Retsiche, Yiddish for murder, murder using financial terrorism, was ironically what the posh house has saved poor people from on 27-01-16, as they voted against cutting the pittance of ESA by £30. It was another rare moment of usefulness from the Lords, who the dumkopf DC will have to find a way to gag. But the Lords had another moment of use this week when they voted down measures to change the way that child poverty is calculated. Nonetheless suicides are soaring by 22% as the cuts to mental health services hit home. The hated bedroom tax has become a noose around the neck of IDS, but the goniff is not swinging yet.
To defeat the Filth, decent JC will have to deliver violent blows, but he’ll also have to acknowledge the Yiddish proverb – “Af eyn shlog falt keyn boym nit um” which can be translated as “a tree doesn’t fall with one blow”. Fabulous JC will has a long record of patience on his side as he swings the axe at the ruling class. But with all the in-fighting the pundits are rightly asking if the Blairites will cramp the style of JC. The doomsayers are still bleating that JC cannot win, that he is not working. The nudzh Frank Field for example, is moaning that Labour is going in ‘the opposite direction of voters’.  Dream on Frank with your ‘unifying leader’ shite.  Attack dog Michael Dugher cannot wait to savage JC, now he has been demoted, in fact he had a glass jaw before which flapped uncontrollably. But if the shyster blabs at the press, he knows he’ll get the Danczuk treatment.  A factor also is that schmutzik DC is not a genius, left to his own devices the sanctimonious pig fucker can easily punch himself, as Steve Bell has illustrated.  The inept ‘bunch of migrants’ comment at PMQs even prompted Abstain Andy, the shadow Home Secretary to pipe up: “Once again, Cameron’s mask slips. He just dismissed desperate people fleeing conflict as a “bunch of migrants” – on Holocaust Memorial Day.”
Elsewhere Mr Rawnsley is saying that the Corbynistas are already preparing their alibis for defeat. But the links between JC and Bernie Sanders are clear.  The Blairite rump are still flailing poorly. In the words of Tombolino: “The toxic legacy of Blairism caused the defeats in 2010 and 2015. And now they’re doing their best to ensure another defeat in 2020. The tories are getting a free ride while the Blairites lay into Corbyn at every opportunity. Who do they actually represent? A decaying network of politicians, journalists and fat cats. They have no public support at all, and they’re no use to Labour unless they fall in line and start campaigning against the tories.”  In the end it is the Blairites who are at fault, as their infighting is affecting Labours ability to defend ordinary people. Certainly the drek are maintaining a sustained attack on JC, with disgusting tukkus Osborne shmoozing dark digger Murdoch. But I don’t believe this article by Meeks that there is a chance of a rebellion. Ever since Tristram Cunt got real and pulled back from the brink, no momza has been brave enough to join him. Blue Labour is a dead end.
While disgusting DC loves to pretend that everyone is into the ludicrously expensive Trident renewal, the UK is entirely split on the issue, apparently with 51% for renewal and 49% against.  While the pundits spout about the media naivety of fabulous JC, evil DC is grimly wasting billions on Trident replacement without a commons vote. Certainly the association of JC as a man of peace, is not a vote winner in some quarters, but as the blogger chelleryn notes, the dust has not yet settled on JC.
The opposite of the idiotically expensive Trident renewal is the punitive and odious bedroom tax which has caused eye watering misery and only a pittance of savings. The bedroom tax is now a toxic debate which is hurting the Filth, causing the Tory brand to be a repugnant word. Its an area where disgusting DC can easily be wrong footed. The entire housing and planning bill is vicious malicious bunkum. The nebbish Clifton-Brown (Tory Cotswolds) has written a generic letter to me about it, spouting foolishly: “….but we must also be mindful of the additional pressure this can sometimes place on our most vulnerable residents and those who are renting social housing on a low income. A cap on Local Housing Allowance risks making many sheltered accommodation schemes unviable because in this sort of accommodation rent is often combined with a significant service charge for operating the facilities, which will put many tenants of these schemes in breach of a potential cap.  I do not think it is the intention of this Government policy to place this burden on sheltered accommodation tenants and so I will be writing to Treasury Ministers to ask them to fully consider these potential consequences as part of their consultation process.” Sure Geoffrey, that will make a huge difference then.
A nonsense created by the Tories is the idea of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ and this theme has been trumpeted, while it has been laughed at like all the flagship ideas of the Drek like the bedroom tax or the infamous Social Care and Health Bill. The ‘Northern Powerhouse’ is yet another Tory fabrication, another manifestation of the Emperor’s New Clothes designed to guffaw at decent working people, scrambling in the dirt for their modicum of financial remuneration. The nebbish Chris Leslie (Labour Nottingham) discusses it, in his update 214: “When the Government made a statement on the steel sector on Monday in response to the announcement that Tata Steel plans to make over 1,000 redundancies across its UK strip business as part of its continuing restructuring plans, we heard that the proposals involve 750 job losses at Port Talbot, 200 redundancies in support functions at Llanwern, and 100 redundancies at steel mills in Trostre, Corby and Hartlepool. This is devastating news for all the workers, their families and the close-knit communities affected. This latest blow comes on top of job losses at Tata’s Newport plant last year, along with thousands of job losses across the sector in the UK, including the complete closure at Redcar. Steel company Sheffield Forgemasters also announced this week that it will cut up to 100 jobs. The threats facing the industry show no sign of abating, and yet the Government have too complacent.”
The ongoing fight of the medics to save the NHS is described in the Morning Star, recently by Dr Tomasz Pierscionek (Monday 25-01), who writes of the bollocks written in The Scum, The Torygraph and The Heil: “Such media lies and slander by the right-wing press reflect the desperation of a Tory party facing ever greater opposition to their attacks on working people. Rumours are now circulating that Hunt may return to the backbenches and that the ‘poisoned chalice’ of crushing ‘radical doctors’ may be handed to Boris Johnson…… The struggle of the junior doctors has shown that the Tories, the most reliable parliamentary representatives of the ruling class, are vulnerable to organised action”.  
The Google tax deal which the gazln Osborne jokes of as being ‘a massive success’, has instead made UK a laughing stock, with even the fortz n’ zovver Murdoch criticising the sweetheart tax deal of putz Osborne.  This corruption can be directly contrasted with the idea of the goniv Osborne – raiding pensions is causing Daily Heil reading Tories to wince uncontrollably, its actually a sign of things to come. From the Heil: “Dyed-in-the-wool Tories say they will stop voting Conservative if George Osborne goes ahead with a tax raid on pensions. Money Mail has been deluged with letters of support from readers since we launched the Save Our Pensions campaign last week. We are calling on the Chancellor to abandon plans to cut tax relief, which could hit millions of middle-income workers. You were furious to learn that the Chancellor and his civil servants were plotting to slash tax breaks and savings allowances. Steve Parry, 51, says: ‘I have been a Tory voter since the early Eighties when they had their last decent leader and Chancellor. If there is any deduction in the so-called tax relief on pensions, like many countless thousands, I will never vote for them again.’ The IT worker from Chelmsford, Essex, has spent decades building up a pension pot. He said his opinion of the Chancellor would change irrevocably if the proposals go ahead. ‘Any more changes to the system will result in George Osborne never being prime minister, no matter what joker is in Opposition. ‘I may not vote Labour, but will stay at home or choose a party that stands up for hard work.’ Derek Langton, 58, who lives near Reading, Berks, also warned it would cost the Tories his vote. ‘I strongly believe in people making their own way in life, but also in helping out those who struggle through no fault of their own,’ he says. ‘If the Conservative government further penalises people like me, who have saved into pensions in order to be self-sufficient during retirement, then I think it highly likely that I would never vote Conservative again. ‘I would feel the Conservative party had betrayed my trust and a core principle. I strongly believe that millions of others would feel exactly the same.’ Mr Langton’s wife, Theresa Darnell, a 55-year-old sales consultant, says the changes would leave her with little reward for a lifetime of work. She has been saving into a pension for 33 years.‘I have saved hard all my life — I have had to pay a mortgage, but other than that I have been a saver as much as a spender,’ she says. ‘I feel really aggrieved that I am potentially going to be penalised for saving — that is simply not fair and does not encourage future generations to save. ”    But the raid on pensions is small fry for the shmendrek Osborne, who is barely half way through his austerity shit, for as we say in Yiddish: “Vays a khazer a finger vil er di gantse hant” or “show a pig a finger and he’ll want the whole hand”.
On the question of whether we should leave Europe or stay in it, this blog is undecided. On the one hand we have awesome Yanis Varoufakis saying that we can build a democratic movement to bring democracy back to Europe.  On the other hand there is a reality that if we left the EU there would be significant changes. Its all pros and cons and could lead to significant destabilisation. But as we head inexorably to the dank feculence which lies in the uncharted backwaters of shit creek, nothing can be off the cards. Leaving EU could be one of the ways that the political philosophy of UK could be changed.4 The Vent is anti-EU, but there are many ifs and buts. Then there are the issues of TTIP and the European court of human rights. There is the fact stated again by Bliar that a Brexit would break Britain as Scotland would hold a referendum,  which is laughed at by the blogger Wee Ginger Dug.
Disgusting DC loves to lecture about what is fair and what is unfair, he loves to burble sanctimoniously about income inequality. But today (27-01-16) DC let the mask slip on PMQs, as he demonstrated yet again his void of compassion. He may have been deliberate in his slip, but JC can now be easily contrasted with DC. People will say that dirty DCs comment was ‘beneath him’, as if he is some moral colossus surrounded by fresh eyed saints, but they are wrong. Shameless DC is a sociopath who lacks the ability to show humility, who has zero compassion. He’s just a contrite rich kid who doesn’t know the price of milk, as virulent Dorries put it.  People ask why honorable JC does not lay into dirty DC, it would be easy. But JC is playing a long game here, in the words of legend John Lennon: “When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humour.”  

As the blog Leader of the Opposition writes of fantastic JC: “One of the best ways Jeremy can spin is simply by being Jeremy. We’ve seen him visit flooded-out houses to help, greet and hug people rather than stand and look at things. We’ve seen him stand and shake a bucket for charity in a train station, stay and chat to veterans after the Remembrance ceremony when other politicians went off to lunch, and much more. Meanwhile he has remained unruffled in long interviews in the broadcast press, never dodging questions but continuing to answer them fully. Despite enormous pressure he has kept to the qualities people respect him most for – honesty, principle and humility.” 

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