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For all his faux ‘popularity’, Borisconi would have provided a perfect hot air balloon that JC would have lanced, so it is a crying shame that pompous Borisconi has stood down from the leadership, ousted by the unpopular shmendrik Gove.  The roll of the appalling chazer Dominic Cummings could be central to this move, though no-one is yet clear of the dynamics involved, and in the future some nebbish commentator, a d’Ancona, may emerge.

Meanwhile Angela Eagle, one of the shrewdest Labour politicians is terrified of being deselected by her own local party. JC has re-emphasised that he will not be resigning

The fantastic blog Red Flag warns of the dangers and possibilities ahead, JC has to ride the establishment wave. A factor is that the dissent in the Labour has the potential to ripple out into society: “But as the referendum shows, sometimes the powerful are defied. In times of crisis, the high-and-mighty may be brought low and the strong made weak. And the need for victory is urgent. The coup against Corbyn is part of a broader trend. The ruling class is happy to dispense with any pretence of democracy when their going gets tough. Democracy was discarded in Greece after the 2015 anti-austerity referendum. Now the rulers are attempting to dispense with democracy in Britain and overturn the 2015 election of the anti-austerity Labour leader. Even the mildest promise of hope is inimical to their survival as a class. A fightback in Britain will have to exceed the boundaries of politeness and party unity that Corbyn has thus far respected.”  With politicians outside Labour like George Galloway, Alex Salmond and Caroline Lucas backing JC, any coup has no chance

Like vultures, the khazers of UKIP sense opportunities from the leadership battles of Labour and the Conservatives.  The legacy of Fromage lingers on with the dirty question of whether to deport all the EU citizens with Teresa May getting in a pickle Every message Fromage spouted was divisive, and yet it seems unlikely that UK can leave the common market, something which leaves the zombies shit-scared. Certainly the threat of deporting all the EU Nationals by vicious May will terrify and if enacted, the deportation of the 2100000 will destroy UK and with it the NHS. There is now a good chance that there will be a second EU referendum with an opportunity of a ‘Lexit‘.


The commentator Ben Chu wrote ominously in the i newspaper on Wed 06 July : ‘we’ve run over the cliff – but we’re still waiting to fall…..the post-Brexit vote cliff is real. The only uncertainty concerns the size of the drop’. The Vent calls this the credibility gap, it will be used as a pretext for the dreaded austerity max. In such a situation the useless shlong George Osborne has the gall to slash corporate tax to 15%. 

Amongst the mediocrities lining up to be Tory leader, each of them have been criticized. Leadsom is emerging as the most useless, with treasury officials saying that Leadsom was “the worst minister we ever had”, an extraordinary criticism from the department which used to employ the disgusting yellow nebbish Danny Alexander.

The NHS will become an issue again as the junior doctor’s contract has been rejected JC is now well placed to attack the drek on this since staring down the rebels in their pathetic coup, aided by scathing indictment of Chilcot.  Please sign this petition to support the 40 MPs who support fabulous JC and JC policies. 

Katy Sian writing in the Left Future Blog nails it: “What Labour needs to do is get behind Corbyn and not stab him in the back. Members must recognise that this unthought coup will only divide the party. If the Labour Party is to mean something of real significance, it has to depart from an out-dated and out of touch neoliberalism, masquerading as common sense. The reason why so many people have been energized by Corbyn’s campaign is because he symbolises the failures of neoliberalism, and points to an alternative in which all members of the Labour movement should have no difficulty in embracing.”  Progressives want the Labour Party to come together. There is a good chance that Teresa May will call a snap general election, though she has said she will not call a snap general election or a second EU referendum A question is when will the May mask slip? The possible creation of a new centre left party by the rebels is discussed by brilliant Mason.

Without doubt the intensity of the leadership challenge and the non stop threats to JC is a sign how close JC has come. It is affecting the whole movement, with protesters deeply stressed, its affecting the writer, its a pivotal point. Clearly in order for a Corbyn win the entire left will have to be focused but it can be done.

Corbyn passed this test, in which he was personally involved with already the trombenik McTernan spouting that the vote from the NEC was “the end of the Labour party, nothing more or less than that”.  No wonder the Editorial in the Morning Star is victorious.

As Seymour describes it: Corbyn emerged in 2015 as the only leadership candidate who still understood how Labour politics was done, while also having a sense of how to fuse these methods with social media communications. And so it has proved again. The coup plotters knew all about how to manipulate old media, but they were at a loss when Corbyn stood firm, ignited his base, and thousands hit the streets in his defense, from London to Hull.

What a strange time in British politics. The outcome of the attempted overthrow of Jeremy Corbyn is thus a hugely improbable and unexpected strengthening of the Left. Since the EU referendum result, 200,000 people have joined the Labour Party, the great majority of them supporting Jeremy Corbyn. Total membership is now approximately 600,000. The shadow Cabinet has become more left wing, more multiracial, and more female. Corbyn’s own standing, having withstood the extraordinary barrage of attacks and even some friendly fire, has emerged greatly strengthened. The coup plotters, weak and disorganized by their own miscalculations, disgraced by their links to and affinity with a discredited past, are an undignified mess”. 

Thankfully DC did his final PMQs today (12/07/16) and The Vent will not eulogise hypocritically about the worst PM of ALL time in UK. DC was a spiv in a Saville Row suit who only got away with it for so long because of the disgusting fawning of the media, the momza was never held to account. Shameless TM will face wrath she has never known as she tries to impose Austerity Max while JC holds the toffs to account, but first it will take Momentum to motivate the millions of voters who did not vote at the last GE. JC is terrifying the shit out of the elite, who are doing everything they can to subvert democracy.


With its austerity max, this Tory regime will become the most hated government in UK of all time. Something fundamental is occurring, moving the tectonic plates of UK politics.  The appointment of Borisconi as foreign secretary has split opinion, with some saying it is the British sense of humour and Nikolaus Blome, the deputy editor of Germany’s biggest tabloid Bild, tweeting: “There’s justice after all. As foreign minister, Boris Johnson now has to lie in the bed he made himself”  It is predictable that Borisconi is hated, and it was also typical that crafty TM has set Borisconi up to fail

Farkakta 3

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