The noble Lord Sewel is not known for excessive caution. As if in synchronicity to the attacks of the shtik drek on the people of UK, naughty 69 year old Lord Sewel has been caught talking the truth while taking cocaine with two £200 a night hookers. The lofty patrician gave the two floozies a right good political lecture in between sex acts. Talking of vile nebbish DC, Sewel goes:“He just shoots from the hip. He is false. He makes one-off commitments and cannot deliver. He is the most facile, superficial Prime Minister there’s ever been.” When it came to Borisconi, Sewel goes: “Boris is a joke. He plays well in London because they like a cheeky chappie. Can you present Boris Johnston in Preston, in Burnley, in Manchester? No, they just think he’s an asshole. He is a public school upper class twit.”   Sewel has amused many people by announcing his views,  and in these dark times a bit of humour is not to be sniffed at. Cracking Mark Steel must also be saluted by The Vent.


The massive cuts shortly to come mark a fundamental change as we enter a stage of the maelstrom with wholly unforseen consequences, as mentioned by pillock Chris Leslie in his MP update 198: “A fortnight after the Budget and it is obvious the Chancellor doesn’t have a plan for sensible savings to public services, judging by the opacity of the ‘Spending Review’ he kicked off this week – which masked his true intentions further still. George Osborne has asked Cabinet Ministers to prepare for both 25% and 40% reduction scenarios in their budgets, both representing a radical departure from the 12% cut that the IFS say was implied in his July Budget figures. Departments are not being given a clear sense from the Treasury of what to plan for in the Spending Review, with three sets of spending plans in the last few months. Britain’s public services need a coherent plan to balance the books and put productivity first, not a Chancellor who chops and changes from month to month, as he ditches manifesto promises on childcare tax relief, rail electrification, and elderly social care costs.” Unseemly mamza Osborne pretends to have caution, but everyone knows that we are now so far up shit creek without a paddle that history is being left to create itself, and no one can predict the resulting mind bending catastrophy that lies at the dank end of the filthy inlet.

The leadership race has got John Mann (Labour Bassetlaw) in a state, his contempt for democracy links him to the Filth.  Backbencher John Mann says the contest is “totally out of control” and at risk of being distorted by “infiltrators”.  Its even got the Commies voting Corbyn – that’s right – you read it right – the friggin Commies.  But for all the accusations, it could be that radical far left Corbyn could reclaim Labour and lead Labour out of the wilderness.  Almost every commentator is telling us that Corbyn is the route to electoral oblivion,  as if this is not what there already is. There are also strong alternate views like Derek Wall. Certainly Mr Corbyn is showing skill in handling the media.  Corbyn is not to be underrated, even the shmeril Andrew Mitchell writes of him, saying: “In an age when authenticity is increasingly valued by voters, he walks tall” with the schlimazel d’Ancona finishing his article by saying “But what if the rules have changed? What if Corbyn’s moment in the sun is more than an anomaly, a quirk, an exception that proves the rule? The smart politician allows for such possibilities. Which is why smart Tories, far from gloating, are asking themselves if this is the start of something; and if so, of what?”  The brilliant way Corbyn delivers a double whack to the mamza Blair is worthy of note, because it illustrates the way that Corbyn will kick the shit out of DC and Gideon in the House of Common Fuck.   In this hyper digitalised age there will be no hiding. Jacobin assesses it well. Exposure of the truth is what Corbyn can bring, which makes Tories kuk themselves.  Political pundits often spout the view that futz Red Ed went too far to the left and that was why he failed, and this nonsensical view is portrayed as the bollocks it is by Billy Bragg.  But make no mistake – if Corbyn is elected as Labour leader it will be a revolutionary moment, it will mark a point when the Brits throw caution to the wind. Even so the media is in full cry in a campaign to discredit Corbyn, as was pointed out by tenacious Dianne Abbott – who pointed out twenty attacking pieces published against Corbyn by the Guardian last week.  In fact The Guardian is losing all claim to be left leaning – it has morphed into the Daily Heil.   Meacher rightly rails at Blairite denigration of the far left.  Our socialism embarrasses  Blairites.  Jeremy Corbyn is soon to speak in Norwich, which has excited Norwich MP Clive Lewis, who is a supporter: “Mr Lewis said that Mr Corbyn had “tapped into something” and had gone from being seen as a no-hoper to a real threat to the other three candidates. “The trajectory has been from laughter, to denial and now panic. How has he become a rock star politician in the space of a few weeks? He has tapped into a hunger, An anti-politics hunger.”
He said that Mr Corbyn had been a “consistent fighter for social justice. His politics have been consistent. People are tired of the sound bite, suited political class which has dominated for so long. I know it takes more than a breath of fresh air to win an election but I have spoken to people who saw him on the Andrew Marr show. He was talking about investing in our future, young people, rebalancing the economy, making those who can, pay, increasing productivity. These are things Ed [Miliband – former Labour leader] tried to talk about, but he would never deal with the extra £30bn that was necessary. We never talked about good borrowing. We never understood austerity is not good economics, it’s bad economics. Can Jeremy win [the leadership election]? I think he can, but it is backed against him. The other candidates are organising to ensure anyone but Jeremy.” ”  Such gloating from the pages of snide putz Guido Fawkes, reminds us that the higher the schlimazels go the harder they will fall. Poor people expect rich people to laugh at them, as we say in my mama loshn: Der oreman tracht, der nogid lacht meaning “the poor think, the rich laugh.” Rich people do not have caution, they think they have nothing to loose. When vile fotz IDS is swinging from a lamp post, when the bloodied head of sanctimonious twat Mark Hoban is impaled over Tower Bridge, when mass murdering nebbish Eric Pickle is hung, drawn and quartered at a public ceremony in Central London, when evil Borisconi is completely disenfranchised along with his complete clan as a punishment, then the toffs laughter will be drowned in their own blood, as the people violently rebel. Regressive Borisconi requires the medieval punishment for thieves. They used to stuff their mouths with shit and make them walk from one side of London to the other. For DC they will first need to brand the word CUNT on his forehead, and make him sit in stocks for a few days so ordinary people can express their rage. For the treason of DC he will need the hardest labour for some decades. But to be pragmatic JC is not even Labour leader yet. The joke is that the Filth believe they above the law.

When it comes to the Royal Family, I am a Republican, and I question whether the royals really make UK richer, I think they are just a drain on resources, with their hyper-conservatism I regard our royal family as a throwback to our barbaric medieval past, and I am not the only one. Jeremy Corbyn is a Republican , so while the Tories like to portray him as a dinosaur, he is progressive while they are the regressive Neanderthals. But JC is extremely democratic, which is why I know he will hold a referendum on getting rid of the royal ganifs. The Queen has caution, but younger royals like Prince Andrew or Prince Harry seem void of understanding. I used to like the Queen but when she rubber stamped the welfare reform bill, this changed. I now think UK is held down by parasites. Some people will tell you that Prince William has broken the mould but I see no sign, he’s just as arrogant as all the other toffs, for example in 2014 William went hunting wild boar and deer in Spain, but the very next day he was launching a high profile appeal to stop the illegal hunting of wildlife:  It is typical of the contradiction of these parasites. By and large there is a rule that posh people love to kill things. 

When it comes to anyone that needs help, the shtik drek do not give a kuk. The Tory plans have hit women really hard, especially with access to justice. A similar degree of caution has been given by the Filth to children, to the poverty and gross degradation they are inflicting.  A display of in-caution has been the massive job losses at the West Midlands Police force announced recently.   Top brass are steaming at the reckless way the government are treating the safety of ordinary folk.  This is an area where the shtik drek may be shooting themselves in the foot as the army is very unwilling to get on the UK streets for a variety of reasons.  The government would love to get the Squaddies on the streets to repress the ungovernable, disgusting DC loves to pervert legitimacy.  Police are frank about what they will no longer be able to do following the senseless cuts.  But what the officer did not say, is do not expect a police officer if you are raped, stabbed, savagely beaten, your pet is set on fire, your child is tortured or your local MP is caught buggering your four year old child. When it comes to fire, there is a whole lot of shit being spouted by nebechel John McTernan, a former advisor to the prostak Tony Blair, who reckons that fire prevention is “a massive waste of public money.” No wonder the schlang has drawn the fire of  Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack who said Mr McTernan’s comments were “crass, ignorant, offensive and, frankly, idiotic.  Fire prevention has saved countless lives and is a key part of the work firefighters do every day. Fire prevention and the various inspection and enforcement activities by firefighters have dramatically improved public safety [across public buildings and] workplaces. At this point in his career McTernan would be better engaged examining his own role in Labour’s recent spectacular failure in the general election in Scotland.” 

Over the last year I have become a fan of Frankie Boyle, who writes of the latest excrescence of Osborne, the welfare bill: “One thing the welfare bill accomplishes is to put people who have failed a fitness to work test on to the same payment as people who have passed it, like some tent-revivalist preacher tipping sinners out of wheelchairs and screaming “Walk!” Who would have thought that electing people who hate the welfare state to run our welfare state could go so badly? In practical terms this change means people with things such as MS and Parkinson’s will lose £30 a week. That extra £30 a week was there because, sometimes, chronically ill people’s bodies don’t work so well and they might have to get a bus or a cab or pay the babysitter to stay for an extra hour so they can get to and from the latest humiliation from the Department for Work and Pensions. If you, as a candidate for leading a political party, can’t make your electorate see that is wrong – or, worse, won’t try – then you have stated that you don’t want to fight injustice but are simply looking for your own role in serving it.”  But The Vent is pragmatic of a Corbyn win. In the words of Boyle:  “I honestly don’t think that Corbyn would make a good leader but only because he would quickly take his own life in a highly unconvincing manner on a long country walk, an inquiry taking 15 years to report that he had kicked himself to death.” But if he does win then he will need the greatest support of the entire remaining left, after the Blairites have fucked off.   I personally do not see that as a problem, because of the millions of young people who will be voting for the first time, I also think a number of voters will leave atrocious tukkus Farage. Tories think they have won, they are smug – take a look at this complacent video.   No socialist should be surprised to see Corbyn race into a big lead.   But I do not believe the scale of the lead, I think it is going to be a whole lot bigger when people vote, despite the alternative voting system. Corbyn-mania is gripping socialists all over England.


It is laudable to see this pernicious nefarious government challenged and fought every single grim step of their slow motion car crash. This is to be seen in every single element ravaged by the shtik drek as they rush for gold, sneering carelessly at decent Corbyn and still preposterously linking the word fair with the bedroom tax. I am proud that I have played my part with my comrades in fighting injustice. When it comes to British justice, and the mockery made of it by the Filth it is good to see that the fight is still going strong, with members of the legal profession about to strike, while also farshtunkn Gove is about to face a legal challenge to his repulsive ‘reforms’.   Please sign this petition not to increase the fee for a general application in civil proceedings to £255.


Jeremy Cunt’s unpopularity with doctors is at an all time high, Jeremy may not give a shtup who he pisses off, he lacks all caution,  but being out of touch is no excuse when the shtik hits the fan. Although a petition to sack Mr Cunt has surged to 200104 (on 27-07-15), the government will use their advantage on Parliamentary Committees to ensure that the issue is never brought to a wider debate.  But whether Mr Cunt wears his rigor mortis grin or whether he massages figures to show that ordinary people are satisfied, he will know that the NHS is by far the biggest Tory Achilles Heel and he will learn the wrath of the British people. Please sign the petition to get rid of Mr Cunt. The new 12 hour nursing shifts are dangerous, they are so crap that even the Daily Heil is moaning about them.   Its no wonder that Dr Zoe Norris wants to strike, she calls medical professionals to take action.  Medics will be drawn to the policies of Corbyn, at the same time as there are unabated attacks on the fabric of the NHS. On 27-07 we had screaming schnook Tory Lord Rose drivelling that the NHS needs to be more like supermarket chains: “There ought to be a similarity – in fact, it doesn’t work like that. In a private sector, if I go into an Aberdeen store and see somebody doing something really well I could have affected that across the business by Monday in all stores if we thought it was right. In the National Health Service you do not have central command and control for lots of reasons – some good and some not so good – and what you’ve got is an enormous federation. So actually taking best practice from, if you like, the North and translating that to the South takes an enormous amount of time.”    It is no surprise that the NHS would feature heavily in a Corbyn campaign.  The Vent shares the rage of Jim Brown, here writing about the NHS: “Nigel Lawson once said that the NHS was the nearest thing that the English had to a religion! Codex cleaners are earning half the wages they had 20 years ago – insidious – cleaner on 18 hours leaves and is replaced by one on 16 hours doing the same work or perhaps more! NHS is now contracting out the actual commissioning! Privatising the commissioning so that they can give it to themselves! Recently Surrey contracted out £500m, Peterborough £1.1 billion, much of the work going to Tory donors and as one Dr (Chand would you believe) said ‘If it does not generate profit it does not wish to know…………..there is now cherry picking of elective surgery………2 tier service’ ”   

The political parties failed at the 2015 general election to tell the public how bad the NHS finances are – there was no caution involved, they brazenly lied to everyone. Nurse Jacqui Berry says it exactly as it is regarding the battle with the NHS which is just about to enter a deadly phase. No one will be ready for the financial black hole which will shortly open like a yawning cavern on the financial audit of Jeremy Cunt.  A voice of erudition is Sir David Nicholson who says that the looming black hole in the NHS finances will become apparent in the Autumn. 


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