Meylstram, the Yiddish for maelstrom denotes what is now ahead. Its not as if there were no opportunities to stop the doughty ship Britannia slamming into the fucking iceberg. Its not as if fantastic JC didn’t try – shtup me – he put up with shit for all of us, for months they threw the kitchen sink at him every day – the Daily Fail splurged their first 13 pages on JC on 07-06-17 – unprecedented – and that’s why I don’t blame the people, I blame the main stream media, and yet they also did JC an unwitting service as Polly explains: ”In the end the Mail and Sun did him a service: by dredging up every accusation against him yet failing to frighten voters away, they have demolished their own power. His past has been cauterised and there will be no point in dragging it out again.”  When they started purdah JC was suddenly transformed from a nebbish to a mensch, something that out of touch TM never considered. I never have said this before, but for once Gideon is right, ‘TM is a dead woman walking’,  though we already knew she was a zombie. No wonder that a majority already want another General Election.

The popularity abyss is a very important element of this period of class war, as fantastic Murray has pointed out. An important tipping point has been reached as Murray explains: “We have passed a key tipping point where the cloud power of social media is now more important than mainstream media in shaping public opinion.”

Fantastic JC won the right to the popularity abyss with his spirited campaign which no Blairite shill gave him a chance of winning. Similarly Dunt comments:  “this result represents something bigger than Brexit too. It is a sign that vibrant, dynamic young people are not prepared to see the country being defined by its most mean-spirited instincts. They rejected May’s Brexit plan, but also her broader vision”. Everything is at stake as this anonymous article in The Economist writes.




The towering inferno at the Grenfell Tower reminds the people of the appalling cuts to the fire brigade forced by the bumptious klutz Borisconi.  Tories could not give a toss,  until they are bitten on the arse. Whatever the drek spout, what happened at Grenfell Tower was very political.   Grenfell Tower will inevitably come to serve as a powerful metaphor for an increasingly ramshackle, slovenly and chaotic UK, starved of investment and with little care for the lives of its citizens, with its fucking stupid plastic cladding.


Dawn Foster commenting in the awesome Jacobin blog writes: “In the richest borough of one of the wealthiest countries in the world, people in social housing, many on low incomes, were killed and injured in a fire that could have been prevented or contained. Rather than diverting blame from those responsible, or treating it as an act of nature, our responsibility is to ask why it occurred. Time and again, residents reported serious concerns about the safety of the building to the management organization, the local council, and the member of parliament (recently unseated in the general election). They were met with silence, and several told me on the scene they were convinced it was because they were poor, living in a rich borough that was determined to socially cleanse the area as part of a gentrifying project. Today’s fire in Grenfell Tower is not outside of politics – it is a symbol of the United Kingdom’s deep inequality. The block of 120 apartments housed between 400 and 600 people, some in very crowded conditions. Tenants reported problems with elevators, emergency lighting, wiring, and boilers. Even the most minor improvement required constant badgering. People were given the message that they were lucky to have any home at all, let alone in a borough that harbored such wealth.”


The 72 Tory landlords who pushed for the housing for poor people to be not be fit for human habitation need to be shamed and named.  With any luck they will charge the arrogant putz Gavin Barwell with corporate manslaughter: Importantly Grenfell Tower was TM’s Katrina, a disaster for the poor overseen by a government for the rich,  in a country where people still give a shtup. The Vent agrees with James O’Brien in the politicization of Grenfell.  The brilliant blog Quacking Plums comments: “Then there are ghouls such as the appalling inhuman cunt, Philip Davies, inexplicably voted in by the capitalist class of Shipley (who no doubt profit from his position, which says it all really). A serial proponent of the filibuster, he has form shutting down discussion. This tells you all you need to know about the modern Tory: he’s so arrogant that he’s unwilling to even discuss an issue that he has to shut it down completely. No doubt during the election you will have been told how important it is to vote. That’s great. But the reality is that the Tories don’t believe that, when you have venal scum like Davies abusing the mechanics of legislature to shut down the discourse without allowing for even others to talk never mind a vote. And he did this on the very topic of law making that would compel landlords (such as the class he represents) to make housing fit for habitation. An example of which would be to ensure that the properties used in building a high rise aren’t likely to turn a home for families into a hell-scape. He, like the rest of his part, like the rest of those corporate interests, like the entire capitalist landlord class, are culpable. They ALL have blood on their hands. Homes are for a community, not for profit. David Lammy, Labour MP, talks about a charge of corporate manslaughter. That doesn’t go far enough and, while I agree there should be accountability (of the swinging from the rope kind). But that cannot be allowed to stop at the door of whatever contractor is hung out to dry by the furtive masters of the capitalist class. It must encompass the entirety of the British capitalist system”   The cold manipulation of figures by the drek is discussed by the anonymous blog Evolve Politics: “Presumably the fear is that any activity outside the rigid confines of the Maybot’s pre-planned responses will overload her humanity simulation chip and send her into a meltdown more terrifying than a Michael Gove acid trip.” This response by the drek to this disaster is symptomatic of their approach of putting sticking plasters on gaping wounds, saying “nothing to see – move along now”, with IDS typically posting nonsense death figures.


Three excellent things have come out of the election. The first is that the great lobos Donald Trump wont come to Blighty until everyone likes him, seriously, leaving Jim Campbell to tweet: “Awww, widdle Donald Trumpy won’t come to mean ol’ Britain until we all promise to be nice to him. Fuck off, you giant orange shitgibbon.” The mood is also now more anti establishment, as the Tories start to realise they have bitten more than they can chew.


The Prole Star comments: “If May is prepared to make this unbelievably toxic alliance she will face a backlash from every other party in the Commons, including from within her own. The very fact that, knowing this, she has plunged blindly ahead and done it anyway, proves without a shadow of a doubt that she is unfit to govern and incapable of bringing her much-vaunted stablity and certainty to the UK in the coming months and years.  A minority Corbyn-led government is waiting in the wings, ready, willing and actually able to give the UK what it needs. Time for Theresa to leave the stage.”  Goodman writing in Conservative Home speculates that another election will happen in the Autumn:  Labour have destroyed the Blairites.




TM is determined to achieve a car crash Brexit, despite conciliatory noises from Macron. The negotiations with the DUP are a sign of how well the drek will do with the Brexit negotiations.


Jayanetti sums up the problems ahead: “How long can this shambles drag on for? May must be on borrowed time, but the government’s survival is anyone’s guess. The Tories know the odds are stacked against them in another general election. The DUP would be loath to see Corbyn take office – as would every Tory MP from Ken Clarke to John Redwood. People learn discipline on the edge of an abyss. Britain is as divided as it was two months ago, only now less stable and even less credible. We are a political basket case and international laughing stock, heading towards an economic cliff with no good way forward and no way back. People are celebrating. There is little to celebrate.”


In the words of the tremr blog: “May has used these events to her own political advantage – lending some urgency to her “strong and stable” mantra. All of this has, however, blown up in her face, making her look more and more incompetent and unstable with every passing day. This is what happens when governance is exchanged for platitudes and slogans. There are no teeth to this lion, and, as more people realise no one is in control, the whole structure of government and people’s confidence in it is coming apart”.

The storm is still brewing: “The prime minister is handcuffed by her own inadequacies. This was a speech marking the start of two years that will veer from stasis to decline and possibly outright chaos – a quiet breeze on a stifling day that heralds the coming of a raucous storm.”  This is the edge of the maelstrom, no one can chart what is at the dank festering end of shit creek.  All we can do is look into the pompous gaze of the freak Borisconi and think: ‘what the fuck’. Borisconi’s car crash interview has reminded pundits of how useless he would be as PM. It is possible Borisconi could still run for PM, it would surprise no one.


Yet there is danger ahead.


Brilliant Owen Jones writes: “Nothing scares Britain’s vested interests more than a politicised, mobilised population. Our social order is tottering, but it can continue to disintegrate, with painful consequences, for a long time. A new society intolerant of injustice and inequality can be created. But only the biggest mass movement in Britain’s history can make it so.”


Alan Gibbons warns: “Labour’s votes tend to pile up in their heartlands so we need a much bigger lead to win a majority. That means drawing up target Tory marginals now. There remain obdurate PLP voices, replicated in some CLPs, still resisting project Corbyn which saved so many MPs’ seats. Some Labour organisations are still living in the past, preferring cosy cabals to open, democratic, inclusive mass campaigning, drawing in the new members. The other issue is that the trade union movement and workplace organisation still remains weak. Political advance coinciding with subdued working class organisation is a potential danger.”


Meanwhile it was no surprise when TM was able to shake her magic money tree to find £1000000000 to bribe the DUP.


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