The shvantz are showing signs of desperation as they seek to avoid the NHS strike, as Jeremy Cunt wakes up to the realisation that ordinary folk will trust hard working medics over snide politicians any day. Tories know that the NHS is one of their biggest Achilles heels, as they line up the army doctors, the shmo know that this could be the issue that sinks the government, but the army docs cannot strike. Tories cannot see far into the future because even supposedly sensible Tories never try and look – yes Dr Sarah Wollaston – that includes you. 01-12-15 and the doctor’s strike has been called off for now, and slimy Mr Cunt must be sighing with relief with his delusional tweets. But it has not stopped the deep cuts continuing in the NHS. Once again Mr Cunt has put off the problem, kicking it down the road in his calamitous neoliberal fashion, but the momza is picking a fight with nurses over the nursing bursary. He’s finding it will be a rough ride, and we have a winter crisis still to come, with the disputes with different sections of staff combining.
As Justice Lowell Goddard struggles on, the Filth are closing ranks at every turn. Personally I think it will take a renewed Labour to uncover this bed of vipers, and so far JC has shown little interest.
When it comes to the cuts to tax credits, the brutal level of cuts so far will take the wind out of filthy DC’s sails for any claim to be the party of hard working people. The blogger at ‘Leader of the Opposition’ blog writes cogently as to how the austerity fantasy is hitting the rocks. The schmo Osborne has complete contempt for disabled people, and has lost control.
Witty Ward accurately depicts the situation: “what the Labour Party needs now is to re-engage with the losers in Cruel Britannia, and join in with Mr Corbyn as a means of both showing they mean business, and saving the guy from himself. So far, the evidence is that he is open to the application of pressure and does behave like a house-trained radical rather than feral Occupier. But the Party won’t do that, because the Party mainstream suffers from Death of the Soul. Mrs Thatcher put the soul-food poison in the rat-run, and under Blair, Labour ate it. The Party of the Underdog has been rendered Top Catatonic. Britain desperately needs a replacement Opposition, but for the life of me I can’t see one coming.” But while the Tories march in step, decent Red Len tries to stamp loyalty on the party.  What he does not say is that the PLP are throwing their dummies out of the pram. But the tension within Labour shows no sign of abating while there is still daily shit being pumped out from the so called centre left. Left wing bloggers will cite anything as evidence, but the fact remains that JC has not yet been given a fair hearing. What he has had is a deluge of shtik from sanctimonious pundits – aholes like Peter Staines or Simon Danczuk who do not care what working class people actually want. We have Mr Kellner telling the so called moderates what a disaster JC would be for the country, that the party is heading for oblivion, oblivious to the fact that DC is a calamity. As George Eaton explains: “Increasingly, Corbyn faces a choice between cooperation with his MPs or confrontation. He can pre-emptively concede free votes on other divisive issues such as the renewal of Trident and genuinely respect differences of opinion. Or he can use members’ ballots to try and change party policy, appoint a more robustly left-wing shadow cabinet (described by one Corbynite shadow minister as “inevitable”) and tolerate or even endorse attempts to deselect critical MPs. As Labour’s civil war intensifies, the path he chooses will define its future.”  JC will have to change his front bench, keeping JMcD, LNa and DAb, and bringing in Grahame Morris, Kate Osamor, Tulip Siddiq, Clive Lewis and Dawn Butler. The Labour party does not look very destroyed to me. Its just squirming while the Blairite poison leaves the system – no-one expected the infection to go quietly.
 Meanwhile the UKIP shmuks will tell you that the by-election at Oldham on 03-12 is a great opportunity to get rid of JC, as if they stand a great chance, and it will be that simple. Images of Farage’s grimacing poker face spring to mind. 90% of the schlongs in the PLP are kidding themselves that they can stop JC, but the Labour base will not allow this. The Labour candidate for this by election will tell you that Labour under Corbyn has a great chance. It seems hard for any Corbynista to understand the logic whereby the PLP attack JC and hope for him to fall on his face at Oldham, and it goes to show that there is no longer any fairness in Labour, outside of the JC insurgency. Breaking news – Labour won with an impressive majority.
The mamzas demand that JC sacks red Ken, just as they demanded red Seamus and red Andrew but I cannot see it yet. The PLP will sling mud at JC through any route they can find, and if they continue until the next Labour conference then I will be agreeing with the need for deselection. At the same time I stand by my own MP Stella Creasy and hope Stella can move further to the left.
No one can be surprised that times are now changing as a result of the cuts to the fire service, but its early days as there are now so many more cuts down the line. Meanwhile gaffe prone chalera Priti Patel has used her November e newsletter to tell us about the police in Witham: “Written to Essex Police to ask that they review their proposed reforms following the announcement in the Comprehensive Spending Review that the Government was protecting police budgets. The reforms had been based on assumptions of falling police budgets. Priti has now asked the Police to utilise the funding available to make more police and PCSOs available than they had envisaged and re-assess the police station closure proposals.” It is a relief that the Tory can inspire us all with confidence.
What does it all mean? Vox Political points us at the U turns of the doctor’s strike, the tax credit half u turn and the posturing on Syria. Certainly the U turn on the doctor’s strike represents a win for the medics, but for how long?  The Tories have already destroyed much of the NHS, but the khazers cannot break the essential decency of the British people, which is why thoroughly ethical JC will prevail. JC’s appearance on the recent Andrew Marr show was impressive, because the case for war against Syria is not as clear cut as the nebbish DC has made out. A rare voice of sanity on this issue has been the nudzh Peter Hutchins. The Vent agrees with Chunky Mark on this pile of shtik.
I disagree with the blog Zelo Street, as the shmuks try to blame everything on JC.  JC has been around for so long that he will not be torn down in a few months by a bunch of libertarian fuckwits. The blog Counterfire describes it more juicily: “Like pigs with their snouts in the trough, the anti-Corbyn MPs don’t care about the provenance of the pig swill, as long as they get to scoff it. Which analogy (pig’s heads in troughs) perhaps partly explains Cameron’s new-found desire to cuddle up to them.”  Meanwhile the Blairites love to bring up JCs supposed pacifism as a stick to beat JC with. JC’s struggle to push Labour MPs to vote against air strikes is well  documented, but our rabid media will not give any coverage to the problems of evil DC to get a consensus. Meanwhile putz DC is not slated for his goof about ‘a bunch of terorist sympathisers’. As brilliant Lisa Nandy MP put it:  “How utterly depressing that this man is Prime Minister.” Studies will show that every conceivable kak is thrown at fantastic JC.
Thursday 03-12-15 and the Filth have rushed to war, its no surprise, but it showed disgusting DC as the ‘terrorist sympathiser‘ rather than decent JC:  It is likely the conflict will blow up in the government’s face. The shadow minister who branded JC “a fucking disgrace” will rue the day, because this conflict will be unlike any other in its televised coverage. JC will tell us that DCs hurry was caused by UK public opinion shifting.  We need to think more clearly about a banner which a demonstrator was wearing, featured on the front page of the Morning Star on 02-12-15. It read: “Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?”

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