Gavsones – the Yiddish word for arrogance, accurately describes the Achilles Heel of the drek, and in this case it is a profound state. Tories like the gruesome nebbish Pickles or the shmo Barwell have absolutely no shame. It has made them extraordinarily blinkered, they seem unable to comprehend the sea change.  Pure gavsones led the detested pig-fucker DC to lecture us about the selfishness of stopping austerity.  Lamont demonstrates how out of touch Tories still are.  Hardly a surprise that no Tory can be found to lead the Tory party.   The bile spewing from an absolute chazzer like DC is mirrored by the  self-righteous rich folk of Kensington and Chelsea who have wasted no time in showing their ugly faces and it be contrasted with socialist decency.   Just as evil TM was blind through gavsones to the mensch JC, those Tories who lined up to vote for JC with  dufus Dan Hodges:  must reap what they sow.


An element never to be overlooked is the abandonment of the demonised poor by the drek:   Ordinary people have done their bit to make this country great, but now they have done their bit they can fuck off, especially the ‘useless eaters’. Well they never thought ahead, they never figured on JC. Its about arrogance, the Achilles Heel of the drek, a bit like a boil waiting to be lanced, and you can see the puss filled zit when you look at the bumptious face of Borisconi or the offensive Jeremy Cunt.


Moggmania is symbolistic of Tory gavsones. The shmegege Rees-Mogg is a useful idiot, he needs exposure.  Nebbish Borisconi epitomised gavsones when he described TM as having:”  “unbelievable grace and steel” .


Car crash Brexit threatens to tear the drek apart, acknowledged even by the dismal Dominic Cummings.



Parker’s article is an insight into the seething nest of vipers at the heart of the Tory party: ‘The poison is already running around the system. “We can work with half the Labour party and crush the fuckers,” says one Conservative MP, referring to his Eurosceptic colleagues. A leading pro-Brexit MP says he would not tolerate threats from the “wankers” on his party’s pro-European wing. Faced with implacable opponents in Brussels, a breakdown in cabinet discipline and a party torn over Europe, one can now see why Mrs May hoped to maintain the iron control that would have come with her expected “stronger mandate” on June 8. Instead she must try to hold it all together and deliver Brexit — a policy she initially opposed — as her last gift to a party counting down the days to the moment when it can finally oust her.”‘


Khazer Damien Green made the drek disarray clear in the wretched PMQs with brilliant Emily Thornberry.  This zombie government are rushing us to the cliff edge, but can they be stopped in time? Experts say the Brexit will fall apart like a chocolate orange . In the hands of buffoon Borisconi no deal is likely , the three Brexiteers do not inspire confidence.


The blog ‘more follows’ asks the important question of what is next for the press attack on JC, as the wall of noise made him stronger? It is a fact that desperation in the polls is working against them. The constant press attack on JC is horrid, but also enjoyably counter-productive. Certainly JC is heading in the correct direction by spending the summer campaigning in Tory marginals, and with any luck we will see the removal of the massive shmendreks Borisconi and IDS.  Maybe JC can halt the gravy train for the pigs.


This political moment must be grasped writes Rees, talking of the disgusting Grenfell fire:  “In adversity, Grenfell has shown what we are capable of achieving. Now we must unleash that power in an unstoppable movement that sweeps the Tories from power.”




After the summer recess



Screaming Lord Harris could not resist pointing out the stark benefits of Brex-shit from his castle, it will be great as young people can work longer hours for less money. But the brick wall of the EU will remain while the drek are in power. This is more unlikely to change if Borisconi becomes PM, while such a tragedy for the right could be the spur that the left needs. Models still suggest the Tories would get more seats than Labour, but it is now changing every week.


The stupid remarks from Borisconi have directly lead to blackmail from the EU. Even the yutzi d’Ancona has is now writing anti Tory articles in desperation:  concluding with the indictment: “To be absolutely sure that Labour forms the next government, all the Tories have to do is carry on as they are”. Interestingly d’Ancona has had his eyes opened in September, never the sharpest, it is remarkable that d’Ancona has now written a string of masterful articles, and his comparison of the Tories to ‘detestable putrescence‘ is truly extraordinary after the kuk he has poured on us.


A feature of the Tories is that they are unable to take JC seriously though some prescient Tories like Ken Clarke recognized the danger. Even at this juncture out of touch Rees-Mogg has the traditional Tory chutzpah to say how uplifting food banks are: “I don’t think the state can do everything that it tries. It provides a basic level of welfare… but on some occasions that will not work and to have charitable support given by people voluntarily to support their fellow citizens I think is rather uplifting and shows what a good compassionate country we are.” With the slipping mask, shameless yutzi Rees-Mogg has the trait of the rich and powerful, that they don’t know when to shut the shtup up. Oily meshugennah Rees-Mogg has shown his colours again.



Like a inferior conman who repeats an obvious error Borisconi cannot stop himself:  The ramblings are masterfully described by the blogger Phil: “When it comes to the thin film of substance, Johnson lounges in the warm bath of deregulation – the go to for lazy and clueless Tory politicians. And the restating of the £350m/week. And that is it. No attempt to locate the source of a funding boost, but certainly strong on implication that the EU is preventing the government from prioritising the health service. Johnson’s essay was a proper exercise of writing 4,000 words when a paragraph would have done, a skein of delusion and lies wrapped around empty ambition. Nevertheless, some people are easily impressed; The Telegraph refers to Johnson’s screed as a post-Brexit “grand vision”…..Boris Johnson is haunted by the phantom of missed opportunity. Stabbed in the back by Gove and blocked from what he regards as his destiny by a Prime Minister too deluded to quit, he can sense his moment passing. Too cautious by far to launch a coup, it’s only a matter of time before despair and despondency come knocking.”  This can be contrasted by the seeming unity of Labour, with Sadiq Khan forced to acknowledge JC.


Tory gavsones is replaced by fear. These people, born with silver spoons up their arses have never had to fight for anything in their lives. A resurgent Labour has freaked them out. It is the crowning irony that with all their powers, the drek cannot stop the doughty ship Britannia from hitting the iceberg.


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