“They piss in your pocket and they call it rain”

The attempt to repeal the hunting ban is so crass that even nebbish d’Ancona is up in arms. From our point of view there is only one good thing about it – it will retoxify the Tories, as the schlemiel explains:  “It is hard to exaggerate what a retrograde step it would be for the first new Conservative government in 23 years to do something so feeble, so self-defeating and so crass….   For the first time, the modern party has a chance to persuade the voters that its interest in social justice is more than cosmetic. So, I ask you: at this, of all moments, does it really make sense for Toryism to put on its frayed stock and scarlet frock coat and remind us all of a gruesome past?”.   But the Filth don’t see the problem because they only see short term pictures, they don’t see the hatred which they are encouraging. It is likely that the SNP will help defeat this shoddy legislation.  When the shtik drek want to do something, they can move with speed, so next week they will probably move to hit the unions.  There is now breaking news that the dreadful vote has been postponed because the Tories knew they could not win.  I disagree with the shmuk Jenkins on this matter.  Tories have no respect for wildlife, as they have shown with their disgusting badger culls and their attempt to kill the buzzards and robins.
Tories do not give a damn about the hatred they are creating, Tories are hubristic enough to believe it is irrelevant that they are shafting Old Bill at the same time. Tories are smug, they think its all in the bag, but by the time we reach the toxic end of shit creek UK will be ungovernable, there are already early signs. On 11-07-15 the people rioted in Camden North London, protesting that it was being turned by the shtik drek into a “unrecognisable bland Yuppie infested wasteland” but the violence was small scale,  compared with what is to come.
The cost of rolling out Universal Chaos has soared to £16000000000, in a project which has been an absolute disaster every step of the way.  The toxic atmosphere has led to Universal Chaos staff taking a 48 hour strike next week.  This vast waste of public money can be compared with the millions of pounds to be shovelled in the bin by the Overall Benefit Cap and the Bedroom Tax.  The shtik drek love pissing public money at the wall.  These follow the plan of the boys from Bully – first you feast at the restaurant, gorging yourself. When you are replete you trash the entire place, and then run off laughing. “What a cracking wheeze eh Borisconi?” “Too right old chum, see you at the hunt next week, tallyho.” In the future the people will make these mamzas pay back every penny.
The Vent endorses Diane Abbott as the London Mayor.  If Diane wins the Labour nomination the new Labour voting system will work in her favour.
When it comes to the paedophile allegations at the heart of Westminster, praise is given to the determination for justice from Tom Watson MP.  To be frank – the shtik drek have turned justice into a dirty word, the law in UK is now an ass, super-putz Grayling, brutal mamza Clarke and now shmeril Andrew Selous, have turned justice in uk into a joke, its not just now a travesty, its actually prejudiced against ordinary folk. Supposed Christian Selous might seem hapless enough but has zero experience of many aspects of justice,  so it is no wonder that futz Selous did such a sterling job with the Prison and Probation Services.  Its not any surprise that UK prisons are in crisis.   With ineptitude on such a grand scale the shtik drek will know there is only a matter of time before the rotten, stinking core of the Westminster apple is exposed. With allegations of murder rampant  everyone knows there is something massive, with just the tip of an iceberg so far.  The disgusting allegations  extend to the Royals  so we know that the toffs will be closing ranks daily. Judge Lowell Goddard will have to be relentless in her search for the truth, and it is a good sign that it has led to charges being brought against Gordon Anglesa from the Welsh police force.
When it comes to the judiciary, the government rightly are detested, it is causing the tedious shmendrek Michael Gove headaches.  But the righteous sanctimonious khazer is overlooking the fact, that in the meltdown of Britain the crumbling judiciary will play a central roll. Additional pressure from the rise of council tax cases are reeking havoc, but the shtik drek will not be stopping there with plans to close 91 courts.  Many of them are doubtless earmarked for luxury housing. The nauseating gonif Michael Gove reckons that courts can meet in town halls or hotel suites (i, 16-07-15, 6), but with the judiciary going on strike soon, the rabid Tory will be left scratching his head. Little fucker Michael Gove always always thinks he is right.
As the mighty NHS totters the shtik drek are lining up their dream, as evidenced by a junior Tory Health minister in the House of Posh Fuck. He has started an independent inquiry into ways of changing the way the National Health Service is funded, away from taxation and towards insurance and user charges. In the farcical words of nebbish Lord Warner“A wise Government should begin now the process of helping the public engage in a discourse about future funding of the NHS.”  It comes as multi millionaire schlok Jeremy Cunt waxes grandiloquently about his twenty five year plan for the NHS, and lines up his next attack line on beleaguered doctors: “They are not remotely in touch with what their members actually believe. I have yet to meet a consultant who would be happy for their own family to be admitted at weekends or would not prefer to get test results back more quickly for their own patients. Timely consultant review when a patient is first admitted, access to key diagnostics, consultant-directed interventions, ongoing consultant review in high dependency areas and proper assessment of mental health needs: I will not allow the BMA to be a roadblock to reforms that will save lives.” Its a final nail in the coffin of the NHS.   But the timing of money supposedly going to the NHS is unknown.
The campaign of Jeremy Corbyn is going from strength to strength and I am urging readers of The Vent to affiliate to Labour for £3 to nominate him. On 10-07 Maxine Peake told a rally in Birkenhead: “For me, Jeremy Corbyn is our only beacon of hope to get the Labour Party back on track, get the electorate back in touch with politics and save this country from the constant mindless bullying of the vulnerable and poor,” she wrote. The working-class screen star also took aim at rival candidate Liz Kendall for her campaign’s focus on “aspirational” middle-class voters. In a thinly veiled criticism, Ms Peake said: “Aspirational? Surely we should all aspire that everyone living in this country has the right to a decent quality of life.” But her comments were not heeded by useless kibbitz Harriet Harmen on the Sunday politics show as the BBC says: Speaking on the Sunday politics, she also suggests that Labour will not oppose plans to limit tax credits to families with a maximum of two children. While “the temptation is to oppose everything lock, stock and barrel”, she says Labour must acknowledge it has suffered two heavy election defeats in a row and not indulge in “blanket opposition” to changes on tax and welfare proposed by the government.  She’s been joined by shmeril Liz Kendall.  But yente Harriet Harman is incorrect – Tories have no mandate to cut child benefits.   On the subject of child benefits and nebbech Harman its intuitive to read the blog A Very Public Sociologist: “Unfortunately, acting leader Harriet Harman has flunked the basics of leadership spectacularly. It is well known that George Osborne’s budget set political traps so utterly obvious that an oil tanker would have time to change course. Unfortunately, Harriet has spotted them and is determined to steam right in. Osborne must be chuckling to himself as this morning she announced the party would go along with further reductions to social security caps and perhaps back scrapping child tax credits for the third child onwards. It’s all about “fairness”: people see large families getting additional support from the system, and feel resentful – they’re being helped, but why should they when I haven’t got two ha’pennies to rub together? On these pragmatic grounds, on wanting to be seen on the side of the flattered and patronised “hard working families”, she would send Labour MPs through the aye lobby.”   In her actions, this dismal champagner has given a decisive shove to the Corbyn campaign, but to be fair to Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham they are both anti this. Her view also caused division in the Parliamentary Labour Party.  Other voices regard Harman’s remarks as a dereliction of duty, and The Vent agrees with this. But the effect of Harman’s limp rejoinder could be profound as Wintour explains: “What had been intended as a big signal to the public resulted in disarray. But in the present debris, Harman may have achieved one thing. The 2010 leadership contest left much unsettled and undiscussed, she felt. Miliband’s famed party unity turned out to be largely bogus. At least this time, the long delayed cathartic debate can start.”  It has even led to pallid Andy Burnham coming out against the shitty bill.  The truth is that Labour’s very weakness has allowed the Filth free reign to savage the working poor.  Mr Corbyn has been most careful to appeal to young people, the demographic most targeted by the shtik drek, for example announcing a £10000000000 plan to scrap university fees.
But The Vent is also saying that Jeremy is not necessarily a panacea to the years of gross Tory mismanagement. Many Tories hate Corbyn, and if he wins the contest, then he will be up against it. The same momza’s who murdered poor Jill Dando or Dr David Kelly, will think nothing of ramming a car into Corbyn’s bike as he pedals around Islington, and then saying he had an accident with his lawnmower while shaving.  A vote for Corbyn does not prevent this government from ruining UK, but it could prevent the worst excesses of the regime, and it could also completely alter the status quo, but can Corbyn break free from the Tory cage of hatred? If Corbyn can, then he could also provide a decent opposition after five bitter years, after seeing Red Ed perpetually scratch his balls when facing an open goal and the wretched ignominy of the Ed Stone.  Corbyn’s presence is making the Blairites nervous, but Blue Labour share something fundamental with the Tories: “They have no vision, their only cry is for ‘fiscal responsibility’ which means making the low-paid, the jobless, and the 18-25 year olds pay the price for the arrogance, the recklessness, the greed, and the incompetence  of the banks.”  Its led to Tristram Cunt showing his true colours.  But in the end the election of Corbyn may be directly the fault of the nebbish Red Ed, as Allegra Stratton explains: “Private research being done for the leadership contenders has shocked many by revealing quite how many party members sympathise with Jeremy Corbyn. Many people who are saying they will vote Corbyn tell the phone canvassers they joined the party in 2010, and then another chunk joined under Ed Miliband’s leadership. The worry for some MPs is that Ed Miliband’s lasting legacy may be to have brought in to the party these members who then end up making Labour’s next leader more left wing than its modernisers want.”  The gross under-estimation of Corbyn by the Filth, will play an important role in this election.  The popularity of Corbyn’s views has taken the political class completely by surprise, from sad Polly Toynbee to dismal Liz Kendall.  If Corbyn did win, then there would have to be fundamental changes in the Labour party as expressed by Shanly: “The Labour left will have to act swiftly and I am afraid brutally in many cases. The PLP will have to be brought into line, some members of party staff will need to be pointed towards the exit, and the entire party structures would, in my opinion, need to undergo a comprehensive and thorough review. On the latter point, essentially we need the sweeping away of the current party form, not just to overcome the neoliberalisation of the party internally, but also to construct the type of party that can build people’s capacities, engage effectively with social movements, and eventually enter the state on a transformative programme. We have to become far more of an extra-parliamentary party, a campaigning organisation led by the grassroots and not by parliamentarians. Labour party democracy has long been on the agenda of the Labour left, but it should mean not just changing some of Labour’s internal processes but making it a bottom-up party structured more like a social movement than a hierarchical tool of the leader.”   The brilliant way that the Torygraph and the out of touch establishment are pushing Corbyn is to be lauded.  But a similar degree of bollocks is also being levelled at Corbyn by Labour’s right, in the words of the blogger buddyhell: “The attacks on Corbyn from the Labour Right are practically indistinguishable from those coming from the Tories and other right-wingers. First, the Tories considered registering as Labour supporters to vote for Corbyn, then they realized that wasn’t working and have now decided to join the Nu Labourites in a chorus of condemnation of the man whom they describe as an “extreme left-winger”.” Buddy then hits the nail on the head of the fear of Corbyn: “Secretly, the Tories and the Labour ‘modernizers’ don’t want popular discussions of economic policies and political transformation. The very idea of a politically conscious electorate frightens the ever lovin’ shit out of them.”
What is most interesting about this whole Labour election is the notion that the UK electorate has somehow moved to the right, so that Blue Labour will have you believe that they have to sell themselves to the devil to get themselves elected, and let’s not forget that the Grand Coalition was even on the cards with the meeting of Lord Ashcroft and Douglas Alexander. Its a bit like having a doomed ship floating around without a captain, but the rare pointers have been ignored. Kibbitzer Emily Thorn-fuck gave us an absolute pearl in the run up to the 2015 general election. In a tweet, Thorn-fuck managed to insult white van man.  The doleful remarks of Red Ed afterwards indicate how much damage had been inflicted on the champagne left,  and the reason was because Labour knew they had lost touch with the working classes, just as the Tories have. People forget that arch Tories like John Major or Michael Caine  were from humble working class backgrounds. Both the Tories and Labour have taken their working class roots for granted. Almost the entire political class are so out of touch that when they piss in our pockets and call it rain, they think the people of UK will not notice the biggest swindle of all time. When the Tory press shirked its duty and waved its pom poms at peirik Osborne’s budget, they were just following their old formula, but it will not be long now until kick-off, when the toxicity of the media will be exposed for all to see. As the Daily Heil fatuously put it: “Fearless George slays the dragons”.   Equally The Vent stands in solidarity to the disabled people of Leicester. Brilliant Mhairi’s maiden speech spells it out.  In her wonderful speech she rightly takes apart Labour and the Tories, it shows that Jeremy Corbyn might be Labour’s very last chance. No wonder Chunky Mark is shouting, because the Filth are shitting themselves because they know a man of principals will attract all the votes.  This is counterbalanced by out of touch views like academic Professor Fielding, whose analysis is the opposite  and this the view for the majority of the pundits. What the politicos clearly fail to see is that the Labour far left is hardly represented in the Westminster bubble, but in the Labour grass roots it is strong.
Out of touch nincompoop Nigel Farage even has come close to calling the SNP Nazis.  The Vent feels two ways towards the SNP, they are important for breaking Labour because the SNP really care about the people of Scotland while Scottish Labour were completely out of touch; the SNP also emphasized the hypocrisy of the election campaign, with shmegegge Farage and mamza DC vying to lie to the people of Britain. The lies of the anti Trident SNP were inconsequential compared to their lies. At least the SNP have the perspicacity to confront disgusting DC and question the sanctimonious shmeril over rape and the DWP.  With shmok Farage being so out of touch, its no wonder he is endorsing the corpulent bell end Donald Trump.
Ancient nebbish the Prince of Edinburgh performed one of his famed gaffs today (16-07-15). His Royal Highness was touring Chadwell Heath Community Centre in East London when he met a group of young women. The parasitical old schmuk comes out with “who do you sponge off?”.
While the wholly noxious Trade Union Bill is thoroughly undemocratic, like the original gagging bill, we should not be too worried by it. The bill is so poor it is guaranteed to backfire, and make a mockery of the fact that the Filth keep saying they are the party for ‘hard working people’. The shtik drek need no help to shoot themselves in the foot, the last budget considerably upped the anti of the whole war against the working class.  From a government which specializes in shit legislation, this one is high on the scale of bunkum.  Jeremy will get rid of this parlous bill, seething momza DC is determined to inflict this ‘anti-strike law‘: The ugly budget has been described by Ian Lavery, someone who The Vent would like to see in a Corbyn cabinet, as: “a butcher’s block budget, which will deliver a deeply divided country with destitution for our most vulnerable and untold riches for our wealthiest.”  
When it comes to the Greek battle with the troika, we can look to the words of dependable Miichael Meacher: “Arguably the so-called deal that has been forced down the throats of the Greek people represents the worst of all worlds. It imposes even more draconian terms than were on offer even a week or two ago, with very little conceded in terms of debt relief, but with such added conditions of austerity as will make it nigh impossible for the Greek economy to achieve the growth necessary to pay down the indebtedness which had reached 175% of GDP.   This is not a creative solution of EU solidarity which is the constant refrain of European rhetoric, but a brutal punitive assault”.  It is a disgusting sign of our troubled times that the Europeans have replaced democracy with rampant neoliberalism. Someone who can see it clearly is Professor Varoufakis, who is about to publish an article, described by McAdam: “Varoufakis has written an op-ed in order to address Germany’s citizens directly. He will name German Finance Minister Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble as the man behind a conspiracy to re-structure the Eurozone in a way which favors banks over citizens and plutocracy over democracy.”  But with the ISDS of TTIP we all knew it was coming. Neoliberalism has no place for democracy. With the European project showing such hostility to Greece,  we can expect democratic repercussions. The fact remains that there will be ramifications for the European project of what has occurred in Greece  and it is leading for the left to advocate leaving Europe.  I am not convinced that the Greek parliament will accept selling off its heritage and even islands, in the words of Daremas: “It’s basically saying sell the memory of your ancestors, sell your history just so we can get something commercial for it. This is an idea to humiliate Greeks.”.  The Vent stands with the people of Greece in their battle with neoliberalism. The deal which was eventually arrived at could be a disaster for the Greeks and for the Eurozone as well – only time can tell.  But it is also a lesson for the UK that we need to get out of Europe, we need to break free from bloody TTIP.  The intransigent Germans keep repeating the same stark lesson, the direct consequence is that brilliant OJ is now telling us to get out of Europe.   I have also changed my mind, I am now also “Oxi”. But in the long run what has happened is not as planned as Friedman explains: “The point of the matter is not going away, and not only because the Greek response is unpredictable; poverty versus sovereignty is a heady issue, especially when the Greeks will both remain poor and lose some sovereignty. The Germans made an example of Cyprus and now Greece. The leading power of Europe will not underwrite defaulting debtors. It will demand political submission for what help is given. This is not a message that will be lost in Europe, whatever the anti-Greek feeling is now. This is as far from what Germany wanted as can be imagined. But Greece could not live with German demands, and Germany could not live with Greek demands. In the end, the banking crisis gave Germany an irresistible tool. Now the circumstances demand that the Greeks accept austerity and transfer key elements of sovereignty to institutions under the control or heavy influence of the Germans. What else could Germany do? The tragedy of geopolitical reality is that what will happen has little to do with what statesmen wanted when they started out.”  While some voices are talking in the past tense of what could have been,  I would not be surprised if Greece moved further to the left and had an eventual dirty Grexit, it would seem logical after such preposterous demands.  The Greek episode is not yet over, but it does herald the end of a civilised Europe.  Some writers like Meadway, will tell us that the regressive deal will not work  and I am in this camp.
“They piss in your pocket and they call it rain”

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