Despite Fraser, there looks like the start of a Labour poll bounce in Wales.  But even still there are still national polls suggesting JC will be a useless failure. I attribute this to the power of the right wing media to distort reality, something it will find most hard after the April 2016 savage austerity, when the tax credits are affected and there is mass destruction. Jeremy’s first conference speech was an over whelming success among socialists, although this part was the easy bit, the hard bit is still to come. But not everyone is happy – Lord Sugar says he will move to China if JC becomes PM: – OK Lord Sugar – close the door after you – byebye.
The evil Trade Union Bill is so crap that it even has Tory fotz David Davis saying its fascistic: Davis said: “I agree with most of the trade union bill. I think it’s very sensible … but there are bits of it which look OTT, like requiring pickets to give their names to the police force. What is this? This isn’t Franco’s Britain, this is Queen Elizabeth II’s Britain.”   Against this appalling backdrop, the revolutionary entrance of JC and JMcD was long expected by The Vent. The Vent has followed JC and JMcD for years, their development has been coming for years. JMcD will hold the shtik drek to account for the way they have butchered public services in UK.  Ordinary people will suffer the most as a result of the vicious changes to tax credits of April 2016, with Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Seema Mulhotra describing them as the “the biggest single cut to families ever”,  which will have the frightful mind bending unforseen consequences.  The Vent takes no pleasure in saying these cuts will severely alter England, and that no poor person will be able to sleep walk afterwards. An important factor will be that these brutal cuts will be held to account by JC and JMcD. It will create the plotz, plotz can be translated as a collapse which renders someone besides themselves with rage.
Sadiq Khan is now pledging to scrap the nonsensical garden bridge which was the sickly brain child of bumptious buffoon Borisconi and Joanna Lumley, costing at least £60000000 Everyone knows that any idea tainted by the rasping hands of the shmendreck Borisconi will be unmitigated shite.  In the money pinching meanness of the neoliberal void charity has no place, the charity sector is being shafted by Tories like Priti Patel or Nick Turd That’s why the complete waste known as the garden bridge is important, and many people assume it has no purpose. But they are wrong – it will raise the price of the luxury shit that Borisconi has peppered the South Bank and it also demonstrates how little the Drek care about ordinary folk.
The so called Northern Powerhouse is an abject failure under shmeril James Wharton. With devastation set to hit Teeside in the wake of  9000 job losses at the local steelworks and surrounding area, the credibility of the so-called ‘minister for the northern powerhouse’ has sunk to a new low after he claimed the issue was “not his responsibility” — despite also being an MP for the area.  Its yet another sign that the toffs don’t give a shtup about the North East, they hate ordinary people. The attitude of the Filth to Redcar is disgusting,  especially after the way that the ghastly shmuks are loaning £45000000 to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich to operate his steel making and mining company with operations outside UK. Meanwhile the drek are squandering £25000000 on developing prisons on Jamaica, something warmly acclaimed by grotesque horse warming nebbish Nadhim Zahawi
The continued denigration of the NHS is confirmed  by the huge payout to the schmo David Flory, who gruesome shvantz Jeremy Cunt is giving £415000 to, on top of his bloated salary, just for fucking off. Its brought widespread anger. In the words of Rehana Azam: “The question is did the secretary of state for health sign off this package? And if so, what rationale has been applied? We can’t ignore the fact three quarters of trusts are showing a deficit. How has the value of a package this size been determined against such bleak NHS forecasts?”  But then she is forgetting the fact that Jeremy Cunt awards prizes for crass mediocrity. The NHS out of hours hotline is now in meltdown, after the campaigning Daily Heil found that two babies recently died and one nurse is expected to answer for 2300000 folk, with staff having a massive three weeks of training.  It is deplorable reading about cases like Madhumita Mandal who died in agony as a direct result of erroneous judgments made by an unqualified receptionist, it was the result of a switch to Virgin ‘Care‘. DC – the blame for this woman’s excruciating and slow death is at your door – you chose with your sanctimonious hypocrisy to put profit before care – shame on you. Shame on your malicious slithery shtunk Jeremy Cunt. After Mrs Mandel died wretchedly the shvantz didn’t apologise to Mr Mandel – instead they expelled the shattered man for living here illegally, because the shtik drek have no humanity. Neoliberals are a moral void, they don’t give a shtup as they vandalise the world. 
 Jeremy Cunt is running the NHS into the ground, so its no wonder that doctors are prepared to strike over stupid changes to their contracts.  The staff shortages in the NHS will be turned into a massive crisis if everyone leaves, and 65% of workers are contemplating this as they are so fed up. This juncture will also be heavily accentuated by the many people forced out of London by the tax credit cut of April 2016.
There is nothing like the information pumped out by tabloid benefit bashing rags to inform Jo Public what the shtup is going down. No wonder JC hates the press, and bupkes Eamonn Holmes demonstrated  it recently with a recent car crash interview, which is so shite I have to repeat a favourite bit: “Holmes later launched back into football analogies, telling Mr Corbyn: “Look, let’s talk football. Your man’s Arsene Wenger my man’s Alex Ferguson. Do you think they go into a dressing room and they day, listen boys, how are we going to line up tonight, what are we going to do tonight? […] No they don’t. Fergie always said he had to make it clear, there was one boss. That’s not your way of doing things though.”  Mr Corbyn responded: “My way of doing things – because it’s politics, it’s community, it’s people, it’s Government – is actually not the same as managing a football team”, to which Holmes insisted: “Oh it so is – if you want to be a winner, do you want to be a winner?” Smiling, Mr Corbyn tried to answer as Holmes repeatedly shouted, “do you want to win?”, before bursting into laughter and protesting: “Eamonn please! Of course I want to win, and of course Labour wants to win.”” The blog Left Foot Forward has printed five different examples of the right wing press denigrating the Labour conference.  Just looking at the list of comments by numpties selected by snide mamza Guido Fawkes – like putz John Rent-a-Tool or shvantz Ian Dunt:  Blairites are still talking the same shtik about JC’s inaugural speech.  Seething schlemiel Peter Staines is a part of the problem, the post April 2016 aberrations will cut the snide lobbos down to size. Meanwhile smart Tories are warning about complacency, and here is a sensible comment from Axstane: We can be assured that Labour’s plans to irritate us us at all levels from town Councils upwards and the proposed many strikes under discussion will not let us forget that Labour exists and that the Blairite veneer has been stripped off. Similarly Osborne cannot tailor his Autumn Review to counter Corbynomics anymore than he had to assuage followers of the Two Eds previously. Chanting of slogans will continue irrespective of what it contains.  
With so much evil and greed manifest, its no surprise that the oldest guards are raging, like 92 year old Harry Leslie Smith, who writes with passion and integrity: “… we will face these challenges just as my generation met the obstacles which were put in our way while we tried to create the NHS — with grit, solidarity and perseverance. This will not be an easy battle but nothing worth fighting for in this life ever comes without much struggle. But Corbyn’s victory and election as Labour’s new leader tells me that politics for the people and by the people has made a beachhead. It’s therefore the task of anyone committed to social justice to ensure that footing doesn’t get washed away by the truculence of the vanquished or the myopia of certain political experts, who forget that government is about more than self-interest and personal survival. It’s about making a British society that works and is beneficial to each one of us. Now that Corbyn is leader I look forward to helping out on the long but progressive march to victory in 2020 and if I can do it at 92, so can you”.  The Vent vaunts heroic people like Harry, while disabled people are talking about gas chambers.  Tories hate hearing the truth, which is that the selfish bastards are behaving like Nazis.  There are no ifs and buts in The Vent, Tories are Filth. Meanwhile concern about the economy has moved to a seven and a half year low, yes no one except rich mamzers gives a shtup now.   Not for the first time the Tories are being hoist by their own petard.
Smarmy putchka DC has the temerity to talk about tax evading shmuks. The massive mumza takes us all for idiots when he came out with this drivel on 29-10: “If we’re to beat corruption, we need transparency. I’ve taken the lead by pledging much more transparency over property and company ownership in the UK so that terrorists, tax-avoiders, money launderers and criminals have nowhere to hide their ill-gotten gains. Some of the British crown dependencies and overseas territories are making progress in this direction. Others, frankly, are not moving anywhere near fast enough. I say to them all today, including those in this region, if we want to break the business model of stealing money and hiding it in places where it can’t be seen: transparency is the answer.” 
At the end of the day The Vent agrees with the words of mensch Meacher: “Then there’s austerity. Osborne has so far got his way over this because New Labour colluded with the government in pretending that there was no alternative. Now that the Corbyn revolution is making clear that there is a much quicker, more efficient and better way to reduce the budget deficit, Osborne may now begin to encounter heavy resistance if he tries to force through the huge welfare and public expenditure cuts he’s promised. He will either have to back down, which would be a huge political humiliation, or he will find deficit reduction – the centrepiece of his economic programme – in free fall.”  Witty Ward sees the problem in black and white: “the idiotic cynicism of such denialist economics is allowing a simplistic Left wing road show to gather both speed and followers: by selling gullible sufferers the idea that it is capitalism as an economic system per se cooking up this inevitable Day of Reckoning…and thus capitalism as an idea must be root and branch destroyed.  But that is Leftist opportunism trying to suggest that the crap going down today is capitalism. The transformation of formerly Centre-Right politics into Rabid Rightism is turning more and more people on the Centre-Left towards Looney Leftism. The extreme ideology of Globalist Corporatocracy is driving the dispossessed towards the fascism of Stalinist Autocracy.”  The stakes are the highest as discussed by Vanbergen:  “The crisis of extreme, out of control ‘capitalism’ simply exposes the rottenness of the system. British capitalism has become casino capitalism, based upon property speculation, banking and financial services. In fact, the services sector now provides 80% of business activity in Britain leaving millions without meaningful work or income. Extreme capitalism means a concentration of wealth at one pole, and poverty and degradation at the other with the bit in the middle being eviscerated. This is where the establishment languish. Jeremy Corbyn does not fit in.” 
This term ‘loony left’ is offensive and also instructive. JC is not a loony for taking the side of young, vulnerable, unemployed, single parents or anyone down on their luck. Whatever is the outcome of the next few years the writer of The Vent takes his hat off to JC. Thank you Mr JC for your decency, in this age of obscenity. Thank you Mr JC for standing up to the feral rich monstrosity. JC knows the way to deal with bullies is to make everyone hate them. The Russian oligarch Alexander Temerko has written about how the Tories should fear JC: “So is there really nothing to fear? Corbyn may not be knocking on the door of Number 10 just yet but his presence at the forefront of British politics would nevertheless be extremely dangerous. To those disenchanted with the career politicians in the Westminster bubble, he offers authenticity. To those weary of austerity and the pragmatic arguments in favour of it, his simplistic and ill-informed economics could become increasingly beguiling.”  In the words of Seumas Milne: “as the Tories prepare to whoop with delight at their own conference next week, they face potential upheavals of their own: over Europe, the brutal cuts that will hit their own voters – and the prospect of renewed economic crisis in the years to come. Better not whoop too soon.” 
The bottom line is about money, greed for money is all that motivates the Drek. The gaps of austerity and the stinking Tory lies tear through the September Newsletter of gruesome gaffe prone shmeril Priti Patel. So we have side by side, Priti by a helicopter for Essex Air Ambulance, paid for using Libor fines. Close by is an article on the school at Tollesbury where volunteers are being asked to staff a school crossing – well there’s no money is there? As the revulsion grows people are being told to hide their conference passes when walking about Manchester. 

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