Tories are full of shlotlz which is Yiddish for arrogance, lesser known than chutzpah. The Tory brand having expunged ‘compassion’ now brims with shloltz. Bumbling zhlub Borisconi’s shloltz brims over when he is faced with brilliant Cumberbatch. The pompous populist has no idea how to handle genuine people, any more than DC when faced with JC. As the shvantz break Britain, and austerity bites every corner, even fun events like firework displays are now being screwed up.  Every day that passes hatred for the drek will increase, until a critical point is reached. Evil shmuk Osborne has now dropped any pretense of trying to help the people of UK with his warped ‘right to buy scheme’ ripping off the tax payer for a monumental £135000000000. As we say in my mome loshn: Az men git dem tayvl a hor, vil er gor or “if you give the devil the slightest bit, he’ll want everything”.  People will say that Osborne is not a devil, but he is a human incarnation of the beast, and displaying pure shlotlz.
Despite the brutality of the Tories, decency abounds among ordinary Brits. For years I have watched fantastic Brits do remarkable things. Stories like these compassionate girls, or the millions of decent folk donating to food banks reminds me of the gulf between the Establishment and the people. These brilliant people give me a hope that there can be something better, replacing fear with hope, so to speak. It demonstrates how in a very short time JC has already changed UK. Despite these savage fuckwits humanity abounds on tiny UK. A facet which interests me is the demise of compassionate conservatism (CC). Some of my comrades will laugh at me and say that there has never been such a thing as CC, nonetheless evil DC delivered an obituary for CC in 2015, and in the process lost core support. There is now no end to the searing indictments of the damage that the Filth have wreaked on society, with 100000 children homeless this Christmas. But all is not lost, there is still a myriad of ways that the nebbish Osborne can substantially ameliorate the tax credit debacle, but as we have noted, the zhlobs pay the maximum attention to areas which ordinary people don’t give a shtup about like protecting the banker’s bloated bonuses, and the absolute minimum to anything sensible.
Under momza DC’s watch homelessness and poverty of children is skyrocketing, its disgusting to watch the pitiless way these shleppers have wreaked misery on the poorest and most vulnerable in society.  What do the millionaires care? When these traitors brought Class War to my people, they never thought they could lose, but with more than four years to go, a lot can change. Greedy bumptious butkes Borisconi will have his work cut out at the dispatch box when he faces JC, the fatuous buffoon will struggle to keep his bumbling mask on. The fotz James Cleverly (Tory Braintree) has recently let the mask slip, when the arrogant fuckwit was interviewed by Huffington Post and came out with: “So when the Left do all their maiden speeches, which are supposed to be non-political, and they stand up and say ‘Oh the hardship I have known and you Tories will never know,’ I’m sitting there very quietly saying to myself: ‘Fuck off, you have no idea what you’re talking about.’
When it comes to the NHS, gaffe prone yachnah Priti Patel has been busy as her newsletter details: “Raised concerns about  the forthcoming removal of phlebotomy services from the
Fern House Surgery. Priti has written to NHS England
to reiterate the importance of keeping blood testing services available locally for her constituents.” Oy vey, we can only  presume that Priti is unaware that the Filth sold off British blood and plasma to the nudniks at Bain Capital. Meanwhile the grunt Mark Lancaster (Tory Milton Keynes) is keen to laud the Henry Allen Trust in his newsletter for their hard work helping people with cancer, as if Tories give a flying fuck about helping ordinary people.
It is an important sign that the government are now trying to negotiate an 11% pay rise for junior doctors,  though in the long run it may not be enough to prevent a strike (Tuesday). But after studying the offer the medical professionals are much more angry (Wednesday): “It is so terrifying that this man has swooped in with what he knows is a cynical attempt,” a 31-year-old anaesthetist, who works in a hospital in South London, said. “We know that this is just clever manipulation of figures and nothing more. It is clearly an attempt to make junior doctors appear greedy and money-seeking while not addressing any of the patient safety concerns that we have raised.”  But Jeremy Cunt will not move on this, he will only repeat tired mantras about there being no more money around,  at the same time as the drek are considering wasting £167000000000 on the weapons of mass shit. Cunt cannot fool the docs, who are now (Thursday 05-11) saying that the pay-rise of 11% is actually a cynical loss of 26%. With their perfidy, the klotz have succeeded in changing the NHS into one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world.
The Vent finds it hard to sympathise with the pain of Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach, after she broke down in the House of Common Fuck while talking about the death of her baby. The drek have shat on and totally fucked up the NHS, so it is sheer shlotlz for the honorable member to whinge about it. The Vent finds modern Conservatism evil. Complete fuckwit Brandon Lewis has written me a private letter telling me to stay away from hospitals if I get ill, while he stands up for Great Yarmouth. This is the first sensible advice the grimacing fotz has ever given me, he must be improving.
Care homes are just about to become centre stage with their own funding crisis. When it comes to care, the putz Philip Davies has come up with a load of drivel after filibustering a bill which would have made parking at hospitals free for carers. Noxious Tory Davies loves to trample over democracy as much as any other member of the Filth. Tories hate people that care, they detest anyone that gives a shtup about anyone else. As the shmoks ride roughshod over the crushed ruins of society they are completely shameless. In the words of Davies on the wretched Sunday Politics show: “If you’re suggesting I didn’t speak up for carers in that debate then I’m afraid that’s a complete and utter lie. I spoke up very warmly about carers and I also proposed in my speech legislation that I would support that would benefit carers that would have been far better to bring forward than that particularly ill-thought-out bit of legislation.” Sunday Politics is wretched because in the many years I have watched this show with a grim optimism, I have only seen a politician from the Far Left once. But in the era of JC and JMcD this has now changed, and pompous Angus McNeill will be forced to give the Far Left a hearing, at the same time as he discusses the Tory implosion. Complete putz Philip Davies would hate it if people signed this petition to get rid of the disgusting bedroom tax.  Contrastingly, here is some ribaldry from students at Cambridge University. 
The Vent celebrates the endorsement of JC by Sean Bean, after saying, Corbyn is “sticking up for the working-class man and it’s time we heard that voice again”. Unlike shmuks like Richard Littlejohnny or horse warming shmendrik Nadhim Zahawi, Bean remembers his working class roots. The drek love to shpiel about how they are the party of hard working people, while ramming through their anti union legislation, but disgusting putz Sajid Javid has been forced into a climb down on gagging striking workers.
Gross incompetence is the Tory hallmark in diverse areas. Crace is scathing when he describes the impact of the mishegoss Grayling on the UK probation system:  “If there is an argument that cannot be lost, Chris Grayling has yet to find it. Ask him to prove the Earth revolves around the sun, and everyone will inevitably end up believing the exact opposite; as an intellect, he barely registers even at the lower end of the IQ scale. So it can only be an act of pure sadism on David Cameron’s part that the leader of the house is invariably left to deal with the problems the rest of the cabinet don’t have a clue how to solve.”  Meanwhile shvantz Andrew Bingham (Tory High Peak) is still carping about the closure by the shtik drek of the court house at Buxton in his newsletter. I am sorry Mr Bingham, but none of this is at all surprising given the contempt the klotz show for any human rights.
Taheri says that a major problem is policing, here is how he describes the issue: “Burnham again hit the target with his focus on a policy issue that can unite Corbynites with millions of non-partisan and persuadable sometime Conservative voters. Having Police cars doubling as ambulances and police cells as mental health beds is already a national scandal. It should shock most people when campaigning makes them aware of the depth of the poverty of resources available to emergency response services. Yet Burnham was neither exaggerating nor being alarmist in his description of the impact that the forthcoming (even) further cuts will have: Crimes uninvestigated, calls unanswered, victims abandoned. All progress on domestic violence under threat. Theresa May talks of asking volunteers to fill the gaps. Well I’m sorry, Home Secretary , you’re not on. Your part-time police force will put people at risk. If there is one issue that will make Conservative voters stop in their tracks and wonder whether the country has taken a drastically wrong turn, it is the threat to public safety and security caused by Tory cuts to policing.”  Over stretched policing is now a countrywide feature for example in Norwich last weekend.  Right now they are really screwing up the police all around the country, for example in Essex.  The grim tukkus Penning is in the frame again, as he imposes the cuts of savage fascist Teresa May, cuts so bad that the police and crime commissioners are threatening legal action.  But there is nothing to be worried about – in the words of the Police Minister, the shmoiger Penning: “Police reform is working. Over the last five years, front-line services have been protected, public confidence in the police has gone up and crime has fallen by more than a quarter, according to the independent Crime Survey for England and Wales. However, if we want policing in this country to be the best it can be, then we must reform further, and that includes putting police funding on a long-term, sustainable footing.”  The Tory murderers are criminals so it is no surprise that they are giving a green light to criminal activity over UK. 
With the breakdown of the police crime is now surging all over UK, and rape for example increased from 12967 in 1213/4 with 7781 raped children, to 19316 in 2015 with 9949 raped children.  Amusingly the Scottish Conservatives have had to cancel their conference because they cannot get police protection, due to the wreckage the Filth have made of Scottish policing. The savagery of the cuts represent a major mistake for the Filth, leaving them vulnerable to mass action. People think that the 40% police cuts to come are the limit, but then they are mistaken, as the vicious shmendriks are going very much further, they are not even half way through and they have already removed the low hanging fruit. Around Westmonster you can almost smell the rage.  The Vent joins Johnny Void in his fucking rage as he talks about the terror of the feral rich: “It is the pampered rich, who think their privilege is safe behind the walls we built, who are the real vulnerable ones. Their entire cosseted existence depends on us remaining compliant. That is why even the most trivial act of political disobedience or rebellion terrifies them. They are as scared of us building the level of resistance necessary as we are cynical about whether that can be achieved. But it can be done, history shows us that. And it will start in the fucking streets.”  The hooray henrys might like to assume that people with nothing are on the ropes, but we still have our pride and we will fuck up greedy bumptious bumhole Borisconi and raging lilly faced ahole Osborne. Borisconi’s rusty water canons will be of zero use in fast moving riots all over UK. Its a sign of the times that the nebbish Priti Patel wants to bring back hanging,  and it could be that the Tories are hoist by their own petard on this one. It is obscene to watch cruel chaleria May is making a mint out of this butchery.
The problems faced by the police are also mirrored by our firefighters, who share my rage at the shit being inflicted on their fabulous service by the drek. The firefighter Mark Rowe of Merseyside writes of the miserable situation crews are faced with, but what he does not say is that this is just the start. Evil rutzer Osborne intends to go much deeper, so that by 2018 we can expect devastation in the meltdown. The shmeril IDS is an indication that such a misstep could be sooner, with the grim meshugenner now talking again about the glacial rate of the implementation of Universal Chaos. He needs to remember the encouraging words of the peirik Lord Fraud: Universal Chaos will resemble an “S-curve”, which meant a “careful start, big ramp, and then a tail at the end”. 
 JC has deftly changed PMQs, in the words of O’Hagan as he disarms disgusting DC and lets his mask slip: “The effect of seeing an Old Etonian peacocking away, while his opponent reads out concerns from members of the public transforms Corbyn into a man of the people and Cameron into a member of the elite – for half an hour every Wednesday at least. And given Cameron’s background, it has the effect of watching a mask slip.”   Every week decent JC gets under DC’s skin, this week:  (04-11-15) JC was able to show Tories as totally lacking in compassion as the kolboyniks jeered remorselessly. The tax credit cuts are a defining moment in UK history, as explained by Towler: “The very idea of compassionate conservatism is a stringently planned and cleverly executed Trojan horse within our country. Deceiving us at every turn with opaque rhetoric that wrong-foots and lies so transparent it’s almost laughable. “We will not cut tax credits,” Cameron declared during the election debate, lying to voters about the heart of the beast many went on to support. This time the horse’s protective layer is weathered away, and the brand cultivated over many years topples majestically before the public’s eyes, leaving a facade so painfully obvious we kick ourselves for ever believing in it.” 
In a final phase of the tragic UK version of Class War, we can expect bumptious bumhole Borisconi to be facing JC. Borisconi allows his mask to slip twice a year as the London mayor, but in the House of Common Fuck the stakes will be much higher. The future disposition of how Borisconi will be, is summed up by Bienkov: “Such evasiveness cannot last forever. In many ways Boris’s position as mayor has enabled him to be on both sides of pretty much every national political debate over the past eight years. If and when he takes up a national position in government, that slipperiness will be far harder to maintain.” It is going to be absolutely hilarious watching the “supine protoplasmic invertebrate jelly” feebly squirm as JC reminds the bastard how much everyone hates him.


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