Releasing the beast

When filthy DC gave his arrogant electoral advice to Corbyn the shmo never gave a thought to the release of the British Lion.  A side reaction of prising open Pandora’s box has been the release of the beast, and as we say in Yiddish : Kas vekheyme makhn a mentchn far a beyheme: meaning “anger and rage turn man into a beast”.   By the time there is the dank end of shit creek rage will be comprehensive as we survey the scorched earth left by the Drek, the word Drek means “human garbage“.   Mild mannered Corbyn cannot be blamed for releasing the beast anymore than iconic Brand, but they can fan the flames of militancy. As storming Corbyn surges far out in the lead,  people on the Left are seeing this swell as a new political movement and we have to embrace it.  Corbyn may appear a mild man, but he will have to channel the awoken British Lion, in fact the rise of Corbyn though understated, is the political event of the year.  A determining factor will be the young people who the campaign of JC has motivated, empowered and emboldened:  As usual Professor Krugman is spot on in his analysis.  DPAC – Disabled People Against the Cuts stands with Corbyn, Corbyn has stood with this writer campaigning on a number of occasions. The Vent can agree with Tory Goodman on one thing – that the Blairites should leave Corbyn and fuck off to Cameron.  Currently we still have shmendrek Alistair Campbell moaning about Corbyn, trying to tell everyone to vote for anyone else.  But Campbell can shtup off because Corbyn  will fight for the NHS.  There are some who will tell you that Corbyn can still be stopped,  but they are wrong, Corbyn  has  now  started a movement, he is riding on a wave. But when he does finally get in the House of Common Fuck on the front bench, JC will need all our support, we will all have to be fighting for JC, leafleting everywhere, but there are also a host of factors which could turn this into a level playing field. JC is a decent, moral man, a shining light of distinction amidst a braying mob of feral rich human garbage. The Torygraph is spouting Project Fear, saying that if Corbyn is elected he will be unable to fill a cabinet,  but these piericks are massively underestimating both the abilities of Corbyn, they are ignoring the rage at the socialist grass roots, and they are miscalculating how many decent people are still in the House – whether they are Dennis Skinner, Dianne Abbott, Lisa Nandy, John McDonnell or Richard Burgon. So while the path ahead is fraught, in the words of penetrating Ward: ” the key requirement now for the survival of British liberty is a fully-functioning, well-organised leg-chomping Opposition keen to reach out to an SNP filled with equally passionate radicals.”   Campaigning Corbyn has caught the public mood, Corbyn’s campaign is described by sound Burgon: “ I’m proud to be backing Jeremy Corbyn and his clear anti-austerity policies and his different way of doing politics. A positive campaign, led by a decent man, bringing people hope” (Facebook 13-08-15). Its about common sense, in the words of brilliant McDonnell: “ Politicians have patronised and talked down to us all when it comes to our economy, but ordinary working people have to manage on incomes significantly lower than the likes of George Osborne and his friends in the City. They could teach the bankers and many commentators a thing or two about managing a budget responsibly. Given the opportunity, we will use the sound common sense of our people.”  

In three areas – the homelessness crisis, the social care crisis and the mental health crisis, very little has been written, much is suppressed by the shtik drek. A favourite tactic of the Tories is to put a sticking plaster on a gaping bloody wound and pretend it is not weeping. But the problem is that by doing that, the smarmy mamzas are making a schoolboy error, because the actual wound changes its nature and becomes life threatening. Monitoring social care at this stage, after so many years of a broken down system, is an exercise in charting the decay of society, though as the evil balabusta Maggie reckoned there was no such thing as a society.  The social care crisis has been exacerbated for years by a stupid system of fifteen minute appointments, with trained and dedicated carers driving miles for no pay, running into the house of an old infirm person and saying “do you want a shit or a cup of tea?” Under the Filth social care in UK has become a cynical joke. Here it is described by the carer Samantha Hill: “I have been a Carer for a few years and see it as a vocation and I have gone on to get a Degree in Health and Social Care. I have worked with a few companies and seen how both the Employer and Employee can either work well together or not. There is a problem with Health and Social care as both the Employer and as the Employee. More and more people are being forced into the care role because at the moment this is the only source of employment, just see for your self on the job website. Some view it as a job that is not worthy as it is very low paid (Some are just minimum wage) and zero contract hours. Sadly some care companies are employing staff under 21 to save money. Carers are only paid per call so their day could start at 7 am through to 4 pm but the actual paid calls could only be 5.5 hours. Carers can end up doing 14 calls that day. Min call is 15 minutes which you can’t do a lot in that time. Carers have 3 minutes to travel to your next call which in reality is a 15 minuted drive without traffic. I have worked for companies that have a high turn over of staff because they only care about the profit. The staff can work a 14 hour day with an hour break (shift can be 7am-11pm then back out at 7am). This can go on for days. Some carers work 12 days straight. Carers who are tired can not provide the right care and compassion needed when hey are being run ragged. Carers aren’t protected by unions are all care companies are private and not in the public sector. Carer’s don’t feel valued as the company they work for only sees them as fodder for bringing in the money. The more that carer works, the more the care company can ‘purchase’ new packages off the local government. The turn over of staff is high because the staff are simply ‘burnt out’ and disillusioned as there seems to be no ladder to climb. This means that care companies just employ anyone without regard to if they are suitable for the job or not. They just need people to cover those packages.”   Tories like to describe themselves as compassionate  but the DWP are telling us that people with mental health impairments are not vulnerable and should be sanctioned.  The close link between job searching and benefit sanctions, is ignored by shmuk Osborne.


In particular Corbyn will challenge Tony Blair over the war against Iraq. The Chilcot inquiry stopped taking evidence four years ago, so JC will kick this report into the light.  Tony Blair detests JC but the multi millionaire knows that every time he waffles about heart transplants more people will vote for JC.  Today (12-08-15) its Simon Danczuk warning us away from Corbynmania.  Today (13-08-15) it is Tony Blair preaching ABC, with a farcical mordancy, warning about jumping off the cliff which he gleefully lead the Labour Party over when he was in the pocket of the fuckwit Bush.  Fortunately there is the satire of Mark Fiddaman.  But no matter what the gathered shlubs say, JC will have an enormous swelling of support, enthusiastically joined by thousands of dispossessed young people.13-08-15 and its no surprise that the Labour Party computers have crashed over the weight of nominations.


When it comes to the migration crisis, which the shtik drek have fanned, we have to note the chutzpah of the snide mamza Hammond.  It is going to be an area which Corbyn will have to point plainly.  The People admire the direct answers of the Corbynite, he is going to make shmok Farage pull his saddest face, he will regret his patronising endorsement of Corbyn.     The Vent stands with JK Rowling in her attack on The Express shit-stirring over migrants.  

Snotty nebbish d’Ancona, while describing Corbyn as “the Teflon Trot” does say some sense when he writes “In the Babel of the digital nanosecond, voters are driven less by pristine moral imperatives than by the crushing weight of the immediate and of proximate stimuli. Successful politicians of tomorrow will be those who stretch out a hand and offer an analgesic. That’s why Corbyn is winning. He understands that the axiom of our era is not “Lest we forget” but “Make it stop”.”   But as usual d’Ancona takes the wrong lesson from what he sees. An important factor which all the critics of JC share is that they fail to see the modesty of JC’s proposals, and the reason for this is the important element. When we read the shmegegee d’Ancona and all the other critics of JC, we must try and reverse what they are saying to find the truth, which is the reverse. It is the neoliberals who cannot imagine any other timeline than the one we are in and as such have no conception  that the future on this trajectory is dire and profoundly anti-democratic. JC has given the people of UK hope and direction, no wonder so many socialists are queuing to see JC speak. Dismal hacks like d’Ancona can say what they like, a fact remains that the more mud they sling at JC the more people will vote for him, so swivel on that Tony Blair with your doltish heart transplant remarks.  A factor for Corbyn is that Islington is a microcosm of inequality, its the fourteenth most deprived area in the UK,  but with extraordinary house prices it is somewhere where the very poor live side by side with the financial elite.  JC is uniquely placed to focus on that aspect.

An interesting clue of incipient government failure are the Tory MPs, some of whom are the most stupid MPs in Westminster, who are now revolting. First two other Tory MPs, Nigel Mills and righteous maven Daniel Kawczynski, called for the bedroom tax to be reformed or scrapped, and now we have Gutto Bebb and crude shlimazel Andrew Percy stating the obvious, that the changes to the tax credits will hurt the very people who are the hard working families doing the right thing that the government claimed to be helping.  It is a sign of deep troubles ahead as the shtik drek attempt to enforce the unenforceable. Shortly after JC is elected we will see the ludicrous idea examined that JC is the favourite candidate for the Tories and is in-electable. By the dank end of shit creek he will have the Tory vote on 10% – an historic feat. Many people ask me who the most stupid MP in Westminster is – well its a really hard call with nebbochim like Oliver Letwin and Connor Burns, but I reckon it is Philip Oliver.

Unemployment is on the rise now for the second month, its a canary in the mine, its a sign of our out of control economy.  

As a Londoner I am pushing for Diane Abbott to be elected Mayor.  Abbott deserves the support of the people because she has not faltered in her fight against the repulsive Government, and she will be a thorn in their side, popular where Borisconi could only clown. Walthamstow’s Stella Creasey is now looking like she would be a foil for Corbyn. Here Abbott trades blows with putz Alistair Campbell.


A facet of Corbyn’s campaign is that it is running side by side with two powerful investigations. The first is the investigation of paedophilia at the dark heart of Westminster. The Vent stands with Camila Batmanghelidjh, it shares her rage of the demise of filthy DCs Big Society,   and the allegations that she was forced to resign because she gave the Government a list of VIP Paedophiles.  The other powerful probe taking place in secrecy is an investigation by the United Nations of the grave human rights violations of disabled people by the shtik drek.  No one knows when this will report is out, or what affect it will have, because it has never been done before. The Vent considers this will be the final nail in the Establishment coffin, as the release of the investigation may coincide with the lion roaring. Elderly freak Lord Janner is still hoping to avoid courts for his 22 charges of paedo acts.


The star trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart has come out in support of JC, The Vent salutes his honesty. Asked whether it was right that people had to “tighten” their belts to help the economy recover, he said: “Some of us have to tighten our belts, some of us don’t need to. I am glad to see our prime minister has shut it up now, the whole thing of One Nation was such codswallop. The Conservative Party has never believed in One Nation.” Sir Patrick, who is a longtime supporter of Labour, added: “The Labour Party are in complete disarray.  “How to return to a world where we can say, first and foremost, we believe in fairness because that has been absent from British politics for quite a long time.”   

The global financial collapse is now imminent writes Witty Ward: “While those of us rooted to the ground are seeing everything either stagnating or going into reverse, the bourses of the world have been powering ahead. Both Zirp and QE have aided in this process – by pushing cheap money straight to the bottom line, which in turn pushes up dividends and thus share values. Both these results are completely counterfeit and almost entirely uncorrelated to real levels of commercial output, sales and profits. The first major sign of reality intruding has made itself felt on the Shanghai Index. The rout there has only been stopped by draconian panic measures by Beijing. Risibly, the Chinese measures have caused a rebound on other stock exchanges and pumped up the oil price, but this is merely tickling the avalanche: in the last three weeks, the departure of dollars from western stock markets has been in the billions – and accelerating noticeably. The increasing use of short-term debt to rush into false Bull surges acts as a panic accelerator once the tide turns: investors wind up selling not just to get out, but in order to raise money to pay off debts incurred in acquiring loss-making stocks. It really is a case of the Dutch Tulip piercing the South Sea Bubble. In a last desperate bid to boost exports back up to previous levels, Beijing has announced it will let the Yuan float somewhat. In a world where poor demand is driving down prices anyway, this is a bit like lighting a fuse and then rushing to beat it to the powder keg. Other Asian suppliers will respond, Western goods will become even less competitive, deflation will worsen, and cash-strapped workers will buy cheap – thus raising the West’s import bills. At the end of that road, everyone dies. 

“Once the unpicking becomes unravelling and then eventually chaos, everything on the Western political landscape will change: the US Presidential election, the UK’s EU referendum, the reaction of ClubMeds to further austerity, the Australian liberal government, and the Abe administration in Japan will all be facing uncharted shallows at the same time. Most disturbing of all, the rekindling of tired old Marxist claims to have a monopoly of wisdom when it comes to social and economic engineering will quickly become a conflagration. Those who believe in scaling down towards community mutualised entrepreneurialism will be pushed aside by the collectivist sloganeers.  If that happens, it will prove to be the final curse of neoliberal lunacy.” 

To quote Gerry Downing: “pitch in there in your thousands and let the battle begin; these are the inevitable labour pains of a new movement. This is vital, not only for the British working class but for the entire global class from Beijing and Tokyo to all of Africa, Europe and South America to the belly of the beast itself, the US of A. We cannot build socialism in a single country. Revolutionary internationalism, Trotskyism, is back.”  No one can know where JC will lead us, but to quote Trotsky: ”The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.”  

Predicting how JC will manage at Westmonster is impossible when we view it against a horizon of NHS collapse, social care collapse, policing collapse and a number of other collapses all which are imminent. Yet an attack on JC could come from as far away as Israel’s Mossad, or maybe the CIA will try to take him out.  Danger will be everywhere for Mr Corbyn, but at the same time there will be soaring levels of political engagement  , so while at the same time there will be sneering hatred in the House of Common Fuck as the assembled plutocracy throws the kitchen sink there will also be ceaseless attempts to undermine, to ridicule JC, to portray him as a throwback to a former age, the media wolf pack will be in a perpetual state. 

Releasing the beast

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