There is a dark void at the heart of Class War, it cannot be defended without spouting kuk about money. Yet the surge for a car crash Brexit by the elite is a reflection of how far the putz are devoid from reality, summed up the excoriating blog Sodium Haze The rabid MSM now pretend to believe any bupkes TM says  – its a massive part of the problem.



‘Khazerai’ or filth, describes the destination vicious TM is leading UK to at the end of shit creek, where the car crash Brexit is spooking the money men.   Optimism in the financial sector is at crisis levels.   As TM claws hopelessly for a deal, a majority of MPs still believe a deal can be made keeping UK in the single market but out of Europe.  Experts maintain an arrogant position that the 27 nations of the EU require the financial expertise of the city so much they will make a deal with it.   The much anticipated white paper published by the drek, after the Brexit debate, said nothing and was too late, with TM insisting she has the mandate for the hardest possible Brexit.





Some senior Tories detest the TM approach.   It is only a matter of time before Brits see the Brexit lies for what they are.  A huge area of fear surrounds the so called divorce settlement, which will cost the drek £60000000000, and guess who will pay ALL of that.  No prizes for guessing I am afraid, but the truth is that the house of common fuck is massively misleading ordinary folk about the real implications of Brexit. TM gives an impression of confidence in this area, but she can easily become a hostage to fortune. Those birds are coming home to roost,  and it could be that JC will turn the 2020 election into a referendum on Tory Brexit plans.  At this moment there seems to be no break in the march to the Brexit cliff edge, but the  myth of the unelectable UK left will be tested by a car crash Brexit,  as decent ordinary people are confronted by corporate monstrosity.  Fakery is an over worked establishment tool.





Resurgent JC is the antidote to TM,  but can he take Copeland and Stoke on Trent, as the vermin finally leave the ship.   Jamie Reed will not be missed, the shmoiger was useless.   The by election in Stoke on Trent is a big event for UKIP and also for a JC Labour party.  If Nuttall can get nowhere, and it seems likely  then UKIP are a spent force, usurped by TMs lurch to the right, and it could be tremendously damaging to the UKIP brand.  Others decry the candidates put forward at Stoke on Trent and Copeland, both who are anti Brexit and anti Corbyn. The blog Socialist Voice writes this a deliberate attempt to get JC.  The latest Brexit speech shows spiteful ignorance of the NHS and a hard UKIP stance.





Tories are rightly scared of the fall out from the disastrous STP arrangement  while TM remains wilfully unaware of the seriousness of the NHS crisis.   In zombie fashion she plods on regardless. Commentators such as the fantastic blog Sisco Media talk about how JC can use the parlous plans by TM to exploit divisions which exist in the Tory ranks, and certainly Brexit is a major opportunity for JC.





Tories love to crow in their newsletters about how great the NHS has become under Tory control. Sanctimonious and evil kuk Priti Patel (Tory Witham), uses her January E-letter to talk about the campaign to save the Walk In centre at Colchester which is under threat of closure as part of the STPs commenting: “It would be a shame for this facility to close when the capacity could be used much more wisely by fully integrating health and social care services, therefore improving patient pathways. I strongly encourage all those who live in the community and use these services to contact the CCG with their views.”  Beaming shlong Sajid Javid meanwhile uses his newsletter to boast of his article where he urges the people of Bromsgrove: “My top priority for Bromsgrove is to ensure our local health services accommodate the needs of residents. As local leaders are exploring options and yet to make any firm decisions, I encourage constituents to raise their views and concerns in the public consultation.” Under the STP regime shocking cuts are about to be made to the NHS in Bromsgrove.  The shlimiel Javid has the gall to comment about the deaths in his local NHS so far: “Mr Javid said he was deeply saddened by the news of the patient deaths and added: “My thoughts are with the close friends and families of those affected. It’s important now more than ever that we address these local pressures, and I was reassured by the Health Secretary that he recognises the seriousness of this issue.”  As if the empty words and rigor mortis grin of Jeremy Cunt can provide a solution to the manifest problems. Certainly the white paper contains nothing of the £350000000 earmarked for the NHS.  Meanwhile health bosses are hiring bouncers to stop angry people at ‘consultation’ meetings, with Dorset CCG wasting £4800. Tories love to pee on our heads and call it rain.




It is important to question why so many people are saying a Corbyn lead Labour party is unelectable. Politicians point to the polls and the fact that JC has yet to make a major breakthrough. A Corbynista would say that the Establishment have created a myth that JC cannot win, they would say that the polls are a nonsense There is a case though that someone strong like a Clive Lewis could take over in 2019:   Lewis would stop the tukus Nuttall when he blathers about a metropolitan elite, and he would also stop the establishment because of his army links, which they will always hang around JCs neck. Such a move would have to be orchestrated at the correct time – through channels like Momentum and Red Len. There is a doubt that a thoroughly decent moral man like JC will be able to give the Tories what they need – a damn hard thrashing. JC almost appears too decent to deal the blow. My wheelchair scooter has two settings, shown by a tortoise and a hare, and maybe JC is the tortoise to the Tory hair. Maybe the tortoise will one day pass the hare? My money is also on Rebecca Long-Bailey who gave a cracking performance on Question Time. Certainly every comment he makes is used against JC by the Establishment, for example the Guardian talking about Brexit, and saying that the three line whip imposed by JC is a sign of Labour running scared of losing its strongholds, as if Labour under JC has no principles. Pedley hypothesizes that the support of JC for Brexit may be his downfall  but JC is made of Teflon, as they used to say of the shmuk Fromage.




I cannot complete this blog without mentioning the political scene abroad. The brief honeymoon of the bloated momza Donald Trump will turn sour once the curtain is pulled back and everyone sees what a charlatan he is,  while continuous protests will enrage this most thin skinned of presidents.  The press are completely inept at dealing with the Establishment, but can they stop Chump?  Certainly TM is completely unable to stand up to DT, saying with her characteristic grim: ‘Haven’t you ever noticed, sometimes opposites attract?‘ 



But a salient fact remains – why do we Brits laugh at the Americans when we have put Tories in charge of our NHS and think that is acceptable?  The unhinged warmonger Bannon: does not seem out of place with mad dog Mattis, a man of many quotes: “I come in peace. I don’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: if you fuck with me I’ll kill you all”.




The Truthdig Blog writes: “Revolt is a political necessity. It is a moral imperative. It is a defence of the sacred. It allows us to live in truth. It alone makes hope possible.   The moment we defy power, we are victorious. The moment we stand alongside the oppressed, and accept being treated like the oppressed, we are victorious. The moment we hold up a flickering light in the darkness for others to see, we are victorious. The moment we thwart the building of a pipeline or a fracking site, we are victorious. And the moment those in power become frightened of us, we are victorious. I do not know if we can build a better society. I do not even know if we will survive as a species. But I do know these corporate forces have us by the throat. And they have my children by the throat. I do not fight fascists because I will win. I fight fascists because they are fascists.” Despite what the unctuous shmuk Philip Oliver says about DT, there is evidence that protests are now having an effect on him.




Meanwhile Benoit Hamon has emerged as the Socialist leader in France, though he faces many problems: “Hamon’s first challenge now is to try to stop the French Socialist party imploding between its warring left-wing and centre-left factions. He then needs to prove his candidacy can find its place in the presidential campaign in which the Socialist party is already predicted to be irrelevant, relegated to a low position with no chance of winning in the two-round election in April and May. The French electorate has shifted firmly to the right and the Socialist party is faced with a possible humiliating fifth place in the presidential race.”  If Benoit was to make it as the French president it would represent an amazing achievement, though at the moment of writing polls suggest Hamon will be easily beaten in the first round of the presidential election on April 23rd.


Although his radical reformist ideas, such as legalizing cannabis and introducing the possibility of a 32-hour work week, may have helped him to a victory in the primary, it seems he will have difficulty convincing enough French people that he is the man France needs right now. One of his big problems is Jean-Luc Melenchon, the far-left firebrand who is also in the running. Melenchon has a hardcore support on the left who are unlikely to jump ship to Hamon in the first round of voting. Essentially the two occupy similar if not the same terrain, with the result being neither will win enough votes to make the second round against the favourite to top the first round Marine Le Pen. Hamon’s only hope appears to be if he can somehow persuade Melenchon and French green party candidate Yannick Jabot to ditch their own campaigns and throw their support behind the Socialist. It’s a long shot. “  There is now everything to play for in the French elections.  The perspective of Varoufakis is important.  It may be a game changer that this brilliant man is advising Labour.  It is no surprise that Varoufakis endorses Hamon, and believes it is even possible for Hamon to take the presidency.  Certainly the Thatcherite presidential candidate Fillon is embroiled in a scandal over money being falsely used for fake jobs.



Finally, some inspiring words from brilliant blogger Chelly Ryan: “We are all in this together. No matter how hard it gets or how low we sometimes feel, there are hundreds of thousands of people feeling the same. The hope of a fairer, kinder society has brought us together and we must ensure nothing drives us apart. Yes, there will be disagreements, as we have seen recently in Momentum, but the overriding goal must always drive us forward in solidarity. I for one will never forget the determination and courage shown by my fellow socialists during the leadership contest. I was outside parliament on that first day of that long expected coup, and the memory of the atmosphere will live with me till the day I die. In the past the Left have let themselves be cowed by the determination of the right to set the narrative and steer the party in their chosen direction. We must never be cowed again. We are on the side of right and we must fight for it. And we will have to. No Labour Party worth its salt will get an easy ride from the establishment, and under Corbyn we are worth a lot of salt.”


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