The drek are klotz. Klotz come in all shapes and sizes, and right now it is DC who is the klotz-in-chief with his EU nonsense. At this moment (Thursday 18/02/16) the gigantic ponce DC is stumbling through his interminable negotiations. Whether The Vent is for remaining in Europe or leaving, the writer still has hatred for the vacillating muppet Borisconi. The blogger Tim Montgomerie has left the Filth in disgust, over Europe and gross inequality. 

 The wider ramifications of the resignation of the shmekeleh Montgomerie to the entire shvantz is actually important to the whole structure of the Filth. Regarding admirable JC, support for him is steady in the Labour Party, indeed it is creditable that real socialists are not deterred by the crap put out by the media.

Brilliant Mark Steel summed up the issue of JCs attire when he added “Cameron’s right – Mussolini and Idi Amin always showed respect with a tie done up smart, but Gandhi and Jesus were both a scruffy disgrace. (Morning Star 25-02-16).

Closely tied to the neoliberal ideology of the European project, the nudzh DC can create no change, but it looks as if the bumptious bupkes Borisconi may lead the case for Brexit (17-02-16). The referendum has swathes of Tories in a state, like irritated paskudnyak Soames with kibitser Redwood. Either way this represents troubles ahead for the Filth.  The Tory knives are already out – all the Filth have is Project Fear, which is gushing from the disgusting pig fucker as he warns that Brexit will cost loads of jobs. Not so says the opulent momza Zac Goldsmith but it wont impress the folk of London.  The referendum will be close, fucking close, but a massive delusion is being carried out – does anyone believe that the financial heart of Europe will remain in London if the financial terrorists fuck off? The financiers said they would stay but since when has something they said actually meant jack shit? The financiers are already nervous, so the £ is at its lowest levels against the $ since 2009. The toff Borisconi has never had to struggle, yet his vanity and opportunism, like his greed, have no bounds. Borisconi has made a calculated risk as he knows it will be impossible for him to be PM without the eurosceptic rump of the Filth on his side. Some will tell you that Borisconi is really brave for sticking his neck out – yes – old greedy guts shows sign of having a shred of principle – but at least he sings the national dirge. But after the non stop lies of the shvantz, the referendum is going to be very close, as the blogger Rogers puts it: “With an NHS in crisis, a housing market in crisis, an economy in crisis, rising child poverty and rising suicide rates – amongst other abject failures – it’s safe to say that a fair whack of the UK has a passionate hatred of David Cameron and the Conservatives. And this hatred is sure to dissuade many from siding with the enemy on the key issue of Europe. Why should they believe yet another perceived lie from Cameron?”  

The move of the drek to cut the support of WRAG to a derisory £73.10 is evil. The monsters who happily will slash £30 from the pittance which 500000 poor and sick people receive at the very worst time in their life, are a source of national shame.  It was revolting to watch evil dimwit Priti Patel polishing the turd of human despair as she drivelled about helping people. But the reality is that in the relentless drift up shit creek the klotz will have to go much further than this. Never have the Filth made a mockery of compassion more. 
While the arrogant posh shmegegi Jeremy Cunt rakes in the dosh, the gonaf foolishly provokes the junior doctors by telling them they will come to appreciate the changes. The twerp is from a true blue backgrounds, as Boseley and Campbell write in the Guardian: “Hunt is from a “true blue family”, he says, the son of an admiral, with aristocratic antecedents, brought up in the picturesque Surrey village of Shere on the North Downs. He was head boy at Charterhouse school and graduated with a first in politics, philosophy and economics from Magdalen College, Oxford. It is an unmistakably privileged background, but, he says, he was taught to value the NHS at his father’s knee.”  Yes – not a fucking clue. Under the watch of Jeremy Cunt exhausted medics are falling asleep on 111 duty.   But while disgusting Mr Cunt has picked a fight with the wrong people, this mamza is nowhere as stupid as IDS or evil fotz Osborne. While Jeremy Cunt burbles cynically about the NHS: “My admiration for the NHS has gone up since becoming health secretary because – despite the many problems – what I think is special in this system is the relationship between doctor and patient where there is no conflict of interest caused by money,”  it is the putz Osborne with the swinging axe.

The Vent salutes whistle-blowers in the NHS. The Vent shares a rage in the treatment of these decent people, like award winning nurse Amin Abdullah who set fire to himself yesterday (19/02/16).

As if to play with fire, the drek are forcing the skeletal staff of the remaining fire crews in London to work with ambulance crews. Its the sickly brain child of the fatuous dumkopf Penning, the git who reckons that emergency services should share control rooms.  But as we say in my mamaloshn: “der emes kumt aroys vi boyml afn vaser” or “the truth comes out like oil on water”. 

Smirking schlong Mr Cunt is now the most hated man in British politics.  His arguments for a seven day NHS are falling apart, but this is not rocket science with doctors often arguing that it is a lack of available community care, rather than a lack of hospital staff, which keeps patients in hospital longer than they should be.  It is no wonder that cowardly Mr Hunt is working to avoid criticism. The number of doctors who are applying to leave the NHS has surged since Mr Cunt announced his nuclear option.  The black hole of the NHS finances is put at £2300000000. As if to rub salt in the wound, sample new contracts have been produced with doctor’s supposed to do 48 hour shifts and three weekends in a row, you could not make this bollocks up. Junior doctors have now (23/02/16) upped the anti by announcing three 48 hour walk outs and also legal action. Meanwhile Jeremy Cunt’s claims of 7000 deaths has been shown to be spurious. In the words of fantastic Heidi Alexander: “It seems that civil servants had to cobble together a post-hoc rationalisation for Jeremy Hunt’s soundbites”.


While the shmeril Mark Lancaster (Tory Milton Keynes) lauds the National Apprenticeship Show in his Newsletter, nasty piece of shtik Sajid Javed has used his February Newsletter to say how wonderful the job fair will be in Bromsgrove in March.   Fascist Javid can easily forget the ludicrous notion of a Northern Powerhouse as he gibbers on about an innovation plan leading to a new Industrial Revolution. Chris Leslie (Labour Nottingham), uses his newsletter to talk about the grotesque way that the drek have skewered their additional funding away from areas with opposition, and given the whole lot to Tory areas: “
And that’s when the most brazen ‘solution’ was found; the Secretary of State came up with a device to buy-off these internal Tory Party detractors with a “transitional relief grant” of £300 million over the next two years, of which 83% will go to Tory local authorities. That means £5.3 million to the five wealthiest councils, and £0 for the five most deprived. So while wealthier Surrey receives £24.1m, Nottingham City Council gets (fuck-all). That’s right; a ‘transitional grant’ to ease the pain in vocal Conservative districts. So astonishingly and blatantly biased. So while I know these issues of grant allocation can seem dull on the surface, when you look at why they matter – the elderly services they fund, the parks and housing and environmental services they should support – I feel it’s important people should know that the money is dished out now on a party political basis that is unfair and unworthy of government departments that should not behave in this way.”

Do you think slimy nebbish Jeremy Cunt will give a toss as he reads the suicide letter of Dr Rose Polge of Devon? She couldn’t take the strain of the stupidly long working hours, she walked out of the hospital in the middle of her shift, leaving a note mentioning Jeremy Cunt. They still have not found her body.  This can be directly contrasted with the tripe spewed out by meshugennah IDS regarding suicide statistics. Yet this will be no surprise when we acknowledge that the  Tories’ austerity programme has led to the biggest rise in death rates among the elderly for nearly 50 years. The link of suicide to austerity seems to surprise the experts, a sign that the media have cottoned on to the fucking obvious.  Yet we are still forced to watch the klotz IDS pulls his sanctimonious face, rubs his chin and cuts of 20% for disabled people. This week (the week of Friday 19-02), the shtunk IDS has maliciously undone years of struggle for disability rights.

That the poorest people are charged stupidly for benefit phone calls is oppressive. Please sign this petition to do something about it.

As every public amenity is removed by the drek we can only watch the slow motion car crash. It is difficult to believe that the court system closer can work for example, as they are closing my local courthouse –  and the nearby Bow County Court. Its all about saving money so our fat cats like corporate vampires can drain the Brits of blood.

Importantly, the arrogant zshlub Osborne is foolishly preparing a trap for himself, the so called master strategist is now coming for the middle classes, with his attack on pension tax relief. The drek will be upping the anti on the elderly. But even as they do that the drek are getting nervous. You can smell the fear, as the shvantz quietly crank their crappy water canons. But as the drek shouted at fantastic JC yesterday (23-02-16)“Who are ya, who are ya, who are ya!”  By 2020 election the shvantz will be showing respect to JC.

The witty commentator John Ward has written of this period: “In the current swirling environment of gathering crises – ClubMed, global slowdown, oil glut, Syrian bombing anarchy, Chinese instability, EU chaos, Islamic Jihadism, migrant policy meltdown, Brexit, threats to the US political élite, splits in the UK Establishment Parties, tool paucity among the central bankers, NHS collapse, Ukraine State failure, Erdogan double-agent antics, trigger-happy US foreign policy and Arabian chaos – it’s getting well-nigh impossible to find objective opinions, or tell fact from fiction.  The biggest casualty by far in the 21st century is Truth. But Truth is the first casualty of war. Does this therefore make sense?  Yes, I think it does: because the human species is at war with itself. It’s a war on myriad fronts, but one collective phrase nails it: tectonic tension between rigid and dysfunctional belief systems. We’ve been here before I know, but in 2016 people do not debate, they lie: and when found out, they insult; and if harried, they block.  Blocking on Twitter is one thing, and God help me, sometimes it is justified. Blocking the Opposition’s ability to function – via rigging, gerrymandering, legal vindictiveness, and the invention of oxymoronic NVEs – is a direct attack on Citizen liberty.  Today, it’s being pursued by the Camerlot clique. Next time, it might be the Corbyn clique. Ultimately, though I know my many friends on the Left would call this nonsense, there is nothing to choose between the two of them: they are both like priests demanding a belief in instant transubstantiation. Wealth does not trickle down, redistributed wealth creates dependence, feminism is far from being a cure-all, neoliberalism has been a social disaster, globalist mercantilism creates zero-sum anarchy, and multiculturalism has yet to work in any society on Earth. Old, tribalist ideas generate war as an outlet for activist aggression. New ideas unite, giving hope and motivation to those left out previously.  But without new ideas augmenting the sense of unity, the revolutionary vision takes over. Dictatorship replaces autocracy, and new wars based on the extreme break out.  There were no new ideas in pre 1789 France, Tsarist Russia or Soviet Russia. Today, there are no original ways forward on offer in the US, the UK, or the EU.  Nothing lasts forever, and things that don’t work are eventually vapourised more quickly than anyone ever expects.  This is what many of us will have to accept over the next decade. We are at pre-Crash2 Correction3 on an econo-fiscal dimension, but the cultural reset is on its way. Ignore facts, and you get fear. Nurture fear, and you inflame violence. If CNN, BBCNews, Bloomberg, Russia Today, France24 et al ignore the probability, it doesn’t make it dissipate. On the contrary, it makes it inevitable.” 



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