When it comes to Corbyn, Tories are racked with gayve which is Yiddish for arrogance.  Jeremy Corbyn has even attracted the criticism of repugnant maven Borisconi, but is not for arrogance, which JC does not suffer from.  Unlike Borisconi – here the abhorrent shlong gives a  patronising vent of his hatred, using the mysterious language of the over privileged toff: “This is a man who, for more than 30 years, has made a political career out of being explicitly and avowedly on the Spartist Left. He is a frondist, an inhabitant of the semi-Trot margin, an unrepentant lover of oppositionalism. Never in all his wildest dreams did he imagine that he might be leader of what has been – until this year – one of the major parties of government; and now he is having greatness thrust upon him.”   For those who are not sure what a Frondist is, I reckon it is an obscure Borisconi reference to  civil wars in  France  in  the Seventeenth Century; as for Spartist, I reckon this a reference to a revolutionary uprising in Germany in the early Twentieth Century.  With both these references Borisconi is showing us how fantastically clever and erudite he is, Borisconi cannot stop boasting – its one of his Achilles’ Heels, but with JC he has met his match. Maybe the ostentatious putz should be given a  golden Corby Borisconi joins a group of shlubs all who would love to get rid  of Corbyn like the freak Lord Mandelson.  But as we say in  Yiddish: di b gresteh narishkeit fun a nar izz vos er maint aaz er iz  klug,  meaning ‘the biggest folly  of the fool is that he thinks he is smart’.   Toff Osborne has been patted on the back by so many pieriks that he thinks he is the smart master strategist, by I cannot see JC walking into his dumb elephant traps like Red Balls and Red Ed. The writer Steve Richards writes cogently about the troubles ahead for our gilded klutz: “ The spending cuts are severely testing for a Government with a tiny majority. During the recess, some Conservative MPs have expressed worries about the planned cuts in tax credits for the low paid. In his Budget, Osborne declared that “Britain deserves a pay rise”. Back in their constituencies, Tory MPs are discovering that some of their low-paid voters are getting significant pay cuts. Only a few need to rebel to lose the majority.”   

One of the few Tories to understand the threat of JC is Zac Goldsmith, a rare Tory The Vent does not hate. Speaking of JC on the radio he goes: “And the alternative is that he doesn’t flop, that he captures the zeitgeist and people get wildly excited across the country, not just the union members or the people who are signing up in the last few days. And I think that’s even more worrying because we’d be taking this country into a very dangerous terrain.”  To get the dangerous alternative, which is the Corbyn aim, he will have to form a broad alliance of the left.  In contrast red Ken Livingstone is a massive fan of Corbyn, writing confidently: “Jeremy is offering modern, fair solutions to our most urgent problems. But his policies here and more widely – on issues like tuition fees, public ownership of the railways and fairer taxation – reflect an unheard centre ground that has been ignored by too many years of Tory dominance. In just these last few weeks, Jeremy has revealed his own centre ground and changed the shape of UK politics. He’s the one to deliver a Labour victory in 2020. He’ll help put us back in touch in all parts of the country.”  Contrastingly, the threat of Corbyn attracting the national zeitgeist does even enter the mind of the Spectator’s Matthew Parris who writes “Tories will at first rejoice. The barbarians are fighting among themselves and no longer threaten us! Hurrah! And it is true that a Labour civil war or even disintegration would guarantee the Conservatives’ return to office in 2020.” Yvette Cooper has positioned herself even to be the right of Burnham, and her campaign is in a total denial about the chances of winning. The campaigns are becoming messy It is important to note though that JC’s campaign is the only one which is not prepared to go negative.


The assorted shnooks have apparently given up at trying to beat JC, the runaway victory terrifies them with its snowballing.  Even wheeling out antiquated shlok Gordon Brown talking about Labour actually being a party of protest under JC,  is failing to stop the rot, as the last bi gun misfired.  The nebbish Burnham meanwhile protests that only he can stop Labour being dragged back to the 1980s,  but he is misinformed, he has no real chance of stopping the Corbyn machine now it is unleashed. When he gets elected one of Corbyn’s hardest task is to try to control the British Lion. The media is doing their best to discredit JC, to portray him as a geek, a crazy person, a maverick, ABC.  An  important aspect is whether JC can retake Scotland, and the Spectator point to JC’s success in Scotland.  Corbyn’s popularity with the electorate is high, but even the Daily Mirror are hurling mud at the unlikely hero.  A pivotal factor in the spread of the Corbyn contagion of hope is the dominance of social media with young people.  Corbyn has mastered the tweet, in the words of Richard Osley: “Corbyn himself has used Twitter for several years, in contrast to say Glenda [Jackson] and Frank [Dobson] who are a similar age. In recent weeks, his feed is a bit more formal for obvious reason, but I remember him tweeting about Arsenal matches in the past. The politicians who do Twitter best are the ones who approach with a relaxed style, not frightened by it and not feeling the need to tweet an achievement two seconds after achieving it. That always makes a politician look like they only visited the school or the meeting with residents so they could tweet the fact they were there.”  Great cynicism exists all  over the political spectrum for example this article in The Commentator.  While sneering at the weak and the vulnerable is the easiest thing,  a side effect of Corbynism has been a valuable introspection of Blairism and its glaring faults: The movement surrounding JC cannot be stopped  and its no surprise that iconic Russell Brand endorses JC.  But JC has warned the Labour party, that if they do not elect him, then the grass roots will show their rage, but JC has been surprised by the number of Labour MPs wwho have privately said they can work with him: “A lot of MPs have contacted me privately and said they’re looking forward to working with me. They are people that I had not necessarily expected to do so,” he said.  “It is [also] quite interesting the number of MPs who have not been taking part in this shrill shouting match that has been going on. Many have said nothing.”   

The shtik drek have made an enemy of the judiciary.  By closing so many courts and by  destroying legal aid the shtik drek have ensured that justice in this country is a joke. But the judicial system is biting back, smeering MPs involved in the paedophile ring at the heart of Westmonster, with the some papers being squirreled away in secret, and not scheduled for release until 2056.  Corbyn has arrived at the correct time to open the can of worms of the dossier of Leon Brittan.  Epochal Brand is now pushing for the paedophile exposure, which goes all the way to the royalty, but we know the Establishment have something massive hide because they have already managed to say that 114 incriminating documents have gone ‘missing’.


Putrid gayve mamza  Chris Grayling’s legacy of judicial reforms are now combining with various other Tory welfare ‘reforms’ to bite the Filth, bringing the entire system of British justice into disrepute and disarray especially with the way that poor people are now forced to plead guilty when innocent.

The Vent salutes the campaigning of Francesca Martinez in her continuing fight for a Cumulative Impact Assessment, which the government repeatedly refuse to  publish. This was last debated in 2014 when the minister for disabled people – the  gruesome shmuk Mike Penning, actually said the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) had also said that a full assessment could not be done properly or accurately enough. The IFS have since stated they do not hold that position.   During this period,  like all  the other Tory ministers for  disabled people, Penning showed himself to be an unmitigated tukkus. When it comes to the dolorous roll out of Universal Chaos, the costs have leapt by 20%, so it is now projected at £15800000000.   Decent poor people are now regularly killing themselves, but it is not reported on mainstream media channels. On 17-08-15 it was 32 year old Lee Hague who cut his own throat as he was facing eviction and could not face living on the streets again.  Sign this petition to demand the resignation of IDS for ceaselessly lying about DWP sanctions.   The fake information produced by the DWP is a sign of how deep the rot is, in the benefit system, that they really do not give a flying shtup if someone consequently dies.  While the pieriks frass their free oysters and champagne, its left to the poor to eek out a pathetic existence of margarine sandwiches, of cold baked beans, of Iceland’s cheapest burgers.

With so much despair we have to take Corbynomics and the politics of hope seriously.  A place where there is the greatest despair is where the government have removed support from young disabled people, in the words of Ryan: “ Disabled teenagers are easily lost in a welfare state cut to the bone. To be young while poor or disabled is increasingly to watch your life chances be pulled away”.  As these are the school holidays, it is timely to talk about the starving children whom parents are struggling to feed away from the free food given at schools – a grim reality of breadline Britain, which politicians are keen to ignore, but which JC addresses.


The Vent abhors fracking, The Vent sees the unmitigated attempts by the Tories to extract fossil fuels from England as the Neoliberal Establishment directly attacking UK, just as much as when the Filth attempted to sell off all our ancient woodlands. Fracking is coming to bite the Filth directly on the tukkus, but at this point the continued thrust and drive to extract what should never be on the cards, is a sign of the extraordinary gayve or arrogance which has dominated the ruling class in the relentless search for a fast buck. The 27 fracking sites now imminent are all North of Leicester, and we know that the vile shloks are defending the Tory heartlands.  But its having no effect on the sweeping waves of the campaigns of JC, whether it is Nuneaton,  Stevenage or Exeter.


The much heralded financial collapse is on the cards whenever there is a flash in the pan, but now financial gurus are looking at China.  The endless graphs indicate financial collapse is imminent,  but we have seen this disaster unfolding for some time. The looming collapse is heralded, much more than the last one. In a recent conversation between senior analyst Larry Edelson and Mike Burnick, the Research Director for Weiss Research, Edelson made a stunning prediction, even providing an exact date for what he predicts will be a “rollercoaster ride through hell. On October 7, 2015, the first economic super cycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions. It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell for the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen. I am 100 percent confident it will hit within the next few months.”   No one can ascertain the situation after the crash, or the effect of Corbyn at that extraordinary juncture, but I expect Carney will do his best, and it will test disgusting DC and prick Osborne. 


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