chamools und nudniks

When the chamoole Patterson foolishly stated that old people should pick fruit for less than the minimum wage, it was a case of Tory arrogance threatening a new Achilles heel. This was an idea thought up by a drek auf dem teller Osborne as the toff tells us about the fresh public spending cuts totaling £4bn in Wednesday’s Budget, insisting they were not “a huge amount in the scheme of things”.  It is no surprise that the wealth of the 1% has soared while everyone else is losing out. Vile shmuk Osborne’s smug face as he defends £12000000000 cuts to disabled people as he gives a tax cut to the middle classes is sordid.  Yet the zhulik at the Treasury fake outrage that JMcD had the temerity to say that there was a direct link between public spending cuts and suicides. The Filth appear surprised at being exposed, like shlong Kit Malthouse (Tory North West Hampshire) when the arrogant nebbish was told to stand down as a patron of the Andover MS Society over his support to the £30 cut of JSA-WRAG. Smarmy poster boy for the filthy rich Zac Goldsmith has also been asked to step down as patron of Richmond AID, indeed Goldsmith’s support for this cut will destroy his chances of being London mayor. James Cleverly (Tory Braintree) was also told to resign as patron with “immediate effect” by Advocacy for All, a charity that works to help vulnerable people in the local area, who said they were “surprised and disappointed” to learn he had voted for £30 a week cuts to ESA benefits. A list of all these arses has been published by DPAC and I for one am going through the list and writing to each charity. Its easy, and you are welcome to use my letter – here is the one I wrote about Damian Green (Tory Ashford): 

“I have read that the sanctimonious hypocrite Damian Green is a Patron of Ashford and Shepway Carers Support. Why is he being allowed to pretend he gives a damn after he has joined in the attacks on very ill people with all his self-righteous Tory friends. Get rid of the freak, please,  Ashford and Shepway Carers Support is a fantastic organisation, so why is this obscenity allowed to remain in this position?”


Nauseating nudnik Andrew Bingham (Tory High Peaks) driveled about the cut in a generic letter to me, justifying the unjustifiable: “The Government provides more than £50billion in support for people with disabilities, but I can understand when these changes are expressed in the terms of ‘cutting money for the disabled’ the anger and indignation that many people have expressed over this. If it had been that straightforward then I would have been similarly outraged.” But the scale of the cuts by the Filth is causing nerves, with sanctimonious pisher Andrew Percy leading the charge. While filthy rich Zac has had to answer difficult questions about his support for the heinous ESA cut, poor MrJohnny Mercer (Tory Plymouth Moor) who also signed the damning legislation has received threats: “Threats to ‘cut’ me, assault me and disparaging comments about my wife are completely unacceptable,” the self righteous shmo waffled. With so much going down, it would not be surprising for Labour to take a poll lead at a critical time.


The muppet Michael Fabricant (Tory Lichfield) will tell you that cuts to disabled benefits are great. The toff came out with: The MP said he knew people “who could work, but because they are receiving benefits, they choose not to. Perhaps you know some of them too. They may not see it this way, but they are taking the British taxpayer for a ride to the tune of over £500 million, and rising, each year. That just can’t be allowed to go on when the money could be better spent on education and the NHS.”  Others say that excruciating shmuk Osborne is gearing up for an early election, before his dreaded ‘fiscal consolidation’.  It looks like the drek will have to reverse a few of these bloody stupid cuts. The Conservative Party are in disarray, since the famous Omnishambles Budget, this is the first time that the take over of the Filth by Economic Conservatives has been questioned. Fantastic JC can also sense an opportunity forcing a vote on PIP. But eyngeshparter Iain Duncan Smith loves to spout rubbish about the high percentage of people who thank him after getting a sanction, but the fascist has overstepped the mark, and his claim will be investigated by the official statistic watchdog. The ludicrous claims of IDS to stop the culture of entitlement make me sick, while the kvetsh squanders public money on his pants and £39 on one breakfast. The cuts to the PIP are already falling apart as this Omnishambles progresses.  There are signs that the zhlob Osborne has shot himself in the foot. These stupid cuts are reminiscent of the mishandling by the drek of the NHS, they show a completely out of touch elite, and they could be a high water mark – it will be all down hill from now for the drek. The commentator Aengil writes of this: “You absolutely can cut unnecessary spending. But you can’t cut necessary spending without it having knock on effects. When you cut needed welfare, you cut needed support, reducing productivity from those who needed it, and reducing consumer demand from that group. When you sack workers, such as public sector workers, or freeze their pay, you do the same thing. When you reduce demand, you slow recovery. There’s no point hiring people to provide goods and services to other people who can no longer afford those goods and services. Meanwhile everything that depended on the support of those workers is stifled as well. It didn’t work, it still doesn’t work, Osborne’s approach has failed by every goal and metric he’s put out there, and his response is to just carry on doing it only more so, with the disabled lined up to get it in the neck. It’s madness.” 

Please sign this petition to overturn the cruel cut to ESA.

Terrified of the fallout, the drek are preparing a u turn (18-03-16). Meanwhile the shlak Steve Hilton has been giving us insider gossip on greedy bumptious bupkes Borisconi, which is important for followers of the Westminster village. Utter zhlub Hilton comes out with: “I honestly struggle to think of what his legacy is.”    Well I can tell precious Steve about Borisconi’s legacy in Walthamstow where I live. Borisconi has totally messed up the roads of Walthamstow forcing us to tolerate his wretched Little Holland scheme.

 Yes – Borisconi is detested in my area, and yet the clown’s time is still coming. As we say in ma momeloshn: “Abi gezunt dos leben ken men zikh ale mol nemen.” or , “Stay healthy, because you can kill yourself later.”  JC’s legacy could be a citizen’s income, but JMcD has a long way to go before the public will listen to him.


My local MP Stella Creasy deserves some praise from The Vent after she threw Keith Nunn out of the House of Common Fuck over his stupid remarks at the Butterfields Estate in Walthamstow. 

 Please sign this petition to stand up against this social injustice.

I want to plug a petition for a Michelle Baharier. Michelle was working for the mental health charity Cool Tan, but she was suspended on account of her dyslexia and because she gave a shtup. Please sign to get her reinstated.
Momza Osborne’s attacks have hurt single parents particularly hard, for example the disgusting case of a woman North Lanarkshire who was sanctioned because she missed an appointment with the job centre nebbochim while her son was having surgery on a brain tumour. Justice in Breadline Britain is a travesty with the closure of so many magistrates and family courts by the drek, who sneaked out their decision just before the February recess (Nic Dakin March Newsletter).
The resignation of the nudnik Iain Duncan Smith marks an important moment in the fightback. The Tory lover D’Ancona will tell that he started it, but D’Ancona is not the brains of Britain, and is not able to articulate the crisis at the very heart of the Tory party.  It is easy for us to forget that the Filth used to have compassion, that they brought in the ILF and the DLA. The Tory party changed in 2005 – a bit like in USA where the Republican Party became infested with Tea Party vermin. The fall out is not yet over, for it seems as if disgusting momza DC is no longer shmendrek Osborne’s greatest fan, while Osborne is blaming DC for holding the referendum in the first place.  It seems we are building up to a late stage when the incredible chamoole Borisconi will take charge, to be face the sharpened rapier of JC. The considerable division makes me want to reach for the popcorn. Without doubt the resignation of the dreadful meshugenner is a victory for JC,  with right at the end IDS asking “are we really all in it together”   The British public are finally waking up to the fact that austerity is a con.   Hilariously the shmuk Osborne has been trapped by the very elephant trap he carefully made for decent JC – which can only be done with the greatest stupidity.  It is critical that the downfall of IDS is happening on the eve of the European referendum and the local council elections.

It is hard not to agree with the analysis of Tory Peter Oborne writing in the Daily Heil: “However, it would be wrong to think that Osborne will go easily. Cameron cannot allow that. The Prime Minister knows that if Osborne fails, he fails too. Cameron will be all too well aware that if Osborne’s reputation collapses – so does his own. The two men are political twins. They cannot be separated. They rose together. If they fall, they will fall together. If Osborne is destroyed, Cameron is destroyed as well.” 

The Tory serving Business Insider website is pedaling a lot of bollocks about this: “The joke is that the Labour party is so rubbish at the moment that IDS has had to step in to do its job for them. It’s not too far from the truth. Ever since they won the election, the government has been cruising and hasn’t faced any meaningful threat from the opposition. Now, with the EU referendum approaching, the government faces a much scarier threat than Jeremy Corbyn – their own side. Cameron needs to put a stop to all this today, or he genuinely faces watching his government fall apart.” Thanks to the crap of IDS the Tories are now in a civil war. But there are dangers ahead as Maughan writes. Certainly the resignation of the vicious momza IDS has led to TV interviews where Tory ministers are forced to defend their shit. Nicky Morgan and slime-ball Sajid Javid have faced the music. There will be more on Question Time on the BBC – well there might be, but its forcing the drek to try to wear the mantle of the ‘compassionate conservative’ forcing disgusting tukkus DC to waffle foolishly about compassion and morality. Scrutiny of Universal Chaos shows the system to be riddled with predictable flaws.

Snide gonaf Mr Laws has once again exposed the truth about the scale of the mishandling of the NHS by the Filth. The acceleration of the NHS strike will be a hammer blow to the drek. 

chamools und nudniks

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