The government know they are evil, but they know no shame. They even have the chutzpah to attack the archbishops. At this late stage the government is starting to lose control, we all could see it coming. Now we have the unedifying spectacle of filthy DC running in terror from TV debates, the toff from Bully knows he will be trashed by real socialists.  My guess is that filthy DC will find new reasons, new excuses. For now we have shameful sight of the monsters Javid, McVey and IDS, inflicting human rights atrocities on the vulnerable. Meanwhile we have a damning report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies which dispels the myth the cocknugget Osborne loves to disseminate that we are “all in it together”, its the kind of nonsense he will be posturing to the grim end. Now the abominable gagging bill is operating charities are now ‘frightened‘ to campaign. Dirty DC has made a mockery of social justice. Its a disgusting reality that people with depression and anxiety are bearing the brunt of the benefit sanctions:  Meanwhile dreadful firm Crapita are dumping scores of PIP assessors, they were taken on to remove the parlous backlog. The backlog at the moment is 287200, people at the worse time in their lives being denied support by a bunch of bloated bastards.
Shame on you Westminster with your top quality champagne, with your house flipping, with your bloated expenses, with your industrial scale paedophilia, with your ceaseless vilification of the poor and vulnerable, with your cynical lying as you flog of our every national asset to a bunch of cowboy privateers. 
Miliband had his chance. Now Syriza has swept to victory in Greece, the fight in UK has entered a further phase. It is not the final phases, which lie further up shit creek, we may have to go further than the Greek ship did, the Spanish ship, the Portugese or the Hungarian. What is clear is that at some time the UK left will have to stand up to the money men, but we may have to enter those deep putrid reaches first before the rage becomes mainstream. The British Lion could be close to roaring, certainly now Syriza have forced the way we are in new territory. To quote Alexis Tsipras: “Our common future in Europe is not the future of austerity.”  Filthy DC meanwhile tweets: “The Greek election will increase economic uncertainty across Europe. That’s why the UK must stick to our plan, delivering security at home.” The Syriza politician Varoufakis quoted Dylan Thomas on BBC4 radio on 26-01-15. He said the glimmer of light he says came on Sunday when the Greek electorate chose “to stop going gently into the night and to rage against the dying of the light.” Is UK approaching a glimmer? Small wonder that The Greens are now demanding a glimmer from the British electorate. Its no surprise that the super rich are become super nervous. While 16 Labour MPs have signed a statement calling for an end to austerity, urging Labour on a change of course, they are unlikely to be heeded. Its going to take the break down of Labour for the voiceless to have a voice. At this stage Labour either will have to bend to the left or lose numbers of MPs, in a race in which every MP will count, though there are signs they will bend to the left. Even while filthy DC is bleating on about the economic uncertainty of Greece leaving the Euro, the two faced bastard is talking about leaving Europe, but in contrast Red Ed has nothing to say.
While Tory Lord Brittan was able to escape from the paedophile allegations, the establishment are still desperately closing their ranks. Nonetheless a Salford academic has stumbled on a top secret file which could detail sex abuse by Establishment figures. Lord Brittan gave his guilt away in seven different ways. Even the way that Lord Brittan has died suggests a cover up. Lord Brittan has now been accused of ‘multiple child rape‘.
The police are very angry with the establishment. Austerity will be severe to the police, the front line will face ‘inevitable‘ cuts.  The government are so blinkered they think they can demand any cut and the British public will acquiesce. 
This born to rule government has so little regard for the decent ordinary people of UK that they think they can trample all over human rights. The idiots think they can close the Independent Living Fund, they think they can shove my community to the very margins of society, they sadistic bullies enjoy the misery they cause. 10600 sick and disabled people died in 2014 within six weeks of their claim ending.  MPs are now saying they are ‘horrified’ that four in five people who have the pittance of JSA sanctioned do not find work. Humiliation is a key to the enjoyment a bully feels, bullies enjoy petty power.
The shill Amjad Bashir has left UKIP, he defected to the tories, humorously told the Sunday Torygraph UKIP had become a “party of ruthless self-interest”, was “pretty amateur” and had a “ridiculous” lack of policies. It sounds as if UKIP are due to implode. As the truth behind UKIP slowly appears, the electorate are turning away from the racists. As brilliant Bernadette Horton writes: “Nigel Farage and his kind are chancers. UKIP is the ‘rice pudding party’. Once you get past the crust of the laddish charmer on top that is Farage, you have an interior of mad, sad and bad individuals that Farage is desperately trying to keep in line.”  
 Meanwhile the Labour pundits are saying 22 seats are now vulnerable to a Green surge.  Tories are now declaring The Greens are the loony left. The fact though is that the political dial has now swung so far to the right that no one seems to know what a real Left wing party is any more. The Greens have shaken the establishment, they fear it but they love the way labour is scared of them. The Labour nebbish Tristram Hunt loathes the Greens:“The Green party sell themselves as a new type of politics but when you look closely, they’re anything but modern – they’re more like a flashback to the 1970s than a vision of the future,” snorts the boring butt-hole. Here the Daily Mash satirizes the Green defence policy.
An area which the establishment have neglected yet again is Scotland, the ‘vow’ which the establishment rubbished will be coming to haunt them.
The ‘economic recovery’ which no one can feel unless they are bloated has led Tories to make outrageous claims. Esther McVile for example tweeted recently “Labour might not want to admit it but economic growth has created an employment boom“. The chill of austerity has evidently not touched the out of touch Tory millionaire Jacob Rees-Mogg, who demands the ‘highest quality of champagne‘ for the House of Posh Fuck. Tallyho. It comes at a time when bumbling bumptious bastard Borisconi is again reiterating his support for fox hunting.
During the protracted NHS meltdown the terrified establishment has to prop up the creaking institution. Years and years of sticking plasters, mean that a new sticking plaster can only do so much. Its a sign of how politically toxic the issue has become that the £240000000 Integrated Digital Care Fund was raided of £90000000 to give cash to the beleaguered A&E crisis. The UKIP health spokesperson has zero experience of the NHS, who contrasts with the urge to NHS privatisation of Farage.  Filthy DC has been out classed by Sturgeon on the NHS. Every week now the waiting times of the NHS are a cause for alarm as they miss their targets again and again. Its only so long until there is now a collapse. The mass murdering government caused 500 people to die in A&E last year, a figure which could be dwarfed by the end of the class war. At the same time money has just been poured down a gigantic drain, like the £4000000 wasted at Broadmoor including £80000 on a cafe which has never served a customer. Farage’s right hand man, Matthew Richardson talks with real affection about the NHS: “A number I couldn’t possibly imagine when I was younger is now the amount of money that is owed by my country… of course, at the heart of this, the Reichstag bunker of socialism, is the National Health Service. And that is why socialised health-care is so dangerous – because it is a ratchet. Once it is in place it is very, very hard to get rid of.” The Reichstag bunker was the air-raid shelter in Berlin which became the ­infamous heart of the Nazi regime at the end of the World War Two. It was where Hitler married Eva Braun in 1945 before the pair committed suicide.
Protesters are succeeding in stopping fracking. The government is now facing rebellion to its infrastructure bill, the thought of fracking in their constituencies at general election time is making the Tory MPs squirm. The neoliberal mafia only have short term objectives, but the environmental audit committee is trying to stop the process. Its an area the filth have had to U turn in.
The vent does not normally quote the nebbish d’Ancona, but he does sometimes hit the nail on the head as with his hilarious portrayal of IDS, D’Ancona writes of the 2015 General Election: “It is at least feasible that the 2015 election will be something quite different: a referendum on an entire political system, a bellow of anger rather than a traditional calculation about the team best suited to govern.” The UKIP by a savage irony could make the British lion roar. In its arrogance the Westminster establishment never dreamed that the lion would roar, they thought they could demand any price and the meek British public would lap it up with a sad face. Veteran anarchist Ian Bone has said on Facebook that he thinks there could be a second general election in October 2015 (Facebook 26-01-15), and this ties in with filthy DCs idea that there will be a second GE: “Extra fundraising is under way as a precaution in case there is a second election next year,” a Tory source said. “It is sensible contingency planning given the possibility of a hung parliament.
Something I as a blogger particularly enjoy is the way that decent moral people now shine as they perform acts which need celebration, they are a complete affront to the many fuckwits messing up UK. Numbers of people are working in the A&E without being paid just to make the system work. Fantastic heroes are now to be seen gathering outside the homes of cancer victims stopping evictions.
Here is another plug for the march for homes on Saturday. 

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