Impending farkakta

The momza Red Balls is right that TM might call a snap general election at the Tory party conference. Such a move would not stop JC, who will continue to lead Labour whatever, JC is made of stronger stuff. Rightly, allies of JC on the NEC are fighting to prevent JC from being ‘imprisoned‘ by being given a shadow cabinet of non supporters. 

Can the Labour party come together to defeat the Tories? This is discussed in numerous articles, and one by Philip David Jones is suggestive of the problems ahead.  Peter Kenyon offers sober reflection

As time passes the tiresome tireless conniving of the plotting shits is taking form and effectGreenstein writing in his blog says that what Labour actually needs is the sword of deselection and not an olive branch, and The Vent agrees. Certainly the signs are that the Bitterites will not be giving up, look at the useless shmok Tristram Cunt at the recent Progress rally. Get rid of the spineless presumptuous momzas, deselect these whingers.  JC will get nowhere by appeasement.


Certainly JC has the entire shvantz in a state by now.  The bottom line is that Steptoe JC is a thoroughly decent chap, and these Blairite self righteous shmoigers want to put him in his place, but they are not scared of JC, they are terrified of ordinary people. Tom Watson has emerged as the problem. Get rid of the pompous git.

A central element is how Labour will achieve unity,  and indeed this seems implausible with spouting Woodencock,   and irritant Jamie Reed.  With undisciplined members, it will take longer for the penny to drop, but with the working class together in solidarity everything is on the table.

Tories continue blithely in the grim knowledge that the looming social care crisis is coming to bite them on the arse, something analysed by Tory Baroness Altmann. Recently she wrote to the excruciating dumkopf Oliver Letwin: “I’m afraid this really is a looming crisis which has been left far too long already. This really is an issue that has the potential to cause significant social and economic distress. There has been no real planning for these demographic realities. No money has been set aside in the public or private sector to fund social care if or when the needs arise. There is no money set aside for social care spending by individuals or by local authorities – needs have to be funded as they arise, and if the money is not there the quality and availability of care is compromised, causing scandals and misery that could potentially rebound on policy makers at some point.


Smart Tories know its a problem, yet ministers were careful not to mention the looming farkakta at the Tory party conference. No wonder Old Bill now has to cover the cracks, which is upsetting Babylon no end. 

Thank goodness Abstain Andy has slithered off. 

Importantly vicious TM has finally pulled the plug on the NHS life support machine.  She did this because she wants to murder the NHS. In this matter she will come against the stiffest resistance. Its making Dr Sarah Wollaston queasy. Consequently we have the unedifying sight of TM joking about sex while hammering the last nail in the NHS coffin.   


What a surprise. Undisciplined bupkis Borisconi didn’t really care about Brexit, all the toff wanted was to further his career. There seems a possibility that TM made an error putting the three ponces in charge of Brexit negotiations. 

Differing opinions are bringing the drek to the point of civil war, with spiteful schlemiel Clark particularly vociferous. An irony is that ideological austerity had a massive influence on the European referendum and it was actually pleasurable to get rid of the momza DC.

The European banking bastards are now looking to make this a very hard Brexit, the hard Brexit is now the most likely scenario, if there is a Brexit.  

Unsurprisingly studies have shown that Brexit was caused by austerity, with fears of immigration also taking a lesser role, something which the MSM will not say. 

The zombie’s warnings of financial doom from a hard Brexit are increasing,  but it does not stop the dumkopf Dominic Raab from urging UK to do a hard Brexit. For TM, poised to exploit the poor folk of UK, it offers conundrums, but the proposition is freaking out the drek. It comes as no surprise that the areas with the highest vote for Brexit were those areas left most deprived and forgotten by the arrogant drek.  Arrogant shlemiel Liam Fox is demonstrating the flayling of the drek over Brexit.  The prospects for Darlington are rightly worriedCommentators are noting the maladroitness of TM in this process, as the shvantz lead us into shambles.


Just at the time that the drek are grappling with the lies of Borisconi and the impending awfulness of a hard Brexit, its going to leave TM floundering. As McElvoy puts it: “If Camp Cameron was surprised to find the great Tory manchild still head-scratching and evoking Eeyore’s depression about the chances of a leave victory while campaigning for it, they were not paying attention to Boris’s mood swings.” 



Commentators to the left and right are now fearing a hard Brexit, with Dunt saying it will be a catastrophe.   Senior economists are joining the voices with George Magnus saying: “I think the government is clueless. I don’t think there is really a strategy …If there was a coherent strategy, we would know something about it at this juncture. That, I think, is not good for business certainty”.



With blinding hypocrisy vicious shmendrek Prit Patel is pushing for hard Brexit, saying that those trying to force a debate and vote on article 50 were trying to “subvert the economic will of the British public”, as if this spiteful, deeply unpleasant freak actually cares about how the British public feel.




The drek should listen to Sir Keir Starmer,  but the shlongs will never listen to an expert, despite the fact that they have no plan. The Financial Times, that dry vehicle of the elite is nervous, with the reality that UK has become much poorer since Brexit. To add to the fear and confusion the chazzer Tusk has stated the ‘brutal’ truth that there will be a hard Brexit or no Brexit. 

Commentators have written how prices will rise after a hard Brexit, with the pound toxic.  Yet among the shleepy people reality that has not dawned as TM continues her double shpeek, pretending to be a ‘red Tory’, a ludicrous idea, perpetrated by the MSM, though some commentators are ridiculing it. Chakrabortty is correct to point at this delusional gap.


The meschugener Peter Staines is salivating at the idea of a hard Brexit.  Bienkov writes more progressively about the important PMQ session of 12-10-16, when JC was masterful again, demonstrating how improved he can be when everything he is to ask is not already reported by a Bitterite moser. Bienkov comments: “Yes the British people did vote to leave the EU, but they certainly did not vote to plunge the UK into a period of recession and international decline. And as the continuing collapse of sterling has shown this week, the sharks are already circling the UK economy. And pretty soon the prime minister is going to have to find a serviceable life raft…… A couple of times today he referred to the government pursuing a “shambolic Tory Brexit”.  I understand this is a deliberate attempt by Corbyn’s team to move away from the use of the terms “hard” and “soft” Brexit – the fear being that most voters will see the former word as inherently more appealing than the latter. This may seem like a small point, but it matters. At the very least it suggests that Corbyn’s operation have learned from some of their mistakes in the past.”

Impending farkakta

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