Mojo Rising

With the flooding levels everything is starting to rise, even the UK mojo. Everyone should feel spooked that the poker-faced tuchas DC is holding a meeting of the illustrious Cabinet Office Briefing Room committee, over the flooding in UK.  Massive Tory incompetence with flooding defences, and with emergency staffing, will impact once again on the Tory heartlands, which will supersede events in Syria. Nebbish DC is being scrutinised over his disastrous spending on flooding defences.  Irritant DC will not give a shtup if the blame for flooding in the ‘desolate North’ lands at his door, but he will be donning the wellies when the Tory heartlands flood. The scale of the flooding, and the inadequacy of the response of the Filth has been excoriatingly discussed by Monbiot. Significant cuts to flooding defences are an unfortunate hallmark of this short sighted government, whose major interest is stuffing every penny in the pockets of the bloated elite. Witty Crace discusses the words of the chalera Truss: ““The floods have been unprecedented,” she repeated in the same deathly monotone as before. For emphasis. If you could make the floods recede through a boredom-induced coma, Truss would have turned Cumbria into a desert within minutes. Unprecedented, it turned out, was government shorthand for not having thought of something it might have done before.” Others see the effects of climate change in Cumbria and Lancashire as the cannibalism of humanity, such as the excellent blog Red Top: “The answer is, they are irreconcilable – Marxist geographer David Harvey reminds us that “Capitalism never really solves its problems; it just moves them around. The disaster in Lancashire and Cumbria is the perfect demonstration of the piecemeal, reactive and contradictory response to the overarching economic crisis which will continue to bedevil decaying, neoliberal capitalism. Austerity is bent on eating its own, looting environmental and safety budgets, leaving even large companies at risk of ruin – even the biggest productive capitalists are no longer safe from the cooking pot.”  Rampant capitalism of the kind exhibited by the neoliberal fools has no solution for climate change, as the shvantz tear the world apart in their lust for gold.  Shameful fotz DC has lost UK its role as a climate change leader with his short sighted greedy policies. 
The events in Syria are far more than they appear.  Importantly, just at this time Jo Public is waking up to the fact that the right wing media is a pile of kak. In the words of shmuk George Osborne: “My message to you is that Britain has got its mojo back and we are going to be with you as we reassert western values, confident that our best days lie ahead.” The fact remains that the Tory case for war with Syria is based upon deceit and delusion.
Under JC the Labour mojo is also rising. The solid win at Oldham West and Royton has reminded many people that Labour is now at war, and that it needs to get serious about unifying,  with JMcD saying there is now no going back. Indeed, uncompromising mensch JMcD now is the voice of Labour Unity. Even Rent-a-tool is now saying that UKIP is now finished, and with the Lib Dems gone and dirty DC going it could be open for Labour, though of course the klutz will tell you that JC can never win: “Not only is Ukip finished, ending competition with Labour for the disaffected working-class vote, but the Liberal Democrats have bowed out too. Unless they find some great cause, boundary changes will cut their eight seats to four or fewer. That means Labour dissidents have nowhere to defect to, and there is no prospect of a breakaway like the SDP. Not only that, but the best politician in the country, David Cameron, is going to give up power voluntarily, handing over to Boris Johnson, George Osborne or someone else, none of whom is likely to be as formidable an opponent (although Johnson could be). All Corbyn has done is look around disapprovingly over his glasses, and his opponents – outside the Labour Party – seem to be leaving the field. Only in Scotland are Labour’s opponents standing. If he could defeat his enemies inside his party, he would stand almost alone against a weakened Conservative Party.” It sounds as if UKIP will struggle on in Wales, which will be the next big test of JC, where UKIP needs taking down. Sanctimonious nudzh Farage used to declare that JC was a gift to UKIP. Prat Stephen Poulter from UKIP has declared that the floods are directly due to Syrian refugees. The gap which exists between the PLP and JC is clearly demonstrated by the blog Turning the Tide when it discusses the recent PMQs of Angela Eagle versus George Osborne: “… as soon as the speaker of the house called upon Angela to stand, they exploded into life; cheering like there was no tomorrow. The contrast between the receptions they give Jeremy and this, couldn’t have been more stark. Every little joke or quip Angela made was greeted with bursts of laughter befitting a 1960’s American sitcom. I thought some of them might burst a blood vessel such was the effort put into their guffaws. If Jeremy ever makes a quip – and he’s made a few good ones – the effort is directed the other way, in their effort not to laugh, or even raise a smile if possible. Unsurprisingly Angela grew in confidence, and by the end she looked positively puffed up.”  I am starting to feel a real rage for the way the PLP treat JC – they are laughing at the people, we need to show them who is in control.
The politician Salma Yaqoob should be brought into the Labour party. The Vent disagrees with the people of Birmingham who refused her application. The blog, A Very Public Sociologist has very practical advise for MPs who are scared of deselection.  The Momentum group have been careful to distance themselves from the far Left, and although this is sensible it is unlikely to stop Blairites from moaning. But there is one aspect that the shmendreks cannot whinge about, which is the vast new enthusiastic intake JC has inspiredThe Vent wants to see a ‘revenge reshuffle’ in Labour, it may be the only way that fantastic JC can achieve party unity – in the words of Hudson: “A reshuffle could help unite the party, but it could also deepen rifts between the factions. Jeremy Corbyn has to take the chance; he needs to get support from his shadow ministers before he can expect to get support from the country. The ‘new politics’ needs to take a small lesson from the past. It’s time to turn the tables and make the Blairites the rebels, rather than Corbyn.”  The politicos are keen to demonise JC’s every word, for example when he quoted the Albanian dictator Hoxha to the shocked attendees at Labour’s Christmas party:  which had a similar reaction to JMcD quoting Mao to a snivelling Osborne.  The joke is on them, like egg on Tory faces after the flooding of 2014.
Futz Mark Lancaster (Tory Milton Keynes) uses his December newsletter to celebrate Milton Keynes Hospital Charity. Fatuous momzer Brandon Lewis uses his newsletter to vaunt the Toys and Tins appeal of BBC Norfolk and the Salvation Army. Tories love celebrating charity as the ludicrous idea of the Big Society bites the dust. Snide gonav Nicky Morgan (Tory Loughborough) uses her Christmas newsletter to waffle about: “the dignified Remembrance Day services in Loughborough and Shepshed during which it is a privilege to lay a wreath and the switching on of Christmas Lights across the constituency. ”  Useless Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Tory Cirencester) has used irony to write to me reporting: “Last weekend I was glad to hold my regular public flood meetings in Cirencester and Moreton-in-Marsh. These provide an excellent opportunity to bring together all the agencies responsible for flood prevention in The Cotswolds and for members of the public to question them on various issues.” 
Warmongering mamza Blair has remained true to form, in wasting no opportunity to lambast JC, lecturing in the Spectator: ”All wings of the Labour Party which support the notion of the Labour Party as a Party aspiring to govern, rather than as a fringe protest movement agree on the tragedy of the Labour Party’s current position. Right now we’re in danger of not asking the right questions never mind failing to get the right answers. All of it is about applying values with an open mind; not boasting of our values as a way of avoiding the hard thinking the changing world insists upon.”  Mr Blair does not know how to shtup off, but he’s hated by Corbynistas. That’s right, we detest the irritant, but it is true that every single day since the day that JC was elected, the Establishment have kept up a daily attack against JC, which was totally expected. One shlemiel who has joined in the fray today (09-12-15 London Evening Standard) is the lemekh D’Ancona who as usual mocks Corbynistas citing the so-called ‘conventional wisdom’ as if with the mojo rising we are living in conventional times. You see fatuous Matthew D’Ancona,  just like Lenin said: “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” The Vent has rage for bigots. The shmeril Donald Trump needs to be told by the people of UK that he isn’t welcome here. Please sign this petition to give the grotesque oaf a piece of your mind.  Borisconi has made considerable mileage out of appalling American politicians, so it is no surprise to see even our national embarrassment coming out against Trump. Trump has also angered Sadiq Khan and the Met Police with even cancerous shlong Rupert Murdoch compelled to comment. 

Mojo Rising

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