Monday (26/10/15) and the drek are playing hard ball with the House of Lords, its a sign of muddled thinking – everyone knows they didn’t have to do this – they could have rammed their sordid bill through under ‘financial privilege’, but instead they took a difficult and stupid route which has created a phony constitutional crisis. It even got the shvantz Heseltine to warn with excruciating irony “I think they are playing with fire”. It comes as no surprise to find fotz d’Ancona on the side of the Filth on this matter.
Tuesday (27/10/15) and the Posh House have delayed this cut for three years, and this creates a massive problem for the shmok Osborne. The blog A Very Public Sociologist explains: “Now the Tories have lost, what next? I’m going to tell you: sweet FA. The threats and hints of threats aren’t going to come to anything. And here’s why. This government is rushing things though for a reason: it is living on borrowed time. Somewhere in a filing cabinet in Number 11 Downing Street, there is a ‘George Osborne for Conservative Leader’ grid. Its authors, Dave and Gidders, have a fixed legislative timetable set up to maximise the chancellor’s chances in the battle to come. The trick is to not only get the controversial stuff out the way early in this Parliament’s life in the hope no one will remember come 2020, but to take advantage of the temporary unity of Tory purpose this side of the EU referendum campaign. Hence why there’s talk of bringing back the abolition of the Human Rights Act for summer next year, just before recess. According to Dave and Osborne’s scheme, the important stuff is out the way with, they can have their idiotic and unnecessary EU renegotiation/referendum in which the Tories will immolate and flay one another. They might call their own some rather nasty names too. Britain votes to stay in, Dave announces his impending retirement for the end of the Parliament and Osbo cruises in to pole position.

“It’s a tight timetable, and there’s barely any wriggle room. Which is why Dave and Osborne aren’t going to allow for a blow up over House of Lord reform. They both know packing the upper chamber will damage them when it comes to reducing the number of MPs, and they are equally aware reforming the house is a can of worms where their backbenchers are concerned. It would scupper an already-damaged Osborne’s chances if the leadership were to go to war over this. Likewise he can’t afford to back down either for being seen as both reckless and weak. The most likely outcome of this damaging nonsense for the government are concessions on Osborne’s part. His friendly friends in the media this morning have already indicated he’s now in “listening mode”, though he was reportedly only interested if the Lords behaved themselves. They haven’t, and by defeating the government the Lords are forcing Dave and Osborne to hear things with one arm up their backs. Let the political punishment of awful headlines and barracking from their own side continue.”  It is heavily ironic that the Lords now represent the working people.


Wednesday 28-10-15 and as the dust settles on the tax credit predicament, entirely of tukkus Osborne’s own making, and brilliant OJ is correct that Labour need to make the greatest political capital out of this issue.  Chakrabortty meanwhile is right to ask why the drek cannot save the steel industry rather than the banking momzas. Yet the reason for this is obvious – its the Chinese fucking up the European steel market, and because capitalism is involved our shmendreks are impotent. But what is really important to them is fucking up the Posh House, so that these spineless toffee nosed fuckwits can screw over the working class ad nauseam. The void Osborne has zero human decency, his trail of human misery marks him and the Tory henchmen as traitors to the British people.  No poor person in UK should believe that the Tories will not cruelly cut tax credits in April, but the judgement of the Upper House does represent a serious glitch for the shtik drek. Will the momzas retreat from the brink, or will they plow on with brutal disregard? Surely it is impossible for these witless, greedy, pathetic fuckwits to have any compassion?
Repressive regimes hate JC. JC should wear as a badge of pride the criticisms of the Saudi monsters. It comes as no surprise to see vindictive nebbish Simon Danczuk chucking any mud he can find at JC.  The Vent urges readers to sign this petition to get rid of the mamza Danczuk.  Danczuk’s continued splenetic ramblings could lead to him kicked out, its lead to doleful nebbish saying that deselected MPs should stand as independents. The Vent does not hate Simon, Simon had an important role in the exposure of the paedophile ring at the dark heart of Westmonster. Hatred for JC comes from all directions, the shmeril Martin Amis has been most vocal, but the pompous shmendrek has been the recipient of a variety of tweets, such as this of Fourfoot: “Martin Amis, irrelevant since 1999, just dismissed Corbyn as humourless and thick in a Murdoch paper. So his grasp of irony is still strong.”  But the git Amis is not alone in his grasp of satire. With his famous sense of paradox, Tory lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber, worth £620m, flew in especially from New York at taxpayer expense to vote for tax credit cuts for the poor.  The repressive Tory machine believe they have stacked everything against JC with their boundary changes and their voter registration shmutz It is a sign that the traitor DC is mocking the decent people of UK when he talks complete rubbish about equality,  but faced with the decency of JC, evil DC will be back-firing, though putz DC’s plans are laughable if they were not so tragic. The reality is that it will be the NHS which picks up the tab of vile fotz DC as explained by bleeding heart Polly: “Consider the number of people with mental health problems, learning difficulties and emotional confusions, and the number of children more or less fending for themselves in families with parents suffering those conditions, and malnutrition is just one sign of state neglect that hospitals end up coping with. The NHS dreads a winter of extreme pressure, multiplied by the fall-out from cuts to benefits and care. George Osborne may find his tax credit fiasco is just the first of his austerity pigeons flapping home to roost on the Treasury roof.” 
The housing in crisis in London must be mentioned as the drek push it off a cliff. If Sadiq wins the mayoralty he has a major task, though I predict Khan will fuck up the nebbish Zac. We Londoners loathe the way these greedy shlongs are turning to London into a myopic nightmare.  Housing is one London crisis, and another is the police who are now shedding 8000 officers from the Met.
The meshugenner IDS is bursting to cross the Rubicon with his revolting attack on pensions, he cannot wait to get in there.  The repulsive lobbos has the brilliant idea of putting job centre advisors in food banks Let’s imagine the conversation – ‘Do I have to speak to you?” “No.” “Well fuck off then”.
An older person has died recently as a result of the fire brigade cuts of bumptious butt-hole Borisconi.  It is important that the FBU is debating affiliating with Labour again.
It is a sign that the cost of the Trident renewal program has soared to £167000000000. To be factual, the UK badly needs Trident renewal – how else will the drek defend their food banks? The vast waste of public money on this pile of atomic shite can be directly contrasted with the blind eye the drek are placing on the so called Northern Powerhouse and the steel industry meltdown. The drek do not give a shtup about ordinary folk. If the people of Redcar had been banking bastards then the drek would have lavished money on them. We would have had pig fucking mediocrity DC saying again that “money is no object”. 
Yet with so much nonsense going around the press are still attacking JC without a pause.  Maybe JC’s performance at PMQ on 28-10 will silence the critics.
Someone we should listen to is Richard Murphy: “Interesting times are ahead, and the need for sound economic policy should be very high on all politician’s agenda. What you can be fairly sure of is that austerity does not meet that criteria. Viable alternatives are needed, and People’s Quantitative Easing is one of them, as are measures to tackle the tax gap properly. There are more to come. Some are in The Joy of Tax. Others are in development. If the current economic mess we’re in wasn’t so serious I’d almost be enjoying the prospect of what is to come. As it is, the fact that people are clearly going to suffer for it makes me very angry. But that’s what motivates change, and always has.”  
With his tax credit shambles at the House of Posh Fuck Osborne has done more than merely damage the Osborne brand as Beattie from The Mirror explains: “This is a consequence of a political machine which was protected by the right wing press during the general election and mistook its subsequent victory for a mandate to govern with right-wing excess. That has been the worst judgement call of all.”  But the nasty party has not yet finished here – they will be trying any desperate measure to ram this through asap.  It may also be true that in delaying the bill the Lords may even have done Osborne a favour: “if he avoids staining the Tories’ reputation by inflicting unprecedented cuts on the working poor, he may yet have cause to thank the Lords.”  In the end it hardly matters what shtik the peiriks say, for as we say in Yiddish: “Der emes kumt aroys vi boyml afn vaser” or “the truth comes out like oil on water” . It makes us wonder at what point will the rhetoric of the feral rich be understood by the 99% as the bollocks it is.
While the House of Posh Fuck may have created a temporary glitch for the drek, it hides a global problem , the urgent need for electoral reform, which is discussed by Ward: “Adolf Hitler and others up to Mugabe et al have proved beyond doubt that ‘manipulated apathetic electorate politics’ (of the kind Britain has now) is the fast lane to fascism. They represent incontrovertible evidence that one can turn a ‘perfectly designed’ democracy into a dictatorship without changing a single Law. House of Lords reform is irrelevant to the much bigger issue of cultural reform. And the depressingly boxed-in nature of debate about a new second chamber should tell everyone all they need to know why that culture of uncreative, disengaged attitudes is in need of wholesale reconstruction.” 

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