Fakakta 2

Terror is gripping the establishment at the first revolutionary statement of JC, when he said: “a future Corbyn-led Labour government will reserve the right to bring them back into public ownership with either no compensation or with any undervaluation deducted from any compensation for renatioisation”. This spooked nebbish Chris Leslie, the useless shadow chancellor, who warned that JC would be breaking one of the: “fundamental tenets of well-ordered states”.   The Yiddish proverb: “Loz arayn a khazer in shtub, krikht er afn tish” which translates as “Let a pig in the house and he’ll crawl under the table”,  actually is darkly suggestive of the way the neoliberal pigs have rammed through their dirty consensus and they think it is all sown up. Although the JC campaign is a chink of light in an otherwise bleak terrain, this blog is called “fakakta 2”, fakakta means “all fucked up”, and yet the political landscape is shifting before our eyes. Outstanding Caroline Lucas is able to feel the potential. She writes“The old politics is crumbling, not just in Britain but across our continent. We now have the chance to embrace a movement based not on greed or fear, but on resilient local communities, people working together and a stable economy that works for generations to come.” 

Stable economy – in the fakakta? No one can tell at this stage (25-08-15) if we have entered the much hypothesised global financial collapse. Certainly I am stocking up on bottles of water – cancel that just for now.   Someone who might benefit from the crash is JC, particularly as it may coincide with the shitty emergency budget of beheima Osborne: http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2015/08/which-party-would-benefit-uk-downturn The crash and the human garbage created by the repulsive cuts of shvantz Osborne are ignored by Janan Ganesh, who writes instead: “…The mere act of choosing the most extreme leader in its history might be impossible to live down. He can resign immediately on September 12 but the harm to Labour’s good name will still be measured in years. For a generation of swing voters, Labour will always be the party that elected “that guy”, and only ever one rush of blood to the head away from another folly. Anyone who thinks the election of Mr Corbyn is anything but a huge net benefit to the Conservatives is trying very, very hard to be interesting…”   So a question we have to mull on is how the Ganeshes, the Blairs, the Mandelssons, the Campbells and the Danczuks can be so misinformed. It is almost as if the Establishment have somehow ended up looking through the wrong end of a telescope, and this an interesting feature of the Neoliberal Void. In the void, as we have noted for years the opposite is true. Neoliberals like to talk rubbish about people who use a wheelchair as having full mobility, and will lose their Motability vehicle.  They now tell folk that if they can wash above their waste they can wash fully. Its all illogical – but who gives a shtup? In the maelstrom money trumps every other factor, so fuck you with your human rights.  Burton-Cartledge is dismissive of the strength which the Blairites would have in Labour under JC: “If Jeremy does win, it doesn’t have to be popcorn time for Labour’s enemies. He will be in a strong position vis a vis the PLP, and the pressures bearing down upon it are likely to curb most rebellious enthusiasms. At least for a time.” 
The election of JC is unique, because there is no doubt that the success of JC will directly relate to social media, as Geoff Taylor writes: (when JC) “becomes Labour leader it will go down as the moment when corporate media began to lose control of the political narrative to social media. The so-called fourth estate will have no option but to respond to the free flow of information and opinion in social media with editorial even-handedness, so its titles don’t become irrelevant and unread. This will instill in the public mind that, when people have all the arguments and participatory democracy, they have real power to change the consensus. Social media are becoming the fifth estate that will dramatically change the British political landscape.”  Similar statements regarding the pervasion of social media are reeled off by Bienkov, who puts social media at 60% using a very poor data base: “According to their analysis, almost 60% of Corbyn supporters use social media as a “main source of news”. This compares to around 40% for supporters of Corbyn’s rivals and just 32% among the general public.”  As Laurie Penny goes on to explain: “Today’s voters are not the voters of 1997 or 2005. We are digital and post-geographic; we mobilise fast and we want more. We are not wedded to the electoral machine. Our disenfranchisement has been mistaken for apathy for too long by a political class that claims to want young people to vote but turns out to want young people to do as they’re told and vote for it or not at all.” What none of the commentators, with their eyes on the Westminster bubble can doubt is that the people are coming together behind JC, as explained by Grayson: “If Corbyn wins, left-leaning parties like the Greens will likely see a significant drop in votes and membership numbers, while Labour will likely see a surge. However, what many commentators don’t seem to understand is that people on the left/liberal side of the political spectrum care more about enacting positive change than party colours. It’s important to point out here that since the start of Corbyn’s campaign, the left (people and parties alike) have started to unite under a common cause, and this hasn’t happened for a generation. If he wins, the issues we hold close to our hearts will finally be thrust into the limelight and debated seriously in parliament. That’s the best result the left-leaning Labour voters, Greens and other left-wing parties could hope for, and I’m sure many with democratic socialist beliefs will either join Labour or start to form progressive inter-party alliances to help be a part of this change.”
JC will get rid of the House of Posh Fuck, which is important at a time when filthy DC has further junked the upper house. An unexpected voice of wisdom on this has been Labour’s Roy Hattersley, who recently quit the house pointing out the obvious: “It is a vastly inferior institution and goes against the idea of equality. How can it be equal if the Lords are chosen by the Prime Minister? In principle, it’s wrong, but we can’t get rid of it because there would be uproar.”  The Daily Mirror goes on to describe the problems of the House of Posh Fuck: “Desperate  Mr Cameron wants to stuff more Tories into the Lords to cut the number of Government defeats. But with nearly 800 members, including 26 bishops, it is the world’s second biggest legislature after the China’s National People’s Congress. It costs taxpayers £100million a year to run, and more than 100 new peers have been created in the last five years. In addition to the day-to-day running costs, taxpayers are forking out more than £60,000 a week so wealthy peers can feast on lavish three-course meals. Restaurants, cafes and bars catering for the 783 Lords, bishops and baronesses receive £1.3million a year from the public purse, official figures show.”  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/labours-roy-hattersley-quits-house-6317740#ICID=sharebar_twitter This house will have to be totally reformed by JC. JC is flush with decent, sensible policies, for example he wants to establish a fund to bail out NHS Trusts from PFI schemes.  Corbyn’s policies for women are a particular breath of fresh air.  Some of the proposals have come under attack from the assorted fotz, for example the proposal that there should be women only train carriages, which is a no-brainer, has Tory Louise Mensch tweeting: “Jeremy Corbyn not only invited vicious homophobes to Parliament he now supports gender segregation. Not on my watch”, while shmegegee Dan Hodges from the Torygraph links Corbyn with the shmuk Farage: “Watching Corbyn followers trying to defend women only carriages lunacy. It’s identical to the way Farage’s followers defend him. Cultism”.
This link of JC with UKIP is actually more important than it seems, because it will be an issue that JC has to win back some of the UKippers, which will be hard with his immigration rhetoric. When snide mamza Farage endorsed JC, he didn’t do it because he had a deep love of democracy, for all his buffoonery Farage is as out of touch as raving Lord Fraud or shleger IDS. Farage would love to see the whole JC movement fall flat on its face, he would love to reap the disaffected vote, while he held his pint, smoked his fag and donned his most cynical frenzied grimace. The evidence so far is that JC will thoroughly smash Farage, but this will be dwarfed by the way that JC will thoroughly trounce DC.
In the unmitigated car crash created by a Tory majority government, malicious mishigennah IDS has the inexorable effrontery to say he is tightening the screws on disabled people. Like a mad dog that needs to be treated, disgusting schmo IDS cannot wait to get stuck in again. Its no wonder that principled  Labour leadership front runner JC has launched a set of ideas and proposals aimed at tackling the mental health crisis that is happening in Britain today and improving mental health coverage in our country. He laid out a series of policy priorities and ideas, including: “Challenging the stigma around mental health and ending the second class treatment of mental illness in the NHS – mental illness should be treated on a par with physical illness. Mental health conditions make up 21.9% of conditions faced by the NHS but receive only 11.9% of the overall budget.” Jeremy’s entire campaign has had to be decency rather than unadulterated barbarism. A critic of the khnyok IDS has been Joe Halewood. Here he writes: “The man whose policies have single handedly managed to increase the housing benefit bill by a billion pounds per year in real terms – or about £2.74 million per day if you prefer – with the bedroom tax, benefit cap, LHA cap and SAR cap; policies which all sought to reduce it, is now concerning his pea-brain with what work those migrated from Incapacity Benefit onto ESA could do! Yes the God-fearing Christian himself Iain Duncan Smith now wants to blame the lazy disabled bar stewards for his back of a fag packet inept policy cock-ups.”  Wee Ginger Dug expresses rage at the revolting system Tories have created:  “I try hard to think of elegant and expressive words, to craft the perfect phrase. But then sometimes I just think – the Tories are fucking bastards. And the passionless appeasers who suck the soul and spirit from the Labour party are every bit as bad. The Tories and the Labour right condemn us to live in a society where consumerism consumes conscience, where avarice eats altruism, where capitalism craps on care and compassion. There is no place for the humane or the human in modern Britain. All there is left is the stultifying merry go round of trivialities of the Great British pat on the back, the Great British self-regard, the Great British blindness, the Great British PPI rip off. Like the wizened victim of bad plastic surgery this decrepit caricature of a state looks at itself in the mirror and thinks it looks damn fine. It can’t see what we see. It’s too far gone up its own arse. This is not a state that can be reformed. It can only be begun anew.”  Johnny Void reminds us that it is only the British people that can stop the ghastly putz IDS in his tracks.   JC rightly calls for IDS to resign but mass-murderer IDS also requires the shame of being tried for crimes against humanity at The Hague, to be found guilty and to be treated with hatred by the British people. 
Chukka Umana and Tristram Cunt are so unsettled by the fact that are socialists in the democratic Labour party, that they are considering fucking off and forming their own group. Blairites are trying their hardest to stop Corbyn winning with a vigorous vetting process but it did not prevent Mr Bum Fluff from joining.
There is a unifying picture at the moment. It is the woeful sight of one of the richest countries in the world allowing all its public services to hit the wall, whether they are buses, education or the fire service.
Inevitably different bloggers are writing of many dangers and pitfalls of JC’s campaign, but the pundits agree that there is a potential created for a massive movement. Wire.Novaramedia.com describes it as: ““Stop The War with bells on.” “The biggest pan-British progressive grassroots movement in many years.” Labour party membership in excess of 600k including registered supporters. A trade union movement united. Despite the dangers we have outlined, a huge potential exists. If the thousands of young people that have packed out Corbyn’s mass rallies across the country can be won to sustained grassroots activism, we’ll have the opportunity to smash the austerity consensus in Britain. Polling data is complex and contradictory, but consistently suggests majorities in favour of tax justice, renationalisation of rail, a free and public NHS, and so on. It’s a mood that has seen partial reflection in the growth of the SNP and the Greens. If this majority becomes a cohesive movement, the whole political landscape could change. For this to happen we need two things: ballots in the box and feet in the street. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of history; a Corbyn victory must be just the beginning.”   The attack on humane JC is just starting to warm up. The right would like us to believe that if JC was PM then Britain would really be up shit – creek – not like it is now, and an article on this theme by David Thomas is amusingly parodied by Gavin Haynes. Sunny Hundal for example reckons that a radical idea will only appeal to radicals.
I will conclude with words on the fakakta by my comrade Gerald Downing: “The rise of the undead! The Horror, the Horror, the Horror. Jeremy Corbyn got those right wing nominations so Andy Burnham wouldn’t be witch hunted by the Mail and Express as ‘Red Andy’. And easy meat, Corbyn, by the time the Tory press and the Blairites are finished with him he’ll be lucky to get 2%. But, horror of horrors, the great unwashed suddenly appeared on the political scene, the geni was out of the bottle, Frankenstein was out of control, the working class was back on the political scene and moreover in its chief political organisation. The working class, that we thought we had finished off in the miners’ strike and at Wapping and by privatisations by Thatcher and Blair, was back. And in our very midst, flaunting their socialism as a badge of honour not slinking in the corner with bowed head and grovelling aspect. Outrageously claiming it to be humanity’s future and not the vile and stupid aspirations of those undeserving poor. The Horror, the Horror, the Horror!”  (Facebook, 27/08/15)

Fakakta 2

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