for the rights of the citizen to demand their abolition.”   On Thursday 29-01-15 we learn again how deeply messed up the new system is.  At the end of it all the cocknugget Grayling thinks he will walk away from the carnage to his millionaire mansions scot free.
Rachel Reeves has more power to change the lives of the disadvantaged than boring bastard Tristram Hunt, but Rachel has rapidly surpassed Tristram as the most useless member of the weak Labour front bench. More even than Tristram she can single handedly lose the general election for Labour
An anticipated area which the government have done their very best to silence are charities. All charities are now ordered to keep quiet or they will lose lucrative government contracts. Here are some words from Dr Mike Aiken who is a specialist in the voluntary sector “Voluntary services are confronted by implicit, or explicit, pressures to ‘say less and do more’; they face gagging clauses in contracts which threaten to stop them advocating and campaigning; the provisions in the so-called Lobbying Act, passed in January 2014, create an atmosphere in which it is difficult to speak out”.  The new charities minister is the patronising cock Brooks Newmark MP of Braintree, he lectures the people of UK: “We really want to try and keep charities and voluntary groups out of the realms of politics. 99.9 per cent do exactly that. When they stray into the realm of politics that is not what they are about and that is not why people give them money. The important thing charities should be doing is sticking to their knitting and doing the best they can to promote their agenda, which should be about helping others.” 
Dr Sarah Wollaston is that rare breed –  a ‘sensible conservative’.  She’s not the only Tory getting queasy about the cuts to housing benefit for people aged 18-21;  someone who actually knows about young people and housing benefit is Paul Noblet, head of public affairs at youth homelessness charity Centrepoint,  who writes “The 80,000 young people who find themselves homeless will think David Cameron is more focused on May’s elections than the reality that, for the most vulnerable young people in our society, housing benefit is a lifeline, not a lifestyle choice.”    Filthy DC cannot wait to turf the youth on the streets but hey – its only fair, so that the bloated elite do not have to make a contribution to the mess they created with their reckless casino capitalism. Dirty DC loves to talk about being fair One of the new reforms hailed as “fair” by filthy DC is the reduction of the useless benefit cap from £26000 to £23000, its about social cleansing, single parents will bear the brunt of this brutal and stupid reform. The benefit cap affects only a small amount of people (27000) and doesn’t raise much money (£100000000), its a corker from bastard IDS.
The anti-establishment establishment party UKIP have not got their act together, they have no manifesto, its been a cock-up.  Meanwhile Newport UKIP are in turmoil after its chairman tries to rid the party of EDL sympathisers.  But someone has to speak for the bigots of UK like Matthew Richardson.   Talking of bigots, the UKIP organiser for Hampshire has been exposed as a violent criminal, who slashed a man’s face with a bread knife and absconded to Spain to avoid ABH charges.  The UKIP candidate for Bromsgrove has come out as a seething racist labelling mixed race couples ‘a plague‘. As soon as UKIP forms a coalition with the Tories and there is the demise of the NHS, we will begin the ‘end game’. For now, no matter which way the bigots turn they will always show their ugly faces, they could be an important factor in a powerful Green surge.
Snide bastard George Osborne would love to fast track fracking. Sensing a short term monetary gain, the neoliberal thug, the seventh baron of Ballylemon is urging everyone involved to hurry, to make it their “personal priority” to ruin the country. While filthy DC talks about “going all out for shale gas” its the fracking industry bosses at the heart of the coalition that are pulling the strings. Fracking is a doubled edged sword, fracking will greatly add to the people’s hatred for the 1%. It seems that Scotland will avoid the excesses of fracking.
In a sign of desperationEngland’s biggest hospitals are refusing to sign off their annual budget deal with the NHS, claiming that the £1700000000 of cuts involved will mean they can no longer guarantee the safe care of patients.  But stay calm, don’t worry, there are places where a crisis in the NHS does not exist, like the January Newsletter of Tory MP Nicky Morgan. Polly Toynbee meanwhile reports: “Trying to duck the crisis, in PMQs Cameron keeps blustering in sham shock that Ed Miliband said he’d “weaponise” the NHS. “Yes,” Miliband should have said, “of course – look what you’ve done to it”, before reeling off the damning statistics: almost £4bn wasted on a re-disorganisation whose full disintegrating effects are only beginning to be felt. More than 50,000 beds have been cut when need is rising – Germany has 8.27 beds per 1,000 people, while the UK now only has 2.95; a severe cut of 7% in social care has caused a rise in bed blocking as hospitals can’t let out old people with no care at home – that’s why A&Es are blocked with no beds to admit new patients. “
It is impossible to qualify the effects of Greece leaving the Euro, different experts say very different things. The expert Mark Weisbrot of America’s Centre for Economic and Policy has this view on a Greek exit from the Euro: “while Greece would experience a severe financial shock if it crashed out of the bloc, the pain would be relatively short-lived and soon give way to an export-led boom as a result of its new terms of trade. This is the scenario which keeps policymakers in Berlin and Brussels awake at night. The fear is not what will happen to financial markets (but) that Greece would , after an initial crisis, recover so much faster than the rest of the Eurozone that other countries will also want to exit” (I, 27-01-15). One day snide bastard ‘Guy Fawkes’ will be eating his words.
Tom Steele continues the narrative: “The election result in Greece is a massive threat to the establishment because it blows a big black hole in their rhetoric of “there is no alternative to their ideological austerity measures”, when quite clearly the people of Greece have demonstrated to the rest of the world that there is an alternative.  Establishment ruling classes fear that anti-austerity is an “idea whose time has come” and might just “wake up” enough of the masses in other western countries to their ideological scam and criminality, and by doing so, bring down their house of cards. The Bankers are panicking because these events shine a big bright spotlight on the criminal financial and banking system that creates mass poverty, ever increasing inequality and a few super rich elite crooks at the top, owning everything and everybody.” 
The most important thing about the affairs in Greece is that they are a sign that the neoliberal consensus is breaking. Trotsky understood revolution more than the bastards wielding the axe, he understood it has a dynamic of its own, that democracy can only take us so far: “There is a limit to the application of democratic methods. You can inquire of all the passengers as to what type of car they like to ride in, but it is impossible to question them as to whether to apply the brakes when the train is at full speed and accident threatens.”  Of course there are plenty of doomsayers who give multiple reasons why Greece will never achieve their aim.
A voice of reason is brilliant Carney, the Yank who is Bank of England Governor. Here’s what he said in Dublin on 28-01-15: “It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that, if the eurozone were a country, fiscal policy would be substantially more supportive, however, it is tighter than in the UK, even though Europe still lacks other effective risk-sharing mechanisms and is relatively inflexible.” Carney is astute, he knows something is up.   Carney can sense that the winds of change are moving.
The Condems are killing London, their poison reaches all areas, the toffs are even poshing up my neck of the woods, they call it Walthamstow Village. Now there is  “Amwell Village”, near the Pentonville Road, and “Marylebone Village”.  London now has ‘one of the most expensive wastelands in the world’ as billionaires buy up Bishops Avenue in Hampstead and leave them derelict. Bishops Avenue is home to benefit baiting bastard Richard Desmond who owns Express Newspapers.  One in five housing sales in London’s most exclusive areas are now to foreign buyers.  While 800000 people wait on housing lists, there are now 700 empty mansions in central london worth £3200000000: 
Here is another plug for the march for homes on Saturday
Flushing and knitting

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