It was a courageous act when JC lobbed a brick at the Overton window and started the Corbasm, but the revolution in Labour was brought about by disaffected young people and angry older people. Having John McDonnell becoming shadow chancellor is a brilliant idea.  Not everyone thinks so, and Priti Patel once again proves her reputation for being gaff prone by giving another disastrous interview, repeating the same line like a mantra four times. The toffs are already slapping their backs, with unprecedented hubris they are already saying that 2020 is in the bag.  Tories have narrowed the Tory assault on JC to three threats: national seciurity, economic security and family security. The Blairites are howling, and they will never forget their fall. But the mood in the SNP is not jubilant. The Filth have wasted no time in releasing a video of JC and Osama bin Laden.  As mamza DC has just tweeted: “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.”  Tories love to repeat a mantra like ‘long term economic plan’ – they have a deep belief that the more a phrase is parroted, the more it will believed. Meacher describes the Tory consternation: “After all the slurs about unelectability, the Tories have very quickly changed their tune and acknowledged that they are now facing a very real threat that they’ve not encountered for the last 30 years. At a meeting of the political cabinet last Tuesday they decided to focus on the idea that they offer a better future through lower taxes, a higher minimum wage, more jobs, and better public services, while a left-wing agenda would deliver insecurity through higher spending, higher taxes and more borrowing. If that is their plan, they have a real fight on their hands since almost all of their claims are downright wrong.”  When it comes to Project Fear, someone with important opinions is Yanis Varoufakis, who writes: “Your opponents, Diane, Jeremy, John, are going to use fear as their main instrument. They will say to you that a Corbyn government will push up the pound. This is what the systemic media will tell people in their living rooms. “Don’t fear them. People are perfectly capable of sifting through this. The people can overcome fear if the leadership overcomes fear.”  

Savage bully Michael Fallon is the chief Tory attack dog against JC. Shmendrek Fallon has a reputation as a harrier – he is not the brains of the operation, any more than disgusting DC or shvantz Osborne. But the attack dogs are aware that time is running out, without the so called influence of the Lib Dems Tories have gone to the right, to their own dark place. The reality is that the government is now out of control, and the electorate is on the turn. We have to wonder at the chutzpah of the shtik drek saying that they were the party of hard working people at the same time as they ram through their offensive Trade Union Bill. Right wing sense is uncommon these days, one voice of right wing sense is the unlikely voice of Peter Hitchins, “Millions are weary of being smarmed and lied to by people who actually are not that competent or impressive, and who have been picked because they look good on TV rather than because they have ideas or character. Indeed, ideas or character are a disadvantage. Anything resembling a clear opinion is seized upon by the media’s inquisitors, and turned in to a ‘gaffe’ or an outrage.”  But JC will have to do a different kind of politics.
An important factor is that JC has created a new dedicated minister for Mental Health in his shadow cabinet, and this is important with that service in free fall: “Mr Corbyn said at the time that he believed access to “timely and appropriate” treatment was the biggest issue for mental healthcare, alongside the recognition of mental disabilities by the Department for Work and Pensions. “I have had far too many anecdotal reports from constituents and others who go for a Department for Work and Pensions availability for work test,” he said.”  But the Torygraph lost no time in labelling Mr JMcD as a ‘nut job‘,  in fact it is now a major attack line of the government to invoke lunacy on the Left, its even got the khazer Putin involved.  As usual Chunky Mark brings it home. Even while there is travesty the Tories are trying hard to portray audacious JC as weak, as tarred for a whole generation.  There are some voices who will say that the election of noble JC is a great vote of victory for the evil nebbish Osborne.  But the incredulity, shared by the drek is a tactic of the oppressor. Partially it is real because the rich and the powerful think they have won, but partially it is based on arrogance and ignorance that the neoliberal consensus they hastily arranged is very shallow indeed. JC and JMcD know how hollow the cries of victory are. They know about the 33000 questions sent to JC to pick six from at PMQs this week.
The Tories are full of hate, at every opportunity they attack JC. Only yesterday (15-09-15) there was a ceremony where JC was expected to sing the national anthem. But of course he did not, nor would I, but we have seething mamza Nicholas Soames commenting it was “very rude and very disrespectful“.  Yes –  thats the same Mr Soames with his snout in the bloated corporate welfare trough of Sodexo and with vile statements on fracking, this same shlimazel considers he’s a bloody moral authority. Equally there is the matter of sandwich-gate  or JC having his shirt top button undone during the Cenotaph ceremony.   But its all just hot air from the shvantz, there has not yet been any attempt at intellectual argument. Instead the pieriks are unified by an impulse to deprecate the Corbasm, but writers of the Corbasm are unable to understand the masterful way that JC is using the media which shmeril DC cannot match. Here is how JC describes it: “I… say a huge thank you to all of my widest family, all of them. Because they’ve been through the most appalling levels of abuse from some of our media over the past three months. It’s been intrusive, it’s been abusive, it’s been simply wrong.”  (… he said that much of the media and even MPs in his own party were out of touch with most voters’ daily lives – and predicted that social media would play a key role in the 2020 election.)  “I think the role of electronic and social media is absolutely massive. The way of doing politics is seen as very out of date. MPs are a bit cut off. But if I may say so, some of the editorial rooms in some of our broadsheet newspapers are even more cut off. They simply do not understand what’s going on out there. They just don’t get it. The majority of people don’t buy a newspaper, they read bits online and self-inform online and so we have to reach out in a different way. And our campaign has been very much social media orientated. My personal Twitter account now has 104,000 followers, our Facebook is 124,000 likes. So those kind of numbers are enormous and of course the re-tweeting and re-sending makes it massive.”  JC uses skills of authenticity to discuss inequality, an area which evil fotz DC has no ability to do.  One of the first tests of the Corbasm is in Wales where snide racist fabricator Farrage will be induced to pull his most distressed face.
Tories will be discomfited at the brilliant use of the shield of democracy used by JC at PMQs.  With everyone watching JC pulled off an accomplished victory, so that the man from Bully could only come out with oily platitudes. Authenticity is the trump card of erudite JC.  The Vent disagrees with the nebbish d’Ancona on this point. It is no surprise that bilious freak Guido Fawkes has his knives out, incensed that JC could frustrate evil putz DC with the shield of democracy, and that he is likely to do it repeatedly.
The subject of Establishment Paedophilia has so far not been exposed, the action of closing ranks to prevent an explosion of long repressed truth has worked so far, but the election of JC against all the odds has broken the dam. UK can never be the same again as the nebbish Patrick Rock is now discovering. The desperate Establishment will now do anything to prevent exposure, whatever it takes. Only the voice of The People of UK can open this can of worms. On a related but separate case the Establishment are doing their best to stop anything as reported in that organ of mendacity the Daily Heil. 
There is often no pleasure in being correct on an issue, indeed the financial crisis in the NHS is no marvel despite the bewilderment. Medical specialists have been predicting it for some time – eg here and here. Matters are now so bad that Jeremy Cunt is even admitting now that the financial crisis in the NHS is the worst in the entire NHS history. The shlimazel feigns surprise, he shpiells: “The first thing is to acknowledge the financial pressures on the NHS are the worst that they have ever been in its history. There’s a triple whammy of the ageing population which means there will be a million more over 70s by the end of the parliament than there are today – that’s a massive impact; the financial pressure which means that the Government is not able to increase spending in real terms on the NHS by the amounts it has done historically – that’s something we’ve had to get used to over the last five years; and raised expectations from people who use the NHS about accessing it more easily but also raised expectations post Mid Staffs in terms of the quality and standard of care.”  Under the shtik drek the service is lurching, its had no respite, but at least now their is an opposition to hold the drek to account. Everyone knows what a pile of shtik the notion of a seven day NHS is – the sickly brainchild of Cunt is a fantasy.
Many people look at the chink of light produced by the Corbasm with trepidation and wonder. It is summed up by Professor Glen Ohara: “Political betting contributors are laughing (or crying) at the moment. Labour’s new leader appears set on slipping on every banana skin he can find. But the deeper forces Corbyn represents – and to some extent, will unleash – are not going to go away. That’s something you should consider carefully when you’re betting about Brexit, a second Scottish independence referendum, the post-David Cameron Conservative leadership, and the 2020 General Election. They might all throw up entirely unexpected results.” Yet Professor Ohara has neglected to mention the toxic brew of the NHS collapse, the food bank collapse, the global financial collapse, the bursting of the housing bubble, the affect on the nimbies of fracking, the meltdown of every public service, the social breakdown, the breakdown of law, the collapse of the police service, the collapse of fire services, the collapse of probation and prisons, and the collapse of social care to mention just a fraction. Potentially these next five years are a rollercoaster, where an excruciatingly slow moving car crash becomes a stain on the conscience of UK.

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