Advanced Corbynitis

As the doctor’s strike looms (11-01-16) everyone is love bombing the junior medics.  With politicians like yellow nebbish Norman Lamb warning against the confrontation of the state versus the junior doctors,  the junior doctors and dentists with their backs against the wall will win. Slimy paskudnik Jeremy Cunt is not the most stupid of the Tories – he’ll always be able to outmaneuvre a shlong like Oliver Letwin or a shmuk like Brandon Lewis, but on this occasion he has bitten off more than he can possibly chew, and as spiteful Cunt loves to tell us ad nauseam: “Patients must always come before politics – whatever the political heat of the moment; whatever the anger, patients have to come first”.  The Vent joins these brilliant medics in this fight, Jeremy is being hoist with his own petard. Weasel Jeremy Cunt will have to go along with Sir Bruce Keogh – the medical director of the NHS.  But don’t expect shame from filthy DC. Tories have no shame, Tories love money – thats all they give a shtup about, and disgusting DC is determined to destroy the ‘reichstag bunker of socialism’ as UKIP shmegegge Matthew Richardson used to affectionately describe it. At the same time the NHS continues its enormous wastage and its great that Heidi Alexander is on the case.  Sorry Mr Burnham but Abstain Andy was never going to cut the mustard. But Tories still do not seem to understand. The MP Mark Field for example has drivelled: “I don’t think they’re being driven to strike and what I regret about the strike, actually, is that professionals don’t strike. If you want to be a medical workforce, go down this route, but if you really want to be seen as a professional and my concern is actually, I’m afraid there are elements within the BMA it’s become pretty evident in the last week or so who essentially are manipulating junior doctors, knowing there is a great deal of public sympathy. ” Another bupkes who professes surprise at the angry medics is bumptious bum-hole Borisconi who writes that the doctor’s union is “in the grip of advanced Corbynitis”.  While clown Borisconi lambasts decent medics, Jeremy Cunt has treated medics like dirt. If the strike goes ahead then I will be on the picket line, with a banner.









Tuesday 12/01 and with a majority of the general public supporting strike action, so long as emergency care is not affected, its led the shmeril Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS medical director, to write to NHS medical directors urging them to call junior doctors back in to work if safety is at risk, in a move which has triggered fury among unions. The doctors are being joined by fire fighters, bakers and civil servants. Cynical fotz Jeremy Cunt does not care what lies he has to tell, but his smug sanctimonious face will be drooping with the public backlash. The bottom line is that this strike is an SOS for the NHS. JC is right to decry the appalling treatment meted out on the medics by the drek, with Jeremy Cunt directly responsible for the breakdown in trust between the medics and the government. But no matter what shite the drek accuse the medics of – they are getting the deserved respect of the people. But the strike is a symptom of a deeper problem, as discussed by Professor Beresford: “………. growing questions are being raised that the NHS as originally envisaged is no longer viable; that a universalist service free at the point of delivery is unsustainable and encourages people not to take care of themselves. Anyone convinced of these arguments should look to the social care system which is still based on poor law principles of needs testing, is in chronic crisis and causes untold human and economic costs, additionally undermining the efficiency of the health service.The junior doctors’ strike is a symptom of a much bigger ideological struggle taking place in our public and welfare state services and needs to be recognised as such. Significantly, one group never seems to go on strike – that is the politicians who oversee these situations. Perhaps some of us would prefer if they did, but one skill they do seem to have is to ensure themselves the conditions of work that means that they, unlike groups like junior doctors, are never forced into the position of having to take industrial action.”  The strike of the junior doctors is backfiring on Jeremy Cunt as Dr Tamal Ray explains: “For the first time in my career I can see real unity among my colleagues. Our eyes have been opened to the subtle dismantling of a healthcare system we believe in and this has inspired a movement for change…..This commonality is bringing us together in an unprecedented way. All over the NHS, staff are educating themselves on the issues, questioning everything and talking to each other in a way that hasn’t happened for a very long time. The underhanded manner in which the contract has been presented to the public has made us sit up and take notice of what is happening to the NHS. We are being reminded why we chose to work for the NHS in the first place. While a defeat would be crushing for junior doctors, a win would embolden others in their fights.” A side effect of this has been a massive support by the medical profession for JC and Heidi Alexander, the brilliant shadow health secretary. Fatuous shlong Borisconi is right for all the wrong reasons – Heidi Alexander has advanced Corbynitis no end. To add to the hypocrisy it has been revealed that a man who shouted at junior doctors and was featured in the Daily Heil was actually paid by the BBC to say shite. The fascists running the BBC seem determined to ruin this fantastic national institution.
Since the clown Borisconi became the mayor of London, rough sleeping in London has almost doubled, and its a disgusting indictment of the Filth. The meshugenner Borisconi is touted as leading UK out of Europe, but an area where he has no influence is the debate over allowing the nebbish Donald Trump into UK, which is only happening because of advanced national Corbynitis. Left to his own devices the gammon-faced pig fucker DC does not care who he shmoozes, whether its an Arabic dictator or an Indian murderer. 
As Jim Brown writes, in the blog Probation Matters: “We have a government that is wholly pre-occupied with money and a foolish belief in the market as the solution to every challenge. It is a government with little concept of values and principles, believing that privateers can and will balance the need to make profits with altruism and fair play”. Its all money, money, money. Money and profit is that all that matters to Tories. Don’t look for subtlety, it does not exist in the Tory lexicon, which is why shmendrek Richard Graham (Tory Gloucester) has just sent me a picture where he is standing next to the shite grotesque workplace pension mascot “Workie”, which cost £8450000 to ‘design’. While the grotesque Workie symbolises the grinding hypocrisy and greed of the Drek, the continuous attacks on the Fire Service characterise the stupidity and arrogance of the Tories. In London for example the shvantz are not satisfied with the cuts made and plan to cut services beyond the bone to just one pump per massive area.
It is hardly unexpected that the BBC is now a government mouthpiece, especially in the way that dull nebbish Stephen Dougherty was set up to resign on air, however I do believe that the BBC can be held to account by us – the license fee payers. Please sign this petition to ask that the producer of Daily politics along with Andrew Neil and Laura Kuenssberg be sacked. McNeil should know better, he’s been around for long enoughAnother one has just resigned (Monday 11-01-16) – this time it is inconsequential Catherine McKinnell.
It is bad enough having permanent shit coming from the newspapers, the BBC badly need to feel our rage. Well done JMcD for standing up to the dumkopfs, JMcD is hilarious, as Bloomer writes: “When talking about Tony Blair’s intervention during the campaign, he jokes they got so much coverage from it he wanted to send the former PM flowers, but he refrained because JC told him “not to take the piss.””  The drek attack on the Labour party will cost Labour at least £6000000.
A recent Labour peer to attack the Corbynistas is screaming Lord Watts who spouted in his maiden speech in the House of Posh Fuck: “When we should have been concentrating on holding the government to account for the floods and for this Bill, we involved ourselves in an unnecessary reshuffle. We lost two of our best communicators, Michael Dugher and Kevan Jones. My advice to my own party leadership is that they should take less notice of the London-centric, hard-left political class who sit around in their £1 million mansions, eating their croissants at breakfast and seeking to lay the foundations for a socialist revolution.” 
Advanced Corbynitis

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