Many people were surprised when the former quiet man of politics turned up the volume, to discover he was a dumkopf – a Yiddish word which can be translated as a fuckwit. The nation deserves a grovelling apology from the callous hapless meshugenner IDS for his wretched welfare reforms, which are now costing more then they are saving while causing a vast misery among the most vulnerable in society.   In fact – cancel that – with crimes so heinous nothing will suffice but a head on a bloody spike. A trouble is that the snide fascist is contagious. Thousands of small minded minor bullies have joined this execrable shmegegi. 
When a self righteous dumkopf poured freezing water on rough sleeping poor people huddled in a doorway, the grim piece of shtik upset the good people of Norwich; he accidentally provoked the locals and got himself suspended. The momza stupidly forgot how decent people will not just stand aside and watch as they see injustice crudely meted out by a shmendrik flaunting his power as a security guard. Petty officialdom is often dominated by menial shmuks, who derive a pleasure from attacking the vulnerable. 
Even in the implausible case that Universal Chaos is rolled out nationally, then nearly everyone will lose out. Evil momza IDS has created ‘a mystery‘ with the poor people shoved on the detritus pile of ‘society’. But hey – hardly anyone from the smug middle classes gives a flying shtup about them. But finally the black joke is starting to turn to the complacent middle class as the gonaf Osborne prepares to take aim at them. Toffee nosed shmuk Osborne likes to believe he is a master strategist, but will have to approach this one with due contrivance as the revolt is already brewing. 
When vicious putz Osborne wielded his axe, he didn’t give a shtup as the minor zhlobs began salivating. Once again the attack is devoid of subtlety talking of which the nebbish Brandon Lewis has written to me today (Tory Great Yarmouth). In his update, the fatuous nudzh tells us that useless environment minster Liz Truss has been helping the tosser with numerous flood defences, for example at Ormesby St Margaret, where he writes: “Following the incident, their teams have carried out extensive work in the area, including high pressure jetting to clear the sewer pipes of the build up of fat. They are also carrying out detailed camera surveys of the network to ensure that there are no other potential issues”.
The Vent praises JC’s idea to adopt a Japanese style scheme for the replacement of Trident.   The writer is a pragmatic pacifist, he recognises both that ordinary folk believe in defence, and also that jobs need to be saved in Scotland, however it is an absolute nonsense to say that we have to piss £167000000000 on Trident to defend jobs. The Drek don’t give a shtup about jobs as we have seen at Redcar and now Talbot. At a time of austerity max, the public deserve an informed choice. As we know, nuclear weapons have not made the world a safer place, and that China and India do not have them.  Not every pundit is keen on this idea. Piquant Ward for example writes: “Jeremy Corbyn thinks we should keep Trident, but put Standard Fireworks Tuppenny bangers in the warheads on board all those submarines we have under the oceans of the World. His logic about the madness of nuclear weapons is hard to fault, but his reasoning on this one makes no sense at all.  The only sensible option with Trident – a joke defence system from a bygone age – is to scrap it completely, and give Britain fast-action capability via better planes and smaller weapons. But that would require investments in skilled staff, research, ground troops, equipment, and all the other things Camerlot sees as spawn of the Devil. Corbyn’s daft ‘middle course’ on the issue is militarily stupid but – even worse – yet more evidence of just how much he is the captive of a confused, corrupt, split and splenetic Labour Party. Behind your back, he is doing deals. Behind his back, the Labour fatties stand ready as ever to do him down. But what you might not appreciate is that Jeremy’s judgement in favour of keeping the submarines but ditching the warheads is part of grubby pressure placed on him by the TUC whose sole concern (as ever) in this debate about whether to imolate the planet is….yup, saving unionised jobs.” 
In the big scheme of things there are many indicators that 2016 will not run smoothly, as the nebbish Chris Leslie goes on to say in his scintillating MP update 213: “Worldwide stock exchanges are very jittery at the moment because of dampened economic activity, the Chinese adjustment to the cold realities of market sentiment and commodity markets where supply far exceeds demand – especially in the trade of oil. Saudi Arabia’s decision to flood the oil market may well be partly designed to squeeze out investment in alternative energy generation, but the low price of oil is also hitting the finances of countries dependent on exports for their revenues. Add into this the imminent additional oil output of Iran into world markets as sanctions are relaxed, and it looks as though oil prices could fall even lower than their current depressed levels. While we might not want to complain about cheaper fuel costs in the short term, if our exporters can’t sell into these markets then business will find this a hard period ahead. Not surprisingly, George Osborne can’t wait to get his excuses in early. But should he have taken the gamble he did in the Autumn Statement assuming revenues would be so healthy here in the UK?”
The dumkopf DC is unusual in only having two modi operandi – he either is a smarmy git, or he is looking sad, holding his head, something not seen often in 2015. But how will this shmegegi react during the global financial collapse. It looks like it could have started, with the Chinese stock market roller-coastering, markets down all over the world and the oil price at a 12 year low. The market now is completely unpredictable, with the crafty Yanky Carney stuck with his interest rate at 0.5%.  The shvantz have lost all control of capitalism, and in the words of witty Ward, talking in terms of confectionery: “Whatever they’re saying to the audience, they are panic-stricken and desperately trying to think of another conjuring trick. They don’t have one: the Black Magic box is empty, there are no sweeties left, and nobody is yet asking them truly searching questions about what happens when people with a serious chocolate habit want to borrow in order to feed their addiction.  ‘Globalist connectivity’ ensures that the answer is “disaster”.”  No one knows what it all means, it has the pundits nervous. The world is teetering on the edge of a great recession which through financial terrorism is  directly related to the “largest misallocation of capital in the history of the modern world”. Some, like Schulz will tell you there is still a chance that Europe can recover from the brink.
Maverick Tory Zac Goldsmith actually thinks he can hold on to green credentials, while being a member of the Filth. But there is no way that the toff can remain green while pushing unmitigated fracking – after all in the words of greedy bum-hole Borisconi – “we should leave no stone unturned in the search for renewable energy”. Meanwhile the shmo Nigel Farage, while claiming to be a man of the people, cannot wait to get his grubby hands on the NHS and privatise it. 
Whichever dumkopf dreamed up the housing and planning bill must be shot. The blog Red Brick describes it: “Is this England’s worst-ever Housing Bill? Quite possibly. Past legislation has often included useless measures (the rent-to-mortgage scheme in 1993 comes to mind) but they often sat alongside worthwhile ones (in that case, defining the welfare role of social housing). This one has nothing to offer the housing crisis, is malicious in intent and – as lawyers have pointed out – atrociously drafted. It was sketchy from the start and new measures have been tacked on since, worsening the backlog of details we’ve yet to see and making the full impact difficult to assess. It’s a truly noxious mix.” It is a bill devoid of ameliorating features, but when it backfires on the Fotz in will cause mayhem. But Tories don’t give a shtup, content to double homelesness by 2020.
All these rubbish Tory policies adversely affect the young, who are the very people who will need to bring JC into power in 2020. As Steer explains: “Corbyn will need the young, the marginalised and the disenfranchised to turn up en masse if he is to win in 2020. Only by harnessing this previously untapped resource will he or Sanders be able to overcome the need to compromise that has stymied radical change for so long.” Disingenuous DC loves cutting public services and then wondering why no one uses them. Recent activity, like the scrapping of the maintenance grants for poor students without scrutiny, illustrating a government where aspiration no longer exists for young people. This malicious Tory use of the statutory instrument – to destroy British democracy, is discussed by the blog Vox Political: “Ministers are being accused of “waging war” on Parliament by using a little-known device to push through profound and controversial changes to Britain’s laws without proper debate or scrutiny. Since the election the Conservative Government has used a parliamentary procedure called a statutory instrument to try to introduce swathes of significant new laws covering everything from fracking to fox hunting and benefit cuts without debate on the floor of the House of Commons.  On Tuesday, Labour will take the rare step of attempting to annul a statutory instrument that was used earlier this month to remove maintenance grants from around half a million of the poorest students in England. The changes will mainly hit disabled, ethnic minority and older students. The policy was not included in the Conservatives’ election manifesto and was nodded through by an obscure Commons committee without the substance of the change being debated.” 

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