Approaching the Crucible

As we approach the crucible, we can only watch in bewilderment as decent JC berates DC about his academy plans. Others such as Dunt, criticize JC for not mentioning the 3000 refugee children which DC U-turned on, and which brilliant Angus Robertson was immediate on.


With bumptious bum-hole Borisconi warning of an anti semitic sickness with the Labour Party, it is easy to see a manufactured attack on decent JC via Red Ken. Nebbish John Mann was central to this attack on Red Ken – please sign this petition to discipline the khnyok. Jewish Socialists have lined up to defend JC on this matter. The establishment repeatedly and deliberately blur the line between anti Zionism and anti-semitism. But then its obviously the Sir Phillip Greens’ and the Dame Shirley Porters’ of this country who give Jews a bad name, with their disgusting greed, arrogance and vulgarity. Green is an insult to the Jewish people, a mere fucking lobbos amongst a vast syndicate of shlongs. The momza Green has now become synonymous with the problems of British capitalism.


By contrast racism appears rampant amongst the drek, who easily succumb to dog whistle politics following the lead of Machiavellian shyster Sir Lynton Crosby. It has even upset the repellent klip Baronness Warsi The drek are more concerned with attacking decent JC at every opportunity and brave Diane Abbott was right to attack this as a smear, more shit-stirring from an elite who are in big trouble. As the Morning Star writes: “We must make it clear that we will not tolerate any form of racism in our ranks — but that slanderous bids to destabilise the Corbyn revolution with concocted scandals will be exposed for the dirty tricks they are.”







Important leaks with TTIP have revealed the severity and toxicity of the deal, at a critical time for Europe, as Hilary explains: “For those of us in the thick of the EU referendum debate, the contempt shown by the TTIP negotiators to the people of Europe is the most potent reminder of the democratic deficit at the heart of the EU institutions. Today’s leak of the TTIP text leaves the leaders of the European Union with a choice. Either they abandon the TTIP negotiations immediately or they risk seeing the entire European project come crashing down about their ears. They have until 23rd June to decide.”  Meanwhile shameless shit Nigel Farage is claiming £15000 a day from the EU to hire two bodyguards.


TTIP and the relentless attacks of the drek are an affront to UK democracy, and so it is right that JmcD and JC join the campaign to change the way that the electoral system works, something they will be joined in by all the other main parties apart from the drek.


When it comes to education, the drek have been exposed for the nonsense they are inflicting on young people, not content to wreck the lives of everyone young. But then the gonaf DC’s preparatory years were unlike anything that the hoi polloi would recognise as Viscount Goschen describes Heatherdown, the school DC went to before Eton: charming little school” with “lovely grounds with a miniature steam railway we could ride, and where little boys in blue suits and Wellington boots spent a lot of time building dens in the woods. Furthermore, there were three separate toilets provided for sports days at the school – ladies, men and chauffeurs.” 







The close links which the khazers have with charities is profound, as Tories love to describe in their Newsletters, where they pretend to show themselves as normal people. Nicky Morgan (Tory Loughborough) writes: “At the start of the month I was honoured to be one of the keynote speakers at the annual Rainbows lunch held at the Leicester Tigers ground.  Rainbows Children’s Hospice is an amazing organisation and it is an honour to have them based in Loughborough” Nimo writes how she is working with nebbish Ed Argar (Tory Charnwood) trying to stop: “the possible closure of the Birstall Mental Health Day Centre for Older People run by Age UK.  I know a number of constituents and their carers regard this as a vital service which we all think should continue to be funded by our local Clinical Commissioning Group” As part of her efforts useless Nimo is pleased to say “well done to everyone involved in organising the Loughborough Lions Cycle Ride to raise money for our local Air Ambulance.” Yes – when ordinary people raise money for a service which the Filth should have paid for, they deserve a pat on the back. Tory Mark Lancaster (Milton Keynes) has used his May Newsletter to pretend his normality by playing bowls with old people, shortly before the Filth taking away from them everything they have: “I always look forward to my annual surgery at Lovat Fields in Willen. Lovat Fields is a lively residential village which is part of the Extracare Charitable Trust.  The Trust provides independent, safe and secure futures for older people. After listening to residents concerns on a wide range of issues I was swiftly taken to one side to test my skills at bowls. Sadly the residents think I need a great deal more practice!” Jocular fershtinkiner Brandon Lewis (Tory Great Yarmouth) meanwhile has shown the calibre of his shamelessness by holding a charity event for victims of domestic violence and abuse: “I held one of my regular charity coffee mornings in my office in Great Yarmouth on Friday. This is an excellent chance to get together and share a cup of coffee and have a slice of the wonderful cake baked by volunteers, whilst raising money for a good cause. This month we raised £65 for Leeway Domestic Violence and Abuse Services, and we had an excellent speaker from the charity, Helen Burrowes, who ran a quiz to highlight domestic violence statistics and spoke about the amazing work her charity undertake to combat this.” Meanwhile facetious shtunk Richard Graham (Tory Gloucester) writes to me, to tell me how much he is helping his local NHS and poor people: “Over the last few months too I’ve encouraged our NHS Glos Care Services to relocate from Southgate St. and have better facilities for their Health for the Homeless service in the same building as our Foodbank. They have now been there a month. We should be proud of it. Meanwhile the Gloucester City Mission is moving there. And I’ve had meetings with Employment Minister Priti Patel about basing a DWP Advisor there, who can both check benefit issues for Foodbank users, and steer unemployed people back to work.”







Vicious chalera Priti Patel (Tory Witham) has been celebrating two local charities – Brainwave – Witham and Children with Cancer (UK): “Both these charities do outstanding work to support children and their families, helping children with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence, and fighting to treat the 4,000 children and young people who are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK, through investment in research and treatment.” Gaffe prone Priti Patel has been campaigning for Colchester Hospital, indeed while trying to appear human many Tories have pretended they give a shtup. Like meshuggenah Chris Grayling and Esher and Epsom Hospital.

Jeremy Cunt has got rid of the £500 a day spin doctor he’s employed to deal with the fallout of the strike of the Junior Doctors. The drek were forced to blink first and allow five extra days.  Extraordinarily even the Daily Heil has taken the side of the junior doctors in saying that there is no evidence that people die more often at the weekend, and this is yet another sign that Jeremy Cunt has picked the wrong fight with the wrong people. But fatuous kvetch Jeremy Cunt clearly understands that every crisis creates an opportunity. No more so than the crisis in social care which is “one of the biggest commercial opportunities” for private firms, the smarmy gonaf pronounced






Meanwhile cash trapped East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS) deserves a special mention. EEAS is so cash strapped and so many paramedics have left that they have had to use private ambulances at a greatly increased cost. Meanwhile: “Insiders at the trust spoke out a week after the Sunday People revealed the body spent £454,636 in a year on 81 luxury cars for managers and senior ­ambulance officers.”








When it comes to the recent election of 05-05-16, we note that Labour has gained ground in England, but has lost some in Scotland. The very fact that Labour did not pull of the performance of all time has meant that the Bitter critics of JC are still talking about how bad JC is, how weak a leader. It is clear that Labour did OK in the May 2016 elections, that it is only portrayed badly by the rabid right wing press. As my comrade John Rees writes on Facebook: “Labour has done well enough and will look even better when it wins the London Mayor. What’s the problem here? That the Corbyn leadership is dragging the huge, uncontrolled ball and chain of right wing MPs through political life. It holds back every effort to defeat the Tories and confuses every message. The Bitterites have to be confronted and decisively defeated. After all it’s the Blairites and no one else that destroyed Scottish Labour.” Similarly my comrade Amanda Higgins comments on Facebook: “Considering we was predicted to lose hundreds of seats I’d say its a complete victory. We knew Scotland would be a huge loss  but elsewhere we have done well considering the nine months of media crap Corbyn has faced.” Nonetheless the Daily Heil portray the result as a terrible night for Labour, but I dont think it was actually a good night for the Filth. What did the Filth achieve? It went from third to second place in Scotland. But then hardly matters to the commentariat as The Economist labels JC’s results as ‘abysmal‘: Lets see what pearl of wisdom, what spark of genius the nebbish D’Ancona can give us: Senior Tories are relieved that Corbyn has survived’. A Labour Left analysis of the election results shows that JCs smashing of the Overton window is bring results, as he has defied the Establishment. Without doubt the shite coverage by the BBC is symbolic of the fact that the BBC is now in crisis, and has now become a tool of propaganda.




One thing which the drek will never discuss is electoral fraud with even the Tory Devon and Cornwall Police Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez being investigated. Eight police forces are now involved and given the hatred which now exists between the police and the government, some result will be forthcoming. Yet it is the case that the Bitterites prevented Labour from doing better in the polls faced with the Filth is disarrayHaving completed their slanted reporting on the election, the BBC is now starting to cover the election fraud issue, with could displace the Filth in 24 marginal seats.


The bloody Bitterites are the biggest single asset to the Filth, as the blog Counterfire explains: “This week has also seen Tory U-turns or partial U-turns on accepting child refugees, negotiating with junior doctors and forced academies. They are weak – and cracking under pressure from both a left-led Labour Party and the wider protest movements and trade union movement. The EU referendum and the emerging scandal over spending on their general election campaigns in some seats threaten to deepen their crisis.

The Tories’ greatest asset is the ‘Bitterites’, who repeatedly take the focus away from what the Tories are doing and undermine Corbyn’s opposition to Tory attacks. Corbyn and allies need to get tougher with them and effectively marginalise them. The Tories’ greatest threat comes from an alliance of Labour’s left leadership and the movements on the streets. This alliance needs to become more powerful than ever.”  Unity is something the local elections show us Labour must have. Its something useless klip Harriet Harman fails to understand as she lines up to put the boot in Corbyn.


I hate the Bitterites, I hate the whining of Wood-cock, I hate the whining of Bliar. As a Socialist Jew I hate the manufactured anti semitism of Mann. Sign this petition to get rid of the shlong Mann:  Get rid of the yutzi now.

In the words of the luminary Gary Younge: “When it comes to assessing Labour’s electoral fortunes, Corbyn is treated with all the due process of a 17th-century woman accused of witchcraft and dunked in a river. If she drowns she’s innocent; if she floats she’s guilty and condemned as a witch. Either way the verdict is never in her favour. 

Approaching the Crucible

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