The Sharp End

I am not a Christian, unlike disgraceful hypocrites dirty DC, filthy IDS or nebbish Chope. Actually I am a humanist, but I have respect for the attitude of the Church of England to Welfare ‘Reform’. The Vent has often reported the words of the excellent blog Ekklesia. The many Bishops in the House of Posh Fuck tried to make a difference in the disgusting Welfare Reform debates. Years afterwards the CofE has heavy criticism of the government. Archbishop Sentamu and Archbishop Welby are brilliant, kind and decent men. In their total divorce from the shabby reality disgrace DC compares himself to Jesus, while IDS says he is like the slavery reforming Lord Shaftesbury. As Natalie Bennett  wrote: “How can you plan to continue to make the poor, the disabled and the disadvantaged pay for the fraud and errors of the bankers through the failed policy of austerity?” Its a question which is relevant to all the political parties. The public are losing enthusiasm for further spending cuts. They can no longer avoid seeing the sharp end, its starting make the British lion scratch its head.
Bullies stink of fear, an area which the establishment has tried its hardest to ignore is the paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster. Despite their best efforts at closing ranks, the perversion, the sordid evil of paedophilia on an industrial scale is being exposed. Like evil bastard Jimmy Saville, vile bastards were allowed to hide in the limelight because of their privilege and sense of entitlement. Only now are the abuse survivors smashing the wall of official silence. I am not the biggest fan of Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, but on this occasion he did well. The paedophile inquiry goes right to the top, it links even the Queen, for example at the Queen’s jubilee celebrations there was a paedo on the royal barge, and Charlie Windsor had links to Jimmy Saville, filthy DC did some covering up. Meanwhile playboy Prince Andrew is joining the elite at Davos-Klosters along with dick brain Osborne, the taxpayer coughs up £388000 to send delegates there. No matter how the establishment close ranks there is now the stink.
West Lancashire council has ended financial assistance for the vast majority of tenants hit by welfare cuts after spending most of its fund to provide emergency support. In documents assessing its financial performance, West Lancashire Council revealed discretionary housing payments (DHP) had ‘ceased for existing claimants’ in November. The move is the first known instance of a council halting DHP payments for most existing affected tenants. Although a number of other councils have also spent a large portion of their DHP allocation many have used their own resources to avoid removing DHP support. Its something they wont be able to do as the slowest car crash continues.  Local authorities were found to be on course to run out this financial year. The situation is scheduled to become much worse, but 34 councils spent less than 1/3 of their DHP. Tight councils like Epping Forest, Craven or Lichfield are – ‘living within their means‘ in the words of the toff dick brain DC.  The financial crisis enveloping local authorities is deepening, many local authorities are being pushed into a financial ‘black hole’ are unable to provide all kinds of services, but generally the worst off regions of the country have the biggest cuts. The cruel bastards in the government have wasted no time in their disgusting butchery, significant cuts have already been made to statutory adult social care and children’s services – with more cuts to come.
Labour are already preparing themselves for a coalition with the Tories.  Its disgusting that the WCA will definitely continue if Labour win the General Election.  Labour and the Tories now have so many similarities, its possible to predict a coalition. Just like the disgrace which was IDS’s retrogressive workfare bill, Labour have repeatedly voted with the Tories. Disabled people including me (again) met with Kate Green of Labour at Westminster on 19-01-15. We were there to talk about ILF which is now reopened in Scotland, possibly Northern Ireland and Wales is getting there. Kate Green followed the party line of nebbish Red Ed and repeated that she would not make a promise she could not keep. 
Women are at the sharp end of the collateral damage. Simple matters like menstruation become a major challenge to homeless women. It is disgraceful the way that the Coalition have treated women. In every aspect these toffs have acted to disempower women. Young people are also bearing a brunt of welfare ‘reform’, 380000 people under the age of 25 will be thrown off housing benefit after the general election.  While the toff is protecting the elderly purely because they will vote, he has only misery for young people. Almost a million people have now been disenfranchised by the ConDems, they have disappeared from the electoral role, which suited the government. Its a gigantic hole which Red Ed is just starting to realise. Its the invisible collateral damage of the class war which will bring down the whole shit house in the end, and is the tragedy at the eye of the storm. The collateral damage inflicted by the bloated elite on the poor people of Scotland will create Scottish independence and rightly so. All the fear mongers from Westminster can repeat are mantras about money. While the fuck wit Gideon likes to tell us we are on course to be the richest country in the world, its a scandal that there is now a ‘disenfranchised generation’. Lib Dems are now pretending that they had no involvement in this, but they will be held to account at the general election. It is easy for politicians to ignore young people, young people do not vote. Replacing nuclear weapons is much more important to Tories than the misery the state is inflicting on the vulnerable. New research has revealed a ‘huge overlap’ between homelessness, criminal convictions and drug use, these cases are heavily concentrated in northern cities, some seaside towns and a handful of central London boroughs. As the North South divide in UK grows ever larger we can dwell on how remarkable it is that so few bastards have ruined UK in so little time. We can then ruminate on how bad it could become.
Despite the fact that austerity has made Trident renewal very unfashionable,  the government always listens to the arms lobbyists.  You would think that the Establishment would be more careful with their cuts to the fire brigade around Aldermaston.
Universal Credit will combine with the Probation mess to create massive problems, but realisation of an incoming monumental fuck-up has not yet dropped with the privateers. Here’s a quote from the blog Probation Matters: “That’s a very good point, many wont get full housing benefit. Universal Credit is also becoming a big barrier, with many private landlords refusing to let because benefits are being paid to the tenant and not straight to the landlord. I have much sympathy for all the ‘victims’ that TR has made and is going to make in the future. But I really can’t wait for the day the penny drops for the privateers that are prepared to trade with human beings as commodities, when they realise just exactly what they’ve bought.”  

While the government treats disabled people as a pointless waste of space, a drain on resources, an excrescence to be robbed and then shoved to the extreme margins of society, ordinary people have a lowered tolerance of disabled people. Just like Richard Bridger, kicked out of his cinema for using a breathing machine. This government have decided disabled people are worthless, and as if to ram the point home bus drivers are no longer required to give priority to wheelchair users in the wheelchair space on public transport. If you are terminally ill and live in East of England then you can no longer expect a rapid ambulance response if you become ill, there has been rationing, 57 people have died so far as a consequence. 
Dirty DC pretends to care about the NHS in Wales, and makes the preposterous claim about Offa’s Dyke, claiming that it has become a line between life and death.  Filthy DC is most reprehensible when it comes to mental health. Claimants with mental health conditions represent a soft target for the sanctions regime. In Scotland they are lining up the defectives. Poor people now face stark choices. Still its nice that IDS shows signs of humanity.  The fuckwitted treatment of mental health survivors has been a hallmark of this appalling government. The way they have destroyed the mental health system in hospitals in UK is a disgrace.
The Greens are on the rise at an important time, their membership is now more than the Lib Dem or UKIP. While the Greens look into legal action over their absence from the debates, with their customary arrogance and ineptitude Labour figures like nebbish Tristram Hunt think that UKIP is the biggest threat. The Greens have thrown down the gauntlet to the other party leaders over their seeming exclusion from the televised election debates asking them: “What are you afraid of, boys?” with a poster campaign. Figures like Tristram Hunt are surprised that Labour are being outflanked to the left. Hunt is the most useless of the Labour front bench team. His adherence to Tory Education policy is a disgrace.  With articles like this, its no wonder the Greens are on the march, but filthy DC is determined to press ahead regardless. His disgraceful Infrastructure Bill includes plans to allow fracking companies to drill under people’s homes without their permission: (I (Independent) 15-01-15, 9)
Dirty DC is trying his best not to discuss the NHS at election time, but brilliant hard working NHS staff are trying to avert the A&E crisis by working for free. Even so there have been some casualties like Andrew Logan who died after waiting for an ambulance for nine hours (I (Independent) 15-01-15, 6). While filthy DC is doing his best to ignore the situation, the problem is exacerbated. This letter by R G Stone of Nottingham in I, 15-01-15, 16, addresses the issue: “…frontline medical staff are trying to do a heroic job under extremely difficult circumstances. Tired, overworked, barely qualified or inexperienced, it is inevitable that the pressures that they are under will encourage them to make short cuts and risk making a wrong diagnosis or decision. Health service administrators, encouraged by successive governments, are doing nothing to support these people. It is obvious that if walk in centres are closed in favour of fewer large emergency care centres the public have no alternative but to invade them out of normal surgery hours; inevitable congestion results.” The problems of the NHS are now so bad that the crisis hit NHS is now top of the list of voter’s concerns in London, but strangely 51% of people still are not sure who they are voting for (Evening Standard, London, 16-01-15). Burnham is now very concerned about the ambulance service, he says it now has a staggering crisis: “While focus has been on A&E it is becoming clear that the knock-on crisis in the ambulance service is more serious than people realised,” he told the House of Common Fuck. “Evidence is emerging of services unilaterally abandoning national standards and putting patients at risk.” An example of this is the rationing of ambulances by the East of England Trust. Willie Windsor joined the workforce with his magical flying machine in September 2014. In his cocoon of privilege and over indulgence Wills is now enduring a baptism of fire, looking at the sharp end for the first time. One place a crisis does not exist in the NHS is the newsletter of Tory nebbish Brandon Lewis, this is how the bastard is describing it in his January Newsletter: “As the Prime Minister said last week, the NHS is how we care for our families, it’s how we care for the elderly, it’s how we look after the frail and vulnerable – so this Government is utterly committed to the service.  Our long-term economic plan means we have been able to increase the NHS budget by £12.7 billion in this Parliament – and we’ve made more money than ever available for this winter. We allocated additional money to the NHS in June last year, and have invested a record total of £700 million.  That money, on the back of the strong economy we’re delivering, is increasing staffing and capacity this winter, with –  800 more consultants, 4,700 more nurses, 2,400 more acute beds, 900 more general beds, 1,200 more beds in nursing homes. The extra £2,369,000 granted to the James Paget for this winter has paid for: One extra consultant, three extra nurses, 16 more acute beds. As I mentioned last week, the JPH has used this money to great effect, with excellent A&E figures in the last week of 2014.  I will continue to work with the JPH and Central Government to attract investment to our area.” Nasty Nigel is now saying that the NHS has no future without private health insurance.

The fracking revolution in UK is not taking off. The billionaire arse Jim Ratcliffe has done his best to kick it off.  There has been resistance and so far just eleven new wells are planned for 2015. Cuadrilla have been given permission to resume activities near Blackpool. Tied closely to big business UKIP have no response to the problem of fracking. No wonder the Establishment is pushing the anti-establishment-establishment party so hard.  Good on you Al Murray, with odds of 66-1 Murray’s satire is brilliant, it will outclass nasty Nigel.  UKIP ‘s  courting of the far right could create an implosion. Nasty Nigel has a new young recruit, but true to form the woman is already bleating that its ‘dangerous‘ to let the unemployed vote:   Senior Labour figures are saying that UKIP sounds more ‘authentic‘ than them.  Its a sign how far Labour have lost their way, even while UKIP is now a deflating balloon.

No one can be surprised that dirty DC is pushing vile nebbish Andrew Lansley to be the next UN Humanitarian Chief. The brutal toff, with the conscience of an amoeba is what the world really needs with problems like Syria, South Sudan and Ebola. But before he gets too far he will be forced to think about the problems of Europe. Syriza and Podemos are now rightly vaunted because these people are not violent fanatics. Instead they are proof that democracy can work in Europe. The Greek Pincer is coming to bite the bankers in the arse.
A plug here for the March for homes on Saturday 31 January:   Assemble Saturday 31st January, 12 Midday at Shoreditch church, Shoreditch High Street E1 6JN. The march calls for the end to the bedroom tax, the welfare caps and for rents to be cut and not benefits.
The Sharp End

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