Project Cameron

As Project Cameron veers into its critical phase, the Tories can only fight with fear and talk about money. A ludicrous article was published by the Torygraph recently, it accuses the Greens of legalising drugs and brothels, breaking up Eton school (seriously), changing the BBC, taxing celebrities to perform, joining al-Qaeda, “Britain will leave NATO, end the special relationship with the US, and unilaterally abandon nuclear weapons. A standing army, navy and airforce is “unnecessary”. Bases will be turned into nature reserves and the arms industry “converted” to producing wind-turbines”   The only Green policy the Vent does not like is the legalsing of the assisted suicide. The Vent is particularly supportive of the citizen’s income,   everyone will be lifted out of poverty. Particularly important is that the Greens will no longer demonise disabled and poor people and they will reopen the Independent Living Fund. Despite the doom sayers the Greens should not be afraid of the limelight:   The Green surge is really starting to upset Labour. Labour arrogance was such that the party turned its back on the working classes, they bought into the Tory lie, they still have embarrassing figures like the millionaire nebbish Baron Mandelson of Hartlepool slamming their timid mansion tax.  The fact remains that the mansion house tax is actually the most popular of Red Ed’s policies, supported by 75% of UK voters, and 68% of Tories. The Labour party needs to recall the unpopularity of ending up in a coalition with the Tories, its only 9% of the electorate.  The Greens rightfully have now split the Labour vote.  One of the few things we can be sure about is that on 07 May the two main parties will have the lowest share of the vote in history. Excellent blogger Thomas Clark writes of the attacks on the Greens with incite: “It’s no surprise that Labour Party loyalists are petrified of the Green Party, for the phenomenal rise of the Scottish National Party north of the border is proof of the success that can be achieved by a party that picks up the left-wing social democratic policies that Labour were so keen to throw away when they converted to right-wing Thatcherite economic dogma in the mid 1990s”: 
I just read (22-01) that we have broken through, they are now saying that the Greens, the Plaid Cymru, and the SNP are now all in the debates but not the DUP. Its going to be hard for the Establishment to acknowledge a Green breakthrough
When they are not wearing tweeds and shooting grouse, Tories love to crow about an economic recovery which no one can feel, indeed this is all they can do when they shot themselves in the foot so gruesomely with the NHS. The collapsing NHS is the single most important issue to voters. The collapsing national treasure is being exacerbated by NHS chiefs who have their heads in the trough and have pocketed £166000000 by May 2014. Nasty Nigel is now starting to come out, he made a major strategic mistake by saying he wants the NHS scrapped, the big idea of UKIP is that they instead want a US style private insurance system. But nasty Nigel is scared of the truth coming out. Ludicrous pugilistic shill Winston McKenzie likens Farage to Jesus. Here the hilarious UKIPper takes on Dr Bob Gill of the NHA. Meanwhile at the sharp end is the dismal tale of the Mpongawanas who waited five hours for an ambulance to arrive while Mr Mpongawana slowly died.   But hey Winston, – its now just a drop in the ocean of the misery caused by these fuckwits. Its a shame that Mrs Mpongawana was not reading the January newsletter of Tory nebbish Richard Graham, MP of Gloucester, a fictional account, in which crisis in the NHS does not exist: “The important thing is to support sensible changes, and recognise that funding above all depends on a strong economy. Meanwhile we should appreciate the resilience and good humour of our hospital staff in testing circumstances, use our A&E responsibly – and politicians should avoid language like ‘weaponising’ the NHS. That solves nothing.”
In the revolting and disturbing story of paedophilia, murder and rape at the heart of Westminster, new allegations are still emerging of a cover up by Establishment freak Margaret Thatcher.  Although this is shocking there is nothing surprising about this, the establishment consider themselves above the law, they may have lived among us aping normality but once they entered Westminster they turned into bullies and nebbochim. There are some, probably 50+ MPs who somehow still retained their humanity. The inhumanity of the Tory party was not always the case. Tories brought in ILF, there was even a jokingly named ‘compassionate conservatism‘.  Tories are now blatant in their divide and rule, their treatment of single mothers is now typical. In the culture of ‘me-me-me’ and greed which the twisted establishment have hurled at my class we have Newham council dumping kids on the floor of a police station, in the rapidly deteriorating housing situation in Newham they were helped by the fantastic Focus E15 Mums.
Ordinary people are having to fight for basic services like the autism services of Haringey North London.  Poor people with poor mental health are at the sharpest end of the government’s cuts, they are getting more benefit sanctions than any other group.  This government do not regard people who have needs as a human being:  When you have bum-holes like MP Sajid Javid spouting shite from humanitarian void Ayn Rand  you start to realise there is now no humanity in the Tory party. With so far still to go in the austerity program, its disturbing that we already have a government crisis in local government funding.   
People who are over sixty and are down on their luck are particularly vulnerable to welfare ‘reform’. Under the disastrous Cameron project these people are treated like shit. While over indulged bloated bastards live a life of socialism without a care in the world, poor people are forced to beg penniless in the bitter wet weather. Like the mentally ill and the physically disabled these people stand no chance. Like so many of this government’s shite policies, changes have only affected the poorest and most voiceless people in the country.  People who need any help have been abandoned by this government, left to die in their own shit and misery.   Under dirty DC’s project, Job Centre staff now routinely set up people to fail.   No wonder MPs are calling for a fresh inquiry into the scale of UK food poverty

The central idea of Project Cameron, that the Tories can turn UK into a mini USA needs examination. UK may have a ‘special relationship’ with the USA, but that’s only because it has been vaunted by the government, its politicians that have dragged UK into illegal wars which the establishment are still desperately covering up, but the delay does not detract from the fact that the ‘special relationship’ is broken.  It is the establishment that considers it is much more important to have a seat at the international security council, then that ordinary people can have human rights. In the respect of a bloated defence budget UK is still only a fraction of the USA waste. USA takes its fire brigade and its police force more seriously than UK, UK politicians have completely lost the way with these. But there is one matter where UK stands shoulder to shoulder with USA – both countries have massively sold out ordinary people and massively increased inequality. In project Cameron, filthy DC brought in UNUM to Welfare, and bastard Simon Stevens of United Healthcare to the NHS.  The complete mess that’s been created at Probation by the shmuk Grayling is just a tiny foretaste of the omni-shambles to come. Its going to be a rapid learning curve as the biggest, most rapid, outsourcing, in the entire history of humanity rapidly unfolds. Like canaries in mines there have been foretasters – there was Olympic fiasco of G4S and  the tagging debacle of Serco.   The Tories have repeatedly stuck fingers in their ears when experts have argued, but its not long now until the shit hits the fan. When it comes to the ‘special relationship’ and the demise of the Labour party, few people have had a greater detrimental effect on Britain’s relations with the world and the capability of the 99% to repel the Tory onslaught than snide bastard Tony Blair. Here the multi millionaire is questioned repeatedly on the war in Iraq.
An area the Condems lavish money on is their parlous academy schools. The ‘free’ school in Durham has been revealed as a complete waste of money with nine teachers and only thirty pupils. Here the idealogue freak Gove describes it: “I think it represents excellent value, because for far too long, as the hon. Gentleman knows, schools in County Durham, particularly in the east of the county, have not been good enough.”  The building of useless free schools and academies is a travesty of public money being wasted. Take the example of the useless extension being planned at Ark Academy in Brent, North London. At a time of massive budget cuts these white elephants represent contempt by the ruling class for the wishes of the people. 
The seething bastard Chris Grayling has been coming out with chutzpah and nonsensical shit in an interview with the toff website Conservative Home. Instead of being deeply embarrassed and apologetic for his attacks on legal aid, on prisons and on the entire justice system the freak spouted endless rubbish. One place where the bleak reality of Grayling’s impact is to be seen is the suicide rates for 2014 which have gone up to 82 and are the highest rates for seven years.
It makes you scratch your head – I mean Tories seem to be surprised that no one has any urge to take the road to Wigan Pier, but like a bull in a china shop, the mass murderer Osborne is still swinging his axe wildly.  But we are forgetting a relevant detail, for all their indulged education, and their privileged lives, Osborne and dirty DC are bloody idiots. History is littered with rich fools. There is nothing clever about destroying the welfare state, villifying the poor for the financial recklessness of the bloated elite and destroying the NHS. The dreadful Cameron experiment still has a way to go, as a society we may still have to plummet to the very bottom, to meltdown before there is the violent revolution. I am in favour of the peaceful revolution actually which is what the Greens offer. A lot depends on Greece, it depends on the small people of UK uniting. Progressive Alexis Tsipras of Syriza is on the brink of victory, they are now like a runaway train, with the people of Greece behind them.  An element of the toxic brew is still fermenting in Scotland, where the impact of shmeril Jim Murphy has been negligible.   Sturgeon is saying she will vote on the NHS in England as it directly affects Scotland,  a move with will directly annoy dirty DC. Interestingly Peter Hain has now entered the Labour fray by saying that that there should be an income tax rate of 62% for higher earners.
When the Westminster elite tore the carpet of the welfare state from under the feet of the 99%, when they ripped away the fabric of society, they never anticipated in their unabated greed and arrogance that the tectonic plates of parliamentary power would move under them as a consequence. When these hypocritical, selfish, contrite bullies trampled on my class they thought there would be no come-back to their endless vilification, to their gratuitous grandstanding of their hatred of the poor and gratuitous prurient poverty porn. A brilliant voice amidst the chaos is Kerry-Anne Mendoza, aka Scriptonite.  
Project Cameron

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