Forward Momentum

Much has been made of the ‘electrifying’ speech of posturing nebbish Hilary Benn, with many media articles, suggesting even that Benn could take over from JC as party leader, this will never happen. Only JC has forward momentum. JC has been sensible and consolidated his position, so now nothing will unseat him, not even the raging pisk Michael Dugher. Many people are giving advice to JC on what he should do, Chessum says that the Left must have patience: “While Labour’s right wing kicks and screams, and briefs every corner of the press, the activist left within the party must simply go about their business calmly and respectfully, reach out face-to-face to the wider public, and wait for the exorcism to pass.” Fantastic OJ talks about the impossibility of constructive criticism from the so-called ‘free’ press. Bienkov predicts confrontation or resolution. “Most of the coverage of the Labour party exaggerates the conflict between these two warring parties. There is undoubtedly a real disagreement within Labour. But as things stand, that disagreement looks unlikely either to come to a head, or to resolve itself.” In the new year JC could be forced to take his detractors on in Labour, because JC is not being allowed to do his job. In the witty words of the anonymous blogger on Left Futures: “After all, if there are going to be perpetual anti-Labour press and broadcast shitstorms anyway, they might as well be about the message the Labour left wants to get over, rather than Corbyn quoting Enver Hoxha at office Xmas social.” 
It is only right that the racist nudzh Farage misfired spectacularly when the insipid nebech questioned the momentum and popularity of decent JC, seeking to create a referendum on the rain sodden streets of Oldham West and Royton. Farage has no forward momentum, and can only gasp at the irate masses will holding his pint glass and pulling his most pronounced poker faced grimace.
The Climate Summit seems summed up by Natalie Klien who talks in terms of burgers, that it is like cutting down from five a day to four. It is easy to be sceptical like the author of Quacking Plums, but the fight is not yet over. Counterfire blog assesses the significance of COP21 with its ‘smoke and mirrors‘ deal. To have a real success, the agreement reached will have to act as a springboard for the movement to prevent an ecological holocaust growing. We now have the khaizer DC having to be urged to reconsider his cuts to solar energy subsidies, as if the posh jackass gives a flying shtup. Its the sobering reality of the ‘greenest government ever’, as the fershtinkiner used to shpill mercilessly as he rode around on his huskies. The impact of the nebochim on the future of UK will be felt for generations. Only full scale forward momentum can resolve this.
As the glacially paced Universal Chaos grinds on a stage is being reached where benefit staff face the axe, though as the national roll-out is delayed again and again the entire system is likely to collapse, a process which is likely to draw mirth to the sanctimonious face of thuggish nebbish IDS. Similar attention has been given by the Filth to social care with evil Nicky Morgan offering her views, and momza George Osborne quietly shelving a scheme which would have helped carers. Benefit recipients are treated with especial miserliness, they must look for a job on Christmas day or get a sanction. Its no surprise then that the suicide stats go up over Christmas, with the Drek paying the greatest contempt to those of the smallest incomes.
A particular area where people in UK should be terrified is the blatant disregard of the Drek on the safety of people from nuclear terrorism. This heedlessness is seen at facilities like Devonport in Devon, but this is not any surprise. The shmendrik Osborne is sneekily inflicting cuts on the transport police, the military police and the civil nuclear police. So it is deeply ironic that at the very same time as the Filth are lecturing everyone on the dangers of JC to national security, they are themselves messing everything up to a remarkable degree. At this rate they will be bringing in the shmegegge of G4S to do those jobs on the cheap. Jack Dromey discusses the weasel words of Gideon and the impact on services, with one chief constable talking about a ‘financial rollercoaster‘.
The tortuous strangulation of the NHS, with the financial crisis set to topple Addenbrokes. Business in the ‘NHS’ is good but profit is low. But don’t worry shleepy people, the schlimazel DC says its all ok – look how many million the gonav has shovelled at butcher Simon Stevens – these sticking plasters aren’t cheap. The NHS winter crisis is being exacerbated by the social care crisis, with bupkes Osborne slashing his care worker’s scheme. Its yet another sign how little the gilded schmo’s are watching the people before they get their tukkus rammed with a pitchfork. The financial crisis is taking the money men by ‘surprise’, with the independent assessors of the NHS declaring the figures were ‘worse than expected’. Labour are saying that the black hole in the NHS finances is so large that it can be seen from space.  With such a financial crisis, its no wonder the drek are throwing public money at hiding the secrets of putz Andrew Lansley. By coincidence, the momza Osborne has visited Great Ormond Street hospital in London and urges readers to give money, as if the disgusting shlong understands the concept of generosity. Blathering cynically the gimp comes out with: “It’s such an amazing place. What you are struck by is the courage of the kids and their parents who are living through an unbelievably difficult situation — but also the nurses and doctors in this brilliant hospital, helping people though the most traumatic moments of their lives.”
The full on class war is the by-product of a government who think they can rule for ever, that there will never be an end to austerity. It is time that as a nation we contemplate the awfulness of the situation. But Tories should be aware that the patience of the public has worn very thin for the economic illiteracy of the vast privatisations of the gonav Osborne. Chunky Mark accurately describes the situation. 

Forward Momentum

One thought on “Forward Momentum

  1. beastrabban says:

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Gabriel here gives an accurate description of the antics of Hilary Benn, the media and the Conservatives in trying to run down Jeremy Corbyn, as well as the country as a whole. He spices his description of the deliberate and malign maladministration of the country with a few choice Yiddish words. One of the terms he’s used in a separate post about the government is ‘gonav’, which looking through one of the dictionaries of slang I’ve got around here, is the Yiddish word for ‘thief’. So, strong language, yes, but accurate.
    He covers the Tories plans to run down even more of the benefits system, and the gaping black hole in the NHS budget that they have created. This isn’t an accident, either. It’s an artificially created financial crisis by those, like Jeremy Hunt, who want to see it privatised.

    One of the most interesting pieces here is the Tories’ contradictory attitude towards the terrorist threat. At the same time that they’re yelling at us to be ever vigilant for Islamist terrorists, they’re cutting back on the police force. Which suggests that despite the rhetoric, they don’t consider terrorism quite the threat they make it out to be. Or perhaps they simply don’t take it seriously if it happens to anybody apart from them.

    And then there’s the hypocrisy of Osbo waxing lyrical about the wonders of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Now I agree – the hospital is wonderful. Perhaps that’s why it’s in the ‘I’ today, in specials which appear to be a veiled appeal for money. Osborne admires its work, but like the police, not enough to give it proper funding.

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