Meshugas, like farkakta describes in one word the situation we find ourselves. UK is on the precipice of entering the maelstrom. As the JC revolution grows, how long will maniac TM hang on? How much filth will we have to see before the British people stand up? How much crap will the British Working Class have to tolerate? How much molten lava do you need for a pyroclastic flow? What poor person gives a shtup if JC sat on the floor of a Virgin train – fuck off Richard Branson with your Virgin Health-care. We have endured too much of your shit, the bearded billionaire can’t hack the hardly radical idea of renationalising the railways. The shlong Branson detests JC, he hates him. Ask yourself who you are going to believe – the decent politician who wants renationalisation or the dick who loves to make a fast buck out of exploiting ordinary folk. Its clearly not a view shared by the dolt d’Ancona, who has filled his comment section in London Evening Standard on Wednesday 24/08 with a load of kuk. I hate d’Ancona, I think he writes a load of shit. The bastard Branson’s attack on JC is backfiring. 

Talking about the meshugas witty Ward writes sensibly, when he urges us to study the: “madness, its goals, its weaknesses, its mendacity, and its despicable tactics. Viscous freak TM continues the narrative when she changes the rules of fracking bribery to allow the small people to benefit from the environmental damage of fracking, writing: The government I lead will be driven by the interests of the many – ordinary families for whom life is harder than many people in politics realise. As I said on my first night as prime minister: when we take the big calls, we’ll think not of the powerful but of you.” 

It comes as no surprise that unctious nebbish Jim Fitzpatrick shows meshugas as he moans about JC at every bloody opportunity.  On several occasions I would ask Fitzpatrick to sign EDMs to save the Independent Living Fund. On several occasions the momza Fitzpatrick would just email “no”. Fitzpatrick did not give a shtup, the klutz showed his true colours with the EDMs. JC needs to get rid of this dumkopf. Fortunately it is also unlikely that Red David will return to inspire UK with his extraordinary talents, even though the shmuk earns $700k a year working for a charity: 

The duplicitous nature of the chicken coup is something which the dissenting Labour MPs require pulling up on. It is absolutely parlous that these arrogant shmendreks lost Labour so many polling points, if you trust the polls that is.



It is a shame JC cannot get rid of Fitzpatrick in the boundary review. The boundary review provokes mixed reactions among Corbynites, The Vent, is not against these changes, nor does JC seem to be.  Commentators incorrectly will say that the boundary changes will lock the Tories in power forever, but how can anyone trust popular opinion when it pumps out non stop rubbish? This English Democratic deficit has been discussed by the blogger Another Angry Voice. Some rebel MPs are already planning how to stand up to JC when he wins with a higher mandateAt the end of the day it maybe that only mandatory reselection and the right to recall MPs will stop the return of the Blairites.


An important event for a JC lead Labour is the disbanding of Respect, it is likely that a greater mandate for JC and a much greater JC presence on the NEC will readmit the firebrands. JC’s task is to reunite the left, and there could be an SNP pact. 

Thankfully DC has finally fucked off, leaving his disgusting toxic legacy. In retrospect DC and Osborne behaved according to the Bullingdon Club. In the Bullingdon Club posh prostaks go into a swanky restaurant. They glut themselves with the loveliest food. Then they trash the restaurant and run off without paying the bill. This time JC will hold the zhlobs to account.

Tories love women, they love them so much they want to shtup them right over. Its a disgrace that the drek are closing women’s refuges. It is an outrage how the cuts are falling disproportionately on women, in an age of so-called equality. Women need to be bloody angry at the repeated attacks.


Yet a massive credibility gap exists between TM and JC, which is interesting because it bears a relation to the housing bubble, with the housing crisis, with all the other crises waiting to impact. Central to this will be the reclaiming of socialism by the people.


The meshugas within the NHS is about to take two leaps into the abyss as Jeremy Cunt goes against reason and pushes relentlessly for a seven day NHS, no matter what the experts say. Its making Tory Dr Wollaston shpil: Cannot keep piling ever greater responsibilities on to an overstretched service without realistic resource and workforce to cope. Expect problems when thin evidence is used to bolster an under-resourced political objective instead of policy following the evidence.”  Coupled with the ghastly railroaded contract, and Mr Cunt, with his smarmy rigor mortis grin has a very toxic brew. A report which came out on 24/08/16 has vindicated the medics, the very dangerous plans of Jeremy Cunt contain 13 major risks, 5 of them in the gravest category.  Will the smarmy shit back-pedal furiously or will he plough on regardless Tory style, as in the botched privatisation of Probation by the tedious sociopath Grayling. Certainly medical professionals are talking about ‘breaking point‘ again. The drek are caught out trying to impose their shabby seven day doctor’s contractMaps have been drawn up to show how effective Jeremy Cunt has been in bankrupting the NHS. 

A battleground is the effect of Brexit on the NHS, and we have already seen how kuk the drek are at making trade deals.


Jeremy Cunt may refuse to listen to sense, but in the words of Dr Shibley Rahman: “The nurses are taking out loans to be educated, the doctors are stuck with a contract they don’t want, certain failed NHS CEOs appear unsackable, social care is on its knees, and Hunt appears to have a job for life.”

The continued presence of these shmegegi at the top level of parliament, contradicts the extraordinary weakness of this government with its cracked glass ceiling.  Meanwhile as if on cue TM is allowing her centrist mask to slip continuously as Maguire talks of the ‘Fairy Tale of TM’.


No one has a clue what is going on with Brexit – whether to leave the common market, while JC is urging the drek to get out:  which incensed the bitterites no end. The zombies are looking confused – no one is keen for a great step into the unknown and it is clear that Tories don’t know how to do a Brexit. TM has burst the Brexit bubble but its going to take more then that to upset the pricks.  Now TM’s honeymoon is over she is looking less competent by the day, especially as the grim kvetsch gives a green light to the appalling waste of money of Hinckley Point.

On Monday 05/09/16 I was at the House of Commons in Committee Room 21, which was called ‘one year on: evaluating the impact of the closure of the independent living fund’:  It was an emotional meeting with many ILF users having to talk about the deep and grinding injustice, inflicted on us by the ruling class. Excellent JmcD was fucking angry, and we have had to wait years for our voices to be heard as the frightful shlongs DC and his parlous side kick Osborne destroyed our lovely country. So while TM steers the doughty ship Britannia far up the dank festering recesses of shit creek, our voices will be increasingly audible. On Wednesday I took part in another DPAC action, this time blocking Westminster Bridge. Within seconds hundreds of police were surrounding us asking us politely to move. I managed twenty minutes of being continuously asked to explain myself, which bordered on harassment.  Officers did explain that they are now more on our side than ever before as they are disgusted with the way TM has mistreated the police. On Saturday 10/09/16 JMcD gave us a fantastic speech at the DPAC conference, in which he talked about the possibilities of victory for disabled folk ahead.


Cynical people will say JMcD is disillusioned, but he is right about one thing, which is that we disabled people will fight this merciless disgraceful government to the bitter end. We will give the greedy grasping ruling class a bloody lesson, we will bring the whole shit house down. 


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