Schlumps und gonafs

Ever since arrogant shmegegi Osborne foolishly talked about his sweetheart deal with Google as being a ‘major success’ the nebbish has faced ridicule. French MEP Eva Joly called for Mr Osborne to answer questions in the European Parliament about the “very bad deal” as she accused the Chancellor of attempting to turn Britain into “a kind of a tax haven”.  But as the fotz Osborne provides another open goal for Labour JMcD has had no problems scoring.   Its the sort of direction which Red Balls never had, every time Red Balls was faced with a wide open goal, of which  Osborne produces many for a ‘master strategist’, he would become confused. It was as if Red Balls and equally the nebbish Red Ed did not know what the shtup to do, and were struck down by their own timidity, while all socialists watching the sorry scene pulled at their hair and groaned. It is more likely that the European Commission will investigate the shoddy deal after it has received renewed criticism from various European politicians.  There are signs that the dumkopf Osborne with his mind numbing austerity shit, is about to create a financial crash much bigger than 2007, which Albert Edwards strategist at the bank Société Générale warned of:  “The financial crisis will reawaken. It will be every bit as bad as in 2008-09 and it will turn very ugly indeed….Can it get worse? Of course it can.” Edwards criticises the ‘incredible conceit’of central bankers, who had failed to learn the lessons of the housing bubble that led to the financial crisis and slump of 2008-09.   Today (Tuesday 09/02/15) the markets are in turmoil again, with the IFS warning that there will be a £2000000000 hole in the shmeril Osborne’s deficit reduction plan.  It is a late phase of the Cameron experiment, which comes as no surprise as we already knew it would go awry. But it could also be behind the rumours of a snap election in 2016. 

A feature of any election campaign will be the SNP versus Labour, with the permanent loss of Scottish votes being a problem. But SNP seem unable to fight austerity in Scotland as Derek Bateman discusses in his blog. The SNP face allegations of hypocrisy as they follow the Filth by applauding the privatisation of the North Sea. Kezia Dugdale has written about the way that the SNP has sold out to the Filth by imposing further cuts. Yet polling suggests that SNP support has grown which is a direct response of the failures of Red Balls and Red Ed.

The Tory axe is over Darlington, Yorkshire. In their greed and lust for the putative market state, the filth are rapidly turning social services into skeletal services. Tories love to attack with their financial terrorism, while at the same time accusing decent JC of being a danger to national security. To me, few things seem more dangerous than the cuts to the nuclear police. The drek only have contempt for Old Bill, and only last week quietly slashed the police fund, though sanctimonious momza Mike Penning is still blurbing that nothing is wrong. Please sign this petition to have a proper debate about the brutal cuts hanging over Darlington. Darlington’s plight symbolises the pile of kak shoved on the people by the drek. To add insult to injury the drek are diverting money to the north of England to the Tory heartlands of Surrey and Hampshire.  Decent Catherine McKinnell, (Labour Newcastle upon Tyne North) writes with disgust of the cuts: “The North East has been hit again and again by punitive and unfair cuts firstly from the Coalition, and now from the Conservatives. And it’s difficult to overstate the scale of the funding crisis facing councils like Newcastle, who are left making the most invidious decisions about which services to retain whilst also having more and more responsibilities placed on them by central Government. Labour MPs and councils have been warning for years about the hugely damaging impact these cuts will have on local communities, yet – if his recent letter to Oxfordshire Council is anything to go by – the whole situation appears to have taken the Prime Minister completely by surprise. He is dangerously out of touch.”  

The guest blogger Wanda Lozinska writes about how the iconic statesman JC won the Labour leadership: “What drove most of us was the hatred of what the Tories are doing, to the vulnerable, the country, the economy, society in general, the NHS and everything else we hold dear. This used to be such a lovely country but it now seems to be consumed by greed; run by the few for their own benefit at the expense of the many.” Only JC can provide the necessary revolution needed in UK politics.


The shmendrik DC believes that he can seal the deal with the repulsive Trade Union Bill, but he under-estimates yet again the power of the people. Its made the maven Bolls nervous, the khazer has even written to the pig fucker DC, urging the Drek to back down on certain detested parts of the Bill or face defeat by the House of Posh Fuck.

The bedroom tax has come to the fore, as evidence has shown that it is costing more to implement then it saves. Stubborn shmeril IDS has refused to stop his ‘despicable’ bedroom tax, but has kept the spiralling costs of legal cases secret. When it comes to the implementation of Universal Chaos, now pushed back to a full roll-out in 2021, there has been a lot of criticism. Duncan Exley, director of the Equality Trust, said the withdrawal rate affecting families earning more than £10,600 should be closer to the 47% tax rate paid by workers who earn in excess of £150,000.“Our system of taxes and benefits takes money away from the poorest working families almost as fast as they earn it, but allows the richest 1% to keep the majority of the money they earn. The new system will be even worse. For all the talk of universal credit ‘making work pay’ it does nothing of the sort in its current guise.” Even peers in the House of Posh Fuck are becoming disgusted at how the drek are treating disabled people. Despite the outrage, the drek are shameless and will reintroduce the measure in a grim rally of parliamentary ping pong. The prostak DC will not relent on attacking the most vulnerable, with his pernicious cut to ESA:  but the brazen pig fucker is doing so under considerable risk. At this late stage it will take one thing to breach the dam, the khazer DC likes to believe he is a Machiavellian genius, but in reality he has never been tested, we know that Red Balls and Red Ed were insipid politicians – hamstrung by their links to Bilderberg and Bliar. Timing is everything in politics. I have to add about Question Time, the BBC show with nebbish David Dimbleby. Dimbleby refuses to mention the bedroom tax. A member of the audience brought up the revolting tax last week (28/01/16), and the Tory David stopped it right away. “Oh no” he spluttered, “we won’t discuss that.” Every single ‘reform’ made by the drek has been an unmitigated disaster, which is discussed by awesome Kitty Jones: “This summary reflects staggering and deliberate economic incompetence, a flagrant, politically-motivated waste of tax payers money and even worse, the higher spending has not created a competent or ethical assessment framework, nor is it improving the lives of sick and disabled people.” In particular every single act of the evil mamza Grayling now has to be reversed. It is no surprise that lying putz DC is saying it has became ‘shameful’ – like the khazer gives a shtup about justice.  Meshugenner IDS is so out of touch that he is genuinely confused that people on social media think he’s a yutzi.







When we talk of the disarray in the NHS we should note that GPs have taken an important decision. General practise in UK is on the verge of collapse. In the words of Sumner: “The local medical committees conference was convened to discuss ways of dealing with the “state of emergency” in general practice in England. GPs are facing skyrocketing workloads, a recruitment crisis and a looming retention crisis, as 82% of existing GPs plan to leave the profession or reduce their hours within the next five years. Patients meanwhile are waiting longer than ever for GP appointments, and doctors warn that patient health is being put at risk.” These GPs are now ready for mass resignations.  It is great that Heidi Alexander can be around to kick arse, sorry Abstain Andy, you meant well but you brought in the shitty PFIs. Please sign this petition to stop the closure of Huddersfield A&E. Elsewhere the mass privatisation of NHS cancer services has had to be stopped because of worries it was ‘unsustainable‘. Please sign this petition to ask the shmok Jeremy Cunt to resign following his latest lamentable advice to parents. Jeremy Cunt – here is a petition for you – if they are so keen for the junior doctors to work at the weekend, please sign this petition to ask for the parliament to sit on Saturdays which should be ‘normal working hours’ for MPs. While The Scum purport bollocks about greedy Docs having luxurious holidays,  the doctors have not had a strike since 1974. 90% of doctors will consider quitting if the new contract is enforced.


Bed-blocking is a major factor in the decline of the NHS with 8500 healthy patients blocking beds a year costing £1000000000. But it is a fact that most people do not understand what the junior doctor dispute is all about as the drek have done their best to make it seem that the medics are greedy. Dr Rachel Clarke says it like it is, when she calls Jeremy Cunt a liar on BBC. This matter will be at a forefront as Barts Health NHS Trust announce a deficit of £1349000000. But with the continuing hollowing out of adult social care we can anticipate bigger problems ahead for the NHS.  Over all Professor Hunter is correct when he says there now needs to be a public conversation about the NHS. The tukkus Jeremy Cunt has just vetoed a deal which could have brought the doctor’s dispute to an end. The Health Minister Ben Gummer is now upping the anti by saying that the Government was “fast-approaching” the point at which it would have to impose a new contract on junior doctors, regardless of the progress of negotiations. The whole sorry process of bringing a much greater amount of privatisation into the NHS is summed up by Lord, who writes: “You would need to break the NHS – to drive it to a state of chaos where something drastic must be done as a matter of urgency. This could be achieved through chronic underfunding, staff cuts, hospital closures, and battering the morale of NHS workers until they are pushed to the brink. You could make it more difficult to be able to afford to qualify as a medical professional, and then to live a bearable life as an NHS doctor or nurse. You could even push our internationally coveted doctors out of the country, and put off the next generation from entering the profession. The NHS would be underfunded, over-stretched, and has no staff. In comes capital to save the day. For this to work you would first need to turn the population against the NHS workers that save their lives and treat their loved ones. So far so good – this government already has practice at turning the public against those who safeguard our welfare.” It comes as no surprise to find Jeremy Cunt is lining up to impose the reviled contract. As The Guardian writes: “Further industrial action could even include the possibility of an all-out strike, in which trainee doctors refuse to provide cover even in areas of emergency care, such as A&E and intensive care. Some key activists are pressing for that to be their next move, though the union’s leadership fear that would risk the strong public support the junior doctors have been enjoying.”  Such a move will bring matters to a head but are also likely to involve a terrorist attack.

Jeremy Cunt has announced he will force through the sordid contract (Thurs 11/02/16. Meanwhile the Tory axe is also hanging over Attendance Allowance. Please sign this petition to help the brilliant carers of UK.


The economy is now being so poorly managed under Osbornomics that more severe cuts will have to be made. As the nebbish Chris Leslie (Labour Nottingham) puts it: “So for those who thought that extreme cuts to services, a harsh approach to in-work benefits or punitive tax rises might be a thing of the past, beware the Chancellor whose hubris may force him to revive them after all.”  How Osborne deals with his black hole will be a defining period for the shvantz in office.

Disgusting DC has finished his EU negotiations but the Euro-sceptics are not appeased. The nebbish Steve Baker for example says: “This in-at-all-costs deal looks funny, it smells funny, it might be superficially shiny on the outside, but poke it and it’s soft in the middle. Will you admit to the House that you have been reduced to polishing poo?” With two thirds of Tories supporting leaving the EU this could tear apart the Filth, like nothing else. But the bupkes DC has a time table, he knows he has to have his referendum asap as Europe is about to fall apart.


So the shlumps and the gonafs forge ahead with their assault on the people of UK.  But they have now reached a very dangerous stage in their ‘game’. For the NHS is acting as a fig leaf for the crisis of social care, for the many crisis in disability, for the crisis of mental health, for the crisis of homelessness. Even more the NHS equates to the decency of the people of UK, the NHS is like a house of cards. If one card is removed everything will topple. Sanctimonious kadokhes Jeremy Cunt thinks that because he slimed his way through the Sky deal that he can get away with murder, but the toff is not above the law. Just like the ghastly freak Lord Lawson of Blaby once articulated: “The National Health Service is the closest thing the English have to a religion, with those who practise in it regarding themselves as a priesthood. This made it quite extraordinarily difficult to reform. For a bunch of laymen, who called themselves the Government, to presume to tell the priesthood that they must change their ways in any respect whatever, was clearly intolerable. And faced with a dispute between their priests and ministers, the public would have no hesitation in taking the part of the priesthood.”  Smarmy weasel Mr Cunt is pressing at his peril, he’ll have to take care he doesn’t jab the NHS so hard he gets a pitchfork rammed where the sun doesn’t shine. The nebbish then outdid himself by ordering a review of the morale of junior doctors.: 

Schlumps und gonafs

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