Shtunk 2

 JC  rightly blasts disgusting DC for the ‘wholly inadequate’ response to refugee crisis after images of drowned Syrian child emerge, after the emergence of powerful images showing a dead child washed up on beach in Turkey. The Labour leadership front-runner said Britain was being “shamed by our European neighbours” by refusing to take in more than just a few hundred Syrian refugees and said we were failing in our duty under international law and “as human beings” to offer those fleeing conflict a place of safety. DC and his cronies have made me ashamed to be British yet again, importantly they are showing themselves up as inhumane mamzas unable to read, judge or empathise with the public mood.

When it comes to the dismal movement of Labour to the right, a voice of authority is Liz Davies: “Tony Blair’s greatest achievement was bringing neo-liberal ideology into the Labour Party. The Labour Party used to stand for something different from the Tories. Although there were always sharp political divisions, there was a consensus that inequality should be lessened: the distinction was over how and how much. Nowadays, Labour Party economic policy is simply a reflection of the Tories’, with some small nods to humanity. Read the debate over the Welfare Reform and Work Bill – swingeing cuts to benefits, reduction of the benefit cap which will impoverish yet more children – and the Labour Party’s response has been to join in the Tory discourse about “shirkers and strivers”, to agree that the deficit should be reduced by making benefit claimants poorer.”  But it has not stopped Blair from having a third attempt at derailing Corbyn, this time suggesting Alice in Wonderland. While shameful Mr Blair spouts about the ‘disaster‘ of Corbynmania,   we have to say ‘disaster’ for who? Its certainly not a disaster for anti austerity campaigners, its not a disaster for my friends and comrades, who will say that Blair has no principles.

Well unlike Tony I still have a shred of principles, so I am urging readers to sign this petition – it is to demand that there the metropolitan police investigate the manslaughter of benefit claimants by the meshugennah IDS.


The political class do not have to endure the ignominy of ordinary people when they visit the NHS, as revealed by the shvantz of the Daily Express: “Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed how MPs are given private cubicles and even single rooms in A&E, rather than having to sit in a crowded ward where they could be confronted by members of the public. Hospital managers at London’s St Thomas’ admitted there were special measurements in place for politicians because of their “enhanced security needs”.MPs get a personal cubicle while they are being cared for in A&E. The protocol dictates that any “recognisable” MP is treated away from the public and out of sight.”  A critic of this is 72 year old Albert Embelton – who was forced to wait hours for a doctor after being taken to the hospital with chest pains – expressed his outrage with the exceptional treatment of MPs, who correctly says: “How can they understand our plight if people are constantly rolling out the red carpet for them?”   But not every dirty politician is fortunate enough to avoid sitting with us plebs, and David Burrowes (Southgate in North London) attests to this, when in 2014 he ruptured his appendix, it was a nightmare for poor Mr Burrowes, mixing with the hoi polloi at a time of physical distress: ‘I now realise I could have died waiting so long to get my scan and operation. The place was jam-packed. Every cubicle was taken and trolleys lined the corridors. In between, people well enough to sit up were on chairs. If this is what it’s like at the height of summer, how bad could it be in the depths of winter?’ Mr Burrowes was taken to A&E by ambulance at 5.30am on June 2, after collapsing in agony. At 7am, a doctor assured him he would get a CT scan within ‘a couple of hours’. He said: ‘For six hours my wife, mother, and a friend were being told “Yes, yes, yes – he will be seen.” But they were being fobbed off. They found out I had not been booked in for a scan on the system. ‘In the meantime, I was on a trolley, in an A&E cubicle that doubled as a storeroom, curled up in pain. I didn’t make a fuss about being a local MP, but someone found out, and the chief executive and the A&E consultant came to see me on my trolley. They were very concerned and apologised for me being missed from the CT booking system.’ But after finally being taken for a scan at 5.30pm, Mr Burrowes had to wait another seven hours in an A&E corridor for a diagnosis – because all the doctors able to interpret the results were in theatre. Yes, the righteous sanctimonious Tory thought he had had his chips.

An important facet of this phase of the Class War is the investigation by the United Nations of the ‘grave and systematic violations’ against disabled people carried out the shtik drek, who are sending in their lawyer Catalina Devandas Aguilar.  Its caused rage amongst the filth with Tory MP Ian Liddell-Grainger (Bridgewater, Somerset) describing the inquiry as ‘the most absurd and offensive nonsense. We have a proud record in this country for the way we treat disabled people. I am not an expert on disability rights in Costa Rica, but I suspect Miss Devandas Aguilar might be better off focusing her efforts much closer to home. The UN should keep their noses out.’   Yeh – shtup off you crazy, loony-lefty ‘brazil nut‘.  But fortunately the drive from forces of the left has other points of reference as discussed by Jen Wilkinson: “This isn’t the case today. There is a new audience for socialist politics that is not scarred by the historic betrayals of Labour and the unions. Their reference points are Syriza, Podemos and the SNP, not post-war reformist social democracy. But it remains to be seen if these new activists will be drawn into seeing the political fight inside Labour as their focus, or whether they turn outwards towards building workplace and community organisation to campaign against austerity.” 

When JC wins, he will face immense challenges from the Labour right and the entire Establishment, and it has been discussed by my comrade John Rees. Rees believes that it is important that there is not an attempt at unity between the Labour Left and the Labour right: “To this day this is the way in which the establishment transmits pressure through the labour movement. The only effective antidote is political and organisational independence on the far left so that it is capable of mobilising beyond the ranks of the Labour Party and trade union bureaucracy. This then provides a counter-power pushing in the opposite direction that can be more powerful than the pressure from the right.” The activist Rees and iconic OJ are correct when they say that popular mobilisation is the key. But comrade Rees is going further: “It is by continuing to mobilise and enthuse these supporters that Corbyn can defend himself. They in turn can create a movement that can cause a political crisis for the whole right, both the Tory government and the Labour right, that is capable of opening up the possibilities of real change. This movement will not however sustain itself. It never has. It has always required an animating core of revolutionaries who see popular mass mobilisation as the key to political advance. This is a different perspective to those who see electoral advance as key. We all work together in such movements of course. But without dedicated and separate revolutionary organisational these movements are not sustainable, or not sustainable as anything more radical than support mechanisms for electoral strategies. Yet it is on the success or failure of popular mobilisation that the Corbyn leadership will actually depend. Long before the processes of internal debate in the Labour Party or the mechanisms of electoral politics have run their course the battle will be joined. We are probably talking in terms of a couple of years, perhaps of some months. But, in historical terms, time is tight.”    We, the people are going to have to make that happen, before 2020. I personally would put money on unforseen consequences, but for an alternative view – see.  Already the government is pumping out its message of fear.  John Storey is correct when he says that we now have to wear metal helmets to prepare ourselves for the ceaseless media attack on JC in an excoriating article.


The fershtinkiner Chukka Umana is now holding out an olive branch to JC,  but he can say what he likes and no one will trust him because 95% of politicians just lie and lie.

The drek love to talk about what a disaster JC would be for UK, and in this they are displaying the arrogance and ignorance which typifies the out of touch and out of control elite. It is the Tories who are bankrupting Britain, with a suggested cost of government costs to councils of £63000000.  Its why I have to demonstrate with my comrades against the social care cuts in my local area – Waltham Forest on 01-09-15, I want the local council to know that disabled people are not a push over and as I made it clear on my banner, disabled people did not cause the global financial collapse so why are we expected to pay for their mess with our independence? This has been covered by Belgrave and Bloom.

A source, where Tories point to JC as an indication of incipient calamity, is the renewal of the Trident nuclear missiles. Here is some shlok from Gideon: “an unholy alliance of Labour’s leftwing insurgents and the Scottish nationalists” would shatter decades of near-unbroken Westminster consensus in favour of maintaining a nuclear capability.”  When we talk of Gideon we have to wish the Yiddish saying on him: ‘aynnemen zol er a mise-meshune’ or ‘may he die a violent death’. The shtik drek love to jabber to us about the fundamentals of national security at the very same time as they dollop out mind bending cuts to the police service – with more to come – they say that in 2016 the London police will be cut by £600000000, but while the toffs tell us that crime is falling the actual picture is more alarming as detailed by Joanne McCartney: “Worryingly, after more than a decade of falling crime levels, over the last twelve months we have seen increases in total notifiable offences of 3 per cent. This has been driven largely by violent crime offences which have spiked by almost a third compared with the last twelve months. There have also been increases in stabbings of under-25s and serious youth violence, with offences increasing by 14 per cent and 6 per cent respectively.”  Its an unexpurgated car crash, where diverse elements like benefit sanctions, police cuts, sell off of the magistrate courts, and countless other elements combine to create a disaster zone. Can you imagine the scorched earth which the drek intend to leave by 2020? Can you imagine the rage, the unleashed hatred from politicization of the masses?

The grimacing face of Tory Priti Patel is found all over her August newsletter. Here she describes under her achievements for that month: “Welcomed the appointments of new chief executives at Colchester Hospital University NHS  Foundation Trust and at the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust. Priti has worked with the ambulance service to  support increases in the numbers of paramedics and ambulances; and is campaigning for Colchester Hospital to be the  provider of specialist urological cancer surgical services in Essex. She is also working with the local Clinical Commissioning Group to make a business case for a new healthcare centre for Witham.” Tories pretend to love the NHS while sticking the knife in everywhere and yet despite their extraordinary mismanagement of the system, miraculously it still exists. In May 2015, NHS trusts in England reported a total deficit of “£822000000 in 2014-5, compared with £115000000 the previous year. Against such a grim background it seems unlikely we can avoid the financial crisis of the NHS in 2015 which was hypothesised in 2014:  But no matter how hard we try, the Tories are good at obfuscation, so we can never get close enough to the truth. The entire witless suggestion of a seven day NHS needs to be fully discussed, as we know these empty words were not based on reality, just like the idea of a Northern Powerhouse. Instead they represent more of the empty words, which Tories have crowed for over a decade, and the fact is that even as the drek made promises they never thought they would have to fulfill, they did not care because when they kicked away the self respect from the British people with their dirty bills, they took us all for fools. In practise every single idea concocted by this shoddy, shabby farce of a government is a pile of shtik.

Shtunk 2

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