The tax credit crisis can still be avoided, but the shmendriks detest making U turns to help poor people, and it is also true that nebbish Osborne has dug a hole and keeps digging. Many Tories are running scared of the tax credit cuts saying that they will affect five times as many folk as the parlous bedroom tax.  Shvantz Osborne is being egged on by deeply cynical nebbish Ken Clarke: “My advice to George is put your tin hat on, get on with it. Don’t put it off because in the short term it is going to be unpopular…..I actually share George Osborne’s view that this is essential if our children and our grandchildren are going to live in a successful, modern economy that is re balanced and able to compete in the totally new world that we are beginning to face.  If we are wrong then of course we will have to pay the price because it won’t work. But meanwhile, get on with it. Stop looking at opinion polls and listening to the more nervous backbenchers. It is bold but I think it is necessary.”  Whatever the calculations and chicanery of the alta kukka, after the tax credit cuts UK will never be the same again, with unforeseen consequences to the Left and to the Right. Whatever nonsense the Filth spouted at their conference, they wont be able to escape the reality in that UK in 2016 will be brutal, it will be angry, and at every single juncture Labour will be holding the Tories to account. 2016 will also be when JC is first tested at the local council elections, and if the Filth are brazen enough to execute their tax credit plan, there will be a contrasting effect on JCs polling, with public opinion already moving away from the Filth on this one. There is still an outside chance that the Tories will delay this cut, they will be too terrified to enact them, as John Rent-a-tool observes. But it isn’t just the tax credits where the danger lies – it lies in education, energy, the home office and defence:  One danger of energy will come from the cuts the drek will be inflicting on the 1000 strong nuclear police force – while extolling their patriotism and pointing hypocritically at JC, a fact remains that UK under the Filth is a much more dangerous place. With these cuts uk could become a target of nuclear terrorism. The blogger Burnell writes on the tax credit cut: “This can play out in one of two ways. Either Osborne sees the error of his ways and makes an adjustment in his autumn statement that will mitigate and ameliorate the worst of what is to come. To do so he will lose a lot of political capital in a U-turn that many feel he should never have got to. Once again – like the Omnishambles, Osborne will be hoist by his own petard and have damaged his own credibility. Just in time for the Tories to start tearing themselves apart over Europe next year. Alternatively, he carries on regardless. This is the option the Tories fear the most. It was one of the most discussed fears in the Conference bars and corners. Too many people will suffer. Tory MPs will see troops of the working poor increasingly unable to cope in their surgeries week in, week out while those suffering will see the Tories tearing themselves apart over Europe. A policy area that is emotive for some, but distant from the bread and butter issues that concern most of us.”   But Jeremy Cunt is unrepentant and is lecturing folk that people on tax credits “lack self respect and dignity“.  In this Jeremy Cunt has shown himself devoid of humanity, and unable to hold public office – the complacent momzas are fucking hubristic.
Thankfully JMcD is now opposing the fiscal charter. Many Red Tories were up in arms at this concept with the shlimazel John Mann being livid. I am not at all surprised by this U turn, unlike Mason, but I am surprised that JMcD signed up to the austerity first of all, any plan, any law passed by the Drek must be repealed and reversed as the greedy neoliberals have shit for brains, zero compassion and are traitors to the British people. Here JmcD explains why he did a U turn on this – signing the fiscal charter was a red herring from the nebbish Osborne, and I am glad JMcD changed his mind. I do not agree with Ann Coffey who says that JC rushed straight into the Tory trap, the fiscal charter is an appalling piece of legislation from an out of touch shvantz. What Coffey does not seem to question – is what use is a Labour party without socialism? There are some Labour MPs who should be expelled from a socialist Labour party, and pompous nebbish Frank Field believes that they could actually be selected again by their constituents. It just shows how out of touch and patronising Field is, no wonder the Filth take advice from the dismal gonif. Persistant kvetches like Ben Bradshaw, Tristram Cunt, or John Wood-cock need to remember that the Labour party belongs to its members and we are proud to call JC our leader.
Tories are showing their colours with their opprobrious immigration bill will create thousands of homeless children. But it doesn’t really matter which way JC turns right now, the commentariat are lined up to dismiss him anyway. Since writing this the Filth have passed this nonsense legislation to make austerity permanent, and although it is an irrelevant and shambolic device from the klutz Osborne, 21 Labour MPs rebelled and signed up to this piece of shit. It is sickening to watch how MPs who are supposed to represent ordinary folk laugh at JC at PMQs. Offensive khaizer Michael Fabricant talking about how JC reading out genuine concerns from ordinary people is ‘taking too long‘. 
But at the end of the day who gives a shtup what the shvantz say, do or pretend to do – only a lobbos like snide seething mamza Peter Staines expresses faux outrage. At least JC has the decency to reclaim Labour and not abandon the poor like the drek.  The right detest JC’s Momentum, which is a shrewd idea to capitalise on the disaffected, and the reason the Tories hate it, is that they loathe democracy. It seems also the case (if you believe the polls) that the Labour party percentile has not changed since the election. But the attacks on JC so far are a small example of the storms to come. Listening to the out of touch commentariat confuses us to how close this contest really is, as Nineham explains: “You only have to look at opinion polls to see this is the case. There is in fact a growing popular rejection of the kind of politics and economics that has dominated and degraded society for the last few decades. Growing majorities favour re-nationalising the railways and utilities for example.  Just 7% believe health care should be privatised. Interestingly, according to YouGov, popular support for nationalisation is principled – ‘ideological’ in their words – rather than pragmatic. You wouldn’t know it from the political debate but most polls show the bulk of the population don’t want Trident replaced.”  The victory of decent JC embarrassing disgusting DC into a U turn over the Saudi Arabian prison contract worth £5900000,  the media keep shtum on,  but of more importance will JC kneel for the Queen? The U turn has been termed ‘disgraceful’ by Tory fotz Daniel Kawczynski, one of the stupidest MPs, who had received only£15000 from the house of Saud.
Many medical professionals are warning that the NHS could collapse this winter. A recent voice has been Dr Dacre, the President of the Royal College of Physicians: Dacre fears the coming winter may see “an NHS collapse. I’m concerned that the pressures will be so great that staff morale will reach breaking-point, we’ll get an increase in sick leave and there will be an increase in waiting times, we’ll be missing A&E targets, our beds will be full – and overloading results in an increase in hospital acquired infections – and what will happen is that standards of care will drop”.  Meanwhile khazeray Jeremy Cunt has found a way to solve the problem, he wants to charge folk £4000 for a freedom of information request.
When we search for a meaning for what is happening, we have to note the involvement of the UN, because such an investigation has never been conducted before and no one knows what impact the result will have. It is now no secret that the investigation is ongoing, and that it has now entered a new phase, though it has been shrouded in secrecy. At the very least you would have thought the UN investigation would have evoked shame and humility in the drek, but the entire zhlub don’t understand these terms, they think they are above the law, they don’t give a shtup as they trample mercilessly on the underclass. 
The fascist mamza Sajid Javid has just released his October newsletter, and in this matter shows the consistency of a variety of nebbochim from Brandon Lewis to Priti Patel. After Javid showed he is devoid of humanity at the Tory party conference, it comes as no surprise to see the vile crypto-fascist schmok pontificating as a keynote speaker of the Holocaust Educational Trust. Its close to a section where schmo Javid makes a visit to the Worcestershire Oncology Centre – where he talked about how much help he was getting from Jeremy Cunt. Meanwhile the massive fuckwit Brandon Lewis has the gumption to write an email to me talking about “security, stability and opportunity”, he finishes the email off with some Orwellian waffle from the khaizer shmegegge DC: “And our goal is a Greater Britain. With strong defence and a strong economy. An NHS that there’s for everybody, and schools that stretch our children. And over the next five years we will show that the deep problems in our society are not inevitable.  That a childhood in care doesn’t have to mean a life of struggle. That a stint in prison doesn’t mean you’ll get out and do the same thing all over again. That being black, or Asian, or female, or gay doesn’t mean you’ll be treated differently.  A Greater Britain – made of greater expectations. Where renters become homeowners, employees become employers, a small island becomes an even bigger economy, and where extremism is defeated once and for all.”
The Vent salutes the satire of Mark Steel.  While the momzas at the DWP think they have successfully hidden the facts about the deaths of claimants, the exact figures are gradually being exposed, and with that goes any claim that meshugennah IDS has a shred of decency or humanity. Some of the best satire is not even conveyed as humour, for example the faux outrage of Tory putz Nick Evans (Ribble Valley) who was upset at the way the Filth were treated in Manchester: “Mr Evans, highlighting that delegates were subjected to ‘vile abuse tantamount to hate crimes’, spat at and pelted with eggs during the four-day conference in Manchester, said Greater Manchester Police’s response was ‘totally inadequate’.” The police told the shmeril Evans to get over himself, and pointed out the 2000 officers lost by their force since 2010. Similarly Mrs Vine (aka Mrs Gove) was burgled the other night, but seemed surprise when the police never came after her burglar alarm went off. The Vine woman seethed: “One thing’s for sure: if it happens again, the police will be the last people I call.”
The Vent celebrates our brave comrades from Sisters Uncut who broke through the security barriers at the premiere for the film Suffragette, to protest at the murderous cuts to survivors of domestic violence. It is a complete travesty that while the drek claim to love women, they have made a point of fucking them over brutally. Tories are shameless in their attitude to anyone they think is ‘weak’. 
When it comes to the London mayoral race, this will impact on JC, as many commentators are saying there is a link between JC and Sadiq Khan. A main area where SK greatly exceeds the Tory contender, Zac Goldsmith is about being in touch with ordinary folk. There are doubts as to whether ZG, who is an old Etonian aristocrat can be ordinary, and its where SK has got him. If the Filth do their tax credit cut at the end of the year, then it will directly impact on the popularity of ZG and the Tory brand. As a mayor Borisconi achieved nothing, did nothing, and messed up London in the process, and it is no surprise that he is now hated in many places. There are calls for the arse to be investigated over the ludicrous garden bridge.
When it comes to the issue of refugees, the shrill voice of the shlimazel Little-johnny can be heard lecturing fabulous Benedict: “How dare Cumberbatch seek to manipulate people, who have paid good money to watch him perform Shakespeare, into feeling guilty about the plight of migrants? So spare us the puerile lectures, Benny Boy, and stick to the day job.”   Equally The Vent celebrates amazing Charlotte Church, who has upset the foul khazer Dacre.
The launch of Momentum by Mr JmcD has terrified the Labour ‘moderates’,   but it is a very clever move to harness the continually growing people power of the real UK left. The continuing fractiousness of the PLP is a problem to JMcD and JC. Momentum has the capacity to create a huge movement, and it is only with this that JC has the opportunity to kick the drek out. Momentum has a great support from young people, which is not surprising as the young are the demographic that disgusting DC is now attacking the most.  Momentum is a direct route to creating a huge social movement.
By 2017, if the Filth stay around that long, fracking will become a central issue to nimby Tories all over UK. There are early signs of the scale of the troubles ahead – for example Kevin Hollinrake (Tory Thirsk and Malton) who is very keen to press ahead, – but he wont be once his 19000 majority crumbles. After Balcombe and Wisborough Green only the most stupid Tories will press to frack in the Tory heartlands, but there are some members who are that witless and greedy. But the policing problems caused by the drek, and the runaway problems of soaring crime are being ignored by the May fiend. Meanwhile Whitehall departments are facing massive cuts and no one knows what they are doing, but the problem is that vast areas are covered as Dudman explains: “The coalition government began a cull of public bodies in 2010 and the number has been cut from more than 900 to about 500, with some previous functions brought back into departments. Public bodies employ more than 220,000 staff and are responsible for spending £135000000000. They carry out a huge range of functions, including, among many other things, running one of the world’s largest seed banks, with more than 2bn seeds in storage at Kew’s millennium seed bank; managing fishing quotas; policing Britain’s railways; running the country’s civil space programme; and regulating many different UK industries, including nuclear, water and media.”  
At the end of the day its on a knife edge – will JC wake up the people of Britain, or will the schmok Osborne delay the axe. My advice to JC is be ruthless and expel the Blairites.

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