Class War

No one can argue with distinguished Noam Chomsky when he equated austerity with class war.  Egged on by  the feral jeers of the Tory shtik drek, unctious futz George Osborne has brought class war to the people of England. The toffs believe they have victory in the bag, but what would it take to defeat the rich? The answer is one roar from the British lion. As we race towards the brutal cuts of the next Osborne budget, and as meshugennah IDS hurriedly changes the child poverty goal-posts – everyone knows the sleep walking is coming to an abrupt end. With one roar from the British Lion – the whole bunch of toffs would immediately start running, their majority is very weak, their government is built on sand. Spiteful clown Borisconi thinks he is popular, but then he isn’t the brain of Britain. Rich pieriks like Jacob Rees-Mogg are piling pressure on schmuk Osborne to cut tax for the richest momzers.  As if to accentuate the dark heart of London, it has just been announced that London is the global leader in dirty money laundering.

This ongoing blog, must mention the two revolutionary events of the weekend. Firstly there was the nomination by Unite or Jeremy Corbyn. The backing by Unite of Corbyn should not be under estimated, Corbyn is very grateful for this nomination,  but it would have been a travesty if that nomination had been given to sad Mr Burnham.  While bumptious bum hole Borisconi was quick to label Red Ed as far to the left – a bit like Stalin,  we know that if Borisconi is Tory leader he will absolutely relish facing a real leftie.  Red Ed was not a bastard, but Red Ed was a champagne socialist just like Mr Cruddas.  But being a champagne socialist is not a crime as human cockroach Katie Hopkins has suggested. That decent people like Russell Brand are prepared to face the censure of sneering shmendreks like Littlejohnny.  I  admire Brand. Tory arrogance creates ignorance of the danger of Corbyn – they love dismissing him.

Corbyn could have an impact on the closure of ILF, Corbyn signed EDM113 (17-06-14), EDM655 (18-12-14) and EDM1234 (31-03-14), and I am now writing to Mr Corbyn, because he could be the key to this class war struggle. But the election of Corbyn will still require a revolution, as explained by the anonymous write on RS21: “Even if Corbyn did win, he would face the opposition of the entire establishment while surrounded by overwhelmingly hostile MPs. As I’ve argued elsewhere, Labour-type parties could deliver reforms during the post-war boom without confronting the establishment. This is no longer possible in the neoliberal era. Socialists in parliament can play an important role, but any degree of success depends on a mass movement prepared to confront the establishment.”  But there can be real power behind the ‘dinosaur’ Corbyn, and its making the rest of the field rattled.


The whole austerity myth is crumbling,  and Corbyn, far out on the so called lunatic left, could reap the benefits. Hilarious Alan Simpson writes of what could occur: “The remnants of New Labour were in no doubt that Corbyn would become a one-man walking disaster area. No Trident missile system. No everlasting subsidy for nuclear power. An end to the fossil fuel free-for-all. Shrinking the corporate welfare state in favour of restoring the personal one. Swapping the defence and international development budgets around, to put peace-building before warmongering. A radical decentralisation of real powers to local authorities and local communities. Where would it all end?”  But the Vent is pragmatic. Powerful interests are involved, with £800000000000 in the balance, but without doubt Jeremy’s inclusion is progressive. Jeremy can lead UK in class war, he is an eloquent man who knows how to call a spade a spade, he puts the other participants in the shade. Pathetic Reeves says it all:   and nebechel Mandelson has also been blowing his bloody horn.


The politician Diane Abbott could also figure in the London mayoral race,  and this would represent a real Labour swing to the Left. The Vent endorses Diane, who really cares about London, unlike bumptious bastard Borisconi. 

The people of UK will make this country ungovernable, starting with Manchester.


The decisive NO vote in the Greek referendum must be mentioned by The Vent. The NO is important as a phase of class war. It remains the fact that the resistance contagion has now left the laboratory,  and no one can predict an outcome. The Vent calls for solidarity with Syriza, and praises Corbyn’s solidarity for Syriza, because very few political organisations have got behind Syriza.  Greece was made to fail by the banking nebbishes,   just as UK is being made to fail by atrocious putz Osborne. But this class war is an ideological attack on the post war human rights consensus.  Very rich people have lost substantial amounts of money as a result of the no vote – the biggest loser was Amancio Ortega of Spain who lost US$3500000000.


Every day as the Greek drama unfolds, it looks more likely there will be a Grexit as today (Tuesday 07-07) the European bankers seem absolutely inflexible They are now shoving Greece to the Grexit.   There is one thing amongst the uncertainties that we can be sure of – that “the harder they come the harder they will fall”.  The eventual implosion will be surreal, and this is also the case for our shtik drek.

Manuela Carmena, the mayor Madrid is removing the city’s tribute to Margaret Thatcher, a square named after the chief nebbish in the presence of her dreadful spawn Mark .  She told her supporters: that they “do not want a space for public use in a town to be named after the Iron lady who enslaved the workers.” (I, 03-07-115, 17).

The Vent salutes the stance of Sinn Fein, in their stance to poverty.  The system whereby Sinn Fein MPs refused to sign EDMs needs to be eradicated.

The social care crisis is one of the most hidden aspects of class war, its repercussion at this time is central to the running of the NHS. Its reaching endemic proportions even the Daily Heil are reporting on it.   Its something any dim cunt can understand you would think.  But the shtik drek have lost resemblance of humanity in their interrogation of the sick, the weak and vulnerable, here recorded by the nebbish Frank Field: “My constituents tell me that despite submitting a DS 1500 form drawing attention to a terminal illness, they have been asked directly to their face whether they think they will soon die and by what date they expect to be dead. In one case my constituent’s mother was asked by when she expected her daughter to die and in front of her daughter. his has left my constituents feeling understandably very upset. They tell me they are appalled by the hardness of the questioning and its intrusiveness.”   

As cruel yutz Osborne lowers the benefit cap outside London to £20k, the Filth are obsessed with balancing their books on the backs of the poor,  and understandably rumours are running wild in the run up to Osborne’s ‘Emergency’ budget. What is clear is that the Government have declared war on the working poor, and we can only guess that there will be a savage fight back.   Its no wonder that with such attacks on the poor we have bumptious buffoon Borisconi, moyshe pupik John Redwood and kaker punum Lord Lawson all pushing for a tax cut – to 40p. Tories like to bray about their economic competence, but we know that toffee nosed kuker Osborne has no competence, George’s austerity is built on sand:  so its no wonder the foundations are crumbling. 

The scale of youth homelessness is actually unknown, its a part of the problem.  The completely unknown scale of the crisis  masks a catastrophe which makes me molten with rage. Its been concealed for some time.  Its a facet of the ticking time bomb,  which I discussed in an earlier Vent.  But the shmegegge d’Ancona writes ludicrously about the effect of next list of savage Osborne cuts, once again pointing at the roof rather than the crumbling foundations.  But no matter what rubbish d’Ancona will drivel, everyone knows that the full brunt of the cuts will be felt by the sick, by the disabled, by the poor, by the unemployed, by anyone needing public services, by the young, by single parents, by anyone down on their luck:  and anyone with loads of dosh will not feel a thing. In the words of Corbyn speaking at a hustings in Cardiff last weekend: “Expenditure on education, on housing and other things will be further cut. We’ve got to be out on the streets from next Wednesday when this Budget comes out, saying to people… this is a strategy that is about greed, about inequality, about poverty.” Tories will tell you that cuts to welfare are popular,   but we all know how out of touch Tory MPs are. The benefit cap used to be the most popular of the shtik drek’s attack-lines, its a disgusting and stupid piece of legislation, saving peanuts while causing maximum pain and its just about to get much worse. But since they were born with silver platters up their arses Tory MPs have no clue what ordinary people really think and do, so this so called ‘popular’ measure will back-fire, once the shit hits the fan. Brilliant Frankie Boyle addresses the budget –  there is no humanity in this budget. But anyone with half a brain can tell that the poor who are on the brink now will not take a great deal of pushing. The sanctions regime is particularly rampant in Wales, in the words of Archbishop Barry Morgan:  “Since 2012, the rate at which sanctions have been applied to vulnerable people claiming Job Seekers Allowance and Employment Support Allowance in Wales has increased even faster than in England or Scotland. Many claimants, who are already suffering from mental or physical health problems and living in poverty, are threatened with sanctions because of administrative errors. For the sake of human dignity, fairness and compassion, the system must be changed.”  But the Archbishop is mistaken, humanity is not a word in the Tory lexicon. This alleged popularity will be tested.


Sign this petition to investigate the use of the police to evict poor folk.


The toffs love to patronise the far left, so we have shvants Guido Fawkes with his cartoon of Bugs Bunny – how will the dreadful shmuk relate to Corbyn if he becomes leader? But how will fascist Fawkes react to when the real action starts and Boris cranks out his three water canons? I reckon it could be like shmutzik momzer Douglas Carswell surrounded by the mob in May 2015: “I’m a little bit stirred and shaken. I was just going from the tube station to wait for the bus and I was talking to a couple of protesters about the need for electoral reform, which I said was a good idea. And then a guy wearing a balaclava came from nowhere and it became really nasty, with people shouting ‘kill the Ukip scum’ and ‘racist scum’. It was unbelievable – it was quite extraordinary.  I have fought a by-election when emotions were running high – and we had guys come from Colchester to protest against Ukip, but we just met them and had a cup of tea. But this was a murderous mob.  I’m 6ft 3ins and thought I could fight off a few – or make a run for it into a shop, but I thought showing any fear would be a bad thing. It was incredibly violent and nasty. When the police came I thought ‘thank goodness’.  The thing that frightened me the most was the self-righteousness of the people egging it on – they believe they are good people. One shouted I was betraying ordinary people – and that came from someone wearing a balaclava. They started by shouting ‘Tories out’ – and I thought ‘me too’.  The shlimazel then hysterically added:  “If the police had not been there I do not think I would be here now, my safety was very, very seriously at risk. I have never seen such hatred. If this is the way the extreme left behave now, I do not think it bodes well for the future.” The leering schmo will just have to reap what he has sown, but he’s right because next time he might be lynched. It makes me wonder why shmegegi Carswell believes ordinary people should treat him with any decency. UKIP are scum, UKIP influence decent British people to turn on immigrants, UKIP might have voted against TTIP but they are still filth, and Carswell is a Tory – Tories have zero compassion. Tories are vermin. In the next brutal five years The Vent will enjoy watching UKIP crash and burn.

When we come to the recent budget we have to note the leering attempt at humour by the mamza Guido Fawkes, khazer Guido calls a cut ‘The Bob Crow Memorial Tax’. Hapless shlimazel Osbourne actually believes that greedy hard-nosed employers will be raising their wages to his instruction.  But no matter how triumphalist evil shit Osborne appears the fact remains that the gruesome gonif is winging it – odd’s on its all coming down to a cataclysmic finale.  But as we say in Yiddish: “Er xol kakn mit bit un mit ayter” or “may he shit blood and puss”. Fuckwit Osborne has forgotten the Chinese economy – its in turmoil and its repercussions are much more profound than Greece.


The budget is class war, it sets the stage for the big battles to come, when events will catch the shtik drek on the back foot.  The short sighted budget signals the end of social mobility.   In the words of brave Andy Greene:  “Right across the board we have seen unprecedented and unrelenting assaults on public services, public-service workers and those of us who make up the 99 per cent. There’s no mandate for the actions carried out in this Budget today, there is no mandate for this government, despite what it tells you.  There is no mandate for austerity, there is no justifying the cuts.  Today what we are saying is we want a different future — we don’t want permanent austerity, we don’t want permanent prosperity for the 1 per cent, we want them held to account.  We want them to stop taking public money, we want them to start putting back into the public purse. ”  Like many of the other groups, DPAC looked at recent events in Greece as inspiration for the day’s protest.  As in Greece, Mr Greene said: “We are not taking this debt on our shoulders any more.  You are not breaking the back of the poor to carry around the 1 per cent.”   

The present Labour front bench are outstandingly weak, so it comes as no surprise to see Chris Leslie (Nottingham East) follow the Tory plans that there will be no public pay increases for years.   It is the same rubbish  that has led ‘red’ toukhos Rachel Reeves  to regurgitate austerity bollocks.   It will certainly open the stage for Corbyn.

Class War

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