At a critical juncture the useful idiot Paul Nuttall has unwittingly buried  himself.  With Nuttall a laughing stock, it is difficult to imagine he will now stop the Blairite Snell at Stoke, .while the pundits at the Financial Times would love nothing more than to see the Corbyn project fail No wonder the brilliant blog Zelo Street writes: “Paul Nuttall has been exposed as a liar, a fraud, a mountebank, a charlatan, a shameless opportunist, an empty political vessel, a slippery expense-troughing rabble-rousing and victimhood-playing coward, an unprincipled bigot.”   In short, Nuttall with his tweeds and cap has been shown to be a little shit. With Nuttall busted, obituaries to the UKIP brand will flow. A well written article by McDuff sums this up. The demise of UKIP has been relished by the MSM who love trying to destroy politicians with Fartage and Carswell fighting to the UKIP death.  






 One of the endless articles on JC was penned by Blairite-zhlub John Rentoul and entitled: “Losing both by elections is the best thing that can happen to Labour”,   is characteristic of the shite poured out by the MSM. For years now Rentoul has made his entire theme a hatred of JC, indeed it is no surprise that JC is running a secret opinion poll on himself.  Rentoul needs to read the wonderful blog Watershed 2015: “Corbyn successfully reclaimed Labour’s voice and begun reupholstering the party, from top to bottom. Turning a party around in the aftermath of an election that haemorrhaged votes nationwide takes time and support. Labour’s resounding victories in several Parliamentary by-elections and mayoralties since were bitter pills to swallow for Corbyn’s enemies, inside and outside the PLP.

Undeterred, Jeremy Corbyn continued to inspire thousands into becoming Labour members. It is now the largest party in Europe. Of course this is no arbiter of governing ability, but it is a mass resource that tapped into, can help the party reach into corners that others simply cannot. Now, here is the important bit. Derailing this progress now – which is what removing Corbyn would do – would see the air in the chests of thousands of new members sucked out and their potential contributions curtailed. All that will be left would be a vacuum. Those who would fill it are those still wanting to walk down the middle of a road that has long since been diverted. The dynamic of politics as we know it is changing. Labour under Corbyn can make progress, but he needs time, and the support from the PLP that he deserves.”




A gap exists between the reality of Brexit and the lies people believed, and this will become exposed as UK topples over the Brexit cliff.  Certainly the picture is mixed because there could be opportunities for Labour in Brexit.  It is the case that the Brexit cliff is a monumental event for mankind.  At the end of the day the House of Posh Fuck will not stop the hardest Brexit.  No one is completely sure when Brexit once triggered will occur.  Among the many unknowns of Brexit, one of the most serious will be the effect on the NHS.





Oh well, none of this really matters because as grimacing shlong Sajid Javid went on to say in a speech to the Anne Frank Trust: “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. That idea, so simply and so beautifully expressed by a young girl more than 70 years ago, has been sorely tested of late. In recent months and years, hatred, bigotry and sometimes violent intolerance of others has crept back into popular consciousness. It springs from and targets all communities, and it manifests itself in a variety of ways. We’ve seen vicious abuse doled out online, going way beyond the boundaries of legitimate debate. We’ve seen a spike in hate crime on the streets of Britain, including a significant surge in reports of anti-Semitic abuse. And of course we’ve seen the shocking, disgusting murder of a bright young Member of Parliament at the hands of a hate-fuelled extremist. Brendan, I think I speak for everyone here when I say that your strength, courage and positivity in the face of such a tragedy has been an inspiration to us all.”    Shtup-off Sajid.






The complacency of Tory-UKIP pushing us over the Brexit cliff is only starting to dawn on the shleepy people, particularly nervous Tories who want a soft Brexit.  For some reason the Tory momzas never expected an imminent threat to Gibraltar getting their knickers in a twistThe notion that no deal is better than a bad deal is ridiculed by the Culture and Politics blog, with David Jackson adding: “Brexit is the equivalent of doing a parachute jump without checking the pack on your back actually has something in it. Still it’s not the falling that does the damage its the sudden stop at the bottom or in our EU exit case in 2 years time!”  This whole idea that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ has never received a financial impact assessment So while we can agree with McFadden that the government are ‘annoyed at the facts’:  there seems nothing that Brits can do to stop the Titanic crashing into the iceberg. Hardball may not be something TM is any good at, the flaw in her strategy is that the Europeans don’t care as much about money, but more about keeping their tight club, as Varoufakis states: “Whilst negotiating Greece’s debt to the EU with them, I realised in horror that they cared very little about getting their money back and a great deal more about shoring up their relative positions in the games they play with one another – even if this sacrificed large economic gains.” 




No wonder Tory Europhiles have cold feet, like the abomination Soubry, as they watch the negotiations go predictably wrong,   but its no surprise when we watch these zhlubs groping in the dark. To say they don’t know what they are doing is not totally true – they know where they want to go, they just don’t know how they can get there.  Dunt discusses the capitulation to the EU after a week and the hypocritical attack on the Nation Trust over Easter Eggs by TM when she was attending the Saudi momzas.








It is now widely acknowledged that the greatest obstacle to Donald Trump is of course DT.  Certainly it is not the drek as they ignore a petition of 1800000 folk to invite the orange fuhrer to this sceptic isle.  As everyone knows who is looking, DT’s Russian connections are threatening the very legitimacy of his presidency.





The blog 21st century manifesto says of Chump: “Trump came to office by mobilising a reactionary majority and allying to this bloc sections of the US working class that had earlier put their trust in promises of change from Obama. His victory in the electoral college was possible only because Hilary Clinton, as the representative of the most powerful section of US finance capital and of the military industrial complex, was unable to count on the support of those sections of the US working class and labour movement that previously put its trust in the Democratic Party. Like Brexit, Trump’s victory represents the breakdown of the established order. Like Brexit it was a defeat for the main centres of capitalist power. For the US it is hard to see how this can end except in the removal from office of Trump. He has already proved himself immune to the usual measures the deep state uses to compel compliance. Trump’s skeletons are not so much in the closet as on open display. He is scandal proof.

It wouldn’t risk any money on him staying in office whether removed by impeachment or by the more tried and trusted methods of assassination.”  Certainly the rise by $54000000000 of the US defence budget is another sign that Chum is just another head of the American hydra, as Cunningham discusses:  “Grotesque militarism is how the American hydra functions. It is an integral and oversized part of US capitalism. Without militarism, the US economy would wither and die. And without wars and destruction, American militarism would likewise atrophy.


That is why Trump and his new administration contradict so much of what he had said earlier about ending American overseas military forays. Under prevailing conditions of US capitalism – subsidizing corporations with taxpayer largesse – America cannot be anything other than a warmongering beast. All indicators show that the Trump presidency is more militarist than any other. And because of his maverick nature, this president could turn out to be most dangerous yet.” 




The reality will sink into the Trump supporters that what they were promised will never appear, and this interesting article written by Usborne talks about the fight ahead for the Republicans: “That is the day Republicans will really balk at returning to their districts. Anger will be shared by the left and the right and the town hall disturbances of this week will look like, well, a tea party by comparison.” 




Sorry, followers of The Vent but I became in a battle with the spiteful PIP plans. I wrote to every MP who was not a Tory or SF MP, asking them to sign the prayer EDM985, which started on 5 and is now at 187 (03-04-17), but as we already know the EDM is an extremely weak tool. No one could stop the cut to PIP. Even though Debbie Abrahams managed to secure a last minute debate over it, there was no proper count at the end, and the opportunity was missed. The new cuts give me the rage.




Commentariats say that Labour should now move to the left, while also supporting a soft Brexit rather than a hard Brexit, with Mason saying the critical period is Winter 2018-2019,  and The Vent agrees. Forget the middle ground, forget the nebbish Mandelson, ignore Woodcock, move to the bloody left – get the TUSC support. Chessum agrees that the answer lies in radicalization,   but its also central to creating a Brexit which works for ordinary people.





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