Zhlubs and Gonifs

With disgusting nebbish IDS weighing in to the European debate, it feels like everything is up for grabs in the political environment of the maelstrom. The putz DC can barely hang on as both the main parties experience forces of indiscipline, with the tukkus from Bully expecting a leadership challenge.  There are some loose tongues who will tell you that gaffe prone chalera Priti Patel can be Tory leader.
But with productivity in crisis, the ominous truth is that no one knows what will happen after a Brexit, which could be one route to the crucible of human despair which lies up the end of shit creek. True to form, all that the shmok DC can offer is project fear. It comes as no surprise that the khazer Osborne has become a cheerleader for the financial terrorists.  Ironically the gonaf IDS has been dolling out the fearsome propaganda on DC. In the end hapless Priti Patel has chimed in to say that leaving the EU is like jumping of the bloody Titanic. Yet feral zhlub DC hubristically talks about standing as an MP in 2020. Realism has never been DC’s strongest suit.








As UKIP’s arse Nigel Farage distances himself from shmeril Douglas Carswell,  the hapless grimacer is lining up candidates for Wales with witless Neil Hamilton and useless Mark Reckless standing for UKIP in Wales.



Please sign this petition to try to stop evil momza George Osborne from his stupid short sighted plan to build a nuclear power station at Hinkley Point:  The gross stupidity of this project now has the alarm bells ringing.







It is difficult for The Vent to express the rage the author feels at the brutal cuts to the WRAG of ESA by the drek. There was nothing decent about this brutal malicious cut which will cause immense damage to the most vulnerable people in society. ANY TORY SHOULD HANG THEIR HEADS IN SHAME, at this reprehensible cut, which was merely made to make a point. There is zero evidence that cutting £30 from the pittance these people get will help them to find a job – but the greedy drek don’t give a shtup. But it is hard to have faith in the House of Posh Fuck, when it has members like useless koch-leffel Baroness Williams. Nebbish Baroness Williams just added some insult to the injury when she maligned that homelessness is a lifestyle choice on 08-03-16.

While the fabulously wealthy young people laugh at everyone else grubbing around, gaffe prone monster Priti Patel pretends to give a shtup as she waffles in her newsletter about saving her local Sure Start centres. Gonaf Patel shows her calibre when she tries to shove through devastating cuts to the poor, very ill folk on WRAG.  Extraordinarily rich shmegegi Zac Goldsmith has got real to the Tory redevelopment of London being “absolutely catastrophic“. Yet the drek are really fucking up in the house building sector with a sharp fall in business certainty. Meanwhile the drek believe that they can take power endlessly with their shabby boundary review, which will be devastating to democracy in UK.

Gareth Johnson (Tory Dartford) has used his February Newsletter, to tell us about the progress of brutal shmendrek Osborne’s plans for the Ebbsfleet garden city – the disastrous plan to get thousands of folk to live in a flood plain: “I am pleased that Ebbsfleet has been awarded “Healthy new town” status by the Department for Health. As well as ensuring there is sufficient infrastructure for the project, we have to make the Garden City a place that people aspire to live in and this will help. I am also pleased that we have had confirmation of the first new primary school to be built on the site. The Cherry Orchard Primary Academy will be part of the Leigh Academies Trust and will be a two-form entry school opening in September 2017″. While waffling about the EU referendum, Gareth Johnson finds space to mention the money being raised for disabled kids by a local cricket team – yes the big society is strong in North Kent. Meanwhile Mark Lancaster uses his February Newsletter to tell us how his local Rotary Club have worked tirelessly to buy an ambulance for a local hospice. The shmeril Andrew Bingham (Tory High Peak) used his email newsletter to tell us about his work for the Big Society: “This year I will be doing a charity Golf Challenge in aid of the four local Mountain Rescue teams, as they all provide a vital service for the area and it is all done using volunteers. As Chairman of the All Party Group for Mountain Rescue I am always keen to help the organisation in whatever way I can. Edale, Glossop, Buxton and Kinder Mountain Rescue teams will each benefit equally from the challenge.”

While spouting ludicrously about a ‘Northern Powerhouse” MPs have been careful not to mention the gaping north south divide which is becoming a chasm. Paradoxically so called political consultants like the nebbish Ian Warren will tell you that the real gulf is the one which exists between Labour Party members and Jo Public. Yet the voices of dissent within Labour will tell that fabulous JC will need to pick up 100 council seats in May. It comes as no surprise that JC is now being advised by legends Varoufakis and Paul Mason, while evil shmeril Osborne can only joke that “Chairman Mao was dead and Mickey Mouse was busy”.  But the turgid jokes do not amuse Russian magnate Alexander Temerko who said it like this: “George is very boring, very tedious, a very cold personality.”  

The Vent celebrates Labour chancellor John McDonnell, and questions George Eaton when he mistakenly says that useless Rachel Reeves has talent. Sorry George Eaton but I don’t agree with you. Reeves was a waste of space, it is the fault of people like her that Labour were routed in May 2015. 

The surge for the nebbish Chump has made many decent folk question their sanity. It even inspired rare words of sense from the shmok Liam Byrne: “Today, people know in their gut, that there’s something very wrong about an economy – like ours – which is creating 50 per cent more billionaires than before the crash, and increasing the number of children living in poverty by 300,000. But unless reformers across the worlds of business and politics find their voice and start shouting a little louder about what good change looks like, then voters are going to press the reset button. And that won’t look pretty.”  The wave of support for Trump and Sanders could be a forecast of the surge of JC, which the establishment are doing everything in their power to quell using every tool in their armoury in a relentless attack on the great man and his movement. Just imagine the twisted faces of Louise Mensch or Toby Young as decent JC rides a popular wave, the Labour Party will never get rid of JC or JMcD with figures like this. But first there is the pragmatic reality that the wave is still building momentum. To confound the critics fabulous JC is drawing large crowds among very poor people in Aberdare in Wales. Its a small wonder when we have contemptuous shlong DC refusing to answer any questions on any relevant topic – from the NHS, to bedroom tax, to social care to flooding defences.

Certainly the drek have dropped a spanner in their works with the nuclear imposition of the hated contract on the ‘junior’ doctors. An important article by Dr Lucy Bradbeer lays out the misery now at the heart of the junior doctor’s dispute: “If people weren’t already stretched to breaking point, there might more room for compromise, but there is no slack in the system to be taken up.  The NHS has been running on the marrow of goodwill for far too long, and this year it’s been completely sucked dry…..In the face of this, our nuclear options of indefinite strikes or mass resignation become so much more palatable; it feels like this is our only chance to prevent drastic, irreversible damage being perpetuated across the entire NHS. Cameron and Hunt have already started launching their missiles; unless their next move is a genuine call for a ceasefire, mutually assured destruction seems like the only adequate response. Our careers, for theirs.”  Anyone with half a brain cell will be incredulous that the drek, blinded by greed, contempt and arrogance have ignored the words of screaming Lord Lawson of Blaby, when he said in his memoirs: “The National Health Service is the closest thing the English have to a religion, with those who practise in it regarding themselves as a priesthood. This made it quite extraordinarily difficult to reform. For a bunch of laymen, who called themselves the Government, to presume to tell the priesthood that they must change their ways in any respect whatever, was clearly intolerable. And faced with a dispute between their priests and ministers, the public would have no hesitation in taking the part of the priesthood.” In irritating the doctors, so early in this electoral cycle the Filth have committed an act of gross stupidity, which they will pay highly for at the ballot box. They will pay an extra price because they lied and lied and lied about the NHS in meltdown. In May 2015 it was the macabre poker grin of the toff Farage who confused the people, but with the referendum imminent the smarmy shmeril is losing his vavavoom. It was Jeremy Cunt alone who made the decision to impose the detested contract. Hapless Jeremy Cunt has lectured the NHS that doctors must learn e-efficiency from Easyjet, but in effect the nebbish Cunt has made the NHS completely inefficient. 

Jo Public has no hesitation in taking the side of the medical professionals during the third doctor’s strike with 57% of people blaming the drek. But Jeremy Cunt shows no shame as he burbles stupidly in the Independent on 09-03-15. Jeremy Cunt is a gift that keeps giving, as we drift further and further up shit creek. Meanwhile the position of the evil momza DC decreases with each humiliating performance at PMQs.

The Vent stands with Dr Holly Pattendon, as driven to despair, she resigns, as she writes: “I can tell you junior doctors are brilliant, compassionate, brave and resilient people – but they are breaking. I thought I was alone in wanting to leave but there are many, many truly fantastic doctors who are considering taking a similar route. And when they are gone, they are gone.”  Now you would think that the same shmoks who have destroyed our NHS would have a plan for afterwards – after all they have had years to organise one – but we are dealing with a whole field of useless dumkopfs, with the general secretary of UKIP – the over exposed tukkus Matthew Richardson famously calling the NHS ‘the Reichstag bunker of socialism’.  The new two day strikes are a great way for the medical professionals to up the anti without the whole NHS grinding to a halt, though the NHS official comment is that the strikers are acting ‘irresponsibly‘.


Parkin is correct to link JC and Donald Trump: “The awkward fact on both sides of the Atlantic is that Corbyn and Trump didn’t need to fight the party establishment, they could ignore it and the establishment candidates wilted anyway. British and American voters picked the guy with the clearest message, with fire in his belly.”  Brits should be under no illusion that whatever happens in the USA elections, matters may not change. This is not the case with UK, where JC will be placed to score a knock out blow on the obscenely rich. But the shvantz have also given ordinary folk a real fear. Take Shane – Guest blogging on The Liberal Englishman: “I find it incredible that protests go unreported, that the BBC head of news make up stories about the Labour leader. The BBC was a bastion of freedom. Out of the entire UK media you have 3 newspapers reporting anything close to facts. Only the Guardian and Independent report anywhere near the truth. Even that is slanted at times. This government, forcing disabled people to work, to die while trying out for work. Our NHS, Our social welfare structure. Our nation, our freedoms are being destroyed by a government working solely for the elite. Our middle class is being destroyed, the working class demonised constantly as worthless. The socially needy thrown onto the streets. Sometimes I actually despair of Britain and the English surviving, they pass illegal laws, laws that break human rights, they support the most intolerant inhuman regimes in the name of money. Our media is run by ex public [private schoolboys] 93% of journalists. The same media is owned by the most corrupt corporations in the world. Corbyn, Europe stand for hope. But most of the Morons, most of the sheople, will follow the media, believe the threat of immigration [used by the Nazis] and anyone wanting to take attention away from what is really happening. Laws that have stood for 400 years are being abrogated and the mother of all parliaments is being raped. Unless the British people wake up, unless they stand up, until people see what is really happening, the great, amazing country we grew up in will cease to exist, replaced by corporations, exploitation, hatred, fear, poverty and loss of any hope! The picture top itself tells a story, these cunts who have done nothing for the country, they do nothing if it does not profit themselves, are for leaving the EU, they lead the exit campaign. This has to be the most untrustworthy group of people you can get. Galloway appeared on Syrian TV for Assad, supporting the Assad regime and got paid £80,000 for 6 appearances. He also got paid by Saddam for visit to Iraq. Andrew Marr in an interview, called Boris a “Nasty Piece of Work” for all the things he has done to his Eton buddies in the past. Farange needs nothing said at all, you all know what he stands for! You have to ask, what these utterly worthless politicians want? Simple, more power and more media cover. They care nothing for our country, way of life, poverty, people or rights. They do however care about George, Boris and Nige……. But, the media drives the hatred, it feeds fear, it wants to take away hope. I have NEVER been so scared for my country as I am now.” 

A central role in the relentless attack by the drek on the British people has been the drip drip of the media. In the words of the blogger “Breaking down the News”: “Until and unless the national press demonstrate that the UK really does benefit from a free press, and not a government controlled press, the most vulnerable of all British people will continue to suffer and the British public will continue to be deceived.” Until the vicuous cycle is broken the zhlubs and the gonifs can do what the fuck they like unimpeded in Breadline Britain.

Zhlubs and Gonifs

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