Slithering Mask

National embarrassment, bumptious buffoon Borisconi loves attacking decent JC at every possible situation. Last weekend the fatuous yutzi was in Israel denouncing supporters of a boycott of Israeli goods as “corduroy-wearing, snaggle-toothed, lefty academics”. With his characteristic pretension the greedy khazer was quick to label fantastic JC as extremist, the deep irony is that the mask slipped as Borisconi is the extremist, as Reade goes on to write: “Naturally, Johnson faced no backlash, his powerful chums playing it down as “Boris being Boris”. Just as they did when he called Africans “picaninnies”, slammed the minimum wage, claimed apartheid was a “minor tyranny”, promised to give a convicted fraudster the address of a journalist so he could be beaten up, and was sacked as a Tory front-bencher for lying over claims he’d had an affair.”  The grim shlemiel Borisconi is so out of touch he’s bound to be surprised by the burgeoning popularity of JC as he starts to reap the rewards of despondent folk in places as remote as Ogmore, while lining up the activists in Walthamstow, my own neck of the woods. I am proud that JC has the logic to lecture the drek on patriotismWithout hesitation the drek have embarked on a huge program of closing loads of tax offices.  137 offices are being amalgamated into 13 offices in a move which is only about money – the khazers say they can save £100000000 a year, which they can stuff into the filthy bulging pockets of their mates in the city. 
Care is on the cusp of a crisis which will break the NHS particularly if Winter is bad. Its out of control just as the chief putz DC pleads with the junior docs to abandon their strike (18-11-15). It can be no surprise that the weasel words did not work with 99% of junior docs, while the bosses are warning that the strike will be at the busiest time for the NHS:  In the words of Dr Sarah Williams: “I expected a yes win, but 99 per cent is a pretty impressive from a cohort of people who generally don’t go against the grain and put up with a lot for a profession they love. The result indicates to me just how desperate the situation is.”  Similarly time is rapidly running out for the mental health services to get their shit together.
In terms of the fightback, JCs performance in Scotland is critical. With the demise of the nebbish Murphy, Scotland were crying out for a genuine left wing alternative, so the comments of Alex Bell about the economic case for Scottish independence could be important. Labour still have a very long way to go to take back Scotland.
I am grateful for a personal letter which the shmeril Brandon Lewis wrote to me, in which the tukkus tells me how I can prepare for flooding. Tories quickly totally messed up flooding defences throughout UK, so its only fair that some cheesy-faced grimacing grossly over paid shmuk tells me to: “Prepare a grab bag with warm clothes, blankets, mobile phone, medication, water and food supplies, a torch, and a battery or wind up radio and important personal documents” . Maybe the year wont end with Westminster having a flood warning again. Its a financial black hole, and they can now be found everywhere. The council at Glasgow says they have the worst black hole of £121000000.
The gonevs at Children in Need are being called out at last by DPAC as they sit on £87700000 at a time when there is austerity max. But then who gives a flying shtup about vulnerable people? The evil shmok Grayling loves nothing better than to flout the law, mamza Grayling has blood on his hands as the shlok wrecks hundreds of thousands of lives. The wreckage of Probation continues on its dismal trajectory. The complete fuck up of Probation is also mirrored by the farkakta of Universal Credit where the meshugenner IDS is still shoveling money at a prodigious rate, pretending the scheme will be complete by 2020, when it will never be completed.
Savage shithead DC exhibited extraordinary khutspe in his deranged letter to his local council, in which his self righteous mask slithered down to reveal a stunning ignorance. The appalling cuts being rammed through in Lancashire are actually a foretaste of the barbarism enforced on UK by the drek as the toffee nosed fools break Britain, its a grim reality that the sleepwalking public are reaping the whirlwind of voting for the drek in May 2015. North of England is being ravaged by the Filth, at the same time as  half of the people in Northern England have never heard of Osborne’s ludicrous ‘Northern Powerhouse‘. Yet we still have blinding arrogance from the Torygraph as they spout about JC not having decency with respect to the Parisian terrorist tragedy.  While disgusting DC rails against his own police cuts in Oxfordshire, the dystopia continues with putzes like Borisconi and Zac Goldsmith whinging. As JMcD asks for extra police, we have the boggling news that the police are unprepared, hot from the mouth of the tukkus Borisconi.  It doesn’t matter how many times the fotz hold their Cobra shit, they have messed up to a monumental degree. So as the French increase their police cover, the British Establishment shed personnel. Its a general consensus that the cuts will make UK vulnerable to terrorism.  In the words of bleeding heart liberal Polly Toynbee: “The more other services are cut, the heavier the burden that falls on the police. “We scrape up,” said one brutally. “There’s no one else.” But crime stats ignore all this…..After Paris, would you want to be the home secretary or the chancellor who said getting down the deficit was a matter of “national security” while cutting the safety net of a reassuring, neighbourhood police force that makes people feel secure in a time of fear? There comes a tipping point where crime and disorder will rise: we may be about to find out exactly when that is.” 
Meanwhile top brass in the Scottish police are in meltdown. In the Tory heartlands of Surrey, desperate measures are being taken to deal with the brutal police cuts. The shvantz have countered the terror attacks and the threat to the UK by beefing up the security services while they continue their welfare crackdown, in a particularly ludicrous statement dunce Osborne spouted: “The stakes could hardly be higher – if our electricity supply, or our air traffic control, or our hospitals were successfully attacked online, the impact could be measured not just in terms of economic damage but of lives lost.”  With the shtik of Farage, it is no surprise that the Neanderthals at the Daily Fail now regurgitates Nazi cartoons. Disgusting nebbish DC has cynically used the shitty events in Paris to ram through his sordid political agenda. Similarly it has opened the Drek to the question once again – how comes they can find billions of pounds for war in a few days, but are unable to find a penny for social security or local services.  But the shlemiel Andrew Bingham (Tory, High Peak), sees it differently as he reminds me outrageously in a personal letter(18-11-15): “Spending time in London, as the job of Member of Parliament necessitates, really brings home the clear and immediate danger of such a possibility. The Government is clear though, that the protection of the British people is its number one priority.” But G4S taking over control would save the Drek £1000000000 a year, and as we know money trumps every other factor in the neoliberal void. To add to the toxic brew, vicious chalera Fester McVile has been a cushy job overlooking the British Transport Police Authority.  Followers of The Vent will know she is as eminently qualified for this job as the shtunk Lansley was to be a peace envoy for the United Nations.
The Vent agrees with actor and story teller Alan Barrett at his attack on shlok Stig Abell.  Everyone attacks mensch JC remorselessly, but his strong defenders will win. The nebbish Danczuk loves to use khutspe when denigrating brave JC, its too bad that the churlish shmok is being investigated over his overtime claims with KD.  No one will be surprised that the pisk was caught with his snout in the trough.
Its an important sign of the desperation of UKIP that they are sinking so low in the by election of Oldham North and Royton, with the underhand tactics. Certainly Tory-girl Isobel Hardman believes UKIP have a great chance with the working class in Oldham. But the fact remains, no matter how the shvantz Farage pulls his macabre cracking poker face, the nonce is getting nowhere. The UKIP brand is purporting that the by-election is actually a referendum on JC, but actually its a test of UKIP, charting the klutz as they crash and burn. UKIP support seems to be decreasing as Labour’s rises. The snide yutzi Carswell is grasping at straws when he thinks it is a sensible idea to get rid of all the GPs. The loathsome shmeggegge Farage should be ashamed of his latest pub rant in which he said the fault of the Parisian attacks was the immigrants.
Supporters of the shvantz cannot tolerate that JC actually will stand up for ordinary folk. In the words of O’Sullivan: “Our re-invigorated party must be considerate, compassionate and challenging. Jeremy Corbyn is a leader willing to stand up against injustice and unwilling to compromise on his most fundamental values. Gaining power is not the end-game for Corbyn; his raison d’etre is to empower the most vulnerable in society. He listens to the people who he claims to champion, and this is his greatest strength.” 
At the end of the day the drek must receive justice, and in the words (a comment) of thea1mighty: “They should be brought to trial in Saudi Arabia, seeing as they enjoy Saudi money so much, and are willing to turn a blind eye to the horrors of the Saudi ‘justice’ system.” But for Labour the biggest problem is that so many MPs are not on the right side, as decent Ian Lavery has written: “…the question of deselection, be it of Jeremy Corbyn or of recalcitrant MPs, will persist. True unity will not be achieved until the PLP reflects the leader, or the leader reflects the PLP. “It’s pretty nasty. This is not the fraternal Labour Party I know,” Ian Lavery, a Corbyn supporter, told me. The continuation of “internal warfare”, he warned, would lead to “unmitigated disaster”. 

Slithering Mask

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