Tory arrogance


Osborne’s snide smirk is a nauseating element of class war, but the putz has overstepped the mark with his extra jobs,  at the same time as the social care system starts to collapse. A stupefying Tory arrogance led Gideon has taken such a position.   Gideon is fuelled by cocaine, which is an open secret, but in his extreme arrogance or chutzpah, Gideon is brazen as shtup. Putrid Osborne can be directly contrasted by this article by Ryan.  The Tories have allowed the foundations to crumble while relentlessly pointing at the ceiling. When people ask what fuelled the Brexit vote, they never look at the direct link between Tory engineered austerity and a bitter hatred for the Establishment. Osborne’s snide smirk is a grim reminder of all that ordinary people hate about an out of touch elite who hate ordinary decent people. To quote Mark Lucky Russell on Facebook: “The cardboard cut out “politician” uses the word “incentivise”, much in the same way beating a dying horse to make it work is “incentivising” – and the REAL crime here, is that the smirking creature of privilege knows it full well. And LOOK at the effect it’s having already – good “god” almighty… We call this shower of millionaires “incompetent”. No – they are experts in conscious cruelty – and oh, my – is it starting to show in earnest now….” Just think of Osborne’s snide smirk, think of the evil shit with his head thrown in laughter at the welfare reform bill being shoved through, yet it is a repulsive glimpse of the Tory Achilles’ heel of arrogance.




Nursing is particularly hit by Brexit as the blog Class  On Line writes: “The UK is facing a severe nursing shortage. In 2010 the government cut training places, and as a result the NHS now has more than 24,000 vacancies in England alone. Overseas recruitment became more than useful – it became absolutely vital for safe patient care – and there are now more than 33,000 EU nurses working for our health service. Yet despite their immense value to the NHS, these nursing staff have been offered no job security since the referendum – causing both current and prospective nurses to look to other options. More than 2,700 nurses left the nursing register last year, and the number of EU nurses seeking to join the register in England has dropped by 92% since the Brexit referendum. The government risks shutting off a key supply of nurses, just when the country needs them like never before. The longer it waits to give EU nursing staff the security they need, the more we will lose – and the deeper the NHS crisis will become.”   If this is allowed to persist, it will take on a dynamic of its own in the car crash Brexit.


The intertwined link between the NHS and social care are deliberately ignored by the drek, as Hopson comments, regarding the dropped target: “We need to boost capacity in primary care, where the number of GPs is falling, not rising. We need to increase capacity in out-of-hospital care, not reduce the number of out-of-hospital beds by 8% as happened between winter 2016 and winter 2017. We need to grow capacity in social care, not cut the number of care packages available, to reduce delayed transfers and enable hospitals to properly manage their patient flow. And we need to increase temporary capacity in both acute hospitals and ambulance services too, if that’s what’s needed. It’s important to note that we added eight extra hospitals’ worth of temporary acute bed capacity last winter and still struggled”.  A part of the fault for Brexit must land at the feet of Borisconi. As Geraldine Mitchell comments in a cringeworthy article by Rent-a-tool: “Why can’t he stop the stupid grinning? it’s clear he sees it all as a game and when ever there is a camera about he is so self conscious grinning and gurning. How much longer do we have to put up with this idiot representing this once decent nation?”



The Great Repeal Bill which accompanies the signing of article 50, is a dreadful piece of legislation in that it finally gives the Tory vermin freedom to do what the shtup they want as Dunt comments: “This is the system which Davis says shows “parliament’s in control”. In reality it is a government stranglehold. Nearly half a century of law is now there for the taking. Brexit was supposed to hand control back to the people and return sovereignty to parliament. In reality, it is one of the greatest increases in the power of the government which this country has ever seen.”



Whatever anyone says, Europe will be one of the big issue for JC, as the blog Sisco Media writes: “However, if by 2020 Corbyn’s ambivalence to Brexit backfires on him and he loses the election, it will be the poorest and weakest in society who will pay the biggest price in terms of further cuts to welfare and the undermining of workers rights and protections.”  It has now become clear that the drek had no plans how they were going to leave Europe,  and this is not really surprising, as we are dealing with zhlubs groping around in the dark. Certainly there is no sign that Borisconi or TM will be any good at diplomatic negotiations.  The lacklustre duo are an indication of how the Brexit negotations are bound to go wrong. Borisconi, like all the top Tories, is a deeply arrogant man, but as the shmoiger Fox found out after travelling 243170 miles:  the idea of trade deals flooding in from the Commonwealth is poppycock.



At least people who are just about managing and who are bearing the brunt of the current round of austerity can draw strength from the words of TMs Easter message: “I think of those who go out of their way to visit the sick or bereaved, providing comfort and guidance to many in our country at some of the most difficult moments in their lives. I think of the sacrifices and service of aid workers who put themselves in harm’s way to bring much-needed relief in war-torn parts of the world.”



A snap election is called


The freak TM has capped it all by calling a snap general election but saying she will do no TV debates:  which does not sound legal or democratic.  Obviously TM is running scared, and who can blame her, she knows she’s a freak with a freak-show. Please sign this petition to tell TM to join the other party leaders in debates:  No wonder weak and evil TM cannot debate JM, in the words of Hepburn: “Throughout his leadership, Corbyn has been targeted by all corners of the press, with focus poured on his character over providing a real and important platform to explore his policies. When he refused mass media engagement he was dubbed cranky and weak, yet we’ve largely let May off the hook for dodging much-needed live debate. Written off by Westminster, mocked and condemned by the media. A principled voice fighting for equality, inclusion and fairness. Not much has changed in 30 years.”



While the establishment try to destroy JC their hatred and disgust for the poor and for the disabled knows no bounds.  UK badly needs a Labour government  as the blog Socialist Voice comments: “Britain deserves better. Children did not cause the global economic crash in 2008. Neither did the NHS. Neither did the police. Neither did teachers. Neither did the disabled and their carers. And neither did ethnic minorities or immigration. But we have all been held accountable on the part of Tory austerity.”   There is no election scenario outside the fabrications of The Scum, which will see the total destruction of Labour.  Though commentators widely expect an increase in the Tory majority,  there is no way that JC will be throwing in the towel until he has achieved his legacy,  someone for poor folk to have on our side as we leap over the Brexit cliff.



No one, except socialists, realized that when smug May called the snap election she had shot herself in the foot. It was a demonstration of how out of touch she is, but on the streets of UK the distortion of the Westminster bubble is completely reversed. JC has become a titan in Croydon, mobbed like a hero, while TM can only muster wooden faces in Bolton, the Tory catch phrases of a stronger economy, are boring as kuk. Messages of election hope come from all directions. As the fabulous blog Heavy Metal Politics comments: “If the millions of unheard voices across the country can drown-out the cynics, the nay-sayers, the mainstream apologists; if the millions of silent-sufferers can walk to the ballot box and cast their votes for change; and if the thousands of activists in Labour can organise collectively, collaborate effectively and pull together; then the unthinkable can happen. Change can win. And the dawn of a new hope can break over the horizon.”  To achieve success JC needs to change the subject NOW. As TM tries to make the GE of an election on a Tory lead Brexit, he needs to go full tilt at the NHS crisis, the benefits crisis, the mental health crisis, the policing crisis, the education crisis etc. There is no shortage of subjects, which Thornberry has also stated.



Brilliant JC was correct at the final PMQs against TM, to label the Tories as: “strong against the weak and weak against the strong”.   The blog Declaration of Opinion sums it up when it writes: “The problem with Jeremy Corbyn, and don’t they just have a problem with him, is that he talks plain speak, plain English, and the career politicians have no answer other than to mock, denigrate and slag him off and those who support him.”




TM’s bid to take advantage out of disunity is backfiring as Labour MPs try to find unity.  TM had admitted that JC can win, and the opinion polls are an establishment tool to control us:  In the words of the nebbish Hitchens: “”The thing you must realise about polls is that they are not devices for measuring public opinion – they are devices for influencing it”.  I believe this Hitchens doctrine, but I still cannot help watching the poll gap close sharply.




Dr Shibley Rahman summed it up in his blog: “Don’t be surprised if the general election is much closer than you’ve been led to believe. As Prof John Curtice said, it’s not likely that Jeremy Corbyn will win, but rather it will be one massive achievement if he does win. The mother of all shocks? Nigel Farage is not credible. Theresa May and Boris Johnson are not credible.  The British on the whole tend to loath arrogant people – May might finally end in June, after all.”


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