Poppycock and piffle

The blogger Liverpool Mac, writing in October 2015 used an interesting metaphor. He wrote: “with all respect to JC, he is locked in a cupboard surrounded by a legion of self interested neo-liberal fanatics and they have set his arse on fire”. 2016 is the year that JC will seek to break free from this restriction, powered by the people, in 2016 JC will climb out of the cupboard. Yet the attacks are still coming from the usual sources, with the BBC now a government mouthpiece, setting up dull nebbish Stephen Doughty to resign on air. For example the ignorant mamzer Mandelson cannot stop sniping at Corbyn. It is as if he lacks the ability to see the reality of the Labour base. It makes Corbynistas want to stand with loudspeakers and shout ‘piss off Peter’ or something less polite. While taking a well earned pop at grimacing nebbish Oliver Letwin, the shmuk D’Ancona cannot resist writing shtik about JC: “The triumph of the Corbynistas is one of the most impressive manoeuvres in the history of British political parties. But that’s all it is. The rest of us must just wait till Labour gets back from its noisy sabbatical.”  There is still a sense from those in the Westminster bubble and divorced from reality that it’s all a dream, that one day Labour will recover and be the toothless machine it was under the Bliar. Even the grim momza Clarke has stuck his oar in: “I would try to persuade [people like Hilary Benn and Maria Eagle] to move to some subject where I agreed with them and then persuade them to keep quiet on the things where they don’t. I’m sure David Cameron’s looking on with interest because he faces the same problem: he’s being urged to allow members of the Cabinet to openly campaign against him.” 
Everyone knew that flooding would return as a major Tory issue. So decent JC had no problem hammering feral rich thug DC at PMQs. A problem which requires an approach is that JC is far too decent. In the end of the day this is about how to treat a bully, and JC will need to get stuck right in. It will be vital that JC can deliver powerful blows, and the JC I see at the moment is still too polite at the dispatch box.  
Maybe the tukkus Hilary Benn will be next (Tuesday 08-01), but no. The lobbos Danczuk has done a very good job of getting sacked by himself. Its an added irony that the Heil and the Scum, to whom he devoted so much time, have stabbed the nudzh, and it now looks as if the lekher will be dropped from Labour: “Once gone, no one will care for his anti-Jeremy and anti-party ranting. Though some might shell out for a well-publicised journey through rehab, and he has the right kind of tarnish attractive to producers of Celebrity Big Brother. Either way, the time is soon when Danczuk and his galloping narcissism shall disappear from our political horizon. Let us hope no one fills the huge gap his ego leaves behind.”  Wednesday 06-01 and there is now no ‘revenge‘ reshuffle, with little changing, and no one should be at all surprised because JC does not do conventional politics. Its never going to business as usual with JC in charge. In hindsight this was a very minor reshuffle, but also a very noisy one, with a great deal of tutting and sneering. There is still considerable shock about the advent of JC, typified by Sara Scarlett when she writes: “The Labour party appears to have elected the cross between the President of a Polytechnic student union and a tramp.”  She joins Small’s queue: “A queue of commentators and editors form a perpetual whine in print and online.”  But abject shmeril George Osborne is starting to spout that something is up – that the financial situation is just about to go awry. But with gratuitous latherings of poppycock and piffle, smug shmuk Osborne has allowed the situation to spiral out of control. As anonymous blog in The Spectator says “Britain is, still, increasing debt this year faster than almost any other country in Europe. For all his rhetoric, the Chancellor has not broken his debt addiction – and he is quite right to worry about the consequences.” Dim and evil Osborne actually believes that the people will forgive him if he blames the Chinese, the Europeans, in fact anyone but himself. In the words of witty Ward: “Madame La Guillotine’s sharp blade about to begin its descent”.  For me a glaring source of merriment is that the putz actually believes people like him, and gets himself upset when he gets booed for example at Star Wars.
Full marks to Sadiq Khan, now tipped to win the mayoral race. Khan’s pledge to get rid of the parlous idea of a garden bridge wasting £60000000 seems to be a vote winner.
How dare ordinary people have a voice, but as Snowden comments on this in Counterfire: “Socialist politics – so long derided in the mainstream, yet now firmly part of the political conversation – must be at the core of these movements. It is through the power of protest, allied to the dramatic shift in mainstream Labour politics, that the left can demonstrate its relevance. This is how we can win real victories and pull the whole centre of political gravity to the left.” The blogger “Though cowards flinch” speaks with refreshing approval: “I admire greatly what the early ‘Corbynistas’ achieved. They spotted, while I didn’t, the real appetite for what Anthony Painter (above) now describes rather too dismissively as a longing for “something raw and emotive”, and which Jeremy’s character and public persona might deliver.” 
Among the many very shit Tory bills it seems that the Housing and Planning Bill is a disaster. The bill will hasten the breakdown of society in UK, but it may not be as calamitous to the Labour left, in the long run, because JC will need to grasp opportunities out of chaos and despair. The entire bill is rife with the contempt which the Filth place on anyone with low incomes.  The bill will backfire, at the same time as the other brutal Tory bills, the toffs will be hoist with their own petard. With their usual greedy spite the Tories ignore the solution in a lust for the short term profit.  Tories only care about the super wealthy, and now sell London housing at far Eastern cocktail parties. The feral rich thugs dominating global finance do not give a flying shtup about ordinary people. All the greedy shvantz care about is money, loads of money.
With the new year, the drek are busy appearing to make an effort to avoid the strike of the junior doctors. Dentists are also voicing their concern as they object to the starvation of the NHS. The drek have tried warning of a terrorist attack to try to stop the medics striking.
But at the end of the day the dank repulsive end of shit creek will see the brown rain fall every single day. As UK reels from one disaster after another, the superior sanctimonious smirk on Osborne’s coke addled face will turn to a despondent sneer. In the words of Keegan: “But it is not merely the poor and the defenceless who are going to suffer even more from an austerity policy whose origins lay in the consequences of the banking crisis. When the wider public wakes up to the impact of the formidable cuts in public services now being planned by local authorities throughout the land, Osborne may find there is quite a backlash.”  Arrogant, born to rule, Osborne has rarely felt public hatred unlike the shtik dolloped on JC. Born with a silver spoon jammed up his toff ahole, the snide futz will not know how to react. Probably he’ll crank open the white powder and head for the lavatory at the House of Common Fuck.
Poppycock and piffle

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