Shmegegge und schlump

Watching the momzas as they trash our NHS with the greatest secrecy  fills me with rage. Tory secrecy is imperative or they understand the walls of the echo chamber will crumble, and the whole Tory shit-house will go up in flames. Sensible Tories are terrified of the collapse of their local hospitals. There is now a call that the Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) have failed to involve frontline clinicians or patients and have been mired in confusion.  A big problem is that there is now a backlog of repairs that are necessary to prevent catastrophic damage.  As the social care crisis deepens, increasingly Tories have no answer except to push the NHS to the end of the queue,  and it was true at the 2015 GE that they got away with their bad treatment of the NHS by ignoring the problem, but now there is no life support, something will give, something which will affect the Tory Heartlands. Shrewd Tories are also getting squeamish about the Social Care Crisis with unsurprisingly the NHS not mentioned once in Hammond’s shitty budget In some ways chazzer Hammond’s budget was similar to the butkes Osborne in that it is still an anathema to decency. The budget has been brilliantly destroyed by MacWhirter.



Talking of decency, it makes me so bloody proud that TM has announced she is a member of the elite body of Tory Christians, with IDS, disgraceful DC.  When the May mask slips everyone will be terrified of the evil revealed, no matter how skillfully the rabid MSM hide it.  Crafty Carney surprised everyone by mentioning fairness during his ‘lost economic decade’ speech. Must be the old Christianity resurfacing, yet Carney speaks the truth most of the time, as is discussed by fantastic OJ: “The benefits of economic progress had been unevenly felt. A stagnation in wages with no precedent for a century and a half is set to continue. Younger people have been disproportionately hit. Indeed, Carney’s speech underlines the fact that Britain, like much of the western world, is in the midst of a grave crisis. A sense of optimism – that the years ahead will be better than those gone by – is very important to human beings. When it vanishes, when “tomorrow” becomes a byword for deepening insecurity, of fears yet unrealised, there are profound consequences. That has been the story of 2016: it’s what connects Donald Trump’s triumph to Brexit to the surging French National Front and the Austrian far right’s rise and (thankful) near miss last weekend.” 


What the shtup was the zhlob Green talking about when he drivelled that the benefit cap was a ‘tremendous success’?   You might think this was some kind of sick joke, but it’s the kind of Orwellian shit pumped out by the drek since Killer Miller. The dull chazzer Hammond is facing considerable problems balancing the books entirely on the poor and disabled, he will have to find £100000000000, but you can guess who will be paying?  As the bitter cold begins, it is a total disgrace that so many young people are now homeless, with a third of young people now being turned away from councils without any help.  It makes me ashamed to be British, but thank goodness unctuous nebbish d’Ancona is around to tell us the real state of things, the instalments of this nudnik are like directional pointers for my life.  Its no wonder that the Filthy party are defending their vicious sanctions regime by regurgitating a load of kuk.


It sounds as if there may be some movement on the Tory election expenses scandal, at an important time:  Certainly the net is closing, but its all immensely hush-hush.


The shameless shmendrek  Fromage loves to spout about democracy as if he gives a shtup about the will of the people.  Democracy is just a tool to be perverted by this tukkus. It’s the same kind of bollocks from Marr when he spouted rubbish to JC  while interviewing him.  It makes socialists scratch their heads that the public can perceive UKIP as left wing, while Tories call for Fromage and Cars-fuck to re-enter the nasty party UKIP could go bankrupt with the paltry sum of Euros 172000. 


To add to the toxic brew, UKIP have drained the swamp and made trombonik Paul Nuttall as leader, which could be significant. Rascist irritant Nuttall actually has the chutzpah to believe he can dismiss remarkable Rayner.  The shlong Nuttall believes that UKIP can take millions of Labour votes in North England, and this is addressed in The Marxist: “The lessons from the rise of UKIP are that we need bold socialist policies to combat bigotry and racism. The only way to defeat the far right is by fighting for a socialist alternative. As the Oldham by-election last year demonstrated, UKIP’s appeal in working class communities can easily be cut across by a left alternative that provides a class-based analysis on the questions of jobs and housing. In turn, the lessons from UKIP’s decline are that we must have a sober understanding of the world around us. UKIP, although a demagogic right-wing party, is not fascist. The rise of such parties brings with it its own contradictions, which sooner or later will come to bear down upon these very same parties. The crisis within UKIP is a reflection of the general crisis of bourgeois democracy and the crisis of the capitalism system. Only a party that offers a fundamental transformation in society along socialist lines can provide a way out of this crisis.” 



Small wonder that the commentator Jay Murphy writes: “The establishment is laughing its tits off at kipper supporters! Billionaires created a far right politico disguised as a party for the working class in order to attract all the deadheads and thick bigots, splitting the working class vote. As long as there is ukip there will always be a tory government and the current establishment will be cemented into power forever keeping wages low and unemployment high with ordinary working people needing food banks to survive. The histories of many other countries is riddled with this political stupidity and its usually decades later when the idiots realise its actually taken them backwards!”



For once The Vent can agree with Toynbee as she rails against the push from shmoks like Nuttall for a hard dirty Brexit.  Meanwhile the tedious schmo Darling cannot stop himself attacking fantastic JC while at the same time bigging up Nuttall.   Nuttall is campaigning for an immediate dirty Brexit:  which is very unlikely to occur. There is a  possibility that Nuttall could achieve electoral success by talking unlimited shite in North England.  Sisco media blog is also alert to the dangers of the fascist Nuttall.   The rise of UKIP flaunted by an out of control MSM can pose a danger for JC, though it will lessen by 2020, though to make matters more problematic an aspect of Blue Labour is to go UKIP-lite.



A fact remains that inequality drove the Brexit vote, as Chakraborrty noted on his recent trip to Pontypool: “Finally, learn one of the hardest lessons of Brexit: the reason the political geography of Britain is so divided is because its economic geography is so unequal. Treasury levers and Bank of England billions are barely any use here. Instead, what’s needed is an attentiveness to place.”  This should have been obvious to anyone but it left the shmuk DC completely unprepared – the arrogant shlong had no plans for something he thought was inconceivable.


Another leaked memo shows the Tories are struggling with Brexit   with 30000 new civil servants having to be recruited at the cost of millions of pounds.  Senior Whitehall sources are unsurprisingly saying that there is no way that our depleted civil service can cope with Brexit. Unchecked by a virulent MSM,    TM is turning Brexit into a disaster and chaotic nebbish Borisconi is increasing the problem. The clown Borisconi puts his foot in his mouth with outstanding regularity,  and it’s a great shame the bumptious klutz never got to be the PM instead of the present freak. Few would not agree that there is now a gaping hole where Britain’s foreign policy should be:  Wolfgang Schauble is determined to make UK pay for saying ‘Fuck Off’ to the EU,   yet the Tory zombies still appear under the illusion that he will allow them to stay in the common market, Borisconi is delusional when he ignores Schauble’s “There is no a la carte menu. There is only the whole menu or none.”  



It seems that the drek are unable to comprehend this, they still believe that they can pick and choose. Its reminiscent of Syriza, and reminds us of the famous dictum of Marx: “History repeats itself first as  tragedy, second as farce”:   The cynical lies of the Brexiteers are returning to haunt them, particularly Borisconi.


Lying momza Blair is keen to team up with the klutz Gideon, in a match made in hell.  While Bliar calls JC a ‘nutter’, he correctly calls TM a ‘lightweight’,  Blair can eulogise to no avail – everyone hates him. In the words of fantastic OJ: “Tony Blair is one of the most loathed politicians in Britain. His small but determined fan-club might not like this, they might believe it is unfair and the British public are all suffering from some form of mass delusion or false consciousness that prevents them from seeing his greatness, but there it is anyway. Even before the Chilcot report was published, polls showed that more than half the population said they would never forgive him. “And the reason this country’s full of people who are so cynical about politicians is down to Tony Blair,” as Labour voters who have defected to UKIP tell focus groups.”



While the excellent blog Sodium Haze talks about the political immaturity which led to Chump,   others talk about the martial law ahead for USA. What no one mentions is the martial law coming to UK, though its most likely to be in its financial form. There is a relevance to Corbyn in that the Americans fell into the Chump echo chamber.



Chessum, writing about the link which exists between the election of Chump and the chances of JC concludes by commenting: “For days now, a cry has been reverberating around much of the British left: “If Trump can win, Corbyn can.” The comparison is dangerous and the electoral calculation so badly wrong that it can barely be serious, but the deep sentiment it expresses is right – only Corbynism, or a force like it, can beat the new far right. To win, the left cannot rely on some generalised moment of turmoil; it must build an electoral base the likes of which it has never built before, made not by triangulating but by the clarity of its vision and the strength of its ideas and activism. There is a way out of the nightmare of nostalgic nationalism – we do not yet know it to be true, but we have to believe it.”  JC will be able to rise above the nationalism of Trump and the dumb shmuk Fromage, but they can only do this by leaving the confines of the echo chamber. As Charley Allan writes, the left can only succeed with unity.



The change which society in UK is calling out for can be achieved, as Mearns writes: “We have a unique opportunity here. We have a leader who isn’t elite, doesn’t want to be, and never has been, can’t be bought and has a groundswell of support unrivalled anywhere. We too, want a move away from self-serving capitalism, from punishing those most vulnerable while allowing the wealthy to feather their increasingly lavish nests. Everything that those who vote UKIP here, and Trump in America want. We can be the answer here, but we can do it through coming together rather than division. The polls haven’t had a great time either in the last 18 months, the Labour Party also sit some way off in the polls, but the people I speak to and the constituents I meet are crying out for a move towards collectivist policies, where those most able, bear the burden, rather than those most vulnerable. We can achieve this together, but we need to start now to get the message out. Who we are, what we stand for and most importantly what we can do for people who have been downtrodden by austerity. We could have a general election next May, it could be our Trump moment, to defy the polls, defy the establishment, and bring some compassion back into Westminster politics. We can make that happen, but the work must start now!”




Brilliant Ward is able to see the problems of both the left and right. Here he writes of the Tories: “The neocon wing of the Conservative Party lives in a bubble made from, if anything, even thicker and more frosted material. It too is driven by past, discredited glories: ‘no turning back….even if we’re heading over a cliff’. Time after time we see private sector animals ripping off the State and mistreating “clients”, but the likes of Hunt, Fallon and Johnson will apologise for their behaviour. They watch as all the tenets of Friedmanite Thatcherism are disproven – that wealth doesn’t trickle down and markets often don’t make the right decision – but still they insist fine tuning is all their religion needs. They observe the bubbles in assets and derivatives being created by pointless austerity, low rates and banking malpractice….and then defend the absence of jail sentences or tangible results. Over and over, they demand an end to ‘banker bashing’ – but go quiet when the next calumny is revealed.”



While bore Owen Smith used to repeat that change only happens when political parties are in power, this is not at all true as the wonderful blog Sodium Haze writes: “… rather than taking the powerful at their (retrospective and self-justifying) word, a more accurate explanation of the process of positive change is highlighted by Tony Benn’s famous dictum: “It’s the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you’re mad, then dangerous, then there’s a pause and then you can’t find anyone who disagrees with you.” Of course, being in power is preferable to not being in power. Far more change is obviously possible when one is in control, when it can be planned, co-ordinated and sustained. Those attempting to force change from the outside do not have control of the process, the timing or the details.  However, it is important not to underestimate the power of social movements and activism — the power of “ordinary” people to create real, long-lasting change. Indeed, with Donald Trump likely to be in the White House for the next four years it is essential this hopeful understanding of political change is widely understood and acted upon. The signs are promising: with Trump reviled and distrusted by a large section of the US public, it is likely there will be a much-needed resurgence of progressive activism following the unjustified lull during the Obama administration. Trump is dangerously unpredictable, so making predictions about his foreign policy is difficult, US dissident Noam Chomsky noted in a recent interview. However, he ended on a note of optimism: “What we can say is that popular mobilisation and activism, properly organised and conducted, can make a large difference.”


Shmegegge und schlump

One thought on “Shmegegge und schlump

  1. Dennis Queen says:

    Wow. This blog leaves me breathless. And feeling like creating a brand new political party and standing for prime minister. I’ve so had enough.

    How about ‘The Piss Off and let the people run the country party?’

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