Like rodeo horses careering out from their stalls, everything the drek have done is with the maximum haste and the minimum attention to detail, as they surge towards the massive broygus. A broygus is a hard word to define in English – it is a kind of argument – a state of estrangement. The changes to the electoral register which are aimed to wipe 2000000 voters off the register while having a parlous effect on British democracy, benefit the drek in the short term, and that’s all that these shmeggeges can think about. The tax credit cuts, and the threats of the Filth to evade democracy represent a significant advance of class war.  The Filth are no longer interested in the illusion of democracy. It is sickening to look at repulsive shmuk Kwarteng laughing at the hilarity of the tax credit cuts during the tax credit debate.
Axe wielding momza Gideon has bitten more off than he can possibly chew. But now the fatal motion is being lined up.
The fatal motion is a rare procedure which could be used to stop the tax cuts, which were not mentioned in the last Tory manifesto, it follows on the ‘Salisbury Convention‘.  Anti Tory peers have a majority in the House of Posh Fuck, and they could effectively torpedo this next disgusting change. If the fatal motion doesn’t halt this regressive bill then nothing will, but we are dealing with a very devious bunch of schlongs who are now desperate and will stop at nothing to get their sordid way. The 25 bishops in the House will vote against the government. We have to ask ourselves what the price is of these changes – will they stop JC’s rise? Will they stop ganev DC being thrown out like vicious meshugenner Maggie?  Tories forced decent ordinary people onto tax credits with their stupid policies, and it takes a monumental meanness to hack at the very prop which they are relying on, just so that the richest people in society can have more dosh stuffed in their deep pockets by a witless bunch of criminals.
 The shvantz will say there is zill money, but they will say any bollocks to fuck over the poor.  Today (21/10) the pitiless khazers can only pull their long suffering poker faces. It is a continuing sign that the church of England has a social conscience, that the bishops are lining up to stop the savage cuts.  Most remarkable is the fascistic move the drek are considering to force through this change – there is now talk of suspending the House of Posh Fuck, indeed this incredible move is unsurprising in its audacity when we consider the entire drek like grotesque ahole Gove and sociopathic klutz Grayling consider themselves high above the law in their culture of entitlement. Its a sign of an incredible mind bending arrogance, and its also an indication of how far the Filth have moved to the right, despite their farcical shpiel about being the party of hard working people and their alleged repositioning at the political centre.  As fantastic OJ has written, this disenfranchisement offers a direct path to Labour electoral honesty.
It looks increasingly likely that there will be a U-turn. But with the powerful 1% lined up against the 99%, I still would not be at all surprised if the drek are not also trawling around for some archaic procedure. They will be most arrogant if they fail to heed the warnings of The Scum:  Only the most foolish Tories can ignore the many siren calls, and this must be because the Tory party is now several parties. The Filth are now in a civil war over this issue, they know how toxic this is (Morning Star 20-10-15). 
By 21-10-15 the shvantz have forced the House of Posh Fuck to back down, the House of Posh Fuck is soft and will easily back down. Yes it has some decent folk, Baroness Meacher is one, Baroness Campbell of Surbiton is another, but this crisis needed the people of England to speak. When they had a chance the Filth lied to them, and because they were smug and had not following the ball, they thought they were doing the right thing and shot themselves in the foot. But really the entire tax credit cut could easily be reversed if it was not for the perverse greed and spite of the Establishment, as Stacey explains: “If you are looking for a credible alternative to tax credits cuts without increasing the deficit the answer is simple, stop cutting taxes for the rich. If the Government reverse their commitment to increase the personal allowance, raise the 40p threshold, cut inheritance tax and other sops to the richest, it wouldn’t need to hit the poor at all.”
When it comes to the crisis in the NHS, neo-natal care is now at breaking point, but don’t expect nauseous grimacing putz Jeremy Cunt to give a flying shtup about it. Its not over yet as red Tory Chris Leslie writes in his Newsletter 202: “This week the Shadow Health Secretary asked an Urgent Question on  NHS financial performance following the recent figures which show the NHS overspent by £930 million in three months and could be on course for an annual deficit of £2 billion this financial year. The figures show that the deficit for the first three months of this financial year was larger than the deficit for the whole of 2014-15. It is unclear how the Government expect to fund more services spread over seven days. I am also concerned by reports that the health regulator, Monitor, was “leaned on” to delay the publication of these figures. The pressures faced by the NHS are a direct result of the decisions taken by this Government, with a significant reduction in social care provision, staff shortages which are forcing hospitals to recruit from overseas or hire expensive agency staff, and a damaging top-down reorganisation. Hospitals across the country and here in Nottingham are being faced with the stark choice between balancing the books and delivering safe care, with a further £22 billion of ‘efficiency savings’ threatening staff cuts and service closures. People across the country depend on NHS services and I fear the Government has no plan to tackle the financial crisis facing our NHS.” The drek are content to watch as the NHS crumbles, but content for fuckwit IDS to use the NHS to beat sick people into submission.
The shlimazel Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has been busy as his newsletter details: I also had a meeting with Heather Strawbridge, Chief Executive and Ken Wenman, Chairman, of the South West Ambulance Trust regarding my campaign for additional ambulance cover in the North Cotswolds. I set out my arguments to them once again and I will continue to fight for additional emergency response cover in the rural North Cotswolds. But once again the Tory did not talk about the long term plan of the Filth for the NHS, to strip it of any shred of decency, to shtup it up completely, to starve it of money.
For all the shmaltz, poverty is something that witless multi millionaire Jamie ‘pukka panzanela’ Oliver doesn’t understand. While the tukkus Oliver gripes about sugary drinks, the reality of survival crime is tearing apart decent poor people but Mockney Jamie has a long history of taking shtik. We can contrast the bollocks of the shyster Oliver with the refreshing honesty of Andrew Fisher who described Red Ed’s shadow cabinet as “the most abject collection of absolute shite”. Fisher also referred to Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell as “scumbags”, called Jack Straw a “vile git”.  With dark humour the morning after the election, as Labour reeled from the news that Mr Balls had lost his Morley and Outwood seat, a message on Mr Fisher’s Twitter feed pointed out the bleeding obvious: “Fitting that the architect of Labour’s miserable austerity-lite economic policies should lose.” 
Its a sign of serious intent that JC is now considering changing his stance to defence, its a sign that JC is surrounded by good advisers, its a clever move for JC to spend more on defence to diffuse the Trident row. Were the drek to hold a military coup to get rid of JC then there would be very little support. When it comes to foreign policy people are questioning whether JC will hold his tongue when he is faced with the Chinese nebbochim, The Vent says shtup off Mr Xi with your ‘golden era‘ shit. 
The assault by the drek on democracy is countered by Momentum, which The Vent urges readers to join and to fight for British democracy.  Importantly the Momentum group is stopping the Labour party from going bankrupt and in various ways this move is to be adulated. Still there are a myriad of voices from the Centre Left who will tell you that a JC led Labour party is an absolute disaster. The petty minded Labour MPs who voted with the evil shlimazel Osborne, need to be eradicated from the Labour party as soon as is possible. While decent JC is doing his best to unify the Labour party, there are still shmuks like Lord Warner who are resigning daily. Good riddance, I wish they would all piss off, no one needs a bunch of shlongs who will snipe from the side lines. There are enough Mark Fergusons’ and Guidos’ already, and we still have Polly Toynbee wittering about how ineffectual JC is. Cut away the turgid rhetoric, and in her stance Toynbee has made it clear which side she is on, but the toffs are gambling, just as they recklessly wagered everything with their casino capitalism. Self appointed spokesperson of the Left, Toynbee, will know that the only thing which can defeat Project Fear is Project Hope. Smug in her cocoon of bleeding heart soft left socialism Polly is poorly placed to sense the rising of the tide, but a better placed economist Thomas Curran, discussing Middle England, from the perspective of Wellingborough: “No longer will people hear a whisper, a whimper, from the left. Corbyn will reinvigorate populist ideas of redistribution, public ownership, free education, and state investment. A socially democratic prescription for the neoliberal epidemic that has struck Wellingborough, and many towns like it.”  
A divisive issue for Labour and for the Tories is Europe – do we leave Europe, its gonna be a close one. It could build up to be a major headache for dirty DC, who might have other things on his plate by then. The collapse of the British steel industry will deliver a hammer blow to poor people in a variety of UK locations, something which ghastly schmo Sajid Javid spouts about while not giving a shtup about.
Many people rightly ask me where UK is going, and we can deduce that the race to the monumental broygus is not charted. The grim bum Osborne has no idea where he is going, he’s a posh nebbish, he probably thinks it does not matter. But if the tax credit cuts become reality, clever Tories are right to fear the result – a hammer blow to the Tory brand. Voters hate being lied to, and as voters become increasingly desperate and angry, we can expect desperation. 


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