An anonymous but historically illiterate voice has been braying with intimidation from the army as the stops are pulled out in the battle of Project Fear. The voice of doom is reported in the Sunday Times who have a paywall and then the Independent: “The unnamed general said members of the armed forces would begin directly and publicly challenging the labour leader if he tried to scrap Trident, pull out of Nato or announce “any plans to emasculate and shrink the size of the armed forces. The Army just wouldn’t stand for it. The general staff would not allow a prime minister to jeopardise the security of this country and I think people would use whatever means possible, fair or foul to prevent that. You can’t put a maverick in charge of a country’s security. There would be mass resignations at all levels and you would face the very real prospect of an event which would effectively be a mutiny.”  The notion that UK has democracy and is not Bolivia has even embarrassed the shtik drek, who are calling the man an ‘idiot‘.  Its evidence of the Establishment shitting themselves, the Shlok worked quickly to pump out more propaganda.  But how long do we really have before there is martial law? Martial law will be a part of this Battle of Britain, it cannot be avoided after the directions taken by meshuggener Grayling or the schmo IDS.  The defamatory call from the general will come as no surprise to readers of The Vent, indeed it shows what a lengthy and formidable task JC seems to have if he wants to turn the doughty ship Britannia around.

The prominent role of the media in the vilification of JC is a shameless degrading blot on the political landscape of UK.  During the phase of the Class War that soldiery becomes involved, it is uncertain which side they will be on,  but it could be a determining factor, in the kind of situation not seen here for centuries.

The Labour party membership is shooting up daily.  This can be compared with the membership of the Filth which has halved since 2005 and is now so low that they are refusing to publish the figures.

Pig-gate is an important event for the prurient, but it is relevant as the the first piece of dirt to stick on DC for some time. What happened during Pig-gate is not congruent to Class War, but the rubric used by an out control media is instructive, because Lord Ashcroft is no fan of foul DC, he likes to manipulate voters.  Apparently the reason why these accusations are flying is that DC and Lord A fell out after the General Election when dirty DC failed to honor a pledge to give Lord A a ‘significant’ job if he won power.  The Daily Heil is living up to its reputation for uninspired dross by serialising the book. The veracity of the claims is unknown, but certainly revolting DC does not deny them.  Indeed such activities were common place among the out of control elite now running UK as Roswynne Jones explains: “There you’d be drinking snakebite in the park, when a bunch of toffs in white tails would charge by, fleeing the scene of some dining society crime where they had smashed up a restaurant and urinated out of the windows.Tales of sexual excess, including animals, general homo-erotic public school ‘larks’, and vomiting games played at these dinners were commonplace. The ‘Piers Gav’ – where DC is alleged to have taken part in a debauched escapade with a pig – was known for colossal drug taking and orgies on the country estates of students whose parents owned vast mansions.”   To quote from Meaghur: “The Prime Minister alluded to the furore at a fundraising dinner at the Carlton Club last night [Monday]. He told a story of having visited a doctor earlier in the day to get treatment for a bad back.  The surgeon told the Prime Minister he would give him an injection and said: “This will just be a little prick, just a stab in the back.” Mr Cameron quipped that it “rather summed up my day”.

The allegations serialised in the Daily Heil while embarrassing the khaiser DC may not do a long lasting damage. Today (22/09) the declarations are about foxing hunting,  which again is so surprise – everyone knows that toffs love killing anything that moves. The repeated allegations of Lord Ashcroft are disturbing mamza DC, with the accusations of incompetence over foreign policy. According to Ashcroft’s book General Lord David Richards was forced to tell the posh twat that “being in the combined cadet force at Eton” did not qualify him to make crucial decisions about complex military tactics. Meanwhile shameless shvantz, former Defence Minister Nicholas Soames warns the Royal Navy has been “stripped down to nothing” under Mr Cameron’s rule.  Over the blogosphere the tendency has been to see Pig-Gate as having a germane significance. The blog A Very Public Sociologist describes the pig episode like this: “The pig stuff gets the shock factor, but it lifts the lid on the sorts of ritualised practices our ruling class use to admit and police its boundaries. If it makes them look ridiculous and debauched as a collective, then perhaps Oakeshott and Ashcroft’s muckraking will have served a useful purpose.”  The blog “All that’s left” also sees the pig episode as representing more than it would seem: “These stories reinforce the impression of our Prime Minister living an entire life in a way that makes it impossible for him to relate to how the rest of us live. DC’s life has been lived through the prism of public school, Oxford University and the corridors of power in Westminster. The oak panelled room is his playground. His family have never had to worry about whether free schools meals will be axed. He has lived in a lifelong bubble of privilege, patronage and the old school tie.”   The reality is that Pig-Gate is Lord Ashcroft’s Pleb-Gate, its only believable because it sounds believable, and 66% of the public believe it:  It is relevant that JC has taken no interest in Pig-Gate.

Similarly there are accusations that JC and Diane Abbott has sex in the 1970s,  which is really important to the kind of Brits who wet themselves at the sight of Red Ed eating a bacon sandwich.  Tories love old traditions which is why the Tory party conference has hundreds of bottles of posh plonk.  The hypocrisy of this, and at the attitudes taken to JC have been brilliantly analysed by Laurie Penny.  A problem for JC which has been anticipated by brilliant folk like OJ for some time, is how the red neoliberals are also ganging up on JC, and this is discussed by Jonathan Cook: “Corbyn’s campaign has highlighted a truth about the existing British political system: that, at least since the time of Tony Blair, the country’s two major parliamentary parties have been equally committed to upholding neoliberalism. The Blue Neoliberal Party (the Conservatives) and the Red Neoliberal Party (Labour) mark the short horizon of current British politics. You can have either hardcore neoliberalism or slightly more softcore neoliberalism. Corbyn shows that there should be more to politics than this false choice, which is why hundreds of thousands of leftists flocked back to Labour in the hope of getting him elected. In doing so, they overwhelmed the parliamentary Labour party (PLP), which vigorously opposed him becoming leader.”   This is a big part of the problem of Britain, it prevents JC getting a fair hearing at the moment. The reality of JC is vividly discussed by fantastic Frankie Boyle.  Burton-Cartlege provides an overview of the media attacks on JC and what we as a movement can do about it.  David Ellis writes an important comment on this article: “There is only one way to deal with a hostile media and that is to keep the revolution rolling so that they don’t have time to worry about what you’ve done in the past or what you did just now but are in fear of what you are going to do in the future but by u-turning on the EU referendum and various other things the press have been able to ignore his policies because they are no longer important.”

Please sign this petition to show that we have no faith in this hideous government.  The Filth have changed London, the Filth have changed UK, everywhere I look I now find their legacy of misery, spread through greed of unscrupulous employees. The parlous tale of Barbara,  is countered by the murderous zeal of nebbish IDS.  Directly opposing this endless austerity are the claims that JC can bring £200000000000 in the British economy just by stopped the tax evaders and by operating a very modest financial transaction tax.  On the matter of the benefit cap JC has drawn a clear red line unlike the disappointing nebochim Harriet Harman and Red Ed.  It takes a strong person to stand up for the weak and the vulnerable and these two nudzhs were clearly mediocre. Its no surprise that decent JC is reviewing the abhorrent legal aid act, something the drek refuse to do.

A darkly amusing factor in this has been the bill which evil schlong Osborne paid to the EU in secret this month, after the lying mamza foolishly made out the UK was doing much better than it was, falsifying his numbers using money from drug dealers and prostitution, and having to pay £2900000000 in the end.  But then we know money is no object to the drek. We can contrast this stunning bit of absurdity with the incredulity of Peter Hitchins of the Daily Heil talking sense: “Nobody is right all the time. A fierce and principled opposition stops a fat, complacent government from making stupid mistakes.”  Meanwhile we have the devastating effrontery of the trashing of the so called Northern Powerhouse by the drek over Redcar.  The idea of the powerhouse is rightfully taking a severe battering, the people living there, must be kicking themselves if they believed such a load of bunkum. But we know that the shtik drek have no shame, so we must expect them to try and fly this flagrant fabrication again. As we say in the mama loshn when we talk of Osborne: Dos moyl zol im fun hintn shteyn which translates as “his mouth should be in his rear”.

Even against this continuing disasters we have yellow nebbish Vince Cable reckoning that JC will be a failure, with even some Labour MPs talking of defecting to the Lib Dems. According to the alte koker Cable, the Conservatives were “waiting with their big-bore guns and there’s this ageing lion and they are waiting to open fire”.  But beneath the back slapping, beneath  the sickening toff bonhomie, a problem is starting to rear its dirty head – its about money. Despite the most frenzied cutting, the deficit is rising steeply.  For some reason its catching the drek on the hop,  and the explanation for this is that arrogant mamza Gideon does not really know what the shtup he is doing.

School dinners are about to become a hot subject, after the shlok are getting rid of them in their grim November spending review, but with 3700000 children already living in poverty, its got Mockney millionaire Jamie Oliver calling it a “disaster”:  No posh mamza should get away with saying “pukka panzanella” – but on this occasion The Vent applauses Oliver for veracity. This has been written of in the newsletter of nebbish Christopher Leslie: “Locally, many of our schools have gone through costly adaptations to kitchens and after all the time and effort put in to setting this scheme (which does provide a positive nutritional benefit to pupils in Key Stage One) it would be an enormous shame to see this service disappear so soon. This is particularly galling as I warned in a speech I made in May last year that the management of the free school meals roll-out was badly thought-through, with Ministers in the last coalition government hastily announcing the scheme before properly identifying the resources needed to sustain it. It now looks as though it could well have been a pre-election change that the Government think they can simply retreat from now the election has passed; no wonder people are disenchanted if we get this sort of nonsensical stop-start approach!” (Chris Leslie, MP Update 201). It is against this background that 130000 have signed, this petition – please sign it – it is to protest at the £1900000 wasted on feeding the members of the House of Posh Fuck – stop the gravy train now.

An aspect of the rise of JC is the demise of UKIP with the so-called people’s army greatly diminished and the UKIP conference facing humiliation with very low numbers, with claims that grimacing putz Farage is toxic to non UKIP voters.  Even so the out of touch idiots in the UKIP high command believe they have a very great opportunity now that JC has taken charge in Wales and in North England with posh twerp Mark Reckless leading the charge.

The crisis in the police is exhibited this week by the excruciating kvetsh Teresa May who is coming out with nonsensical crime figures which it seems are 40% higher than the official figure.  It is disturbing that police are talking about an extra 3000000 offences.  Its exactly what you would expect from a government of fucking freaks, making it up as they go along, just like Laurie Penny puts it.  I see no trace of the £90000000 which Borisconi is supposed to have screwed out of shvantz Osborne.   The Tories are further compounding the problems with the sneering bully Mike Penning becoming the Police Minister and planning to do that traditional Tory thing of giving Labour controlled areas much less policing: Penning does not give a shtup, we have seen his arrogance and stupidity for years.

Problems in the police are also connected with the investigation of the paedophile rings which lie at the darkest heart of Westminster. With the daily closing of ranks the investigations are close to collapse,  as no one can get to the truth. The Daily Heil is saying that the investigations are collapsing: “Critics claim that politically correct senior Met officers are ‘too scared’ to close down Operation Midland, for fear of upsetting politicians, campaigners and officials at the forthcoming public inquiry into child sexual abuse. They fear the force is dragging out the inquiry, as part of a bid to justify launching it in the first place.”   But the truth is that the officers are trying to swim through vomit, and finding they cannot play by the same rules with the Filth. Everyone knows that the Filth are riddled with bullies, so it should be no surprise that 21 year old Elliott Johnson allegedly took his own life as the result of Tory bullying.

The Corbynistas may have to purge campaigning MP Danczuk, who has been involved in the paedo exposure.  If there is a purge then JC will need to get rid of hundreds of Blairites, and not the fifty mentioned by Zelo Street.

Today (21-09) there is another article saying the NHS is on the brink of collapse, but then the writer – the shmeril Norman Lamb, gives the system two years.   So its not really a surprise to see (22-09-15) Addenbrooke’s Hospital has gone into the crisis of special measures.  Polly Toynbee may write poppycock about JC but she is on more solid ground when she talks about the NHS and their repeated inspections: “Inspections seem to happen in some stratosphere above the mundane reality of the most drastic funding crisis the NHS has ever known. David Cameron kept his promise to raise NHS funds – but  only by a homeopathic 0.8% a year, despite a growing population, especially of the old. The UK spends less on the NHS than the EU average, with three times fewer beds per head of population than Germany.”  Today (23-09) its the severity of the  staffing crisis engulfing the NHS, revealed by new figures showing that three-quarters of hospitals have been warned about potentially dangerous staff shortages. There is also a major problem caused by immigration which Cooper and Matthews explain in the Independent: “Meanwhile, new immigration rules mean that many hospitals that have turned to overseas recruitment in an attempt to staff their wards have found that visas for new nurses trained abroad have been delayed or rejected. The NHS Employers organisation made a rare intervention earlier this month, warning the Government that if hospitals were unable to recruit nurses from outside the EU, it would harm their ability to meet safe staffing levels and provide effective care in the busy winter months.”  Everyone expects the winter months to herald the grim matter of the NHS winter collapse, it is hard to disagree with Filochowski: “So, not only do the causes of last winter’s crisis remain, they are worse than a year ago. There is virtually no slack, obvious potential capacity shortfalls, and little investment in addressing them. There is insufficient money, and not enough trained staff to employ even if the money was there. Peaks of demand, higher this winter than last, will exert extra pressure on services already at full stretch. There won’t simply be a repetition of last year’s crisis, because the scope for lengthening waits and delays has been largely exhausted. The system won’t cope, meaning either standards will fall, or some people won’t get treatment. As this becomes apparent, there will be national outrage.”

Against this dramatic background, JC is set for his first ideological showdown, this time over Trident.  This Labour Conference marks an important moment.


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