From their ivory towers the Establishment cannot wait for the people of UK to experience what real filth is, so long as they do not have to feel it. Single parents are one of the worst hit groups by the next round of cuts.  This next round of cuts is a lot more than it seems – a punch dressed up as a kiss.   With his monumental chutzpah, the putz Osborne has bitten off more than he can possibly chew. In the hands of the shtik drek the DWP exists to kick vulnerable people into the gutter again, again, again, again, again, again and again.   So sink into your wretchedness, you under privileged, indigent, miserable, dirty unwashed pieces of human garbage – go and beg, but not in city centres where it is illegal to be homeless.  Just remember that when it comes to security – its JC that makes you unsafe, not our profligate Trident nuclear arsenal. Go and join Johnny Foreigner as he queues up for a mug of soup outside some place where poor people beg for sustenance, while we, with our faces dripping with fat and with human detritus, make a mockery of the British people.  Just remember the words of screaming Lord Young: “You’ve never had it so good”. Everyone knows that we need the weapons to defend the food banks.

Which brings us to the greatest asset of JC, its his moral integrity.  Every statement of JC, every idea of JC, whether people like them or not, oozes moral authority and decency,  it will directly tap into revulsion. Against them evil DC and his drugged side kick Gideon, have no answer, no riposte, because they know that there is nothing they can do when the tide turns. We’ve had the unseemly spectacle of he Bedroom Tax being called fair.  But the effects of the next budget will tremendously amplify the power of JC’s movement. It is clear to Bryan Gould: “We don’t need to look far for the answer. Jeremy Corbyn dared to suggest, along with the IMF, that austerity is an inappropriate and destructive response to recession, that government has the responsibility to use its power and resources to strengthen the economy and share its fruits more equitably, that the OECD is right to say that inequality is not the price we must pay for economic success but a major obstacle to it, that – as the Global Financial Crisis demonstrated – the market is not infallible and self-correcting, that the drive for private profit is not a guarantor of efficiency, that we must cherish our most important resources by raising the health and education levels of ordinary people, that we are all better off if burdens and opportunities are fairly shared and if every shoulder is put to the wheel”.  This can be directly contrasted with meshugge mamza IDS who for has been invited back to the scene of his Easterhouse Epiphany to see the colossal blunder he has made with his so called reforms:  Analysing the crock spouted by Priti Patel,   makes us aware that JC and his team will make mincemeat of her criminal ineptitude. The drek are determined to smear JC at every possible occasion – here the Torygraph is talking of JC allowing tax payers to opt out of paying for the army, its “stark-starring bonkers” say the Generals, those bastions of sensibility.  Various members of the unusually weak shadow cabinet are saying they cannot work with JC, and they include figures as disparate as the nebbish Chris Leslie, Yvette Cooper, Emma Reynolds, Tristram Cunt and excruciatingly useless Rachel Reeves.  But whatever the Blairites say, JC is a lot more clever than he is given credit for by an out of control and out of touch elite. The absolute ahole Gideon thinks he is clever, he is what he came out with yesterday (09-09-15): talking of the Labour leadership contest, he comes out with “the Labour leadership contest hasn’t got long to go and I’ve got three more votes left to cast”.


But the drek are trying their best to poison the ideas of JC – look how they misrepresented JC in Panorama.  The entire logic of Corbynomics can be explained in a few minutes, but the drek are so arrogant that they are now recklessly gambling in a very similar way to before the last big crash, its a disaster in the making, which could propel JC.  Is it stupidity? Kind of, but to be more precise its monumental chutzpah. In line of this we have to ask ourselves the question – is JC really extreme?  It does not seem that way, the extremists are the economic conservatives, who have sold off and butchered the British state – they are the real zealots. Everyone is just trying to tread water and survive the rain of shtik coming from the very highest places. A danger which the establishment did not consider is that a JC figure will aim to eliminate the monarchy  something which is centuries over due.  That would wipe the carefree grin of the face of playboy Prince Harry.

The refugee crisis has seen a  degree of chutzpah from the drek, who go out of their way to welcome arms dealers (Left Unity personal letter), because money trumps every other thing to these greedy mamzas. With 10000 refugees entering Germany every day,  Brits have to reflect that for once Germany are putting UK to shame. The drek have been forced to bend to public pressure and let in 4000 refugees, but true to form the drek are maintaining their mean streak so they are still saying that when orphans and children brought in under the scheme reach the age of 18 they will be deported (a tweet from the nebbish Paddy Pantsdown). This idea that the drek will bend to public opinion is something which will become important when the drek becomes deeply unpopular. The drek will do and say whatever it can to maintain the illusion of popularity – but no one knows how it will behave when that facade is lifted. But then the drek hate young people, as they have shown with their regressive legislation which will hit single parents and the young and the disabled and the unemployed the hardest.  The refugee crisis has given us some humour from the incredible putz Philip Davies who I believe is the stupidest MP at Westminster. Here he lives up to his reputation to drivel schlok by telling loathsome DC: “The facts of the matter are that those refugees who have already made it into the EU are already safe and we can’t make them any safer.  Can I therefore urge the prime minister to have regard to the silent majority in this country and base his decisions on common sense and being practical and not based on the affliction of so many other politicians, which is some kind of emotional craving to be seen as compassionate irrespective of the practicalities of the situation.”   So do a Michael Portillo  and display the true strength of Tory compassion. An important aspect of JC is that he can take lots of votes from bigotted mamza Farage – no one knows what UKIPs policies are, but they vote for the grimacing mediocrity because he appears to speak for ordinary folk, because he pretends to be an ordinary geezer with his trademark beer and fag.  Indeed if anything good is to come out of the refugee crisis it will be “ a stake through the toxic attitudes to refugees and migrants once and for all”.  One shlub who has plotzed with righteous indignation on this subject is the massive schlong Borisconi.


The drek suffered their first defeat at the House of Common Fuck over changes to rules regarding the IN/OUT EU Electoral campaign. With their traditional chutzpah, ministers tried to amend the so called ‘purdah’ rules, which limit government activity during the campaign period, but it was defeated by Labour, the SNP and Tory rebels.  The purdah is supported by hundreds of Tories.  Its a sign of splits to come, and the dirty practices on show are nothing new, from the rule book that produced the shoddy rules of ‘financial privilege’ during the Welfare Reform and Legal Aid bills. Its yet another sign of the deep festering corruption at Westminster, it is described by Monbiot: “Wherever you sniff in British public life, something stinks: I could fill this site with examples. But, while every pore oozes corruption, our task, we are told, is merely to trim the nails of the body politic.”    With every day the truth is exposed more and more.


Chutzpah is behind the arrogance and disdain with which the drek have butchered the judicial system. As always, the drek give the maximum attention to anything that needs the very least attention, and it is no surprise that there is now a judicial revolt over the ‘extremely unfair fees’ and many of these problems can be laid directly at the door of shmendrek Chris Grayling.  Five years of sustained attack and erosion by the Filth have removed fairness from the system, and yet we have the unctuous fotz Michael Gove – the chancellor, saying that he is pushing through a British bill of rights, and dithering with the idea of leaving the European Convention on Human Rights, and this ties with the collapse of the judicial system’s inability to protect anyone except the rich and powerful.  Tories are wasting no time in ramming through their British bill of rights.  The bottom line is that the most vulnerable in society are now paying for the grinding inadequacy and inexperience of the Tory machine. 

Chutzpah is directly behind the denigration of the Police by the drek, As Steve White goes on to explain: “Police will be forced to adopt a “paramilitary” style of enforcement if the government inflicts big budget cuts on them. Steve White, chair of the Police Federation, said his 123000 members, from police constables to inspectors, fear a move towards a more violent style of policing as they try to keep law and order with even fewer officers than now. White told the Guardian that more cuts would be devastating: “You get a style of policing where the first options are teargas, rubber bullets and water cannon, which are the last options in the UK.” White said cuts would see the bedrock principle of British law enforcement, policing by consent, ripped apart.”   With 22000 coppers facing the axe by 2020, the farbisene Teresa May has the chutzpah to say that volunteers should be playing a much bigger role. A greater reliance on volunteers “should mean a greater availability of police personnel (i.e. the volunteers themselves) to interview victims, take witness statements etc in the evenings and weekends….This Government wants to encourage those with skills in particular demand, such as those with specialist IT or accountancy skills, to get involved and help the police to investigate cyber or financial crime and, as their experience grows, to enable them to play a greater part in investigations,”  the freak writes. The Police Federation states the obvious in response:  “This Government’s proposal for a new tier of police volunteers sounds like a half-way house between paid PCSOs and specials. Recruiting super-volunteers is no more a solution to the challenges of policing than a nurse putting a little plaster on a patient who is bleeding to death.”  In the words of Jack Dromey (Labour, Birmingham Erdington): “The Tories must ask themselves if they are happy to preside over the hollowing out of our police force to the point where public protection on the frontline is being done by volunteers “.  May’s announcement comes at the same time that the Met is considering scrapping all 1000 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) working in neighbourhoods in London.


The Vent particular enjoyed the chutzpah of the schmuk Osborne when he was interviewed by the New Statesman. The gilded mamza was discussing the prospect of a Corbyn leadership. The gonif shpeilled: “(in the scenario) the whole of the Labour party moves leftwards, abandoning the centre and, I think, therefore abandoning the working people of this country….I don’t think that’s particularly good for the country that you have an opposition heading off to the wilderness.”   Another shvant who The Vent will enjoy cringe at the spectacle of a JC sea change is fatuous mamza Peter Staines, aka Guido Fawkes.   

The Vent is moved by this heartrending anonymous voice, The Vent stands in solidarity.  Desperation proved too much for the poor fellow that dowsed himself with petrol in the job centre at Ashton under Lyme today (08-09), there is now zero compassion in job centres.  Zero. 

The House of Common Fuck is now saying they will debate a petition I campaigned for – to debate a vote of no confidence in the Health Secretary Jeremy Cunt, on the 14-09-15, I was informed in an email today (09-09-15). With West Hertfordshire Hospital Trust going into special measures today (09-09), Mr Cunt is showing he is happy for the entire NHS to go down:  but his miserable excuses will not work when JC cracks down. Can you image the scenes in the House of Common Fuck as Comrade Corbyn gives Jeremy Cunt the forensic examination he richly observes. Greasy Mr Cunt reckons he can slither from any tight spot, but he’s never had to face a genuine opposition. Everyone knows that Red Ed with his Ed-stone was a pile of kak, tacking to the middle like an obedient Establishment poodle.  

But in the end of the day no one can predict if there will be a government stitch up. With the massive stakes no one really would be surprised if JC  accidentally cut his head off while shaving, or if his bike was rammed by Mossad on Holloway Road.


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