Fercockt Britannia

As Jeremy Corbyn unleashes his ‘Vision 2020’ to outline the end of austerity with a public investment plan, Labour MPs are showing a lack of democracy and trying hard to push Caroline Flint into a deputy roll to counterbalance JC, its a tacit sign that the Labour leadership are giving up on stopping JC.  The lack of democracy in Labour has a Yiddish word which describes it, and the state of Britain today – fercockt which means “all fucked up”.

JC will have to immediately challenge Osbornomics,  which will be hilarious to watch, after the demoralizing sight of red Ed and red Balls procrastinating feebly. The nonsensical myth that JC cannot lead is being examined  at a critical time for UK. When JC wins he will be pointing out what a lying shlimazel DC, as the Labour party under Red Ed were too weak to be able to – it takes a strong person to stand up for fragile and vulnerable people, Red Ed was not a bastard but he was also pathetic with his Ed Stone and the way he clung to the Tory austerity was shameful. Shame on you Red Ed. Shame on you Red Balls. Shame on you itram Cunt. Under Red Ed he surrounded himself with impuissant careerists who did not give a flying shtup about ordinary folk. All the Frank Fields’, the Sir Mandelsons’, the Tony Blairs’ could do was point at the bloody ceiling, they tokened to ordinary people without caring, but now JC is storming like a colossus amongst the useless Blairite scum, they are all in a state of terror. And this state of terror is a sign that JC has already won, by challenging the arguments and demanding a society which has humanity and integrity.  Filthy piece of shtik Osborne would not know humanity if it came and smacked his repulsive face. The enemy within the Labour party are the biggest problem that JC faces on his way to the top. Brilliant OJ has it summed up in this article and the fact that the centre left have made Corbynism possible. Corbyn provokes terror in proportion to the truth being exposed. This analysis by Pearce is most amusing.


Corbyn also evokes fear from the SNP. But Corbyn backs the SNP plan to reform or ax the House of Posh Fuck. I predict rage from the North, particularly as Corbyn has focused on the derisory Tory balderdash of creating a northern powerhouse. It is very sensible that Corbyn wants to promote the North. Boyd’s assessment of JC’s relationship with the SNP suggests that there are bonds which Red Ed declined involvement with Sturgeon.  There can be a strong alliance there, and it is good to learn that JC will be following the footsteps of Aneurin Bevan in Wales next week.  JC will scoop up the UKIP supporters of Wales, and I think that he will forge more solidity in his relationship with Sinn Fein. The rate of austerity in Northern Ireland is about to intensify, “given the sluggish pace of reform and modernisation during 2010-15.”  The Vent stands with Sinn Fein over the implementation of Welfare Reform, so does Corbyn. It is no surprise that there is now a surge in the Labour Party membership.


 The UKIP lead in Wales is soft, red UKIP’s appeal to the people of UK, based on lies, will be scrutinised. Welsh UKIP reckon that they actually appeal to ordinary folk because mamza Farage can hold a pint and fag at the same time. The arrogant toff will come to regret backing Corbyn. 

I used to be a moderate fan of Chris Leslie but in the last year I am afraid he has become just another nebbishThe Vent detests Blairites, who are full of arrogant, wishy washy shit, The Vent prefers conviction politicians. Amoretz Leslie likes to burble about “Corbynomics” , when on every occasion he has a chance to bore us with Osbornomics he has dropped the bloody ball. The truth is that Blue Labour’s Chris Leslie does not support the people, instead he is in the pocket of the businessmen, trying their hardest to make a mockery of social justice in this country. For decades the Labour Party has been run by a wealthy metropolitan elite who pretend to represent the working class but have never done a hard days work in their lives, it’s fun to see this bunch of bupkes now in full on panic.  Blairites are greedy, Tony Blair is a greedy mamza, its no wonder the futz tried to charge £330000 to speak for twenty minutes to a world hunger conference at £275 a second.  Similarly Polly Toynbee is showing how out of touch she is, every time she extols the virtues of Yvette Cooper. But even Polly would agree that Red Ed was abysmal, he was one embarrassment after another. At the end of the day the many challenges faced by the left are not insurmountable.   Tories fall quickly back on the theme of fear versus hope, but with JC they are misfiring, because as Johnny Void has said “when people have nothing to lose they have everything to gain”. It will terrify Blair that JC would put him on trial for war crimes.


The paedophile allegations at the dark heart of Westminster can become more damaging than Watergate, according to Neville Thurbeck: “Dame Barbara Castle had a dossier in 1984 which was seized by Special Branch, and on that list was Sir Edward Health. People will now wonder whether there was a cover up, right at the heart of the establishment 30 years ago.  This has the potential to be far more explosive, far more damaging to political institutions than even Watergate, it’s growing by the day,”  With the discovery of Ted Heath, the exposure of the ring could be about to blow. The shtik drek attitude to the young and vulnerable is typical of their attitude to the weakest, Tories despise compassion. Tories believe that the only reason the working class exist is so that we can bloat their expenses accounts. Particular disdain is given by the mamzas to the disabled who are now petrified of cruel shmoiger Justin Tomlinson


Its boggling to me that my neck of the woods – Walthamstow East London, is now the home of social cleansing, but hey – this is fercockt Britannia. Equally fercockt are Leicestershire police who are now ignoring burglaries at odd numbered houses. I cannot see the Manchester serial killer being caught soon.  Shmegegee Osborne is symptomatic of fercockt Britannia. Please sign this petition to try and stop the lying bastard robbing the people of UK, using our money to finance private corporations.  The sell off of all our public assets by shlong Osborne is described by Red Len as “rewarding the Tory party’s friends in the city in a spectacularly lavish style“.   Unctuous Osborne has the filthy rich are in an absolute feeding frenzy, watching the odious scene is akin to seeing piranhas strip a cow. 

Excruciating kadokhes Priti Patel has embarrassed herself over the NHS. A group of elderly and disabled campaigners went to her constituency office in Witham, Essex, to protest at the appalling mismanagement of the Filth over the NHS, and the way it is not excluded from TTIP. Out of touch Priti Patel wrote an email immediately to Red Len, saying “The lady who works in the Witham Conservative office felt harassed, frightened and intimated when a thuggish gang of People’s NHS campaigners came to our office.”  She said of the campaigners: “The ­intimidation, harassment and thuggish behaviour towards residents is appalling.” The campaigners are rightly infuriated, Malcolm Mead said: “At the age of 78 I never expected to be called a thug by my MP. Priti Patel should apologise and listen to our concerns.”  Out of touch Priti Patel is cosseted, privileged and ignorant, but with any hope she will meet real thugs one of these days.   I used to think Priti Patel had a brain, but she firmly dismissed that idea in June with her asinine remarks on policing.  All the writers of the stain on humanity “Britannia Unchained” – are out of touch neoliberal shmendreks, whose only use in the world, is to demonstrate to ordinary people how utterly bankrupt and immoral the modern Tory party has become. These endlessly opinionated and braying shmoks will serve to show JC in a brilliant light as someone who actually gives a shtup about humanity, someone with an ounce of compassion, someone with common sense. Ordinary people care passionately about the NHS which is why we are very angry that young people are now being asked to work for a year for no money, its a sign of the state of the NHS finances, just about to spiral out of control.


Nebbish Mark Lancaster (Tory Milton Keynes) has been raising money for the Big Society, the grim mamza urges us to join his regular giving campaign (July 2015 Newsletter). Shameless Tories love to pretend that their MPs have a grain of decency. 

The Vent salutes the NHS campaigners, because we know that the NHS will only survive as long as people give a shtup about it. The yawning financial black hole now throwing the NHS into a severe crisis has had the effect that new staff are no longer being taken on, unless those vacancies are ‘essential’, analysts think that the NHS deficit at the end of the financial year will be £2000000000 but I don’t believe that, I think its a load of hopeful nonsense. Some people will tell you that the NHS will slip into the red by £2500000000 But its not a mystery at all, the analysts have been warning since 2014.  So how big will the financial disaster be? That’s the billion pound question, but when the consultants urged the politicians to find a radical solution in 2014,  I doubt they expected the Brits to dollop out more of the same crap at the 2015 general election. But then we are forgetting the real priorities of this government at the moment, which is to sell off at a greatly reduced rate every public asset the people of UK own. Mamza Osborne is single minded, and will stop at nothing to get his way. I am not an expert in what the NHS needs, but I would not be surprised if it is £4000000000. But this government have tricks up their sleeves, because whenever you think the situation cannot get any worse, then you know that it will. To make it worse the shtik drek will close a load of hospitals, they do not give a shtup. The repeated closures of the shtik drek represent a very dangerous experiment with human lives as explained by Dr Onkar Sahota looking at North West London in February 2015: “Let us take the example of north-west London where I practice. There are nine A&E departments and the Government wants to close four of them: Ealing, Northwick Park, Hammersmith and Charing Cross. This is an experiment too far, an experiment with human lives. Experiment is maybe the wrong word, because this government doesn’t want to know what the results are – it is driven by ideology. [North-west London] is an area with a growing population, and we are reducing capacity!”  What is the effect of these closures? I don’t see a spike in mortality in the tiny amount published, but what I do see  in the whole of West London is a very fragile NHS which is buckling under the sustained pressure.  In other words the dedicated NHS teams are hanging in there with their fingertips, they are desperate to do their job. Similar problems are affecting the hospitals of Glasgow.


To conclude here are some words from my comrade Jonathan Leyland:  “Everything good in this country is derived from ordinary people, organised Labour coming together to demand change from the toffs, landed classes and general aristocracy at the top. Where are the Tory Beatles? The Tory NHS? The Tory Monty Python? When people needed clean running water, affordable housing, the right to vote, they took it. The right to a weekend? Opposed by the Tories, won by the unions and organised Labour. Could a Tory ever write the lyrics to Lennon’s imagine that continues to resonate with people across the world? Of course not. Greed and selfishness stifles creativity and that is why there are so few great Tory artists and musicians. That is why the Tories have never managed to create an institution as beloved as the NHS. They can do war. They can do inequality. They can tear down and ‘destroy’, what they can’t do is ‘create’.” The Far Left will always survive, we are an indestructible strong force:  Our time is now.

Fercockt Britannia

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